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Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.

Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.
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Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.




147 - Good Luck Chuck Blazer w/ Ian Edwards & Jason Davis

Today's show is action packed with people who love American soccer (Jason Davis) and people who can barely tolerate it (Ian Edwards). Jason hosts United States of Soccer on Sirius XM FC and Ian is a stand-up comedian that also talks about soccer weekly on the Soccer Comic Rant Podcast. Also, we discuss the The Zlap! Buckle your seat belts folks! It's a hot show! Segment 1: Everybody's getting Zlapped! Segment 2: Interview w/ comedian Ian Edwards (@ianedwardscomic) & Radio host Jason...


146 - M.L.Yasssssss w/ Simon Doonan

Today we are joined by fashion legend Simon Doonan! Now you're probably saying, "but this is a soccer podcast, not an episode of Project Runway!" Well, Simon Doonan just wrote a new book that's being released on June 12th called 'Soccer Style: The Magic And Madness' and we discuss the history and future of soccer fashion. We even discuss the state of MLS fashionistas! Segment 1: Is DC United is Roo-ined? Segment 2: Interview with fashion icon Simon Doonan (Pre-order his new book...


145 - Back Dat Heel Up

After our trip to Red Bull Arena for what was not exactly a second Red Wedding. It was more like a Red Bachelor Party. NYCFC fans are distraught while Red Bulls fans are elated and we try to comfort the losers and congratulate the winners. Also, David Beckham is cuban now. A lot happened this week. Enjoy. Segment 1: Everybody is swiping right on Fernando Torres Segment 2: There were some sexy backheels and there were some serious butterheels! Sponsors: Away Days Football: Get...


144 - Soccer Besties Brunch w/ Susannah Collins & Jillian Sakovits

It's a birthday brunch episode! Alexis & Christian are celebrating their birthdays with Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits of MLS. You've seen Susannah and Jillian regularly on mlssoccer.com or during Atlanta United broadcasts. These ladies are also besties and we brought them on the show together because we are also besties and there is nothing better than a bestie brunch with the gals! Segment 1: Birthday Boyz Segment 2: Interview w/ @SusannahCollins & @JillianSakovits of...


143 - Ridgewell Gets His Revenge

NYCFC got smashed at Providence Park by the Timbers and it was most likely because we were talking lots of crap about Liam Ridgewell a few weeks ago. He sure showed us a lesson. We also learned that apparently we are now NYCFC ambassadors and if they lose, we also take the L. That is news to us! Segment 1: Cozmo will find your vulnerability! Segment 2: Liam Ridgewell gets his revenge against The Cooligans. Sponsors: Away Days Football: Get yourself a Mystery Kit today at...


NYFEST Special w/ Ethan Zohn, Kenny Foster, and Michael Zimbalist

A special Friday episode of The Cooligans! We'll talk to some of the players that are involved in NYFEST (New York Film & Entertainment Soccer Tournament). The tournament is happening April 21st at Brooklyn Bridge Park and it brings all the footy-loving entertainers of Hollywood in a great soccer tournament to support soccer charities all over the world. Guests: Ethan Zohn (Founder of Grassroot Soccer) Kenny Foster (Country Singer & Head of Nashville Spurs) Michael Zimbalist...


142 - Politely Ultra

An exciting weekend in Major League Soccer. NYCFC traveled to the Benz and even neutrals were interested in this game and it did not disappoint. So many fun storylines this week. Dempsey can't stop getting suspended, Josef Martinez is pissed off, and The Cooligans are having a birthday party! Segment 1: Goal Celebration Faux Pas Break: Talisman Caps Giveaway! Follow us @soccercooligans to learn how to win a sick Diego Maradona cap from @talismancaps! Segment 2: Switching Derby...


141 - Platano Phone w/ Daniel Got Hits

This episode might legitimately be our craziest. Packed with soccer teams partnering dating apps, Red Bull fans getting mad at us, Red Bull fans being insanely kind to us, and us trying to figure out the dark arts of Dom Dwyer. Today we are joined by Daniel Got Hits. Daniel is a soccer freestyler and also a freestyler freestyler, like the rap kind! Daniel is a unique figure in the soccer world as he came up doing incredible tricks with a soccer a ball and now he's been dropping bars the...


140 - Zlatan Broke The Internet

Zlatan has landed on Los Angeles like a meteor crashing into the Earth. Since our last episode, Zlatan arrived in America, had one day of training, and then like a Kardashian butt photo, he broke the internet with a golazo against LAFC. Be prepared to hear a lot about Zlatan this episode. Segment 1: Alexis is in Ireland again & Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Segment 2: El Terrifico & other games the world ignored. If you're reading this and you consider yourself a good person, you should...


139 - Cynical Soccer

Alexis is back from his pizza travels to regale us with stories of sauces and soccers! He's returned from LA to let us know the temperature of the Galaxy fanbase after the news that Zlatan will be arriving whenever the hell he feels like joining the team. Segment 1: Should we feel bad for Liam Ridgewell? Segment 2: International Break Schminternational Break. MLS must go on! New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now available for pre-order! Go to soccercooligans.com and click the...


138 - S***hole Pizza

Alexis is calling in from Vegas while he is at the International Pizza Expo! Yes, that is a real thing! Soccer doesn't stop just because a pizza convention is going on, even though we all agree it should. We discuss some of the drama in MLS this week. We might be MLS 3.0 but that doesn't mean the league doesn't have a few bugs! Segment 1: #FlagWarz Segment 2: What's a red card anymore?!? New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now available for pre-order! Go to soccercooligans.com and...


137 - MLS Be Winning Bruh

Week 2 of MLS did not disappoint and neither did CCL. All the MLS teams won their CONCACAF Champions League matches last week so we are thinking Liga MX may have to be cancelled now. Also, a team owner in Greece brought a gun to the field. Lots to unpack on today's episode. Segment 1: No fake guns or real guns allowed on the pitch Segment 2: It's not pronounced Tia-Juana New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now available for pre-order! Go to soccercooligans.com and click the Merch...


136 - It's A Soccer Gala!

Major League Soccer has returned and we talk about all the games, but more importantly, we talk about a soccer gala we hosted that was incredible. It had it all! It had billionaires, roasting, and even Luis Robles! We break down every game of the opening weekend, but we mainly try to understand what the hell happened to Atlanta United? Segment 1: If The Cooligans are there, it's a gala! Segment 2: Hilarious breakdown of all the MLS matches. New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now...


2018 MLS Fantasy Special w/ Andy Winner

Our MLS fantasy league starts up tomorrow so we brought in Andy Winner of MLS to talk about some of the best strategies to help win your fantasy league season. We nerd out. We also talk about cool stuff too. It's the funniest show about fantasy soccer you will ever listen to. Also don't forget to join our MLS Fantasy League! We'll be giving away $50 to the winner and prizes from On The Volley Apparel and Talisman & Co. Email soccercooligans@gmail.com for invite code! New Cooligans...


135 - Dominican Stuff & The Return of MLS

Christian calls in from Dominican Republic to talk about his experience at the country's first ever CCL match between Cibao FC and Chivas Guadalajara. We also cover some of the other CCL matches and preview some 2nd legs. Also, MLS is back this weekend and we are muy hyped for it! New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now available for pre-order! Go to soccercooligans.com and click the Merch tab to get yours! Make sure to use promo code "COOLIGANS" for 20% off your order! Sponsored by...


134 - Cigarettes & Soccer

No guest today as we bunker down and really break down the latest news in American footy. This episode has it all. CONCACAF Champions League preview, MLS Pre-season roasting, and we also discover the gulliest coach in all of American soccer. Segment 1: Philly Hates NY enough to make a smarmy tee! Segment 2: CCL is back and no one is ready for it! New Cooligans "Gulliest" Tees are now available for pre-order! Go to soccercooligans.com and click the Merch tab to get yours! Make sure...


Access Cooligans: Eoin O'Callaghan

Today we are joined by Eoin O'Callaghan! Eoin is a Canadian soccer analyst and journalist who recently starred in a film called Celtic Soul where he embarked on a journey with actor Jay Baruchel to discover his Irish roots in Ireland, but the main purpose of the adventure is to find Paradise AKA Celtic Park in Glasgow. Jay & Eoin are huge Celitc fans and this film truly captures the passion of soccer fandom in a hilarious way. Listen to Eoin talk about it and then go watch the film...


133 - WTUSSF w/ Charles Boehm

The United States Soccer Federation presidential election came and went and we did not get any of the change we were hoping for. Should we be sad about it? That's what we asked soccer journalist Charles Boehm of mlssoccer.com & fourfourtwo.com because we need to not feel like soccer in this country is doomed. Segment 1: Sad emoji + soccer ball emoji Segment 2: Interview w/ Journalist Charles Boehm (@cboehm) Sponsored by Mike's Hot Honey! Go to mikeshothoney.com and use the promo...


132 - The State of American Soccer Is Strong w/ Ray Hudson

We are legit losing our minds today. We got to speak to one of our heroes, Ray Hudson. The legendary player, coach, and announcer on BeIn Sports. You know Ray most likely from every American soccer call of an incredible Messi goal, but he was also a footballer and a coach in MLS. He was the coach of the Miami Fusion so we asked him about his thoughts on the new team coming Miami. A truly special episode for us and we hope you enjoy it too. Segment 1: Pep doesn't know who Jack Harrison...


131 - Cuban Sandwich FC

It actually happened. MLS is finally coming to Miami...again! David Beckham aka Posh Vice held a press conference letting the world know Miami Beckham United actually got it done. Plus, Jack Harrison is officially plying his trade in England. After a move to Manchester City and then a loan to Middlesbrough, Jack Harrison will now be leaving NYCFC and now the grieving process begins for us. Jack was our first ever player to appear on our show and we may cry a little bit on the...


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