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Show 20 - Geraint no Mountain High Enough

In Show 20, Raya and Stephen discuss the thing they spend most of their life doing; training. From making it fun to making it worthwhile, they do their best to make another 'useful' podcast without diverting into anecdotes, double entendres, and laughing fits. And in our biggest interview yet, we pin down the GC G-man: Geraint Thomas is (lightly) cross examined on everything from his Tour de France hopes to what he will do when he retires, arm wrestling professional rugby players, his...


Show 19 - The Build is Alive

Raya and Stephen are proud to present their first 'pocket-sized' episode; Show 19 of the Cyclist Pod. Our main subject is the Build - otherwise known as Stephen's Genesis Equilibrium. A set of highly skilled hands take his almost build project and guide it into a road ready mile muncher. It's like a new baby being born. On top of that, our hosts discuss cycling sunglasses (and the skill required to remove and replace them mid-ride), people who lost their job (and got taken to court!)...


Show 18 - The Track Day, aka My Kingdom for a 44cm Horse

Raya and Stephen are proud to present their biggest Podcast yet (save THIS for a super-long summer ride). It's Show 18 and it features the Cyclist Pod's first 'team day out' - at the Lee Valley Velo Park, courtesy of, having a track day where they got to try the latest greatest bicycles from the big manufacturers. And also the Pod features an in-depth interview with 3 of the key personnel, who explain the rationale behind these incredible days and how cycling...


Show 17 - Cycling Abroad

Raya and Stephen haven't forgotten you, promise! Show 17 launches with a parade of trumpets (sadly not audible on pod) heralding a return to form, and a journey to the great outdoors; as we discuss that most exciting and logistically arduous of missions: Cycling overseas. Sadly for Raya, this means a fairly hefty cross-examination as to what her drinking exploits were on Tri camp. It's worth listening to, unless you're Raya, in which case, you might want to skip this. On top of that we...


Show 16 - Cycling for Peanuts

Raya and Stephen return a little late with show 16; a pod full of regular features for our regular listeners (we love you!) and an introductory pod for those of you looking to get into cycling for just the measly sum of £500 (we will love you!). And even though pro cycling news tends to be something that happens to 'other podcasts', we look at the Tour de Yorkshire, from an angle nobody else did, for reasons that will soon become both apparent and highly facetious. Plus: Foot news. Don't...


Show 15 - Velo; is it Mail You're Looking For?

Raya and Stephen return a day after the bank holiday, with a special edition pod where the main topic is dictated to almost entirely by the listeners, as the Cyclist Pod addresses all their burning (and not so flammable) questions. And as well as demolishing 14 shows worth of unanswered and unopened mail and messages, our hosts also tackle the trivial subject of how the hell magazines take those standless photo of bicycles, and the less trivial subject of fear, and how it is the ultimate...


Show 14 - Running is Sh!t

Raya and Stephen lay their flag on the rocky outcrop on this, Show 14 of the Cyclist Pod. A plethora of subjects are discussed and dissected, including some good news about Ride London, some bad (perpetual) news about the job of booking a bicycle onto a long distance train. And Running. Which is, we're sorry to say, shit. Thankfully a balanced view is provided by runner and comedian Rob Deering who doesn't think it is. Despite admitting to nearly everything we said. The Cyclist Pod (c)...


Show 13 - How the MAMIL lost his humps

Raya and Stephen return to episode 13 of the Cyclist Pod podcast with an embarressment of riches in talking points. Topics include how/why to watch cycling on TV (neither Stephen nor Raya are convinced), a possible solution in the paucity of womens' prize money in modern sports, an unashamedly spiritual Velominati, and assorted news from the cycling and triathlon worlds, that we'll try to keep not too dark. Light and fluffy, light and fluffy. All this is wrapped up in a celebration of the...


Show 12 - How to be a Bicycle

After a short break, Raya and Stephen return to the Pod refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the side of cycling the other podcasts (quite rightly) don't bother with. Today's big show features a unashamed bike crash of topics, with the discussion veering from Raya trash-talking maximum bike speed with a 5yr old, when a bicycle resembles a biplane, a community minded Triathlon project with *Brownlee brother access*, and how cycling can take 60 (SIXTY) years off your life. And the Bike...


Show 11 - Ultra Endurance Cycling, an introduction

Raya and Stephen are reunited on the Podcast again, and carefully overlooking Raya's food-stained clothing, dive into the social and fun side of cycling once again. Today's big show topic is Ultra Endurance; that is, riding until you just can't go any further; and with that in mind, Show 11's guest is the brilliant eBay and Instagram star Laura Scott; the unashamed Queen of not getting off her bike. On top of that, an extended news section starts by taking actual news (and finding the...


Show 10 - Event Horizon; the big UK Sportives of 2018

Raya and Stephen get some big (and good!) news about a forthcoming event this year, discuss both of their recent cycling-related tattoos (no really) and then dive into the big 10+ recommended Sportives of 2018 that every leisure cyclist should aim to do (well, at least one of them!) Also Stephen hits a milestone in his rehab from his big cycling accident, and Raya divulges the (relative) debauchery that capped off her first ever tri-camp. Plus: a ridiculously tenuous cycle-related...


Show 9 - Cycling: The go-to Personal Challenge

Raya and Stephen steam through a jam-packed pod that tackles that stickiest of situations; asking people to contribute to your charity bike ride (when that's your favourite thing to do in the world). And in our featured interview; comedian, presenter, West End star and Harry Hill sidekick Charlie Baker is grilled about his love of cycling, which in a neat piece of (clincher wheel shaped) circularity, includes details of his fascinating war-and-genealogy based cycling challenge of...


Show 8 - The Climbs They Are A Changin'

Raya and Stephen tackle that most arduous of cycling challenges; climbing. The tips, mistakes, science and benefits are discussed fully with only the expertise and accuracy that Stephen & Raya don't actually have. Also; Stephen uses a mixture of misogyny and idiocy to explain getting lost on his first Sportive of the year. Tag onto that a kickstarter project that is genuinely desirable (once you get around the £400 price tag), Raya delivering the feel-good cycling news you've probably...


Show 7 - N+1

In another special feature-length episode, Raya and Stephen tackle the most famous rule of cycling - Velominati's rule 12; that all bicycle fans must own one more bicycle than they currently do. Is this necessary? Who does this? What countries are the most bike-mad? And the biggest question of all - what is 'N'? And with this fresh in their minds, S&R talk to actor / TV presenter / 90's Saturday morning star Malcolm Jeffries about his bikes, how he mixes theatre and racing, and his quite...


Show 6 - Katie Archibald Special

In this special double-length episode, Raya and Stephen talk to Olympic gold medallist and world champion Katie Archibald, yet still find time to sandwich the interview between a feast of cycling features; including unsettling news from the world of Strava, a catacylsmic kitbag, and a fairly forceful argument that Garmin bike computers - you know, those things that everyone has apparently -are completely pointless. Oh, and Stephen and Raya laugh like a drain in possibly their funniest -...


Show 5 - Cross Negligence

Raya and Stephen catch up with all two-wheel based goings on in this extended episode, where they delve into some Zwiftery, triathlon news and general idiocy. Fashionably late to the cyclocross party, our feature today has us talking from Cyclist Pod HQ to the voice of live UK events Dan Jarvis, while he hides in his car from his cleaning lady. As ever there's the Velominati, the Kitbag, News, a (literally) hairy The Bike Price is Right, Triathlon World, and You Drive Like a D*ck. The...


Show 4 - Boycycles vs Bicygirls

Raya and Stephen wilfully ignore all Chris Froome based idiocy and concentrate on something much more pressing; why women aren't cycling anywhere near as much as men. They do their best to keep it serious, honestly. As ever there's the Velominati, the Kitbag, News, The Bike Price is Right, Triathlon World, What's happening on Strava, and You Drive Like a D*ck. The Cyclist Pod (c) Stephen Grant and Raya Hubbell Music 'Zazie' c/o Kevin MacLeod...


Show 3 - Now is the Winter of our disc-brake-content

Raya and Stephen continue to eschew the world of the pro cyclist and concentrate on the fun and social side, by drilling into some quite ingenious - and ludicrous - winter cycling tips. And there's the Velominati, the Kitbag, News, The Bike Price is Right, Triathlon World, What's happening on Strava, and You Drive Like a D*ck. The Cyclist Pod (c) Stephen Grant and Raya Hubbell Music 'Zazie' c/o Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By...


Show 2 - Bike vs Car

Stephen and Raya lock horns in a wildly difficult Bike Price is Right, and struggle to agree with another ridiculous Velominati rule. And they talk to cyclist and top car journo Ben Oliver about some genuinely exciting developments in the car world that will have a direct effect on all cyclists. And as ever, the regular features, such as the Kitbag, News, What's happening on Strava, and more public shaming with You Drive Like a D*ck. The Cyclist Pod (c) Stephen Grant and Raya...


Show 1 - New Year's Revolutions

Raya and Stephen introduce the podcast and make a year of cycling and training promises that might be tricky to keep. And they embark on all their regular features, such as the Velominati, the Kitbag, News, The Bike Price is Right, Triathlon World, What's happening on Strava, and the public shaming section entitled You Drive Like a D*ck. The Cyclist Pod (c) Stephen Grant and Raya Hubbell Zazie Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By...