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The cycling podcast for people who like cycling and/or have a sense of humour. Less race-obsessed testosterone and more social, kit, fun, news and irreverent chat. If you prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride, you're in the right place! Featuring regular articles, interviews, and links to the best cycling content on social media. With hosts: triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb

The cycling podcast for people who like cycling and/or have a sense of humour. Less race-obsessed testosterone and more social, kit, fun, news and irreverent chat. If you prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride, you're in the right place! Featuring regular articles, interviews, and links to the best cycling content on social media. With hosts: triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb


West Sussex, United Kingdom


The cycling podcast for people who like cycling and/or have a sense of humour. Less race-obsessed testosterone and more social, kit, fun, news and irreverent chat. If you prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride, you're in the right place! Featuring regular articles, interviews, and links to the best cycling content on social media. With hosts: triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb






Show 72 - Apparel Apparently

Stephen and Raya are back in podcasting towers (for most of the pod) with a special feature length show. Recorded before the global pandemic shut down large elements of, well, the globe, Stephen and Raya talk flippantly about Coronavirus and how it might effect people like Raya who is immunocompromised (erk). Raya's ADHD, potty mouth, dyslexia also come into the fray. It's confessional time, clearly. Also: cycling in the heat. The benefits, technique, and also - should you? No need to know...


Show 71 - Bike Fit but my gosh don't you know it

Stephen and Raya are back recording at the podcast's country retreat (Raya's house) with a suspiciously tailor-made podcast. In that we are discussing that arguably essential, arguably immaterial step in the pursuit of cycling perfection; the bike fit. There are various systems out there that aim to get you perfectly sized up and sorted for your bicycle, and in this episode we talk to Ross from Proper Cycling about the Torke fit - while Stephen gets fitted for it. Expect a slight annoying...


Show 70 - New (Fuerte)ventures

Stephen and Raya would like to welcome you to a new dawn of the podcast - or as we now call it, the dhb Cyclist Pod podcast! So please welcome to the arms of the pod our new title sponsor, dhb. Hooray! The guys and gals of this brilliant clothing manufacturer are making sure the pod is funded until the end of 2020. Of course, Stephen and Raya are making sure the funds are carefully invested to keep the pod going for as long as possible, though we are writing this from a yacht barely able to...


Show 69 - More Sex Sex Sex

Stephen and Raya are still in a cycling company's broom cupboard, channelling their inner teens and talking sex. Again. That's right, this is the sequel to show 25 they though they couldn't make... but they did. Cycling and sex. The venn diagram overlap is looking bigger, and let's not even concentrate on the shape of it. And this time, we bring in a 3rd party. WOAH THERE! I mean we have a guest. A bona fide sex worker and triathlete - keen social media cycling advocate Charlotte Louise...


Show 68 - Rule 5: Harden The F*ck Up

Stephen and Raya record the podcast live from the broom cupboard of a top UK cycling company. Not a joke. The acoustics are excellent and we may be back. Various loosely cycling related and looser cycling unrelated topics hone into the pod's crosshairs on show 68: Storms have been ravaging the UK and we discuss what's possible - if anything - bike wise in those conditions. Anyway. We take Storm Dennis and Ciara and raise it with 'Tornado Raya'. Is this a thing? It is. Listen up for...


Show 67 - Strength and Conditioning

Stephen and Raya are out and about (once again!) but this time in Surrey - where a fully stocked gym hones into view. But instead of just getting a coffee and cake and watching yummy mummies doing Pilates at the speed of a glacier, they are put through their paces with Alice Tourell North, an olympian and top level triathlete. On top of that, there's speed awareness, embaressing scooter based accidents and maaaaybeee some sponsorship news. And the Velominati. Natch. The Cyclist Pod (c)...


Show 66 - New Gear's Revolutions

It's 2020 and with that in mind, Stephen and Raya are talking the goals and resolutions that will make you a better cyclist. Well, someone, anyway. Not specifically you. Thankfully, they're actually talking sense, as joining them in the studio is coach Will Usher to highlight those areas and approaches that will - shock horror - actually make a difference. And talking a difference, there's an outside chance you've put a few pounds on over Christmas. Amiright? Well, guess what, that might...


Show 65 - Gone with the Wind

Wind! It's happening. So how do you deal with it? Stephen and Raya get to grips with that pressing subject. Except before they do, they discuss South America, how to cheat at Ironman, race/group riding etiquette (kinda), and where the hell they've been all summer. And then it's onto the big old cycling banana which is blustery conditions. Can we do anything to stop the wind ruining our rides? Fresh from 40mph headwind hell, Raya has the lowdown. (That's a clue) It's a big old catchup...


Show 64 - One Foot in the Pro World

Rumours of the podcast's demise are unfounded. Stephen and Raya are back with their most ambitious episode yet. And their ambition is far from amateur... as the self professed non-pro podcast can't help but dip their toe into the world of sponsors and impossible speeds, diets, and outfits; our duo are behind the scenes at the Tour of Britain learning as fast as possible how this all actually works. The organisers, the sponsors, the superfans, the riders, the teams and the spectators; we...


Show 63 - Road Trip

Stephen and Raya haven't had the time to do a podcast recently. So they've done one, en route to doing a podcast. In the car. Yes, the boundaries of podcastery are once again pushed back and smashed to oblivion as a road trip provides the backdrop to another bike-fuelled (though literally petrol-fuelled) natter. On topic today; bib shorts. What do you do with them when you aren't wearing them? The question is not as bonkers as it sounds. OK, OK, it is. And!! We cover tandems....


Show 62 - Capital Endeavours

Stephen and Raya have a mass catch-up in another packed ep. There's a lot going on as ever! Our chatty duo are all not about the pro world - but they're happy to discuss what that takes. And it turns out that Raya is pro in everything except the bit that makes you... well, a pro. From an athlete perspective, we delve into the differences between sprinters and climbers. Which one are you? I think you might be surprised. And! Did you know? Pregnant women are the best athletes. No, don't...


Show 61 - Irrigation and Irritation

Stephen and Raya present another mammoth cycling podcast for you to tuck into. In this bumper length pod, Stephen and Raya delive into - and have explained to them - the science behind nailing your hydration. It's as eye opening as it is obvious. There's a life 'sweat test' from a bicycle show, and two separate interviews with the experts behind the science and the campaigners out there changing how we look at having a drink. And! One of those people crowbars in a special Cyclist Pod...


Show 60 - The Review Show

Stephen and Raya present another cycling podcast for your delectation. A Zwift 'home spinning' competitor is discussed, and also Raya admits to being a bit of a recent Tour addict. But when it comes to addictions, Stephen's admission is deeper, wider ranging and more worrying. Stephen is... a cycling shopaholic. Because this is the review show; every cycling purchase he has made (for review of course) has been put through its paces, and is discussed, analyzed, and given a star rating...


Show 59 - Yoga and Ailments

Stephen and Raya are back in podcasting towers, bemoaning a lack of aircon but looking forward to a summer of cycling delights. And as part of their on-off series of improving your cycling (is this a thing? It is now), ailments are interrogated, along with the solutions. It's a must listen for beginner cyclists through to the regulars. But that's not the main crux of show 59... no no no. That would be the interview with established Yoga teacher and recent road cycling convert Cat Duval, who...


Show 58 - Swimming is Sh!tter

Stephen and Raya record their final pod from Portugal, this time sat round the pool. Which Stephen gets in. With no hint of an inflatable armband anywhere, adding to this Pod's sense of panic. But don't worry, it's all about the bike. Hence swimming is discussed as a training tool, means of rehabilitating after injury and the effect it has - both positive and negative - on your cycling. Does it make a difference? Huge, apparently, according to Raya. It's another bulging kitbag too, with...


Show 57 - Cycling Holidays

Stephen and Raya are all South and no trousers as they head to the Atlantic coast in their chamoix shorts to soak up the rays - and tarmac - of Portugal. And not only are they not in Podcast towers, they are live from a cycling cafe in the Algarve. Buckle in for a logistical nightmare! As ever there's a Velominati and some kit news, and a quick look back at our most recent rides and activities, but the focus is very much on cycling holidays - and how you go about them. And in a move...


Show 56 - Kit, Sh!t, and Cycling (quite a bit)

Stephen and Raya have got a lot to get through, after doing their biggest ride, which was also a LOT to get through. In another ram-packed episode, a still-croaking Raya takes us through some cool new cycling kit she's got her hands on, including possibly the only acceptable (morally and legally) way to hear music on a bicycle. It's a must-listen, in every sense. And this is just the tip of a full-to-the-brim kitbag. They're in a full reviewing / applauding / denegrating mood, don't miss...


Show 55 - Aero

Stephen and Raya have put aside talking about bicycles to do something they've never done before - croak about them. Yes, a voice-ruined Raya gets all husky on yo ass as she explains how she lost her voice being the goddam coach of the year (Not an award, or at least, she has not won it). This comes sandwiched between a swim and a tantrum, the two of which, were pretty well related. Meanwhile, Stephen has gone mad and has bought something... unnecessary. And yes it's cycling related, and...


Show 54 - Bike vs Train

Stephen and Raya have been at the nitrous oxide again, it sounds like, as the podcast goes on a number of tangents that make this one of the funniest, if least informed, episodes yet. Of course, there's cycling in abundance; including details of Raya's most recent race. Where she almost drowned. No exaggeration. And bike branding is discussed. Is your bike frame logo areas on no-go areas? And does the Velominati have anything to say about this? And also, does the Velominati have an...


Show 53 - It's the Ecology, Stupid

Stephen and Raya are back and are becoming eco worriers. That's right - they're worrying (well Stephen is) that cycling isn't maybe quite so touchy-feely to the environment as he thought it was. Maybe the only way he's going to hug a tree is by wrapping himself around it off a tight bend. Not to worry - Raya ups the ante with news of her Aquabike adventures, and the Pod goes all multisport as new boundaries - and events - are invented. With minimal thought. And what happens when you let...