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The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at

The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at
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The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at






November 12, 2019 Gardening Zodiac Signs, Stolen Compost, Australia's Most Popular Indoor Plant, The Savill Garden Sculptures, Bougainville, Eschscholtz, Arthur Shurcliff, Orchids, Pedro Dot, Herbal Tea Gardens by Marietta Marshall Marcin, Forcing Bulbs,

Today we celebrate the French admiral and explorer who had a female botanist posing as a male valet on his voyage. We'll learn about the botanist who is remembered by the State Flower of California and the Landscape Architect who restored the entire Landscape of Colonial Williamsburg. We'll learn about the Spanish rose breeder who is remembered for cultivating the white Nevada rose, We'll hear some prose about November from three of the country's top naturalists. We Grow That...


November 11, 2019 Kashmir Paradise, Orchids with Alys Fowler, Perennial Garden Care, Jean-Baptiste Van Mons, Chrysanthemums, the Leonids, Carl Peter Thunberg, Beverley Nichols, Gardening for Butterflies by The Xerces Society, Staking Trees, and Elizabeth

Today we celebrate the botanist who bred more than 40 types of pears - including our most popular varieties. We'll learn about the cultural meanings associated with the chrysanthemum and the Swedish botanist who posed as a Dutchman to botanize in Japan. We'll hear some thoughts on November from one of my favorite garden writers And, we Grow That Garden Library with one of the best books on Gardening for Butterflies I'll talk about straightening your ornamental trees, and then we'll...


November 8, 2019 Dividing Perennials, Kew's Agius Garden, Medieval Herb Gardens, Tree Intelligence, Victoria Cruziana, Kate Sessions, Vavilov Seed Bank, Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve, Covent Gardens, How to Know the Ferns by Frances Theodora Parsons, B

Today we celebrate the plant named in honor of Queen Victoria and the President of Peru and Bolivia. We'll learn about the Mother of Balboa Park and how the world seed bank was saved during WWII. We'll hear the Garden Poem that celebrates the end of the apple-picking season. We Grow That Garden Library with a book from the author who was pulled out of her grief by nature walks with Marion Satterlee. I'll talk about an on-trend and portable way to display your houseplants, and...


November 7, 2019 An Ingenious Compost Bin, Hedge Planting Advice, Six Hardy Annuals to Sow Now, Winter's Day, Warren Manning, Willis Linn Jepson, Irvin Williams, Ruth Pitter, Thoreau, Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katherine White, Outdoor Rugs, and

Today we celebrate the Landscape Architect, who left a mark on over 50 towns in the United States. We'll learn about The Botany Man, who helped start The Sierra Club. We'll hear beautiful words about the mists of November from two of the world's best nature writers. We Grow That Garden Library with the book written by the wife of the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. I'll talk about getting your outdoor rugs cleaned, and then we'll wrap things up with the story of an...


November 6, 2019 Modern Monochromatic Wedding Flowers, Vegan Garden, Saffron for Emotional Health, Saving Seeds, Bernard de Jussieu, Alice Lounsberry, Gladys Tabor, Vertical Vegetables by Amy Andrychowicz, Succulent Funeral, and Frank Kingdon Ward

Today we celebrate the Versailles botanist who started organizing plants in a new way but kept his method a secret. We'll learn about the young New Yorker and garden writer who met the perfect botanical illustrator for her garden books in the hospital as she was battling influenza. We'll hear some glorious thoughts on November from the author of “Butternut Wisdom.” We Grow That Garden Library with a book that helps us grow more by going vertical in our gardens. I'll talk about...


November 5, 2019 Small Garden Ideas on a Budget, Best Plants for November, Garden Wedding at Waterford, Humphrey Marshall, John Redfield, Botanicum by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis, Winterizing your Pressure Washer, and Otter Troubles

Today we celebrate the botanist who created the second botanical garden in the United States and the botanist who was a dear friend to Asa Gray and was with him as he saw first hand one of the most sought after plants of the 1800s. We'll hear some words about the falling leaves and autumn senescence. We Grow That Garden Library with a book that is so gorgeous that some folks buy copies to cut out the pages to frame them. I'll talk about the three things you need to do to winterize...


November 4, 2019 Color for the Winter Garden, Favorite Ginkgo Varieties, Houseplant Trend, Thoreau on Autumn, Janaki Ammal, Arizona Palm, The Garden in Every Sense and Season by Tovah Martin, Spigots Off, and Benedict Roezl

Today we celebrate fall through the eyes of a writer and naturalist from the year 1855 and the botanist honored with building on the University of Glasgow. We'll learn about the Indian botanist who bred a new species of sugar cane and the Arizona Palm - yes, it does exist! We'll hear some November Poems. We Grow That Garden Library with a book that helps us savor the garden through our five senses. I'll talk about the task some gardeners regret forgetting and then share a little...


November 1, 2019 National Fig Week, November Garden Treasures, What to do with your Pumpkins, Carl Linnaeus, Charles Eliot, John Lindley, Russell Page, The Gardens of Russell Page by Gabrielle Zulen, Dahlias, and a Story from Halesworth

Today we celebrate the botanist who is considered the Father of Taxonomy and the young Landscape Architect who learned by taking weekly walking tours of gardens. We'll learn about the botanist who saved Kew Garden and the most famous garden designer you’ve never heard of. We'll listen to a little garden folklore for November and an amusing poem about daylight savings. We Grow That Garden Library with today's book which features the gardens of Russell Page, and you can get it on...


October 31, 2019 Four Herbs for Women, 10 Black Foliage Plants, John Evelyn, John Keats, Andrew Jackson Downing, Richard Morris Hunt, Charles Totty, The Best of Thymes by Marge Clark, Cover Crops and Short Sunflowers

Today we celebrate the gardener who had his home and garden trashed by the Russian Czar and the poet who wrote one of his most famous poems under the plum tree in his garden. We'll learn about the American Landscape Architect who never lived to see the big park he dreamed of, and we'll learn about the horticulturist who created the first International Flower show in NYC. We'll hear the October Poem about woodbines (or honeysuckle). We Grow That Garden Library with an herb-based...


October 30, 2019 Aging Gardeners, Healthy Food, Piet Oudolf, Alfred Sisley, George Plummer Burns, Cherry Ingram, Alice Eastwood, A Song of October, She Sheds Style by Erika Kotite, Leaf Compost Bin, and Elizabeth Lawrence

Today we celebrate the impressionist Landscape painter who included kitchen gardens as a subject and the botanist who gave a speech in 1916 about his four rules of home landscaping. We'll learn about the English botanist who saved many varieties of Japanese cherry from extinction and the botanist who braved the destruction of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake to save plant specimens. We'll hear the Poem called "A Song of October" that debuted in 1890. We Grow That Garden Library...


October 29, 2019 Redesigning Your Garden, Preparing for Winter, Sir Walter Raleigh, Augustin Gattinger, William Chapman, Jamie Taggert, Carl Sandburg, Sowing Beauty by James Hitchmough, a Garden-Themed Thanksgiving, and Ayurvedic Principals for Gardener

Today we celebrate the botanist who was allowed to tend a garden while he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. We'll learn about the Pioneer botanist of Tennessee and the botanist who used his love of trees to shape an optimistic view of humanity. We'll also celebrate Jamie Taggert, the young Scottish botanist, who set out on this day in 2013 for Vietnam but sadly never returned to his beloved home at the Linn Botanical Garden. We'll hear the Carl Sandburg poem with the famous...


October 28, 2019 Missouri Botanical Garden New Visitor Center, CalRecycle's Get Started with Composting, Alphonse de Candolle, Kate Brandegee, Gulie Lister, Edwin James, October's Party, The Art of Gardening by Chanticleer, Feeding Winter Birds, and Finl

Today we celebrate the Swiss botanist known as the father of geographical botany and the American botanist who went on a 500-mile nature walk for her honeymoon. And, just in time for Halloween, we'll learn about the botanist who followed in her father's footsteps to study slime mold. And, we're coming up on the 200th anniversary of the botanist who climbed Pike's Peak and discovered the Blue Columbine, also known as the State Flower of Colorado. We'll hear one of my favorite poems...


October 25, 2019 Gardening for Mental Health, Supporting Farmer's Markets, Bertrand de Molleville, Odoardo Beccari, Martinus Beijerinck, Bernard Verdcourt, Bliss Cameron, Flowers in the Kitchen by Susan Belsinger, Garden Collections, and Thoughts on Autu

Today we celebrate the Frenchman who designed the very first secateurs or pruners and the Italian orphan who grew up to discover the corpse flower. We'll learn about the Dutch botanist who was trying to figure out what was going on with his tobacco plants and made a significant discovery for science. We'll hear the Autumn Garden Poem that highlights the crimson of the sumac and the woodbine "For the pageant of passing days." We Grow That Garden Library with a cookbook called Flowers...


October 24, 2019 An 11-Story Monarch Mural, What Landscape Architects Wish You Knew, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Marianne North, Margaret Owen, Emily Dickinson, The Daylily by Peat and Petit, Plants to Cut Back, and A Fancy from Fontanelle

Today we celebrate the scientist who set the stage for Plant Anatomy and the amazing botanical illustrator Marianne North who traveled the world, capturing exotic flowers with her magnificent oil paintings. We also celebrate Margaret Owen, the English galanthophile and gardener we lost five years ago today. We'll hear some thoughts from Emily Dickinson about Autumn - it's her Nature 27 poem - with the famous line "I'll put a trinket on." We'll Grow That Garden Library with today's...


October 23, 2019 An Inspiring Home Landscape by a Forest,, Ludwig Leichhardt, Annie Lorrain Smith, François-André Michaux, Bonnie Templeton, Neltje Blanchan, New Vegetable Garden Techniques by Joyce Russell, Harvesting Black Walnuts, and E

Today we celebrate the young botanist who disappeared in Australia 171 years ago and the pioneering female lichenologist who worked for the British Museum but was never officially on the payroll. We'll learn about the French botanist who had a life-long love affair with the trees of North America and the Los Angeles woman who found a trailblazing career in botany after getting a job at an employment agency. We'll hear some beautiful prose about bluebirds in autumn, "they linger like the last...


October 22, 2019 A Garden-Themed Wedding, Forager Gin, Helen Clay Frick, Edwin Way Teale, Discovering Vanilla, David Douglas, Bliss Carman, The Sanctuary of My Garden by Fotoula Reynolds, Last Call for Houseplants, and 4th-Grade Botany

Today we celebrate the daughter of a millionaire who found solace in nature and the refreshing approach of one of the country's top naturalists. We learn about the discovery of vanilla (complete with a ravishing recipe for vanilla coffee liqueur from 1974) and we'll commemorate the Doctor's Pit where the botanist David Douglas died. We'll hear the oft-quoted poem that begins, "The scarlet of maples can shake me like a cry of bugles going by," and we Grow That Garden Library with a new book...


October 21, 2019 Tropicals in Freezing Temps, Dill Pickle Pasta Salad, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Victor Lemoine, Alfred Nobel, Arturo Gómez-Pompa, Prayer for Autumn, A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach, Bagged Mulch Benefits, and the 1967 Flower Girl

Today we celebrate the poet who wrote lustrously of Kubla Kahn's summer garden and the French flower breeder who made our favorite plants even more sumptuous with double-flowers. We learn about the descendant of Olaf Rudbeck, who sought to create a legacy of peace and the rainforest expert who wrote the flora of Mexico. We'll hear a lovely prayer for Autumn from the poet Rainer Marie Rilke. Today's Book Recommendation to help you Grow That Garden Library is A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach....


October 9, 2019 Christmas Cactus, François-Andre Michaux, William Smith, Augustine Henry, Strawberry Fields, Grow In the Dark by Lisa Steinkopf, Climbing Hydrange, and Ailment of Two Boys Solved by Botanist.

Does your Christmas Cactus have red on its leaves? If so, that red is an indication that the plant is stressed out. It could be that it has that color on the leaves when it’s blooming because blooming puts pressure on the plant. In general, those leaves will turn a little red if you’re watering them too much or If you have them too much sun. One of my oldest Christmas cactuses came from my husband‘s grandmother that was a very craggy looking. I managed to keep it alive for about...


October 8, 2019 Daily Gardener Merchandise, Johann Baptist Ziz, William Swainson, Hardy Croom, Elizabeth Agassiz, Growing Herbs by Thomas DeBaggio, Burying Hens and Chicks, and Fall Color with Kelly Norris

Last night, I met with my Social Media team and we were having so much fun coming up with designs and quotes and all kinds of things for merchandise for the show. We're putting together t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers. With any luck, we'll have Daily Gardener gear and merchandise ready to go live for you on November 1st. So keep that in mind. If you're a fan of the show, you can add The Daily Gardenermerchandise to your wishlist for the holidays. Stay tuned for updates on...


October 7, 2019 Little Prince Nursery, John Clayton, Joseph Knight, Robert Brown, Ezra Cornell, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Foliage First by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz, Potting up Bulbs, Plant Explorers and the Story of the Little Helper

Mark from Little Prince nursery and I became friends on Facebook over the past month. I was immediately taken with the images on his feed, which is so full of the most beautiful blooms. His dahlias were to die for. Anyway, at some point I gave him a call and we were talking away and Mark asked if he could send me some plants. Um... yay! They arrived right as we were headed up to the cabin, so I grabbed the box and brought it along. I unwrapped my new plants this morning and I'm...