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Joshua Miller |Running To Purge Negativity & Live Life To The Fullest

💥My guest this week is Joshua Miller, but he goes by “Primal Flow” or “Primal” (don’t worry, he'll talk about his nickname during the show) 💥Joshua is a competitive ultrarunner and also an entrepreneur. 💥But Joshua’s ultrarunning career started almost by chance… and only a few years ago. 💥Looking for a way cope with drug and alcohol addiction, he found in running not only a way to redirect his anger, pain and energy but also a way to feel more alive, to embrace nature and love being...


Amy Mendez |The Engine Behind Dig Deep

💥This week’s episode is a very very special one, you know why? Because I’m joined by my lovely wife, Amy. 💥I met Amy in Indiana, almost 13 years ago. We were both attending business school at Indiana University to get our MBAs (Masters in Business Administration).Yup, we were both pursuing careers in the corporate world! 💥I’ve been wanting to have Amy on the show since I started this podcast because I really wanted to share our experiences changing our career paths (especially the...


Brad Hudson |Legendary Running Coach

💥On this episode, I talk with LEGENDARY running coach Brad Hudson. 💥I’ve been wanting to interview Brad since I started this podcast, not necessarily because of his amazing running and coaching background, but because he is genuinely a good guy and a very interesting person 💥Brad started his running career when he was very young. If you listen to my first question, you’ll learn at what age he ran his first marathon. 💥He went to the University of Oregon where he ran track and cross...


Morgan Pearson |Rookie Elite Triathlete Who's Already Winning Big Races

💥On this episode, I talk with up-and-coming elite triathlete Morgan Pearson. 💥Morgan shocked the triathlon world last year when he won the USA Triathlon Age Group Sprint National Championships in Omaha, Nebraska – his first national triathlon 💥But Morgan is no strange to sports. He had an amazing running career in high school and college. For instance, he was a New Jersey state champion in the 3200 mts . He earned all-American honors in the outdoor 2-mile run, among others 💥We also...


Franko Vatterott: Successful Serial Entrepreneur In the Endurance Sports Industry.

💥On this episode, I talk with serial entrepreneur Franko Vatterott. Franko's main focus is the endurance sports industry, mostly triathlon. 💥Let’s take a look at his resume, shall we?: Cofounder of RetulFounder of the Human Interest GroupCo-founder of Sansego 💥I had an awesome time talking with Franko. He invited me to his house, made me coffee and then.. we started talking…we talked about his childhood, growing up in St Louis, MO, his first jobs and how he started his journey as an...


Mark Bottenhorn: Up-And-Coming Elite Ultrarunner

💥 On this episode, I talk with up-and-coming elite ultrarunner Mark Bottenhorn (Instagram: @bottenhornrunning) 💥Mark recently had his debut in the ultrarunning scene by not only running his first ultra, but winning it and crushing the course record (talk about digging deep!) 💥Mark is also my friend, we met while working at the Boulder Running Company (Boulder, CO). We not only share a passion for running but also are a big fans of entrepreneur and marketing guru Gary...


Ivan O'Gorman: Bike Fitting Extraordinaire. Competitive Ironman Triathlon Age Grouper. Nice Guy

💥 On this episode, I talk with bike fitting extraordinaire Ivan O'Gorman (@ivanogorman). 💥 Ivan is not only one of the best bike fitters in the world, but he is also a competitive age group triathlete (he's done the Hawaiian Ironman 7 times; going back for #8 this year). But my favorite thing about him: he is such a nice dude! 💥 We talked about how he got into triathlons (from not knowing how to swim, to doing Kona for the first time), to what motivates him every single day, and how...


Joshua Stevens: Served his country. Struggled with opiate medication. Found his calling in ultra running

💥 To kick off this series, I interview professional ultra runner(and friend) Joshua Stevens. 💥 Joshua (or Josh) has a fascinating background: from serving in the US Army(including multiple deployments), to struggling with opiate medication, to discovering ultra running in his 40s, to completing crazy challenges like running 24 hours on a treadmill, Joshua is a warrior, always willing to give his very best. 💥 Thank you to my friends at the Boulder Running Company for letting me use the...


Hugo Mendez: An Introduction To The Dig Deep Podcast

This is just an introductory 5-minute episode where I tell you more about myself, why I started Dig Deep and why I started this podcast, (among other things) Thanks for stoping by. I look forward to bringing you interviews that you find inspiring and entertaining. Cheers, Hugo


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