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A podcast which features causal discussion with people who are involved in martial arts and related culture and lifestyle practices, while we have a few adult beverages. Support this channel and all my projects:

A podcast which features causal discussion with people who are involved in martial arts and related culture and lifestyle practices, while we have a few adult beverages. Support this channel and all my projects:




A podcast which features causal discussion with people who are involved in martial arts and related culture and lifestyle practices, while we have a few adult beverages. Support this channel and all my projects:






The Drunken Boxing Podcast #023 - Phil Morrell

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #023 My guest is Phil Morrell. Phil hails from the United Kingdom and is a practitioner of Fan style Bagua Zhang under Wen Dasheng. Phil Morrell has trained in Beijing under Wen Dasheng, who is the official lineage holder for the art, for many years. He recounts his history and training in the art and discusses the intricacies of this style of Bagua Zhang in this episode. As usual, it was a very interesting and enjoyable discussion. Phil Morrell's Fan Style Bagua...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #022 - Mario Napoli

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #022 My guest today is none other than Mario Napoli. I heard about Mario many many years ago. He rose to fame due to the fact that he was the first and the last non Chinese to enter the Chen village push hands championships and win. After he did this, aspects of participation were changed permanently to avoid such things from happening again in such a manner. Mario’s study of the art of Taiji was through his teacher, Stanley Israel, who was a highly respected Judo...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #021 - Tom Bisio

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #021 My guest today is Tom Bisio. Tom Bisio is a well known Chinese medical practitioner and martial artist hailing from New York. He has an extensive background in martial arts practice starting in his teens in the Filipino martial arts. In the 80's he started studying both Chinese medicine and martial arts under Vince Black and he then went on to train under numerous renowned teachers of Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and taijiquan over the course of many trips to...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #020 - James Carss

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #020 My guest today is James Carss. James is currently based in England and has a lifetime of experience in the practice of martial arts. At the age of 12 he began his studies in Wing Chun. He then went on to study the south east Asian martial arts of Muay Thai and Silat while at the same time pursued an amateur boxing career. He later got involved in classical Chinese internal arts and decided to relocate to Hong Kong in 2005 to pursue his studies of Chinese...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #019 - Ma Lianzhen

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #019 My guest today is the esteemed Ma Lianzhen who is the son of the great professor and martial artist Ma Mingda, and the grandson of the legend Ma Fengtu. Arguably, the Ma family is one of the most important families in Chinese martial arts over the last 100 years. Ma Lianzhen is an accomplished martial artist who also holds a doctorate and continues research into the field of martial studies in his father’s footsteps. He has been actively promoting the Ma...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #018 - Marcus Brinkman

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #018 My guest today is Marcus Brinkman who is an early pioneer from the USA to travel to east Asia in pursuit of his studies, which included both medical studies as well as martial studies. He eventually ended up in Taiwan, where he studied under Hong Yixiang directly and then under Luo Dexiu as well. He currently is still residing in Taiwan where he continues his medical and martial practices and is also teaching. Marcus Brinkman's YouTube...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #017 - Hai Yang

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #017 My guest today is none other than Hai Yang. Hai Yang originally comes from Tianjin China, and hails from a family that was devoted to martial arts study and practice. He began his training at the age of 8 under his grandfather, Yang Qinglin. Throughout his life, Hai Yang has deeply studied the arts of Hebei Xingyi Quan, Cheng style Bagua Zhang and Chen style taiji quan as well as Daoist meditational practices. Hai Yang relocated to Canada in the early 2000s...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #016 - Veronica Partikova

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #016 My guest today is Veronika Partikova. Veronika who hails from the Czech Republic and started her martial arts training in 1999 with Shotokan Karate, and thereafter started to practice the southern Chinese style of Hung Ga Kune. In 2013 she relocated permanently to Hong Kong in order to study Hung Ga Kune closely with her Shifu Wong Chung Man. While in Hong Kong, she completed her PhD in sports psychology with a focus on mental toughness and collectivism in...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #015 - Leslie Conn

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #015 Today's guest is Leslie Conn. He was originally born in Zimbabwe in 1961 and he moved to Hong Kong in 1987 in his pursuit of martial arts and its related cultures. He went on to complete a 20 year apprenticeship with master Kwan Run Chang as his closed door disciple. Les was always deeply fascinated with martial and China’s military history and he embarked on deep research which he has done none stop since. His focus was on the lost and forgotten aspects of...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #014 - Tim Cartmell

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #014 Today's guest is Tim Cartmell who is a well-known pioneer within the Chinese martial arts most notably within the styles of Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Taiji Quan. He started with Kung Fu San Soo at a young age and moved to Taiwan at the age of 23 to pursue further studies in the Chinese martial arts and he studied with people like Xu Hongji and Luo Dexiu. He also traveled to mainland China to study these arts and spent time with Sun Jianyun, Liang Kequan,...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #013 - Jarek Szymanski

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #013 Today's guest is Jarek Szymanski who originally hails from Poland. Jarek is a pioneering legend within Chinese martial arts, particularly within the styles of Xinyi and Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Taiji Quan, as he was one of the early westerners to come into the heart of China and study these at a time when the reality of the martial arts environment in the northern part of china was relatively unknown to the outside world. He started website "China From...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #012 - Will Wain-Williams

My guest today is Will Wain-Williams. Will has lived in China for over a decade and has studied Taiji Mantis with Zhou Zhendong in Yantai, Shandong province. He is better known for his YouTube channel, Monkey Steals Peach, which is a travelogue where he has been showcasing Chinese martial arts from its source. He has dedicated years of his life to the study of his chosen art of Taiji Tanglang Quan or Taiji Mantis, and is steeped in the culture. Monkey Steals Peach YouTube Channel:...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #011 - Chris (Guan Nan) Wang

My guest today is Guan Nan Wang, who is also known as Chris Wang. His father, Wang Guang Quan, is a well-known martial artist who acted as the emperor, Li Shimin, alongside Jet Li in the famous movie, the Shaolin temple. Chris Wang has been doing martial arts for the majority of his life, and has studied styles including Shao Bei, Yi Quan, Tang Lang Quan or Mantis fist, Taijiquan and others. His key focus over the past few years has been on deep Taijiquan practice, and more recently he has...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #010 - Lavell Marshall

My guest today is Lavell Marshall. Hailing from the USA, Lavell started his training in the Southern style of Hung Gar Kune and then he moved on to Chinese wrestling system known as Shuai Jiao. In 2019 he left his life behind in the USA and along with his wife, relocated to Inner-Mongolia, China to further deepen his studies in the arts. This put him in contact with the Mongolian wrestling art of Bokh which he has fully immersed himself in. Lavell Marshall's...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #009 - Byron Jacobs on the Talking Fists Podcast

On today's episode I share a podcast (Talking Fists Podcast) I was on a couple of months ago which featured an in depth discussion on Xingyi, Bagua, Chinese martial arts and related topics. It was a great discussion where we tackled many of the often repeated myths, misunderstandings, many of which I have been asked about repeatedly. I am sure you guys will enjoy this discussion and I hope to be able to go out and interview guests soon once this virus calms down ab it here. I also recommend...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #008 - Simon Lockett & Marc Mastrandrea

In today’s episode I have two guests joining me, Simon Lockett from Japan and Marc Mastrandrea from the USA, currently residing in Beijing. Simon Lockett has lived in Japan for the past 26 years. Originally from New Zealand, He studied under Feng Zhengbao for 8 years fully learning his Bagua Zhang system. More recently he started to study Yin style Bagua Zhang under Xu Shixi through his close friend Marc Mastrandrea. Marc is originally New York, he is a qualified Chinese medicine...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #007 - Andrea Falk

Hailing from Canada, Andrea Falk started practicing martial arts in 1972, and realized Chinese Martial Arts would be her life’s path. She applied and won a scholarship to the Beijing College of Physical Education, also known as the Beijing Sports University where she arrived in 1980, as the first group of westerners to be enrolled officially in the Wushu program there, and she studied there for 3 years with Xia Bohua as her main coach. It was during her time in China that she fell in love...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #006 - Bill Mattucci

Bill Mattucci has over 46 years of martial arts training experience in various arts starting early on with Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and western boxing. In 1992 he started training with the great Ted Wong who was one of Bruce Lee’s last personal students and training partners, who Bill studied under until Ted’s passing. Bill is one of Ted Wong’s first certified Jeet Kune Do instructors. Bill further studied and researched Chinese martial arts, taijiquan, meditation and other practices, which...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #005 - Byron Jacobs Interview in Tbilisi, Georgia

This is a bonus episode of the drunken boxing podcast. It’s an interview conducted with Byron Jacobs (host of The Drunken Boxing Podcast) in 2017, by the European/International Wushu Federation’s Vice-President during 4th European Continental Kung Fu Championships held in Tbilisi - Georgia. We discussed various aspects related to Chinese traditional martial arts. Some valuable insight came out though this discussion regarding these arts. Support this channel and all my projects:...


The Drunken Boxing Podcast #004 - Andy Pi & Michael Ashley Wix

Andy Pi is the father of MMA in China. Andy grew up in the USA where he got into Gracie Jiu Jitsu, he came to China and went on to be the catalyst for the origins of MMA and BJJ in the central kingdom. He is the direct reason why Xu Xiaodong moved on from Sanda and got into MMA, as Andy Pi fought Xu Xiaodong in the early 90’s when Xu was a sanda fighter and Andy submitted him with an arm bar, changing Xu’s trajectory for the rest of his life. Zhang Weili, who is China’s first UFC champion,...