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A weekly discussion of FIFA Ultimate Team with hosts Nick and Jack.

A weekly discussion of FIFA Ultimate Team with hosts Nick and Jack.
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A weekly discussion of FIFA Ultimate Team with hosts Nick and Jack.








Ep. 21 - What’s going on with gameplay?

Have we seen the end of narrow formations dominating in FIFA Ultimate Team? Since the latest patch (or maybe even before), some gamers have said they find narrow formations less effective. The FUT Brothers disucss what adjustments they’ve needed to make in order to stay competitive. Nick and Jack also discuss Winter Ones to Watch SBCs, when to buy and sell investments and take a look at the new Team of the Week. And in this week’s FIFA MOBILE segment, Nick and Jack share their progress...


Ep. 20 – Winter OTW & Making Profit on Bad Investments

The market is *booming* at the start of the Winter Ones to Watch promo. We knew the market would recover after TOTY, but many investments are up because a number of promos are coming up soon – and maybe because hype around the game is changing. Nick and Jack take a look at the market from all angles in this week’s episode, and explain why making money in this type of market is easy, even if you’ve made bad investments or are just starting out.


Ep. 19 - OMG WE PACKED A TOTY!!! (sike)

OK, so we didn’t pack a TOTY card. Surprised? What shouldn’t shock you is the way the market has recovered in the days since the TOTY promo ended, a good sign for investors who made buys when the market was down. We’re taking a look at how much the market has recovered, and which cards were the best buys. We also look ahead to the next big promos — Ratings Refresh and Winter Ones to Watch. Is it too late to get in on investments, and what should you do if cards in your club have gone up...


Ep. 18 - TOTY & Profit Optimization

Team of the Year is here! We’re talking how to make the most coins during lightning rounds, which methods have worked for us, and how to optimize profit during big promos. Plus, we take a look at the best Team of the Year cards, tell you who got snubbed, and announce the start of The FUT Brothers’ new FIFA Mobile League! The FUT Brothers podcast is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. Listen, subscribe and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. iTunes:...


Ep. 17 - How to make coins during TOTY!

Community Team of the Year voting is causing a stir among FUT players — Who is getting in? Who deserves it the most? Could an English player actually make the list? While the community votes, we’re doing our homework to help you make the most of massive pack openings, fluctuating prices and preparing for the future. We also discuss the state of FIFA Ultimate Team in 2018. Some pros and influencers have complained of burnout. Do we feel the same way, or is it possible that feelings of a...