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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.

A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.
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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.






EP 75 | Whitetail Fit with Joel Burham

On this weeks podcast we are joined once again by Joel Burham of Whitetail fit. On this episode we cover a few different topics like target panic, shooting your bow in the offseason and fitness in hunting just to name a few. I think everyone will enjoy this episode. Thanks for downloading. Podcast Topics - Dealing with target panic - Fitness in hunting - Spot and stalk Mule Deer hunts - Keeping in shooting shape throughout the offseason - Using 28 dollar Trail cams from Wal Mart -...


EP 73 | "The Grind" Editing The Digital Series Chasing November With Josh Sparks

On this weeks podcast we are joined by Chasing November Editor Josh Sparks. We dive into what it takes to edit and produce a digital series as big as Chasing November. We compare TV editing to Digital editing and talk about the Grind for editors in the summer months to get shows out. Podcast Topics: - Crashing Drones - Editing Digital Youtube content - The Grind of editing - The biggest hurdle dealing with so many pro staff guys and girls - Trying to keep 70 different storylines in...


EP 72 | Hunting Whitetails in Mexico with Rob Schneider

This weeks episode is with Rob Schneider of Rattler Grips. Rattler Grips are all custom, hand made bow grips made to order and Rob started the company at his home in Texas. The guys also discuss Rob's new adventure, hunting Whitetails in Mexico. Enjoy!!! Podcast Topics - Custom Bow Grips - How to get tags to hunt whitetail in Mexico - Hunting Mexico Whitetails - Snakes - How hunting in Mexico to hunting the Midwest is the same and different Find Us...


EP 71 | Clint Warner With Sevr Broadheads

On todays episode Clint Warner Joins the podcast to talk about Sevr Broadheads. Find Us Online: Subscribe and Rate us on Itunes: Sevr Social Media Channels Website: Facebook: Instagram:...


EP 70 | HuntWise Hunting App

This week Spencer, Jeff and Mark from HuntWise Join the podcast to talk about the HuntWise app and what the app has to offer. This app has a ton of features for every hunter no matter what game your chasing. We dive deep into this app and its features and I think everyone will benefit form this podcast. Thanks for listening. Podcast Topics: - HuntCast Predictions - The HuntWise Community - The Start of HuntWise - Custom Land Management - Layers - 3D Mode - Offline Maps - Using the...


EP 69 | Back to Back Public Land Bucks With Matt Zahl

On todays Episode we have return guest Matt Zahl from Western Michigan. We switch gears from the previous Episode we recorded with Matt and talk about Public Land and his success out of the same tree stand two years in a row. Podcast Topics: - The unknown Factor - Why hunt Public Land - Evolving as a hunter - Michigan Deer Hunting - Michigan Public Land Bucks - Hunting the same tree stand year after year - Finding the overlooked spots - The rut happening on October 9th - How...


EP 68 | Building Bulletproof Archers With Christian Williams Of Archery Strong

On this weeks episode Arron and Justin sit down with Christian Williams of Archery Strong. The guys discuss how Christians workouts help to relieve shoulder pain, prevent injury, and improve performance to build the most accurate, injury-proof archers in the woods and on the range. This episode is for every archery out there no matter age or gender. Enjoy. Archery Strong links: Find Us...


EP 67 | Hunters Blend

Todays podcast Arron and Justin sit down to talk about what they're doing to prep for the upcoming Whitetail season. For the second half of the podcast they are joined by Mike Swartzentruber from Hunters Blend coffee. Podcast topics: - Justins Public land quest - Arrons Private Land Plan - Getting comfortable when hunting Whitetails - Justin Changing his offseason routine - Learning about new species to hunt - The excitement of something new - Having rewards that aren't kills -...


EP 66 | 3 Bears In 3 Weeks With Justin Fabian

On todays episode my trusty co-host Justin "Fabes" Fabian is back in action after a 3 week Bear tour stretching from Idaho to Canada. Podcast Topics: - Bear hunting Idaho, Montana and Saskatchewan - Charged by a Cow Moose - Walking off the mountain in the dark after spotting a Grizzly close by - His Wife's first bear Find Us Online: Subscribe and Rate us...


EP 65 | Success On 20 Acres With Aaron Swan

Today Arron sits down with good friend Aaron Swan to talk about his 20 acres he acquired 4 years ago in Michigan. These guys dive into the progression Swan's been through the past 4 years to make this 20 acres the best 20 acres on the block. In the past 4 years they've taken 6 respectable bucks off this property and it only seems to be getting better and better every year. Download and Enjoy. Podcast Topics - Success on 20 Acres in Michigan - Can you make to many changes to your land...


EP 64 | The Habitat Podcast

Today I join The Habitat Podcast as a guest with Jared and Brian, as they want to know more about habitat on The One acre parcel. Throughout the podcast we talk about a lot of habitat improvements along with scent control, thinking outside the box, using trail cams a different way and scouting from a far. Click download and Enjoy!! Find Us Online: Subscribe and...


EP 63 | Joe Sir

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! I just want to take a second that give thanks to all of the service Men and Women out there, If it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't be able to do all the things we do over here. On todays podcast Arron is joined by Joe Sir of Rizen Media. Joe is one of the industry leaders when it comes to content creation, producing and cinematography. We start the conversation talking about how Joe got into filming / producing and where he gets his inspiration and drive to do...


EP 62 | "Pappas Pride" With Cameran Derefield

Cameran Derefield joins the Podcast today to talk about his journey with a deer he named "Poppas Pride". Cameran eats, sleeps, and breathes Whitetails from the time he gets up in the morning to the time he falls asleep. This story is something you don't want to miss. Podcast Topics: - My Turkey Hunt - The Chess match with a particular deer - Making a goal and sticking with it - Deer Hunting is Romantic - What makes Whitetails so appealing Find Us...


EP 61 | The Story Of "Kevin Bull" With Blake Wollerman

Episode 61 finds Justin and Arron talking with Southern Illinois native Blake Wollerman as they dive into the story of a deer Blake chased for 3 years named Kevin Bull. Podcast Topics: - 3 Year quest with one deer - How hunters over think whitetail hunting - Thinking outside the box when it comes to stand placement - Adapting to your surroundings year in and year out Find Us...


EP 60 | Mixed Bag Of Everything

On this episode Arron is west bound and down to Kansas with Co - Workers Adam Raak and Keegan Zeimer. On their long trek across the midwest, they decide to record a podcast that takes you through a ton of different topics including learning woodsman ship at a young age, field dressing a deer for the first time, and what is bothering us the most about the hunting industry right now. This one is a little lengthy but worth a listen. Thanks for your support. Enjoy!!! Podcast topics: -...


EP 59 | All Things Gear

On todays episode Arron and Justin talk about all the gear they will be using this upcoming season. Justin talks about what cameras he will be using on his upcoming Bear hunt along with the boots and layering system he will be using. Arron breaks down what he's doing with his arrow build along with whats he's changing up for Whitetail season. Find Us...


EP 58 | B.S. Session With Bryant Lyon From Americas Best Bowstrings

Happy Easter everyone, todays guest is Bryant Lyon from ABB and we sit down and talk about an array of different topics such as scouting for whitetails, single pin adjustable sights and of course bow strings. I hope you enjoy this B.S. Session. Podcast Topics: - Single Pin Sights - Ramping up scouting for whitetails - Scouting from a distance - Keeping pressure of your farm - ABB strings and what ABB has to offer - The importance of a String on your bow Find Us...


EP 57 | Hunting The Upper Peninsula With Ryan Peroceschi

On Todays episode we talk with Ryan Peroceschi a Michigan native that resides in the dense forest of the UP. Ryan explains how him and his Father have navigated the UP for years hunting Whitetail on Public Land. Podcast Topics: - Hunting The UP - Caliber of bucks the UP has to offer - Michigan Hunting Tradition - The difference in hunting the Lower to the Upper Peninsula - Justins Iowa Turkey Hunt - Ryan's Public Land buck From last year Find Us...


EP 56 | Laden Force of North American Whitetail

Todays episode we sit down with Laden Force of North American Whitetail. Laden is the Associate Publisher at NAW and a big Public Land adventurist. This is a great podcast with Laden as we talk about a wide range of topics. Enjoy!!! Podcast Topics: - North American Whitetail - North American Elk - Bowhunter Magazine - Public Land Hunting - Fear of Hunting Public Land Find Us...


EP 55 | Social Media, Mountain Turkey Hunting and Elk with Keegan Ziemer

On todays episode I'm joined by Keegan Ziemer the Social Media Director for BeAlive Outside and The Keefer Brothers. Keegan dives into what it's like being a Social Media Director in the outdoor industry, along with hunting Turkeys in the mountains of Colorado. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy. Podcast Topics: - Doing social media for a job - Turkey hunting in the mountains of Colorado - Buying 10 Acres in Michigan to Hunt Find Us...