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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.

A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.
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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.






Mark Kenyon - Wired To Hunt

On today's episode, Mark Kenyon from Wired to Hunt sits down with us to talk about a variety of different topics. When I decided to embark on this podcast journey, a lot of my inspiration came from Mark and what he has done with Wired to Hunt. This was really cool to get him on our podcast to chat. ENJOY!!! Podcast Topics: - Mark's Book That Wild Country - How to Balance hunting private land and public land - Hunting Trips don't have to be all about the outcome - Mindset for hunting...


EP 89 | Tactics For Hunting The Last Week Of November

Thanksgiving is upon us and on todays episode Matt Zahl and I discuss tactics and new strategies that we are going to deploy for this upcoming week. The rut is still going on around the Midwest and we talk about how we plan to find a shooter buck. Podcast Topics: - Trying out a new tactic for late November - Trying to find what bucks are left after gun season - Scouting for hot sign in November - Wondering where the bucks went after November 15th (Michigan Gun Opener) - Staying...


EP 88 | The Full Story Of My Best Buck Ever!!! "The Great Hambino"

Today's episode is all about my Iowa rut trip. Justin joins Casey and I as we discuss the most epic week of hunting I've ever had, not to mention I was able to take the biggest buck of my life. Thanks to everyone for all the support and I know you will enjoy this one. Podcast Topics - Iowa Rut - Entry and Exit routes - A limb was in my way - Figuring out a farm you've never set foot on before - The Power of Observation stands - The best hunting Trip I've ever been on - And Much...


EP 87 | Hunting The Rut With Chris Propst

Happy November everyone, today I'm joined by Chris Propst from Missouri to talk Pre Rut and Rut Tactics. I hope everyones November is kicked off in the right direction I know mine has so far. Good luck to everyone out there and be safe. For Exclusive Product Discounts visit Find Us Online: Subscribe and Rate us on...


EP 86 | Hunting Scrapes With Casey Keefer

On todays episode Casey and I are in Kansas gearing up for the rut. We dive into a quick updated from the past two weeks with our hunts and what we think the rut will be doing this Fall. We also discuss hunting scrapes, identifying different scrapes and how to use the scrapes to gather intel. For exclusive discounts on the gear we use go to: to redeem your codes Find Us...


EP 85 | Justins Back and It's Time to Catch Up

On todays podcast Keegan and I are heading to Kansas to hunt with Casey, but before we get there we make a pitstop in Des Moines Iowa to visit with Justin and his wife Ali. We discuss a wide range of topics on this one so I think everyone will enjoy this. Podcast Topics: - Justins Job Change - Iowa Public Land - October Lull - Mid October Hunting - Deer transitions when crops get harvested - Introducing New Hunters to Hunting - What we should be doing to get more hunters in our...


EP 84 | Opening Week Update From Iowa and Ohio

On Today's podcast a couple of us sit down and recap opening week from our hunts in Ohio and Iowa. Chris Keefer talks about his first night buck in Ohio and Cody tackles his year in and year out battles to kill his first Whitetail. I chime in briefly on Casey and I's hunt from Iowa as the rain had us strapped to camp for a few days. Good luck to everyone out there this fall be safe and always wear your Saftey Harness. Podcast Topics: - How intel helped Chris kill his buck - Hunting From...


EP 83 | Live From a Hotel In Iowa

Todays episode is an update from Iowa. Season starts tomorrow and I'm kicking it off in Iowa. Stay tuned for updates from the first week of season.


EP 82 | Eastern Turned Western With Shane Mowery

On today's podcast I sit down with Shane Mowery of Bone Maniacs. Shane grew up in the East but always knew he wanted to head to the West to settle down and he did just that. Shane is a big Whitetail hunter and he's been on a quest for the past 4 years to kill a particular deer in Kansas that keeps eluding him. We also dive into early season hunting when the temps are in the 90s and the deer aren't moving until last light. Podcast Topics - Mine and Casey's trip to Kansas - Hunting early...


EP 81 | Saving Your Fall Food Plots With Jared and Brian From The Habitat Podcast

On todays podcast I sit down with Jared and Brian from The Habitat Podcast to talk about last minute fall plots and how to save the plots you've already established. We also dive into unique ways to plant food on farms in Ag areas when you cant do food plots because it's being farmed for cash crops. Podcast Topics: - Saving Summer Plots - Top Dressing plots - Clover plots - Chicory - Late season food - Why does clover grow so well in the timber - Food plot designing - What is the...


EP 80 | You Have To Play The Wind - Part 3 of 3 with Chuck Weldon

On todays episode I'm concluding the 3 part series with Chuck Weldon. On this one we dive into Scent Control, Playing the wind and wind thermals. I want to take a second and thank everyone for the support of the podcast, I can't thank everyone enough. Good Luck to everyone this Fall. Podcast Topics: - Scent Control - Playing the Wind - Wind Thermals Exclusive Discount Codes: Find Us...


EP 79 | Deer Don't Wear Birth Certificates!!! Part 2 of 3 With Chuck Weldon

Todays episode is Part 2 of 3 With Chuck Weldon. On this podcast we talk about a verity of different topics from using trail cameras to how much deer hunters overthink every decision. This one is better then the last one so you don't want to miss it. Podcast Topics: - Different ways to use trail cameras - When bucks start to make scrapes - How much merit should you put into trail cam intel - Learning when to be passive and when to be aggressive on a buck - Taking everything into...


EP 78 | All Things Whitetail Part 1 of 3 With Chuck Weldon

On todays episode I sit down with big buck killer Chuck Weldon from Missouri and boy did we cover a lot. We actually reordered a 3.5 hour long podcast that I'm breaking up into 3 parts because the content was so good. This 3 part series will be information overload so make sure you have a pad of paper and pen handy. I hope you enjoy. Podcast topics: - Hunting and Filming out of Box Blinds - Banks Blinds - Arron's bone to pick with Chuck - Passing a 155 inch 10pt at 30 yards - Chasing...


EP 77 | Hunting Michigan to Missouri With Tyler Bentley of The Rise

On this weeks episode Arron sits down with fellow Michigander Tyler Bentley to talk about hunting Michigan and Missouri. Tyler talks about how he's changed his Michigan farm this year to make it even better for late season. That isn't even scratching the surface of the whole conversation so sit back, relax and enjoy. Podcast Topics: - The Rise Hunt - Hunting Early season Beans in Missouri - Relating to outdoor television - Planting beans for late season food - If you have 7 days to...


EP 76 | Chris and Casey Keefer Uncut

On this weeks episode Chris and Casey Keefer come on the podcast to talk about a wide range of topics having to do with Whitetails. Chris and Casey also tackle a few listener submitted questions from our Live recording on Friday. I hope everyone enjoys this podcast and don't forget to head over to for exclusive discounts on our partners products. Podcast Topics: - How to get Intel - Trail Cam 101 - When to check your trail cams - Annual Patterns on Bucks -...


EP 75 | Whitetail Fit with Joel Burham

On this weeks podcast we are joined once again by Joel Burham of Whitetail fit. On this episode we cover a few different topics like target panic, shooting your bow in the offseason and fitness in hunting just to name a few. I think everyone will enjoy this episode. Thanks for downloading. Podcast Topics - Dealing with target panic - Fitness in hunting - Spot and stalk Mule Deer hunts - Keeping in shooting shape throughout the offseason - Using 28 dollar Trail cams from Wal Mart -...


EP 73 | "The Grind" Editing The Digital Series Chasing November With Josh Sparks

On this weeks podcast we are joined by Chasing November Editor Josh Sparks. We dive into what it takes to edit and produce a digital series as big as Chasing November. We compare TV editing to Digital editing and talk about the Grind for editors in the summer months to get shows out. Podcast Topics: - Crashing Drones - Editing Digital Youtube content - The Grind of editing - The biggest hurdle dealing with so many pro staff guys and girls - Trying to keep 70 different storylines in...


EP 72 | Hunting Whitetails in Mexico with Rob Schneider

This weeks episode is with Rob Schneider of Rattler Grips. Rattler Grips are all custom, hand made bow grips made to order and Rob started the company at his home in Texas. The guys also discuss Rob's new adventure, hunting Whitetails in Mexico. Enjoy!!! Podcast Topics - Custom Bow Grips - How to get tags to hunt whitetail in Mexico - Hunting Mexico Whitetails - Snakes - How hunting in Mexico to hunting the Midwest is the same and different Find Us...


EP 71 | Clint Warner With Sevr Broadheads

On todays episode Clint Warner Joins the podcast to talk about Sevr Broadheads. Find Us Online: Subscribe and Rate us on Itunes: Sevr Social Media Channels Website: Facebook: Instagram:...


EP 70 | HuntWise Hunting App

This week Spencer, Jeff and Mark from HuntWise Join the podcast to talk about the HuntWise app and what the app has to offer. This app has a ton of features for every hunter no matter what game your chasing. We dive deep into this app and its features and I think everyone will benefit form this podcast. Thanks for listening. Podcast Topics: - HuntCast Predictions - The HuntWise Community - The Start of HuntWise - Custom Land Management - Layers - 3D Mode - Offline Maps - Using the...