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The FastBreak Ep.35: Contenders & Pretenders

In this episode of The FastBreak! special guest Tino Vergiels joins the show to discuss trade rumors & legit contenders as we reach the midseason mark in the NBA! Did Steph really deserve the starting guard spot over Westbrook? Will the Clippers trade for Melo? Will Kevin Love be dependable come Finals time? Jimmy Butler to Boston… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep.34: Respect His Legacy!

In this episode of The FastBreak! Blake talks about the LeBron James & Charles Barkley feud. Did LeBron go too far? Blake also dives in to the state of the Chicago Bulls and should they really trade Jimmy Butler? Speaking of trades.. where will Melo end up or is he just going to stay in New… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep.33: Buy Or Sell? NBA Edition!

In this episode of The FastBreak! Blake reviews the obvious Russell Westbrook All Star starting snub & why the “fans” got it wrong. He also disapproves of Kyire Irving starting in the east & thought there were more guards that were deserving of that Eastern Conference starting role. Blake also gives his list of NBA teams that you… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep.28: The Blazers!

In this episode of The FastBreak special guest Oliver Maroney from joins the show to talk Portland TrailBlazers! What is the current state of the team and should they hit the panic button? We go in detail and give our thoughts on the Rajon Rondo situation in Chicago. Oliver shares some insight on his latest… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep.26: New York! New York!

On this episode of The FastBreak! Jim Matthews from The Flagrant Take comes on the set to discuss the status of The New York Knicks! WIll they make a legitimate playoff run? Should they have regrets on signing Joakim Noah to such a long term deal? The Clippers & Raptors are more alike than you… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep.23: Gone Fishin

Jeff Fisher is out as the head coach of The Los Angeles Rams. In this episode Blake reviews his 5 year tenure as head coach with the team. He also breaks down how dysfunctional ownership and management are when it comes to making decisions. Why would you feud with Hall Of Fame Running Back Eric… Continue reading →


The FastBreak Ep. 20: Started from the bottom & we’re still here – NBA edition

Blake talks about the NBA's biggest losers in the early Season: Which teams still have a chance to make the playoffs, and which teams are just a complete dumpster fire? The 76ers aren't the worst team in the NBA anymore - a new team has taken that unwanted crown! Hint: they have a superstar by the name of Anthony Davis.


The FastBreak Ep. 18: Official Photographer

In this episode of The FastBreak, Blake recaps the long anticipated matchup of the Oklahoma City Thunder VS. the Golden State Warriors. There were a whole lot of emotions and a whole lot of trash talk; but does Golden State finally have the ball rolling? How will OKC bounce back? Blake identifies one of the Thunder's main weaknesses - the reason why Durant chose to leave OKC.


The FastBreak Ep. 17: Mac Miller’s Divine Feminine Album Review

Blake & Special Guest Brandon Anderson from BrandonAndersonVlogs breakdown and give their thoughts on Mac Miller's surprise release of his new album The Divine Feminine! Where does this rank in comparison to Mac's old projects and what new sound made this album stand out from the rest?


Episode 16: The Jay Cutler Experiment

The Jay Cutler Experiment has had its ups & it has had its downs - but mostly downs. After an embarrassing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, and after yet another Jay Cutler injury, is it finally time for the Bears & Cutler to part ways?


The FastBreak Ep. 14: Blonde by Frank Ocean Album Review

Frank Ocean's Grammy Award winning album "Channel Orange" was released in 2012, but then Frank took a 4 year hiatus. Now, Frank returns with his second full length album Blonde! It's been nearly a month since the musical project dropped - is it still worth the hype? Did Frank waited too long? My thoughts on the highly anticipated album "Blonde"!


The FastBreak with Blake Rodgers Ep. 13: Faded Glory

It's been over a decade since the fateful USC VS Texas National Championship game both teams at their prime Since that game both schools were really never the same. USC with Violations & Texas With a head coach long in the tooth. Are either team back on track to be the powerhouses they once were? I give my thoughts & insight on this podcast episode of The FastBreak!


The FastBreak with Blake Rodgers Ep. 12: Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight review

A review of Travis Scott's new album - Bird's in the Trap Sing McKnight