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EP 2 Props - The Natural

On this episode, Eric and Jon take another look at the 1984 "classic", The Natural. First things first, Robert Redford is a handsome man, at least Eric thinks so. We're breaking down the scenes that matter, some that don't and talking all about the memorabilia that you may want from the movie that gave baseball stadiums across the country a song to play when a home run is hit.............thanks Randy Newman.


EP 269 Ryan McMahon & Andrew Kay

On this episode, Eric and Paul sit down with Colorado Rockies rookie Ryan McMahon. He's still finding his way at the plate right now, but he is loaded with talent and has a lot to offer in The Show. Later, Andrew Kay joins us for our Super Collector series as he shares the details of his autograph project on the Philly SPectrum "S". This is a can't miss interview full of history and one collector's passion to help keep the memory of the House that Rock Built. All that, plus new products and...


EP 1 Props - Major League

On the first edition of Props Eric and Jon sit down to review and discuss Major League. We are talking log lines, trailers, memorable scenes, and pieces that you can find out there in the hobby for your collection.


EP 268 Diamond Girls, Dallas Fan Expo, & Michael Phillips

On this episode, Eric and Paul chat up Michael Phillips who is a Super Collector of the Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews. If you know anything about collecting defensive players then you know it's not exactly easy. That combined with Matthews being highly sought after by collectors, well, Michael's task isn't exactly what one would call "easy". Next, the writer and producer of Diamond Girls, Maureen Ulrich, joins us in the studio to talk about her one-woman one-act play about the...


EP 1 Props Preview "Major League"

We're excited to be launching a new podcast from the Beckett Media Network and we wanted to give you a preview of our first episode of Props. On this preview, Jon and Eric are taking another look at Major League and breaking it down for the collector in all of you. Look for full episodes soon, but until then here's a little teaser.


EP 267 Best Of Kyle Farmer, Dan Pashman, and Stephanie Carlson

On the Best of March 2018 we revisit our interviews with The Sporkful's Dan Pashman, Panini's Stephanie Carlson, and the LA Dodgers rookie Kyle Farmer.


EP 266 Tanner Jones & Brett Lyons

On this episode, Eric and Paul start our Super Collector Series with Jose Canseco collector, and friend of the Fat Packs, Tanner Jones. Tanner has joined us several times, but he never had the opportunity to share his massive 5,000 Canseco card collection with our listeners. He has some great stories about chasing down cards and hanging with Mr. 40/40 himself. Also, Brett Lyons, Saginaw Sports Collectors Show promoter, joins us to give a recap of his event on March 10th featuring Todd "TJ"...


EP 265 Lisa Goldberg Of The NBA

On this BONUS episode, Eric and Paul are joined by the NBA's Lisa Goldberg, the VP of Licensing who has been around the hobby for 28 years. She is a wealth of knowledge and has seen it all when it comes to NBA cards. She is also capping off our celebration of National's Women's Month. All that, plus, an Opening Day recap, Monster Breaks pulling $15k cards, a story you have to see to believe from the Animal Kingdom, on this episode of The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 264 LA Dodgers Kyle Farmer

On this episode, Eric and Paul are celebrating Opening Day 2018 with young Dodgers star, Kyle Farmer. We caught up with the catcher in Arizona and he's ready to make an impact this season. We challenged him to hit 20 HR's and if does the payoff will be awesome. The mailbag also gets opened and we answer your questions about, well, anything. From collecting to driveways, nothing is off limits here. All that, plus new products and pricing, the animal kingdom, and much more, this week, on The...


EP 263 Padres Nick Margevicius & Hot Corner Sports

On this episode, Eric and Paul are back from Panini's Spring Training Road Trip and we are bringing the first of the player interviews from Scottsdale, Padres prospect Nick Margevicius. He's a young hurler who is ready to climb the ranks of the organization and make an impact in the bigs. We are also continuing our National Women's Month with Karren and Phil Rinella who run Hot Corner Sports Cards and Fluff and Clean Laundry in Mesa, AZ. Hear her take on the business of the hobby, doing...


EP 262 AZ Sports Cards

On this special edition of The Fat Packs Podcast, Eric and Paul are coming to you live from AZ Sports Cards from Spring Training 2018. This episode is filled with surprise guests, collecting goodness, and just a ton of fun, literally.


EP 261 Stephanie Carlson & Tracy Hackler

On this episode, Eric and Paul start their National Women's Month interviews by sitting down and speaking with Panini's VP of Production, Mrs. Stephanie Carlson. She has spent 28 years in the hobby and this is her first interview ever. From her days with Score in the early 90's to one of the highest spots in the industry, she has seen it all, and she's sharing her thoughts cards with you. Next, Tracy Hackler joins the guys to talk all things 2017-18 Mosaic, Panini's first online-only NBA...


EP 260 Sporkful's Dan Pashman & The Wrestling Pastor

On this episode, Eric and Paul have lots of hobby news to get into that could be potentially huge for the industry, but first, Eric is joined by the host of Sporkful, and You're Eating it Wrong, Dan Pashman. He's a big Cubs fan, a podcaster, and 80's collector, and, most importantly, an eater. We discuss all things from the food in Star Wars to '87 Topps. Eric also received a hot tag from The Wrestling Pastor as Paul was out of the office. Josh made the run in save to discuss faith,...


EP 259 Best Of Fat Packs Feb 2018 With Nate Robinson, Charles Haley, & Drew Pearson

Welcome to the first ever of the Best of The Fat Packs, February 2018 edition. Each month we will be bringing you our top 3 or 4 segments and a little reaction to them as well. February 2018 was a tough month to lock down, but looking back it came down to championships, and we had champions join us, Nate Robinson, Charles Haley, and Drew Pearson. So, if you didn't catch them the first time, our you just want another listen, please enjoy the Best of The Fat Packs, February 2018.


EP 258 Industry Summit Day 4

On this episode, Eric and Paul wrap up the Industry Summit coverage with D.J. Kazmierczak from Panini, Anthony Dovine,, and Ray Schulte. We talk about the all ups and downs of the schedule, what can be changed, and what should stay the same for 2019. All that, plus much more, on this edition of, The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 257 Industry Summit Day 3

On this episode, Eric and Paul pack as much into an hour and a half as possible. We start the show with author, coach, teacher, and mentor Randy Nelson right after his morning session with Summit attendees. He methods are tried and proven and he is sharing them with you. After that its a plethora of guest ranging from online markets to memorabilia storage. All that, plus much more, on this edition of, The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 256 Industry Summit Day 2 featuring Drew Pearson

On this episode, Eric and Paul are hitting it hard from day 2 of The Industry Summit. We open the show with Super Bowl Champion and 3x Pro Bowler Drew Pearson as he discusses his collecting habits, his playing career, and his new show Drew Pearson Live. Next, we are joined by the Texas Motor Speedway social media director to help dealers better understand how to use social media to their benefit and how it may affect their day to day business. We also have, Steiner Auctions,...


Ep 255 Industry Summit Day 1 w/ Charles Haley

On this episode, Eric and Paul are coming at you live from The Industry Summit. We have Joe Davis from Got Baseball Cards, Steve from CBCS comic grading, Buck City Breaks, Rob Bertrand, and 5x Super Bowl Champion and HOFer Charles Haley. It's a packed show from the first day of the Industry Summit, on this edition of The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 254 Marc - Down Entertainment & The Vault

On this episode, Eric and Paul wrap up our From the Shop Series in the month of February. First, Eric sits down with Marcelo from Marc-Down Entertainment to all things breaking from his point of view in the hobby. We discuss kid-friendly breaks, meeting Lonzo Ball, and breaking from wrestling shows. Next, Aaron and Brian join us to talk the newest LCS in Michigan, The Vault. Their grand opening is Saturday, Feb 24th, and they're excited to be living out a childhood dream. All that, plus...


EP 253 Nate Robinson & HotShot Danny Duggan with First Row Collectibles

On this edition, Eric and Paul sit down with 3x NBA Dunk Champion Nate Robinson for stories about determination, legacy, good deeds, and perseverance. Nate talks about his favorite teams, who's going to win the dunk contest this year, getting one more shot, and his basketball collection. It's a can't miss interview with Nate the Great. Beforehand, Canadain Wrestling Elite's own HotShot Danny Duggan joins us along with First Row Collectibles owner Curtis Howson to talking about wrestling,...


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