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EP 331 The Rewind Preview

On this episode, Eric is previewing a new podcast that is in the works called The Rewind. This is going to be a weekly show that will feature one or two articles from the Beckett Archives that you may have missed and possibly an interview from the podcast that is worth listening to again. In this preview episode, Eric picks up the August 2016 Vintage Collector to check out Plastic Greatness by Mike Payne, but first, he grabs the September 2018 Sports Card Monthly to have a look at Ryan...


EP 330 Sport Card Backs & Inserted

On this episode, Eric is joined by friend of the show Kin Kinsley for their monthly stop down to take a look at inserts, this time is 2002-03 SP Authentic Sign of the Times. We run down the checklist, look at the pricing, and check out the pop report as well. Next, we have a chat about social media post where collectors announce they are "taking a break" or leaving the hobby. Finally, Andy, the mind of Sport Card Backs hops on the hotline to discuss why he thinks the info on the back of your...


EP 329 Pastime Marketplace

On this episode, the guys are taking a look at a UPS lost shipment story that left one collector upset after his childhood collection was delivered to the wrong address. Its a conversation about tracking, sentimental value, and what "Brown can do for you". Next, a Babe Ruth jersey sold for $5.6M and we want to know what you would spend that kind of money on. Finally, Bill from Pastime Marketplace stops down to give you all the details about his graded card cases as where you grab one for...


EP 328 Grand Slam Collectibles

On this episode, Eric links up with Nate from Grand Slam collectibles as he lays out the details of how Grand Slam came to be and the dreams he's still chasing for the shop. From 1984 Fleer to live breaks three nights a week, Nate sees the big picture and knows exactly how to get there. Also, Eric shares a story about his dad as we approach Father's Day weekend. All that, plus new products and pricing, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast. Also, make sure you check out our wonderful sponsors...


EP 327 Project 55

On this week’s episode, Eric is reunited with Derek Ficken bringing the show full circle back to the days of Beckett Radio. First, they give a quick preview on the Houston TriStar show taking place this weekend including a rundown of the signers who are appearing. Next, Derek is kind of reintroduced to the show for those who might not be familiar with him and he has takes on grading, the current market, and more hobby insight for collectors to think about. Finally, Tom from Project 55 joins...


EP 326 The Warrior & Real Breaks

On this episode, Eric was able to land two in-studio interviews with The Warrior and Real Breaks. First, Anthony, aka The Warrior jumps on the mic to share the details on a program that he is rolling out at The National this year to help serve underprivileged youth in Chicago with the help of some of the industry's biggest names. Next, Ryan and Tom of Real Breaks join the show for a breaking interview that is more than just cards. All that and more, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 325 Badger Breaks & Inserted

On this episode, Eric is joined in studio by Kin Kinsley to discuss 2007 Rittenhouse IRL Autographs for this months Inserted segment. Also, Kyle from Badger Breaks jumps on the show to share what it was like pulling a $25k Baker Mayfield rookie auto from NT, Badger Bucks, and he has a discount code for our listeners. All that, and much more, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 324 Dynasty Breaks & Andy Broome

On this bonus episode, Eric is joined by BVG Grader Andy Broome to talk grading and the Baseball Hall of Fame from the Toronto Sport Card Expo Floor. Later, Dane from Dynasty Breaks joins the show to let you know all about what they bring to the table. All that, plus new products and pricing, and an Expo review, on this bonus episode of The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 323 Steve Rogers, Ken Reid, Brain Gray

On this episode, Eric is live from the Sports Card Expo in Toronto with Expos legend Steve Rogers, Sports Net anchor Ken Reid, and Leaf CEO Brian Gray. We're talking collecting, hobby news, industry predictions, and baseball stories with three absolute legends in their own rights.


EP 322 Gary V Reaction & Pinnacle Mask

On this episode, Eric is back after a break with friend of the show Kin Kinsley and they are reacting to Gary V's recent comments about the card industry and how the hobby may turn into a side hustle for newcomers. Later they are talking 93-94 Pinnacle Mask in their monthly ode to all things inserts. All that and much more.


EP 321 The Clubhouse

On this episode, Eric is joined by the founder of The Clubhouse, Michael Hodges. Mike is no stranger to this show as he has been on from all over the United States, but this time he has a new and exciting website that is launching and he wants you to be a part of it. He has giveaways, promo codes, and more just for Fat Packs listeners. Hear how it all started and how The Clubhouse has grown to the community that it is now. Head to now to check it out for yourself.


EP 320 Cyril Grayson & Kin Kinsley

On this episode, Eric is back after being down for two weeks and there is a lot to cover. First, Four-time NCAA champion, Cyril Grayson, stops in the studio to discuss his collegiate career at LSU and a whirlwind 72 hours that culminated in his signing in the Emerald City. Next, Kin Kinsley stops down to take a look at 97-98 E-X2001 Jambalaya. We take a look at the checklist, the pop reports, and recent sales to try and help you get a better feel for why this set is so popular. All that...


EP 319 Big Shep & Sports Card Exchange

On this episode, Eric sits down with Big Shep of About the Cards Podcast for a conversation that is long overdue. First, they clear the air about some misunderstandings then they get into Shep’s George Brett collection and you will find out why he’s our Super Collector of the Month. We also touch on Barry Sanders, Buster Posey, and a touching story about World Series that you don’t want to miss. Later in the show, The Sports Card Exchange’s Lou Papa stops down to talk about the current...


EP 318 Rich Klein & Brady Buyer

On this episode, Eric is joined by longtime collector and friend of the show Rich Klein to chat about what the hobby looked like back in 1989, who was hot, the products that help change the industry from the era, and the value of the base card. We also discuss his upcoming card show in March and why you should check it out if you are in the DFW area. Also, the buyer of that Tom Brady Contenders rookie stops down to explain why he did it and investing in cards. All that plus new products and...


EP 317 Santia Deck, 90's Baskebtall Cards, & Danny Goldberg

On this episode, Eric by Youtuber and fellow collector Jake Roy to discuss the NBA All-Star game, 90’s basketball cards, and the Panini 30 Teams in 30 Weeks Dallas Mavs roster. Next, Olympic hopeful and professional athlete Santia Deck joins the show to talk about her career in track, football, her time on Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Ranch, and what’s next as she continues to shape her core (and yours). Finally, Star Basketball collector Danny Goldberg was in studio to talk about the...


EP 316 Collect Gordie & Steve Grad

On this episode, Eric sits down with our Super Collector of the month Kevin Hachey to chat about his Sam Reinhart collection and how that lead to collecting Gordie Howe. From Buffalo to North Carolina this hockey collection is almost one of fate. But first, Steve Grad was in town for the BAS Open House as we found time to chat about the current autograph market, big names, fakes, and, of course, Star Wars. All that plus new products and pricing, my take on Transcendent, and more this week on...


EP 315 Houston TriStar Bonus

On this episode, Eric is live from the Houston TriStar show floor and there are so many firsts. In fact, this show is full of first-time interviews, first-time shows, first-time products, and first-time admissions. Ether way its a fun to be sure.


EP 314 Piece Of The Game & Josef Gotsch

On this episode, Eric is joined by a world champion and a game changer. First up is Josef Gotsch, a world champion handballer. He's 24 and he's on top of his world who happened to collect a little bit growing up as well. Next up is Piece of the Game owner David Prince. He's about to come to market with a beautiful new product that goes above and beyond when it comes to authentication. You won't want to miss out on it. All that plus, new products and pricing, a trip to the Animal Kingdom, and...


EP 313 Ripping Vintage Packs

On this episode, Eric is talking with Brandon and Kurt of Ripping Vintage Packs. They're farmers by day and breakers by night with some of the sweetest pulls in the whole industry. Listen in as they break down what goes into splitting time between their fulltime jobs and kicking it old school with breaks that are perfect for the collector reliving his or her childhood. We also discuss the Panini NBA 30 Teams in 30 weeks as the Denver Nuggets check-in at team number 20 and I think they got...


EP 312 Pristine Auctions

On this episode, Eric sits down with the owner of Pristine Auction, Jared Kavile, and discuss what it takes to run one of the leading auctions houses in the hobby. They also discuss Jared's time in hobby collecting, how the company got its name and the Ken Stabler personal collection that Pristine was able to auction off back in 2016. All that, plus new products and pricing, 1990 Topps George Bush, and the continuation of our 30 Teams in 30 Weeks Indiana Pacers style, this week on The Fat...