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EP 295 Panini Sir Charles & Meta - X

On this episode, Eric is joined by a cast from Panini to talk bringing Sir Charles back to the hobby and Meta-X. It a show full of insiders and developers with what it takes to make a brand work. We also pay tribute to Cryptozoic's George Nadeau and much more, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast.


Props S2 EP6 Slap Shot

On the episode, Eric and Kevin are taking another look at the 1977 cult classic Slap Shot. It's dirty, gritty, and some might even say too much, but this movie is loved by so many. Join us as we go from Hollywood to the Hobby, on the season two finale of Props.


EP 294 Wirth Collecting & Drew Herndon

On this episode, Eric sits down with former co-host Paul Wirth to catch up on all the things that he has going on since setting out on his own. From running a FB auction site to breaking, and opening a new store, he is giving you a full break down on what is happening with his new business venture. Later, Drew Herndon joins the show to talk fake autos, new shows, and much more. All that, plus new products and pricing, this week on, The Fat Packs Podcast.


Props S2 EP5 Sudden Death

On this episode, Eric and Kevin take another look at Jean Claude Van Damme's 1995 Sudden Death. Is this good movie or is it horrible in all the right ways. Join us as we go from Hollywood to the hobby, this week on Props.


EP 293 NFL Rookie Showcase

On this episode, we are going back to four interviews we recorded earlier this year with Sam Darnold, Ro Jones, Armani Watts, and Jordan Lasley. These are four interviews that we had the most fun with from the rookie class and as the season kicks off we wanted to revisit them and get the season started right. Also, friend of the show Kin Kinsley jumps on with us to discuss collecting, card shows, and more. All that, plus much more, this week on The Fat Packs Podcast.


Props S2 EP4 Goon

This week on Props Eric and Kevin sit down and take another look at 2011's ode to hockey fighting, Goon. We run down all the important scenes and some that don't as we go from Hollywood to the hobby.


EP 292 Loren Lee's 86 - 87 Fleer

This week Eric is joined by Matt Bible our Beckett Non-Sports analyst to break down all of the new non-sports products slated to be released through the end of the year and there are a lot of them to chase after. We also discuss our 4th Annual Superhero September kicking into action next week. It's a month long of giveaways from Panini, Upper Deck, and Cryptozoic that you don't want to miss. Later, Mr. Loren Lee joins the show to discuss one of the absolute treasures he has in his...


Props S2 Ep3 Miracle

This week Eric and Kevin take another look at Disney's 2004 Miracle. We review all the scenes that matter and some that don't as we go from Hollywood to the hobby, this week on Props.


Ep 291 Rich Klein & Battlefield Box Breaks

On this episode, Eric is joined in studio by longtime hobby mainstay Rich Klein as they discuss a great number of hobby related topics. From The National to Beckett History, and everything in between. Later, Tyler from Battlefield Box Breaks joins the show as the fun just rolls on. We talk collecting Griffey Jr, Facebook breaks, Ebay Breaks, and Ghost....................All that and much more, this week on, The Fat Packs Podcast.


Props S2 EP2 Mystery, Alaska

This week on Props, Eric and Kevin take another look at the 1999 film Mystery, Alaska. It's a movie full of late 90's star power, but do they all fit the bill. There are lots of subplots that we have to get into, and what's up with Little Richard's coat. Most importantly, is this movie just a grown-up version of The Mighty Ducks? We answer all of that as we go from Hollywood to the hobby, this week on Props, powered by


EP 290 Neuhart Cards & MN Nice Cards

On this episode, Eric is joined by Brian Rideout of Neuhart Cards in Delaware, OH as we bring back our From The Shop feature. Brian chats us up about collecting while in the military, trade nights, the ins and outs of running shop, and striving to make the customer experience better. Later, Ben Wogen, of MN Nice Cards hops on the line to discuss, breaking, business, and baseball. Ben is a new sponsor of the show and he has a great site you all should go check out:


Props S2 EP1 The Mighty Ducks

Props is back for season two and this time around we are talking hockey. Join Eric and his new co-host Kevin, of 105,3 The Fan's K & C Masterpiece, as they take another look at the 1992 Disney film The Mighty Ducks. We take a look at the box office numbers, the star power in the film, and discuss the memorabilia from the film that we would love to add to your collections.


EP 289 Sports Collectors Podcast Roundtable

On this episode, Eric is joined by Beckett's resident Non-Sports Analyst, Matt Bible, to discuss a great many things in the hobby. From Horrible Kids to Sharknado, and the all-new Non-Sport Update that is going to print this week. We also breakdown Topps 3rd Annual National Baseball Card Day and what it would have meant to have a program like that around when we were kids. Also, we have the audio of the Sports Collectors Podcast Roundtable from the 2018 NSCC Main Stage. To quote Chris...


EP 288 NSCC 2018 Day 3

On our final show from the 2018 National show floor, Eric is joined by his hobby friends as they discuss the show, the state of the hobby, the state of the industry, and collecting in general. The Pack Geek, Stale Gum, and Long Fly Ball all come together to close out what has been one of the best shows the Fat Packs have ever been a part of.


EP 287 NSCC 2018 Day 2

On this special edition of the Fat Packs, Eric is joined by a wide range of guest covering a great many topics. We talk soccer, Pokemon, fantasy sports, hockey, NASCAR, and even The Mob. This is not your standard sports card show by any means.


EP 286 NSCC 2018 Day 1

The first of our 2018 NSCC shows is full of interviews from around the hobby. We are talking collecting on a major scale with heavy hitters from Topps, Bel-Air Sports Cards, Baseball Treasure, BAS, Collect Auctions, and competitive eating.


EP 285 Derek Helling, BGS & BAS

This is week Eric is joined by Brooke of BAS and Derek from BGS as they respectively run down what they have to offer at The National. From show singer deals to grading pricing, they have the info that you need. Later, sports writer Derek Helling joins the show to talk growing up and collecting in Iowa, DFS, and Fairness in Sports. All that, plus new products and pricing, and much more, this week on, The Fat Packs Podcast.


EP 284 Clever Fangril Bonus Episode

On this bonus edition of The Fat Packs, Eric is joined by Beckett’s resident non-sport analyst Matt Bible and special guest Clever Fangirl to discuss all things, Jurassic Park. We break down how she got into the movie, how and what she collects, and just what goes into a cosplay costume. We also have stories about Jeff Goldblum, Norman Reedus, and Fat Jacob???? Yea, you read that right. Strap in and stay your seat for this one, and please don’t exit the ride until we’ve come to a complete...


EP 283 The Iron Lion & Kidority Kards

On this episode, Eric is joined by Sarah Brannon of Kidority Kards. You may know their story about their young son Jase, but that has inspired them to give back to the hobby that gave to them. It started small but this act of kindness has grown in big ways. Also, Andrew from The Iron Lion joins us for From the Shop as we chat about this new(ish) shop in Colorado Springs, his time in the hobby, and much more. All that, plus new products and pricing, giveaways, and a 50% sale, this week on The...


EP 282 Dante Pettis & Sam Darnold

This week, Eric is joined by Paul Blackburn, DJ Peters, Dante Pettis, and Sam Darnold. We talk MLB, NFL, collecting, and so much more.