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Episode 38: Return of the Mamatletas

We look at the decisions of the FIE Congress (and are appalled), discuss the action from Algiers (Mens Sabre and Womens Foil) and Gav expresses his disappointment with a result that he should love… you’ll have to listen to find out why. Coolest fencer on the planet is a bit of a surprise… no spoilers! Also a large shout out to the returning Mamatletas! We find searching Kabcom for the relevant links a bit difficult. Rest assuered, it’s all in here somewhere!...


Episode 37*: New action and a look at equality

Sean and Gav get back into action and take a look at the upcoming FIE Congress. Sean interviews the Chair of the Women & Fencing Council, Dr Stacey Johnson. The season gets underway with the first Senior World Cups from Tallinn (women's epee), Orleans (women's sabre) and Bonn (men's foil). But the interesting question is who will win our much-coveted Coolest Fencer on the Planet award? Tallinn women's epee team final Orleans women's sabre...


Episode 36: A Year in Review

Gav and Sean look back on the 2017/18 season and pick out their highlights and star performers. We have some sad news with the passing of several fencing greats in recent weeks. We also look forward to the upcoming season and what will bring a smile to our faces. Gav promises to watch more sabre and makes a confession about his worship of Max. Sean gambles on his knowledge of women's epee and continues to be enthused by women's sabre. We talk about our plans for the coming season. With...


Episode 35: A long discussion ... Wuxi 2018

Finally! Sorry for the delay Gav moved house, Sean moonlighted as a sports commentator! Our duo look back at the 2018 World Championships from Wuxi, China. We have various grumbles but agree the World Championships were a magnificent event. We cover all the action and offer our usual forthright opinions about who was great, who wasn't and who is the Coolest Fencer on the Planet. We also talk about our plans for next season. All the playlists for the World Championships are on Fencing...


Episode 34: Kate & Alex Beardmore plus Richard Kruse

In this episode Sean's interviews more of Great Britain's leading foilists. Kate and Alex Beardmore are the sister and brother team that propelled Kate to the top of the British women's foil rankings. Kate has ambitions to reach the very top of international level. We approve! Richard Kruse probably doesn't need an introduction. He is a serial winner of world class events and has been the spearhead of British fencing's recent success. What a guy! Find out what makes him tick. Massive...


Episode 33: We cast the runes...

The dust has settled on the season, the fencers have fought and now it's time for Sean and Gav to sit down and scry what might happen in the World Championships in Wuxi, China. We cast the runes, Gav investigates the gribbly bits of Epee, Sean tries his hand at a bit of Sabre divination. Where the stars in alignment? We'll only know once the World Championships are over... Permalink


Episode 32 Interviews: Ben Paul & Jon Willis

It's a bit quiet with season's end and run-up to the Wuxi World Championships. A few weeks ago Sean sent himself to London to visit the Leon Paul Fencing Centre to speak with our lovely sponsors and a few fencers. Ben Paul is one of the Director's of Leon Paul and part of the Paul family. Jon Willis was British Fencing's top Mens Epeeist for many years and won Heidenheim. He currently manages the Leon Paul Fencing centre (which is pretty swish). Become a supporter of The Fencing...


Episode 31: A Great End to the Season

We wrap up the regular season with the action from Madrid* men's sabre World Cup in Madrid, Grand Prix epee from Cali in Colombia and the women's sabre World Cup in Tunis. Gav gets all excited about a new Korean epeeist, another fencer gets added to Sean's list of favourite female sabreurs (if you're not on the list, are you even a female sabreur?). Gav confesses he has been watching sabre this season** but has waited until the end of the season to announce this fact. We delve into the...


Episode 30: A grab bag of Epee, Sabre and Foil

We talk about the Moscow Sabre Grand Prix - Queen Velikaya returns and we find out who scares Sean. Gav's been watching the SNCF Reseau men's epee from Paris. Oldies dominate the podium and Sean doesn't feel encouraged to watch the team event. And finally we look at the Shanghai Foil Grand Prix with mixed feelings of joy and inevitability. Gav's previously hitherto unknown obsession with Quavers* becomes apparent... Our flirtation with democracy comes to an end as Sean imposes his coolest...


Episode 29: The "Names" episode & Sean talks to Georgina Usher

Shout out to our sponsors over at Leon Paul. There's rumours of a new wireless project on the go... we're very curious! Also thanks to our patreons because you keep everything running. If you want to join in the fun, follow this link: It's episode 29! Sean and Gav discuss names. Specifically Hungarian names.... it seems we get them all wrong. To help us all YouTuber CyrusofChaos has produced this helpful video*. Continuing with this theme Gav...


Episode 28: Seoul GP plus loads of junior and cadet worlds!

Welcome to Episode 28. Sean and Gav have a ton of results to get through in this episode. First off thanks to our sponsors over at Leon Paul. This is our first episode with our new recording equipment. You patreons keep everything running too. If you want to join in the fun, follow this link: This episode's big discussion is about the Junior & Cadet World Championships. This year they took place in Verona Italy. On the senior circuit our last big...

Episode 27: Foil, Epee and Sabre!

Full house in this episode as Gav & Sean catch up on the latest action in all three weapons! We've had some good news. Leon Paul will sponsor us again this year so we're looking at attending a few more events. We're excited and hope you are too! Leon Paul aren't the only cool people out there there's also our patrons. Be cool like them and follow this link: The Fencing action in this episode: Athens Sabre World Cup: Individual SF and finals:...


Episode 26: We chat to Kate Sierra and catch up on results

Rejoice! Episode 26 is finally here. Sean and Gav are back after the excitement of Paris with a ton of World Cup action. We interview fellow podcaster Kate Sierra (Of The Sabre Coach Kate Podcast). From the CIP we reflect on Garozzo making friends with the locals while USA juggernaut marches on. In Womens Foil Deriglazova hands out a thumping (and we mean a thumping) and to our joy Volpi seals a win! In Mens Sabre Dershwitz may or may not have been magnificent. Gav’s Japanese epee love...


Bonjour from Paris

Last weekend were in Paris for our yearly trip the Paris Challenge International de Paris. For us the action started on Friday morning when Sean was on site for initial the phases of the tournament. He also managed to sit down with Enzo Lefort, Alex Massialas and Ben Paul from Leon Paul. After surviving Parisian traffic, Gav trundled into town with his photo gear that evening. As usual the CIP was a great tournament with lots of drama throughout the day. We managed to sit down after the...


Episode 24: Tis the Season.... of Grand Prix

Welcome to Episode 24. Our usual shout out to the patrons. You guys rock. Be cool, be like our other Patreon supporters here: And be sure to check out our sponsors fine guys, fine fencing equipment! It's all go in fencing with the Grand Prix season fully under way. But first a little news. If you are at all aware of the latest sporting news you might have heard that Russia has been banned from the upcoming Winter Olympic games....


Episode 23: The Season Continues...

Welcome to Episode 23. We discuss Ibtihaj Muhammad's new barbie (great news) and Gav mentions a book of stories for young girls. Sean has another suggestion for the "boring epee" problem. And we pick our first Coolest Fencer on the Planet! We catch up with all of the results. Footage was hard to find his time around, more on that in the podcas, resuls from: Mens Sabre from Algiers: Individual finals: Team Finals:...


Episode 22: We're back, Hooray!

It feels like an age since we last recorded but here we are, it's a new fencing season and a new episode to go with it. We apologise for the delay, there's been some unavoidable production delays. Sean and Gav have a lot to go over: Women's Epee action in Tallin, Women's Foil action, Berne Mens Epee and Women's Sabre from Orleans (featuring chocolate). Gav makes an admission... +++News News News+++ We hear some news in births section of the sport (congrats all!) and Sean and Gav discuss...


Episode 21: The End of Season 1

It's been ann amazing year. If you'd asked us at the start we wouldn't have predicted that we'd have amazing patrons, an amazing sponsor in Leon Paul and have an amazing time time at the World Championships. That's a lot of amazing. No one could predict that Sean would become Sabre's number 1 fan, Gav would sing the praises of Womens Foil or that both of our podcasters would still be here almost a year later with much left to say. And that's what this episode is all about. We take a look...


Episode 20: Leipzig Teams

Sean and Gav are back from Leipzig and have to watch the team events on youtube. Listen to them discuss what the highs and lows of the team events. Sean asks Gav a question: there is much consternation. This is the last episode of this first season. We hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know what you think. As ever we are grateful to the fine people at for sponsoring us. A special shout-out to our Patrons. Without your support and involvement this podcast wouldn't be...


Episode 19: Our final day at the side of the piste in Leipzig

Our final day from piste-side at the Leipzig World Championships. Unfortunately Gav has had to return to Scotland and that means you're only hearing from Sean today. Today's events were the Mens Foil and Womens Epee. It's been an eventful day. Describing the Epee as a "standard epee tournament" was even more understated than usual. And shocks, shocks everywhere, in the Foil. Links: Our lovely sponsors: Become a supporter of The Fencing Podcast on Patreon:...