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Presenting positive sports stories, and the people in sports who make a difference on and off the field through their actions and leadership

Presenting positive sports stories, and the people in sports who make a difference on and off the field through their actions and leadership


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Presenting positive sports stories, and the people in sports who make a difference on and off the field through their actions and leadership




Brianna Decker – US Women’s Hockey Player, U18 Coach, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and creator of The Brianna Decker Endowment Fund for Girls Hockey

"Holding yourself accountable every single day, and striving to be better, a better player and a better person every single day." "Sports teaches you a lot...Being humble can take you really far." - Brianna Decker Highlights from Game 4 as Canada takes on USA at the Four Nations Cup women's hockey tournament at the Sasktel Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on November 7, 2018. Photo Credit to USA Hockey Brianna Decker is a member of the US Women’s Hockey Team, coach for the U18 Women’s Team,...


Dan Iassogna – Major League Baseball Umpire / Umps Care Foundation

"You can do anything you want in life, make whatever it is your Big Leagues, whatever that league you want to be in, make it your Big Leagues, and just go for it, do everything you can during the day to get to your Big Leagues." - Dan Iassogna - Major League Baseball Umpire Dan is going on his 18th year as a Major League Baseball Umpire. In this episode, we discuss How he started in umpiring His journey through umpire school and Minor League Baseball The feeling of being called up to his...


Beasley Reece – NFL Alumni CEO, Player, and Broadcaster

“Sometimes you have to tighten up your cleats and challenge yourself” – Beasley Reece – NFL Alumni Association CEO, Player, and Broadcaster Beasley played college football at North Texas and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. He then played for the New York Football Giants, and finished his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the NFL, he went onto a 35-year broadcasting career and is now currently the CEO of the NFL Alumni Association. In this episode, Beasley speaks about his...


Pat Williams – Co-Founder Orlando Magic and Author of “Character Carved in Stone”

Pat Williams is the Co-Founder of the Orlando Magic, and the author of over 100 books, including his most recent, "Character Carved in the Stone" Pat Williams stands by an Orlando Magic mural at the Amway Center. JIM CARCHIDI In the episode, we discuss how a visit to speak the athletes at the United States Military Academy led to a visit to Trophy Point, and the inspiration for his book, based on 12 granite benches, each with a leadership virtue. Pat speaks about his career as a baseball...


Coach Johnny Parker – NFL and NCAA Strength Coach / His Knowledge, Character, and Humility not only led to 3 Super Bowl Championships, but also positively impacted so many on and off the field.

Coach Johnny Parker is not only one of the best Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the World, but also one of the most humble coaches in all of sports. He helped his teams win 3 Super Bowl Championships on the field, but he made an even greater impact off the field with his players. Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications After graduating the University of Mississippi, Coach Johnny Parker started his journey in coaching at Indianola Academy. He coached 10 years at the NCAA level,...


Season # 2 – Thank You and Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season

Thank you to our listeners for your support during Season # 1 of the Foundations of Sports Podcast. We are grateful for your support, and we are looking forward to the upcoming season. We want to say thanks to all of our guests in Season # 1, who believed in our gamelan of positivity and character in sports, and who provided great insight, knowledge, and stories for anyone looking to get better. In the upcoming season, our first episode is with Coach Johnny Parker, not only one of the best...


Bower Yousse – The Freddie Steinmark Story: University of Texas Football player who impacted a Nation / Co-Author of “Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, and Football” – EPISODE # 12

There are some people who leave a legacy forever. Freddie Steinmark was part of the University of Texas Football team that won the 1969 National Championship game. Freddie's play on the field was defined by leadership, hard work, and playing for his teammates. 6 days after that game, Freddie's leg was amputated, and his battle with cancer had begun. Bower Yousse, high school teammate, and childhood and family friend of Freddie, joins us for this episode to discuss Freddie's life, and the...


Mike Rozzi – Strength and Performance Coach – Coliseum Strength / UCONN / Coastal Carolina – EPISODE # 11

Mike Rozzi is a Strength and Performance Coach with Coliseum Strength and Conditioning. He coached at the collegiate level at UCONN and Coastal Carolina, played college football at SUNY-Cortland, and Arena football with the New Jersey Revolution. From the start of the episode, Mike brings a positive energy that carries over to his work. He speaks about commitment to the process to go along with hard work, as well helping others along their journey. As a strength coach, Mike gets to...


Blake Brewer – Professional Baseball Player and Founder of Prime All American Baseball – EPISODE # 10

Blake Brewer founded Prime All American Baseball, a travel baseball program based in Southern California. They use the core values of hard work and family to help players not only become better on the baseball diamond, but also off the field. We discuss Blake's time playing with the Miami Marlins organization, and how that has impacted the program in a positive way. He and his coaches stress the importance of acting like a professional, and being a good teammate. Blake also speaks about the...


Jonathan Freedman – Founder of Team Gino Bartali, Cycling to Keep Gino’s Legacy Alive By Helping Others – EPISODE # 9

Jonathan Freedman is the founder of the Team Gino Bartali, where their mission is to keep Gino's legacy alive through helping others. Gino was a cyclist from Italy who won both the 1938 and 1948 Tour de France, but much more importantly, was part of a team that saved many Jewish people during the Holocaust. His actions of courage and bravery provided the necessary documents, shelter, and food to help bring many to safety. Jonathan's team keeps the same strength and courage through charity...


Jeremy Arcaro – NY Reign Lacrosse Club Coach, Dominican College Lacrosse Player, and CEO of Laxology LLC – EPISODE #8

Jeremy Arcaro is a Team Coach for the New York Reign Lacrosse Club. He played lacrosse at Dominican College, and uses his background in the game to help his players become "champions" within the game, and in life. "Lacrosse changed my life, in return, pass that down." We talk about the importance of commitment and doing all the extra homework and "little things" to become a better player and teammate. We also discuss how he and his coaches strive to create a competitive environment that is...


Ray Traitz – AMRAP Fitness, CrossFit Coach and Athlete, Kutztown University Football Player – EPISODE # 7

Ray Traitz is the creator of AMRAP CrossFit, where he coaches and trains through work ethic, mindset, and positivity. From the second you walk into his training facility, you can see that Ray cares about each of his athletes. "Get uncomfortable to see results." Ray's unyielding focus has made an impact on his athletes in their overall health and fitness level. As important, we speak about how his community at AMRAP Crossfit has put together many events to help various charitable causes....


Ed Hearn – 1986 New York Mets World Series Champion, CSP Speaker, Author, Bottom of 9th Foundation – EPISODE # 6

Ed Hearn joins us on the Foundation of Sports. He was a Catcher for the 1986 World Champion New York Mets, whose battles on and off the field forged his career as a Professional Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Bottom of the 9th Foundation. His book, "Conquering Life's Curves: Baseball, Battles, and Beyond," reflects his journey. Ed shares his insights on his time in baseball, including being part of the 1986 World Series Mets, and the impact of his teammate Gary Carter. After baseball,...


John Hoke – Owner of JVH Performance / Strength and Wrestling Coach – EPISODE # 5

John Hoke is the Owner of JVH Performance, where he and his team train athletes of all ages to be successful on and off the field. In addition, John is the Head Wrestling Coach at North Rockland High School. "The life lessons they'll learn on their journey to achieving their vision will lead to success in sport, but more importantly, success in life! Our main goal as passionate Coaches is to have each athlete become a Champion in Life." This is the mission of John and his team, to prepare...


Chris Sperry – College Baseball Coach / Sperry Baseball Life – EPISODE # 4

Coach Chris Sperry is a baseball coach that helps his players on the field, but also, "navigate a path that leads to their Big League in life," off the field. He has coached at every level, including 18 years at his alma mater Div. 1 - University of Portland. He now operates, Sperry Baseball Life," which provides skill instruction, college life guidance, and youth coach mentoring. He has positively impacted many of players. Coach emphasizes being prepared, and while pursuing your hopes and...


Daron Roberts – Call an Audible – Harvard Law to NFL Coach – EPISODE #3

Daron Roberts joins us on The Foundations of Sports to discuss his journey from Harvard Law to the NFL, and the steps he took to follow his dream. He speaks about how working the Steve Spurrier Summer Football Camp with his good friend was the pivot point that motivated him to pursue his true calling of coaching. He shares the stories from his book "Call an Audible", including the phone call from Coach Herman Edwards that provided the opportunity, and "Operation Houston" which details the...


Ross Bernstein – Sports Author / Speaker and President of the Herb Brooks Foundation – EPISODE #2

Ross Bernstein is an author, speaker, and part of the Herb Brooks Foundation. He is the best selling author of nearly 50 sports books. Ross created, The Champions Code: Building Relationships through life lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World. In his writings, speaking, and keynote speeches, he emphasizes the characteristics needed for a winning team, and winning atmosphere. He provides us insight into the DNA of Championship teams, and why...


Katy Galli – Keep Moving Forward – EPISODE #1

On the inaugural episode of the Foundations of Sports, we welcome Katy Galli of Keep Moving Forward Podcast and Brand. Katy uses her background in Collegiate Track and Field to help former college and pro athletes transition from the athletic field to the next phase of their life. In this episode, she talks about how her final collegiate track competition and the plane ride home was a launching point for her work with Keep Moving Forward. She speaks about how to apply the "athletes mindset"...