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John Hoke – Owner of JVH Performance / Strength and Wrestling Coach – EPISODE # 5 - The Foundations of Sports Podcast

John Hoke is the Owner of JVH Performance, where he and his team train athletes of all ages to be successful on and off the field. In addition, John is the Head Wrestling Coach at North Rockland High School. "The life lessons they'll learn on their journey to achieving their vision will lead to success in sport, but more importantly, success in life! Our main goal as passionate Coaches is to have each athlete become a Champion in Life." This is the mission of John and his team, to prepare...


Chris Sperry – College Baseball Coach / Sperry Baseball Life – EPISODE # 4 - The Foundations of Sports Podcast

Coach Chris Sperry is a baseball coach that helps his players on the field, but also, "navigate a path that leads to their Big League in life," off the field. He has coached at every level, including 18 years at his alma mater Div. 1 - University of Portland. He now operates, Sperry Baseball Life," which provides skill instruction, college life guidance, and youth coach mentoring. He has positively impacted many of players. Coach emphasizes being prepared, and while pursuing your hopes and...


Daron Roberts – Call an Audible – Harvard Law to NFL Coach – EPISODE #3 - The Foundations of Sports Podcast

Daron Roberts joins us on The Foundations of Sports to discuss his journey from Harvard Law to the NFL, and the steps he took to follow his dream. He speaks about how working the Steve Spurrier Summer Football Camp with his good friend was the pivot point that motivated him to pursue his true calling of coaching. He shares the stories from his book "Call an Audible", including the phone call from Coach Herman Edwards that provided the opportunity, and "Operation Houston" which details the...


Ross Bernstein – Sports Author / Speaker and President of the Herb Brooks Foundation – EPISODE #2 - The Foundations of Sports Podcast

Ross Bernstein is an author, speaker, and part of the Herb Brooks Foundation. He is the best selling author of nearly 50 sports books. Ross created, The Champions Code: Building Relationships through life lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World. In his writings, speaking, and keynote speeches, he emphasizes the characteristics needed for a winning team, and winning atmosphere. He provides us insight into the DNA of Championship teams, and why...


Katy Galli – Keep Moving Forward – EPISODE #1 - The Foundations of Sports Podcast

On the inaugural episode of the Foundations of Sports, we welcome Katy Galli of Keep Moving Forward Podcast and Brand. Katy uses her background in Collegiate Track and Field to help former college and pro athletes transition from the athletic field to the next phase of their life. In this episode, she talks about how her final collegiate track competition and the plane ride home was a launching point for her work with Keep Moving Forward. She speaks about how to apply the "athletes...