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Founding 4 Podcast Episode 60: The Newark Massacre!

Oh dear, here we go. On this week of the Founding 4 Podcast our co-hosts Erica Ayala and Mike Murphy discuss the Boston Pride’s 8-1 mauling of the Metropolitan Riveters in Newark. We discuss Mary Parker’s Veda Player of the Week performance, Gigi Marvin’s big game, and Kaleigh Fratkin’s four assist offensive outburst. But that’s not all... Our co-hosts also talk about Jillian Dempsey scoring her way into the record books, some of the many things that are currently ailing the Riveters,...


Top Shelf Episode 57: The Rivalry

Top Shelf Episode 57: The Rivalry by Erica Ayala, Hannah Bevis, Mike Murphy, and Michelle Jay


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 59: Nashville swept away by women’s hockey!

It’s time for another episode of your favorite NWHL-centric weekly podcast! This week on the Founding 4 Podcast, Erica and Mike talk about the NWHL All-Star Skills Competition and, of course, the 2019 NWHL All-Star Game itself. How did we do with our Skills Competition predictions? Who do we think should have really won the MVP for the All-Star Game? To find out, you’ll have to listen to this week’s! The co-hosts also discuss how important representation is in hockey and, as always, put a...


Top Shelf Episode 56: Marketing women's hockey

Hannah and Michelle talk about what's working (and what's not) when it comes to marketing women's hockey. Highlights include: All-Star games, Wisconsin's Fill The Bowl, media, in-game signage, sports information departments and much more.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 58: The NWHL takes on #Smashville

This week on the Founding 4 Podcast Mike and Erica help set the stage for the 2019 NWHL All-Star Game and the Skills Competition in the Music City! Who do we think will come away as the winners for the Fastest Skater, the Hardest Shot, and the other skillful showdowns? You’ll have to listen in to find out! On this week’s show we also recap last weekend’s NWHL regular season action. We saw the Pride add a player before facing off against a familiar face who tended goal for the Whale and we...


Top Shelf Episode 55: It’s NWHL All-Star weekend!

Michelle and Hannah take a look at the NWHL All-Star weekend! We chat about the past events, this year’s snubs, and what we think Nashville means for the future of the NWHL.


Top Shelf Episode 54: Kendall Coyne, the NHL and women's hockey

Hannah and Michelle talk about the NHL and its relationship from women's hockey. We cover the history of partnerships between NHL teams and women's hockey clubs, the 2019 NHL Skills Competition, Kendall Coyne, #PayDecker, and much, much more. Michelle really loves penguins and Hannah's cat Gigi is very noisy.


Founding 4 Podcast: Yesterday's news, next week!

It’s cold up here in the Northeast, but that hasn’t stopped us from bringing you your favorite NWHL-centric podcast this week. On this week’s show, Mike and Erica discuss a wide range of topics including a couple of NWHL stars shining bright at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition in San Jose, a roster move made by the Boston Pride, some roster moves that could (and probably should) be coming for the Connecticut Whale and Buffalo Beauts. Some of this news has already been officially reported,...


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 56: Nemesisters

Last Saturday’s game between the Metropolitan Riveters and the Boston Pride may have been postponed due to a winter storm, but we still have a FULL episode of the Founding 4 Podcast for you covering the latest week of the 2018-19 NWHL season. This week we recap the Minnesota Whitecaps’ two big victories over the Connecticut Whale, we discuss the scary collision that knocked Meeri Räisänen out of Sunday’s game, what the league’s standings look like heading into the upcoming weekend, and a...


The Founding 4 Episode 55: So much happened!

Another week of NWHL hockey in the books means it’s time for another installment of your favorite NWHL-centric podcast! On this week’s show of The Founding 4 Pod Mike and Erica discuss a multitude of roster moves from the Buffalo Beauts and Connecticut Whale, a one-game suspension for Madison Packer, one of the craziest first periods of hockey we’ve ever seen, and a big week from Minnesota Whitecaps rookie forward Amy Menke. Listen for a short taste of the full interview with Packer in this...


Top Shelf Episode 53: All-time all-stars

This week, Hannah and Michelle pick their All-time All-Star teams. There were rules. Each team could only have 12 forwards, six defenders, and three goalies. We were allowed to pick a player from a specific era (aka, Daryl Watts Patty Kaz Year, Alina Muller’s Olympic performance). Each team needed two coaches as well. They can be either existing coaches (ie: Katie King Crowley) or players you’d like to see as coaches (ie: Meghan Duggan. We questioned each others picks, debated merits, and...


Top Shelf Episode 52: CWHL All Star episode

This week Michelle and Hannah focus on Sunday’s CWHL All Star game. They chat who’s in and who’s not, the three different sets of coaches, and, maybe most importantly, the Barenaked Ladies. Hannah introduces a new segment called “Michelle tries to spell” and also tries to turn Barenaked Ladies songs into women’s hockey parodies.


Founding 4 Podcast Ep. 54: #OneBoston?!

On this episode, Erica & Mike dive deep into last week’s NWHL news. The Boston Pride partnered with the Boston Bruins, Sarah Edney retired, and Cody McCormick is the new general manager of the Buffalo Beauts. There was also another thrilling week of NWHL hockey, featuring two games with a lot of offensive fireworks. Additionally, we have player quotes from Riveters players after their 6-3 win over the Connecticut Whale, our own Player of the Week picks, and discussed missed opportunities...


Top Shelf Episode 51: Streaming and dreaming

Michelle and Hannah are back together! It takes a bit of time to get into the episode, as they got a tiny bit distracted to open the podcast. But, this week they talked streaming and broadcast in women’s hockey. They break down the pros and cons of the different ways leagues stream, discuss what model they’d want to see, and dream up a new way to package games. A mailbag question gets them both a little heated too.


Founding 4 Podcast 53: How many goalies?

We have a trade to talk about! On this week’s episode of the Founding 4 Podcast Mike and Erica break down Week 10 of the 2018-19 NWHL season and discuss the trade that sent Mariya Sorokina to the Metropolitan Riveters. We also discuss Maddie Elia’s big four-point game against the Minnesota Whitecaps, Nicole Hensley’s 33-save shutout, the continued brilliance of Meeri Räisänen, and Gigi Marvin’s injury. But that’s not all! We also talk about an important piece from Cat Silverman of the...


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 51: Breaking Down the NWHL Draft

Episode 51 is here! After some technical difficulties, we managed to get our first episode breaking down the 2018 NWHL Draft ready for our listeners. As it turns out, Mike kinda predicted the Sorokina to the Riveters trade and now there is audio evidence of it! Spooky. Mike is back for this week’s episode where we break down the 2018 NWHL Draft, which was filled with all sorts of storylines and wrinkles. In this year’s draft we saw four Pyeongchang Olympians get selected as well as the first...


Top Shelf Episode 50: Hustle Button

This week Michelle is joined by Eleni Demestihas. They chat NWHL standings, go maybe too in-depth about Boston College’s long standing woes against WCHA teams, and more. Michelle also forgets how to open and close the show after taking two weeks off so just bear with her!


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 52: Lights, Scamurra, Action!

Happy New Year listeners of the Founding 4 Podcast! This week Mike and Erica recap the 2018 NWHL Draft before discussing Hayley Scamurra’s invite to the USA Hockey winter training camp, including what it says about the relationship between USA Hockey and the NWHL. Our co-hosts also catch up on some must-read stories, including the recent revelation that members of the U.S. women’s national team make around $70,000 in non-Olympic years and around $120,000 in Olympic years. Mike and Erica also...


Top Shelf Episode 49: Coaching Chaos

Hannah and Michelle break down all of the head coaching changes in women's hockey (THREE OF THEM! IN THREE WEEKS! LIKE WHAT??). Also, we pick out what our goal songs would be if we were actually pro hockey players.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 50: Two coaches down, more to go?

The Founding 4 Podcast welcomes Kelly Schultz, voice of the Minnesota Whitecaps to the show. She joins Erica to discuss the Beauts fired Ric Seiling & Craig Muni, the Riveters and a few eye-raising things in a 5-2 home loss to Boston, and more! The ladies also discuss the upcoming NWHL College Draft and Kelly plays Minnesota GM. Listen to find out what she thinks the team needs, and who are some of the best WCHA seniors worthy of an NWHL roster spot. As always, thanks for listening and for...