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The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 40: You Otter Know

This week on the Founding 4 Podcast Mike and Erica talk about the latest comings and goings in the NWHL. Can you believe the preseason is already here? Let’s talk some hockey. The Boston Pride re-signed former NWHL Goaltender of the Year Brittany Ott to join Katie Burt and Madison Litchfield in the goal crease. The Metropolitan Riveters brought back a veteran of their own by re-signing Erika Lawler, securing their center depth. But the Connecticut Whale out-did everyone this past week by...


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 39: Just Do It

We’ve got all sorts of news to talk about on this week’s episode of the Founding 4 Podcast! The NWHL got it’s first team-specific major sponsorship deal, and the Metropolitan Riveters will play their home opener against the Minnesota Whitecaps at the Prudential Center! We also throw shade at those making excuses not to cover women's hockey, while also offering some great folks to read and follow if you’re a new fan of the NWHL. Remember to send in those questions and conversation topics...


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 38: Minnesota got the Funk!

This week Mike and Erica break down all of the signings from the last week of the NWHL offseason and take a look at how the rosters are shaping up. We wrap up this week’s show with a wide-ranging discussion about the growth of the women’s game, inspired by Mike’s article that went up on The Ice Garden on Sep. 5. How is the women’s game growing? Where is it going? Why is it growing? Does the NWHL have a hand in that growth? We cover all of that and more this week on the Founding 4 Podcast....


Top Shelf Episode 38: SDHL Spectacular

Michelle takes over hosting duties with special guest Meredith Foster as the two discuss SDHL favorites, players to watch, and the Swedish national team program. Also, Meredith weighs in on the Curious Case of Meeri Räisänen.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 37: New Season, New Logo!

NEW LOGO ALERT. How amazing is our new logo? The Ice Garden’s Casey Sudetic blew us away with this design. Please go give her some love on Twitter! This week on the Founding 4 Podcast Mike and Erica talk about the last NWHL signings in August — Kaycie Anderson, Jordan Smelker, and Mary Parker — and we get to the mailbag questions that cut off at the end of last week’s show due to some technical difficulties. We discuss the first-year players we are most excited for, the biggest names still...


Top Shelf Episode 37: CWHL Draft Debacle

Hannah and Michelle discuss what went wrong (and right) at the CWHL draft, talk about other moves in the women's hockey world, and break down the pros and cons of the Champions Cup moving. Also, Let's Stump Hannah returns, along with a particularly good Start/Bench/Cut submission.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 36: Respect to the OG NWHLers!

This week on your favorite NWHL-centric podcast Erica and Mike catch you up on a ton of signings, including the return of founding members of the NWHL Madison Packer and Gigi Marvin! On top of all those signings, we also covered several pieces of news this week. Tatiana Rafter is bound for Russia, Anya Battaglino has hung up her skates, and we have two new assistant coaches in the league — one of whom is the NWHL’s first full-time player-coach! Oh, and the Champions Cup will now be a...


Top Shelf Episode 36: The Wine Fairy

Hannah and Michelle debate their favorite new logo, talk about the biggest CWHL and NWHL signings in the last week, and discuss the pros and cons of Boston moving to Worcester. Also, the Wine Fairy makes an appearance.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 35: Buffalo isn’t playing around!

This week on the Founding 4 Podast Mike and Erica had SO MUCH to talk about! To start, OG NWHLers Blake Bolden, Emily Pfalzer, Kiira Dosdall, and Jillian Dempsey are ALL back! As if all of the names above weren’t enough to get us talking, there were even more NWHL signings since last week. We break down the rosters around the league. We also dug into questions from our listeners including when we might see multi-year contracts, what we hope to see from the Whitecaps’ partnership with the...


Top Shelf Episode 35: #KnightWatch Ends

#KnightWatch comes to an end this week as Hannah and Michelle talk about Knight signing in Montreal, USA and Canada's U18 and U22 rosters, and how we feel about the Wild partnering with the Whitecaps (conflicted). Also, we talk a LONG time about a particularly tricky Start/Bench/Cut.


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 34: Boston's blue line, the big picture, and some Country Grammar

Since our last show the Boston Pride have certainly been busy! In episode 34 we talk about the recent NWHL signings, how the Pride (and their blue line) are slowly coming together, expectations for the Whitecaps in their first NWHL season, and we try our best to pronounce Meaghan Pezon’s last name (please forgive us). In addition to covering the latest developments in the NWHL offseason, we also have a conversation about the class action suit filed against the University of North Dakota by...


Top Shelf Episode 34: Michelle’s musical episode

Michelle and Hannah are back after a week off. This week, they introduce a new segment in which they pick a person in women’s hockey to toast too. They also talk about the CWHL’s rebranding of KRS Vanke Rays, count how many Me(a)g(h)an’s there are in women’s hockey, expansion in a general sense, and a lot more. Michelle also sings, a lot.


The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 33: Coyne, Koelzer, and a bit about Cassie Campbell

We're back to break down the latest signings and recap the 50+ players that have signed contracts. We also spend some time talking about noteworthy names who have yet to re-sign, including the league’s reigning MVP and the head of the NWHLPA. Speaking of the NWHLPA, we also catch our listeners up on a new deal that is currently in the works between the league and its players. Finally, we dedicate some time to talking about Cassie Campbell’s comments about Dani Rylan being an obstacle in the...


The Founding 4 Podcast: Thoughtful feat. Emily Janiga

Emily Janiga discusses her time in China with the Vanke Rays and her main reasons for returning to the Buffalo Beauts. Mike & Erica also discuss Free Agency—including some CWHL signings—and the 2018-19 league schedule. Be sure to follow The Ice Garden’s Free Agency Tracker for all the latest NWHL signings, retirements, and more. As always, you can send us questions using #Founding4Pod on Twitter. Leave a comment for us on iTunes and rate The Ice Garden Podcast Network. Also, be sure to check...


Top Shelf Episode 33: The Wet 'n Minnesota Wild

On this week's episode of Top Shelf, Hannah and Michelle talk about Jayna Hefford, the NWHL's leaked schedule, and break out our brackets for the best women's hockey game of the 2017-18 season. Plus, Michelle accidentally comes up with the best episode title we've ever had.


Top Shelf Episode 32: The One Where Brenda Andress Retires

On this week's episode, we talk about Brenda Andress retiring, ESPYs fashion (seriously, where can we get Nicole Hensley's dress) and the disappearance of the Vanke Rays. Also, we play more Start/Bench/Cut and Hannah and Michelle discuss what they would do if they were the CWHL commissioner. Also also, Australian expansion!


The Founding 4 Podcast: Episode 31 feat. Olympian Randi Griffin

Mike & Erica are back with another episode of The Founding 4 Podcast! We’ve got a great episode for you, including an exclusive interview with Olympian Randi Griffin. Griffin competed for the Unified Korea Team in the 2018 Winter Olympics and will make her first splash in women’s professional hockey this fall. She is one of several International signings for Connecticut. Mike and Erica discuss the expanding diversity of women’s hockey and ways to sustain it via the NWHL. Be sure to follow...


Top Shelf Episode 31: Szabados and Starships

Hannah and Michelle talk about Shannon Szabados signing in the NWHL, break down the CWHL draft process and new rules, yell about the Sweden Olympic committee, and do a LOT of singing. Like, a lot of singing. Also, we talk about beaches. And our concerns about the Connecticut Whale.


The Founding 4 Podcast: Wick’s words, #SheIs, and MAILBAG!

Hello friends! It’s time for the latest installment of The Ice Garden’s NWHL-centric podcast hosted by Erica Ayala and Mike Murphy. On this week’s F4P Erica and Mike talked about some of the recent big signings in NWHL free agency — including Shannon Szabados going to the Beauts — in addition to discussing NWHL draft picks who have registered for the CWHL Draft and the Whitecaps’ new rink. We also weighed in a bit on Hayley Wickenheiser’s recent comments about the need for one professional...


Top Shelf Bonus Episode- Women's hockey expansion

Hannah and Michelle record a special episode of the podcast and react to Hayley Wickenheiser's comments about a potential women's hockey merger with the NHL (!!??!!) We talk about hopes and concerns and try to figure out what the heck is going on with the women's hockey landscape. Spoiler alert: there's a lot.