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Top Shelf Episode 28- Beers and Buffalo with guest host Erik W

Hannah was busy with her day job so Michelle called in some reinforcements! Erik Wollschlager - a Beauts broadcaster, writer, and beer expert - talked Beauts, Buffalo, and beer with Michelle. This was recorded before the Beauts went on a signing tear so just pretend you don't know any of that yet.


The Founding 4 Podcast: What's a cake eater?

After a brief hiatus, the Founding 4 Podcast is back! On this episode of the Founding 4 Podcast Erica and Mike dig into the 2017-18 Buffalo Beauts season. This week Erica and Mike are joined by NWHL Goaltender of the Year Amanda Leveille. Lev talked to us about her exceptional season, the Beauts’ amazing run, and shared a fascinating tale surrounding a soccer ball and the Isobel Cup Final in Newark, New Jersey. Please use #Founding4Pod on Twitter to send us your questions and feedback. If...


Top Shelf Episode 27- The Adventure Episode

We recorded this during the last week of May right before Free Agency started, so please enjoy this special episode of Top Shelf where Hannah and Michelle reminisce about their adventures in women's hockey. Featuring Michelle hiding food in her scarves and Hannah's phone failing her at the worst possible moment.


Top Shelf Episode 26- Stauber Mayhem

Hannah and Michelle talk about the Minnesota Whitecaps hiring the Staubers as their new head coaches and talk about what it might mean for the team. Also, thoughts on Team USA's new U18 coaches and some fun mailbag questions.


The Founding 4 Podcast: The Connecticut Whale(o) Recap!

On the 25th episode of the Founding 4 Podcast, Erica and Mike dig into the 2017-18 Connecticut Whale season. We all know where the Whale finished in the standings and how much they struggled to score goals, but there was a lot more to the story than that. How great was rookie goaltender Sydney Rossman? How good were rookie skaters Emily Fluke and Amanda Boulier? What would the Whale have looked like if Meghan Huertas didn’t go down with an injury? Why didn’t the power play work!? Erica and...


Top Shelf Episode 25- Minnesota Expansion and Mac and Cheese

Hannah and Michelle spend a whole episode talking about the NWHL's recent expansion to Minnesota. We talk about the pros and cons of expanding to the Midwest, try to figure out how the heck the NWHL is going to pay for this, and debate about whether you should eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon.


The Founding 4 Podcast: Whitecaps Expansion Special!

Holy smokes! The Minnesota Whitecaps joined forces with the NWHL this week! With the addition of the Whitecaps the NWHL is now a five-team league with a presence in the United States’ two biggest hockey hotbeds. Mike and Erica take a break from their team-centric recaps of the 2017-18 season (to be continued) to talk expansion news, the Minnesota market, what the Whitecaps joining the NWHL means for the world of women’s hockey, and what comes next. But that’s not all! For this week’s...


Top Shelf Episode 24- Angry Little Boulders

Hannah and Michelle welcome Alyssa Longmuir to the show to talk about #FancyStats in women's hockey! We also talk about Australian hockey, the lack of advanced stats in women's hockey, Alyssa's love of marsupials, Nathan Walker's lone personality trait, and much more.


The Founding 4 Podcast: To infinity, and cackalacky!

This week on the Founding 4 Podcast Mike and Erica break down the Boston Pride’s 2017-18 season. Ohhhhh there was so much to talk about concerning the Pride and all the changes the team went through during the 2017 offseason. The Pride’s national team players and household names like Blake Bolden and Alex Carpenter left the team and were replaced by coveted free agents from the NWHL’s other three teams including Dana Trivigno, Janine Weber, and Paige Harrington. We examined Boston’s slow...


Top Shelf Episode 23- Picking Favorites

Hannah and Michelle take a look back at some of the highlights from the 2017-18 CWHL season. We talk about China's first year in the CW, Markham's move, Montreal's not-really-struggles, and more. We also pick our favorite players from each CWHL team and talk about the SheIS campaign and Digit Murphy's departure.


The Founding 4: Episode 23 ... again

Hey all: After fixing some technical difficulties, we're back with our All-NWHL Team episode. Mike and I give you our first an second team All-NWHL and All-Rookie. We also list some under-the-radar players to keep an eye on for Season 4. Did Erica and Mike agree on all of their picks? Did HAIM get mentioned again? Do you have to listen to this show because we came up with several goofy nicknames for players? Friends, there is only one way to find out. As always, we thank you for supporting...


Top Shelf Episode 22- BB!Worlds and Phoenix P.F. Changs

(CW: Mentions of a coach's emotional/physical abuse from 32:25-33:40) Welcome back to another episode of Top Shelf! Hannah and Michelle talk about the recent world championships and how China performed in their first major international tournament since revamping their program. We fall down another Bulgaria rabbit hole, Hannah embarrasses herself, and we discover another women's hockey league with some pretty incredible team names.


Top Shelf Episode 21- Neck Sweaters

Hannah and Michelle talk about the NWHL regular season and highlight some of the top storylines from 2017-18, including new partnerships, consistency, and how the league did without their Olympians. Also, Michelle makes Hannah cry, neck sweaters, and the Mighty Ducks. Featuring #BestKessel and the Muller siblings.


The Founding 4: Haim and other offseason plans

Mike and I are back with another episode this week. We give a quick overview of what the offseason will look (sound?) like and discuss some NWHL alum currently playing hockey (yes, there is still women’s hockey being played) in the IIHF World Championships. Some of our upcoming episodes will include: •All-NWHL Team, All-Rookie Team, and underrated player selections from Mike and me. Send your selections using #Founding4Pod and maybe we’ll get them on the show. •Team-by-team recaps: We have...


Top Shelf Episode 20 - SDHL #SquadCast

Hannah and Michelle welcome Meredith back on the podcast to talk about the SDHL playoffs and everything we could possibly need to know about the Swedish league. We also bring back the 45 second game recap and a couple of particularly difficult Start/Bench/Cuts. Also, Hannah's mom makes a surprise appearance.


The Founding 4 Podcast: Catching up with Megan Bozek

In our first off-season show, we catch up with NWHL alumna Megan Bozek. The founding member of the Buffalo Beauts won a second consecutive professional title as a member of the 2018 Markham Thunder squad. In a shocking move to many, Bozek was one of the final cuts to the 2018 Olympic roster. She tallied four goals and five assists for Markham in the regular season. She discusses her decision to join the Thunder and what her future holds. We also chat with the Illinois Hockey Hall of Famer...


Top Shelf Episode 19: Team Chaos Playoff Recap

Hannah and Michelle talk about the Isobel and Clarkson Cup Finals (with some special audio clips from Clarkson!), debate about the length of playoff series (Team Chaos) and each take a turn trying to describe a game in just 45 seconds, which goes about as well as you'd expect. Clock noise taken from Public Domain via SoundBible


Founding 4 Podcast Episode 21: The Riveters are Isobel Cup Champions(I can FLY)!

The Riveters are Isobel Cup Champions! That’s right, the team that finished dead last in the NWHL’s inaugural season has now lifted the Isobel Cup. Erica and Mike are ready to break it all down for you. Topics include Alexa Gruschow's unbelievable superwoman goal in the first period of the Isobel Cup Final. Erica interviews the regular season MVP on the ice. Mike whips out the IIHF rulebook to discuss why Buffalo defender Sarah Casorso didn’t get a five minute major for boarding Madison...


The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 20: Bring on the 2018 Isobel Cup Final!

We hope you’re ready for a jam-packed episode of the Founding 4 Podcast, because that’s what we have on the menu for our 20th episode! Oh, and did we mention that we were joined this week by Angelica Rodriguez? Because she's on the show this week and she was great. Make sure to go follow Angie on Twitter (@ReinaDeLaIsla) and read her work at The Ice Garden and at the Victory Press. In this week’s episode we cover... - The 2018 NWHL Isobel Cup Semifinals. The Riveters triumphed at home over...


Top Shelf Episode 18: Triple Overtime Bathroom Breaks

PLAYOFF PANDEMONIUM! Hannah and Michelle talk about the Frozen Four winner and talk about the Patty Kaz (again), break down what happened in the CWHL playoffs, and discuss the NWHL semifinals. Also, we make some bold predictions and end up yelling at each other during Start/Bench/Cut because of course we did. Oh, and we talk about Noora Räty taking bathroom breaks. We're not sure why.