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The GAA Social brings to life stories from Gaelic Games. It features pundit discussions and wide-ranging interviews with the sport’s players, managers and officials.


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The GAA Social brings to life stories from Gaelic Games. It features pundit discussions and wide-ranging interviews with the sport’s players, managers and officials.



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Davy Fitzgerald. Everything on record. A brilliant Podcast

We look ahead to the All-Ireland hurling final this weekend with an icon of the sport. Davy Fitzgerald will be in Croke Park as a supporter, in an All-Ireland final this weekend- for the first time! There is so much great stuff in this podcast and Davy answers the questions around his future- it is interesting! He's on of the greats, enjoying life, valuing health and driven to be the best. Liked or not. Davy Fitzgerald on the GAA Social Podcast with Thomas & Oisin


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Galway & Armagh into final. What a weekend.

The boom is back


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Aidan O'Shea. 90 minutes Special. Uncut. Mayo

Where do you actually begin with Aidan O'Shea? He’s one of the biggest names in Gaelic games- but many, don’t seem to like him? He’s one of the greatest footballers in Mayo history, maybe even this generation, but he’s never won an All-Ireland. Mayo have failed in their quest for Sam Maguire for more than half a century, but the embodiment of that failure, for some, is Aidan O’Shea. Why? In a revealing episode of the GAA Social, Thomas & Oisin dive into who is Aidan O’Shea. 8 Connacht senior championships, Minor and U21. Two Allianz League titles and he’s played for Ireland in 2013 and 2015. He’s also three All-stars. That’s more than Willie Joe Padden, Dermot Flanagan, Kenneth Mortimer, Alan Dillon, James Nallen, James Horan, David Clarke & Andy Moran. But is he valued as highly? There was the controversy in 2015/16 which led to a change of Mayo management with Noel Connelly & Pat Holmes in charge for one season. It remains a sore point. He’s lived most of his life, to some degree in the public eye. An Irish Times column when at School studying the leaving Cert, cost him a place at DCU. There’s been harsh learnings along the way What comes out in the podcast is the progressive modern voice Aidan O’Shea presents. He is hugely interesting, comfortable in his skin and doesn’t really care if he’s liked. There’s been low points. Doubts, struggles and hand written letters to his parents home. His house too. Those closest have learned to intercept these ‘notes’ before they land. Dealing with social media and saying no, more than many would realise. His devotion to Mayo is clear. What is the Mayo problem and do we as a Gaelic Games public come down too heavy on an amateur sportsman, doing his best for his county. He's getting married next month, he's a daughter and life is good but will be be back in red and green- definitively? We examine success and scrutinise failures and above all, get to know one of the great footballing talents of our time. We also remember 'Three phone' John O'Mahoney. A man, exceptional at being decent. He also was the man who brought Aidan O'Shea into the senior squad- when he as still at school. O'Shea provides a fine tribute. It’s a 90 minute special with Aidan O’Shea. We think you’ll enjoy


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Mickey Harte steps down as Derry manager

Less than a year into the role, Mickey Harte has stepped down as Derry manager. It was a controversial appointment in September 2023 and after a successful league- Derry in championship fell apart. Thomas & Oisin are joined by Aidan O’Shea on The GAA Social Podcast- Wednesday edition, but the boys took some time to discuss the news of Mickey Harte’s departure and who will replace him


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Limerick out, Kilkenny too. Clare v Cork final- glorious!

We begin the look ahead to the 2024 All-Ireland final. A Clare/ Cork final. The drive for five is dead and the beauty of Croke alive- but it can be a cruel place


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Niall Devlin. Tyrone star, losing my brother in March

Niall Devlin is one of the top performers for Tyrone this season. He's only 22. He captained his county to an All-Ireland U20 title two years ago and has made the successful step up into senior level. It's his third season with the seniors. We reflect on Tyrone and look forward to the Tyrone Elclassico with the first round championship meeting of Clonoe and Coalisland. Niall won't be playing. He's learned his lesson. Progression, studying, family and football- life was great for Niall. It changed. On March 5th, leaving training at Garvaghy, the Tyrone team were told the Omagh road was closed because of an accident, "Another poor family." It was his family, his brother Caolan. The 30-year-old died instantly in a collision with a lorry and another family feeling the loss of tragedy on the A5. That's more than 50 dead since 2006 on the same road. That number will realistically, increase. Niall is learning to live with loss, his mum and dad too. Football has helped and remarkably he landed back at training within a week "I'm here to play" And play he did, on a wet night against Monaghan, a relegation eliminator of sorts. An emotional night and Niall stood for a minutes silence, for his brother. It's a story of family, Coalisland and Tyrone. It's a deeply personal account, told by a young man who radiates leadership, decency and a role model. This is Niall Devlin. A remarkable podcast and one of the best people, you could ever wish to meet.


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The final four for Sam Maguire

The final four revealed. One more step to the All-Ireland final


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Alan O'Mara. New York manager. Living life

A former Cavan goalkeeper, for Alan it was trying to fit in when he moved from Dublin as a child "Tractors or football." It turns out, he was pretty good at football and after playing Cavan minors and U21's, Alan found himself in Croke Park playing Kerry for a place in the All-Ireland semi-final. Life was good. It wasn't always that way. Struggling with depression, suicide felt like an option. Alan paved his way back from the brink. That road ultimately led him to the US. Working as a podcaster, a performance coach and now managing New York. He's also on his honeymoon with the brilliant Mary-Kate. Philadelphia Eagles are top of the list, the Phillys too. Life is good. Strength, resolve and being better It's Alan O'Mara on the GAA Social Podcast


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Mayo & Tyrone gone. Last 8 revealed

It's packed, the All-Ireland minor final has been decided and the case for the All-Ireland quarter-finals to be played outside Croke Park


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Peter McGinnity. Fermanagh & still coaching at top

This was a lovely hour with former BBC Co-commentator Peter McGinnity. Winning Championship titles with his native Roslea and St John's Belfast, a player/ manager for Fermanagh and still coaching with Tyrone champions Trillick. Jody Gormley's team are aiming to become the first team since Carrickmore in 2006, to retain the senior championship. There's plenty of laughs, but 70 has rattled Peter, just a little. A fine man, a brilliant voice and another lovely podcast on the GAA Social


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Knockout football is here

The real stuff has finally arrived...


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Pete McGrath. His life. Down legend

Pete McGrath is a Gaelic football legend. He won Sam Maguire in 1991 & 1994 with his native Down. A lifetime coaching at the great Down/ Armagh nursery St Colman's College, he's coached some of the best players to wear the red and black- from the early days to their biggest. He's had an incredible life. Totally devoted to football, no family, just devotion to faith and Down. He wasn't in the top ten picks for the Down job in the late 80's- but he got the job, on his terms. Success followed. It wasn't all comfortable. A falling out with players, including All-stars Greg Blaney and James McCartan threatened to derail the Down campaign of 1994. One of the more interesting elements of the podcast is how McGrath was forced to change when he was Fermanagh manager. Showing humility after being called out. It shows enormous strength. At 71, Pete McGrath is the senior football manager of Aghagallon and the minor manager of his native club Rostrevor. Modern players are different people now, are they less resilient? In 1994 the UVF burst into a local bar in Loughinisland when the Republic of Ireland were playing in the World Cup. The killed six civilians, wounding five more. Down had an Ulster championship semi-final game the next day. Normality then, seems unthinkable now. It's a remarkable insight into one of the darkest times in our history. There's the Meath/Down saga from 1991, crossing the border with Sam Maguire, 71 going on 41 and runs in the Mournes to clear the head! Nothing off-limits. It's the iconic Mourneman Pete McGrath. Down legend. Forever young


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Limerick, Tailteann 1/4's & final group games

We know the quarter-finalists of the Tailteann Cup and we now know Limerick will win five All-Ireland titles in a row. Don’t we? They picked up a 6th consecutive Munster championship over the weekend, surely now the greatest of all time? Kilkenny may have something to say about that after comfortably picking up another Leinster title, beating Dublin. Th All-Ireland minor semi-finals have now been decided. Derry will play Kerry, while Aidan O’Rourke’s Armagh will play Mayo. Are we underselling the minor product? We also look ahead to the final football championship group matches. With so much on the line, it feels that championship summer may finally have arrived. We’ll see. We also reflect on the phenomenal reaction to the Kevin McElvanna Podcast. It’s the GAA Social, on a Monday with Thomas Niblock & Oisin McConville


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2002 All-Ireland winner Kevin McElvanna- losing my wife

It was a tragedy that rocked the Co Armagh village of Madden. Still does. Three of their own, killed in a road accident returning in a taxi bus after a 40th birthday in Dundalk. 2002 All-Ireland winner Kevin McElvanna lost his wife Ciara and their four children are now without mum. A life changing moment. Kevin is a surgeon and broke his neck in the accident. He's continuing to recover. For the first time, Kevin explains what happened, how he's coped and what the future holds. It's a remarkable podcast- one of our most powerful. A deeply personal story told with strength and dignity. Perhaps strangely, It's also uplifting, inspiring and laced with moments of laughter. The strength and power of Kevin McElvanna shines through. Madden as a community lost their of their best, but the community survives and thrives. Patrick Grimley, who also died on that November night, would have been proud watching his younger brother Niall tear Derry apart at Celtic Park on Sunday. GAA people. Decent people. This is the story of Kevin McElvanna, on the GAA Social with Thomas & Oisin. A must listen.


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Will Mickey Harte be with Derry next year? An explosive weekend

Is this Derry team at an end? How good are Armagh? Cork are back, Donegal will regroup and the Tailteann Cup prelim quarter-final draw


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East Belfast GAA- How it all started. Co Founder Dave McGreevy

This weeks is the fourth anniversary of East Belfast GAA. It all started with a tweet and now the club has more playing members than any other in Ulster. It's a remarkable story. The path, has been challenging. Pipe bombs, graffiti, oil poured on playing surface, threats and just this weekend past, another security alert. The club has not just survived, but blossomed. With more than 1/4 of its players from a protestant background the club is challenging perceptions around the GAA. In a traditionally unionist area of Belfast, the establishment of the GAA club raised eyebrows. Dave thought it made sense in an area with the same population as county Kilkenny to have its own club. This podcast is very different. Love, loss and the birth of Ulster's newest (and biggest) GAA club. This is the story of East Belfast GAA, explained for the first-time in full, by co-founder Dave McGreevy (Podcast recorded as part of BBC 100 anniversary at the Saint Patrick centre in Downpatrick, with a live audience) #BBCComesToTown


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A magical weekend in hurling & football

Review of the games in hurling and football. Despite the amateur status of GAA- should the sport move to some Friday/ Monday games? Oisin McConville believes it should


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Ambrose Rogers- a Down icon. This is his story

This is the remarkable story of Ambrose Rogers. The quiet man of Down, but cut from GAA Royalty. Ambrose is 39. His father Ambrose snr, died when he was 39. That death left a 14 year-old child, the eldest of four, without a dad. A hole that cannot be filled. Life goes on and young Ambrose blossoms into a brilliant young man, a superb young footballer. He captains his county to an All-Ireland final in 2010- but he cannot take his place on the team. The cruciate. Ambrose shocked a nation when he lined out that day- but the call didn't come and Down lost by a point. It's just one of a number of insights into this Down legend. The podcast explores coaching, this current Down team and Ambrose reveals he would love to manage his native county, some day, but not yet. Recorded in front of a studio audience at the Saint Patrick centre in Downpatrick, this is Ambrose Rogers.


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Galway win, red cards, Kerry & Mayo are back. Tyrone U20 & Armagh Ladies

A brilliant sporting weekend reflected, plenty of football but Hurling still king


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Maurice Deegan. Being a referee and what's next. This is great

This is a magnificent podcast. Thomas & Oisin have wanted a referee for some time, and the GAA Social landed one of the best. Maurice Deegan uncut and answers all the questions around referees and reveals his new role at Croke Park. The Laois man has joined BBC coverage of Gaelic Games over the past 15 months and the feedback has been awesome. This is really, really good. The GAA Social with referee Maurice Deegan, a man Oisin has never really liked. Enjoy