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We're three gamers that love talking about games! Join us weekly for coverage and opinions on the world of gaming, spanning everything from Xbox to Playstation to Nintendo!

We're three gamers that love talking about games! Join us weekly for coverage and opinions on the world of gaming, spanning everything from Xbox to Playstation to Nintendo!
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We're three gamers that love talking about games! Join us weekly for coverage and opinions on the world of gaming, spanning everything from Xbox to Playstation to Nintendo!




Episode 171 - The Nintendo Switch Lite is Announced!

This week, we discuss the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, coming this September day and date with Link's Awakening. How will this console that is handheld only perform when it is launched? Will it still be successful in a year? Sean Murray from Hello Games spoke this week about how developers and publishers like Microsoft, Bethesda, and Electronic Arts should handle rocky launches of online focused games. He draws upon his own experiences with the launch of No Man's Sky, but is he...


Episode 170 - Is Only One Console For Project Scarlett a Good Idea?

This week, we return from a short break to discuss Xbox's next-gen plans. While they had previously said that they planned on releasing two consoles at different price points at the start of the next console generation, they seem to have backed off of that assertion lately. Is just one SKU for the next Xbox a good idea? We debate the pros and cons of multiple price points at launch. Also, Electronic Arts is at it again, as they just don't seem to understand why some fans see them as the bad...


Episode 169 - Some of the Best Games We Saw at E3

In this special bonus episode, we discuss some of our favorite games that we saw demos of at E3 and also bring the interviews we had with the makers of those games to the audio show for the first time. We discuss LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Cris Tales, and Ary and the Secret of Seasons! To become part of our awesome community, just use the links below: Links: Email: Facebook: Twitch:...


Episode 168 - What's Your Favorite Surprise Mechanic?

This week, we give one final look back at E3 after we've had time to sleep and process everything we saw and experienced in the six days we spent covering it in Los Angeles. Also, we spend some time comparing the somewhat negative tone to some of the gaming commentary during E3 versus our own experience from actually being there. But now that E3 is over, the star of the week is Electronic Arts. In a hearing in the UK Parliament, an EA representative stated that loot boxes are not loot...


Episode 167 - E3 2019! Thoughts From the Final Day!

Join us as we share our thoughts from our final day at E3 2019!


Episode 166 - E3 2019! Nintendo Direct Thoughts and Reactions!

Join us to hear our reactions to the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019!


Episode 165 - E3 2019! Ubisoft and Square Reactions

E3 is here! Join us for reactions to the Ubisoft and Square Enix conferences!


Episode 164 - E3 2019! Microsoft and Bethesda Reactions

Join us as we recap Day 2 of E3 2019 by giving our reactions to both the Microsoft and Bethesda conferences!


Episode 163 - E3 2019! Day One EA Play Recap and Looking Ahead to Xbox and Bethesda

Join us for our continuing coverage of E3 2019 as we discuss EA Play, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game play, and look ahead to Sunday's Xbox and Bethesda conferences!


Episode 162 - E3 2019! E3 Predictions Episode

Join us as we discuss what we're excited for at E3 2019 and hear our predictions for the biggest gaming show of the year!


Episode 161 - Death Stranding Gets a Release Date and We Preview Xbox at E3

With E3 just a week away, the leaks and reveals are happening in bunches. First, we talk the new Death Stranding trailer which was accompanied by a release date in November 2019. How surprised are we that the highly anticipated game by Hideo Kojima is coming out this year? We also talk about the trailer itself and whether it tells us more about the story. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was officially announced, and we discuss the reveal trailer as well as the feelings by some that the game...


Episode 160 - Will Other Games Adopt the Fortnite Model?

With only two weeks left until E3 2019, news is pretty scarce in the world of gaming. To make up for that, we discuss whether other developers will try to use the wildly successful Fortnite business model to their advantage in other genres, possibly as a way to replace the pay-to-win loot box model. Which games and genres could it work in? We know Sony is skipping E3 altogether, EA isn't holding a briefing this year, and Activision isn't having a booth on the show floor. How much is E3 hurt...


Episode 159 - Xbox and PlayStation Working Together?

This week brought news of Xbox and PlayStation working together to make streaming games in the future more smooth and consistent for everyone around. How optimistic are we about where this new partnership will go? It's not going to be life changing, and they're still competitors, but we talk about what it could mean for the future of gaming. Ubisoft revealed how many major releases they'll be putting out in the next year - Spoiler alert: 4 - and we talk about the major upcoming game from...


Episode 158 - Microtransactions, EA Access on PlayStation, and Bethesda E3 Preview

This week, we dig into the legislation proposed in the United States Senate that would severely limit the ability of game developers to include loot box microtransactions in their games. We discuss whether loot crates constitute gambling, and talk about what might happen if developers and publishers lose the revenue stream found through microtransactions. EA Access finally got announced for PlayStation this week, and a new Ghost Recon game is on the way. We discuss Ghost Recon: Breakpoint...


Episode 157 - The Road to E3 2019 Begins!

This week starts our E3 preview content, as we discuss what we might expect to see from Electronic Arts and Square Enix at this year's show. We cover what they've done at E3 in recent years, talk about what they each need to do there this year, and finally, discuss what we expect to see from them this year. In news, Epic has purchased Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League. What does this mean for Rocket League in the future? Is the small but vocal outcry about this acquisition...


Episode 156 - New PlayStation 5 Details Revealed

This week, we learned a lot about what the PlayStation 5 will bring, as Mark Cerny revealed many of the specs of the upcoming console in an interview. We discuss what to expect from the more powerful console, and what each of the promised features means going for the next generation of consoles. Also, what might this console cost? Another episode of Inside Xbox took place this week, and two significant announcements emerged from it. First, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available to all...


Episode 155 - What Counts as Cheating in Video Games?

This week, we discuss the fact that you can now change your PSN name for $9.99. After finally doing this, should Sony get credit for it? Xbox has six more games hitting Game Pass in April - are any of them worth the download? Also, if you could take part in a real-life battle royale, would you want to? We discuss the potential three day event being proposed to take place on a private island in the near future. Finally, we discuss what counts as cheating in video games? Is taking advantage...


Episode 154 - Bioware Controversy and More Borderlands 3 News

This week brought more talk of game development and working conditions for developers, as a story broke that Bioware suffered from poor leadership and unfair expectations for its team during the development of Anthem. We discuss the impact this had on the actual game, what EA's role might have been in it, and Bioware's awful response to the article after it was published. What can Bioware do to correct their messaging and operations going forward? Borderlands 3 got a release date, and we're...


Episode 153 - Borderlands 3 and Sony's State of Play

This week, Gearbox announced Borderlands 3 with a release by the end of Gearbox's fiscal year. They also announced the Borderlands GOTY remaster with a release date of much much sooner. How excited are we for the remaster and the third game in the series. We discuss how Borderlands has compared to other games in the loot chooter genre and what they need to do this time around. Sony held its first State of Play this week, and a lot of PSVR games were announced, along with updates on some...


Episode 152 - Is Stadia the Future of Gaming?

GDC was this week, and Google made a huge splash by revealing Stadia as they enter the video game market. Does the new platform represent the future of gaming as a streaming service, or will consoles and physical discs still reign supreme? We discuss the benefits of Google's tech and talk about who this service is ideally for - as well as whether any of us will be adopting Stadia later this year. In addition, Phil Spencer supposedly responded to the Stadia reveal in an internal email to the...