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This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.

This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.
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This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.




The Green Law of Varkith, Veil 2020: Land of the Free

July Games Round-up 00:00:53 - The games Jason played 00:05:05 - The Green Law of Varkith 00:25:35 - Veil 2020: Land of the Free Looking ahead to August 00:46:36 - Star Wars Saturday 00:47:48 - All Systems Nominal 00:48:53 - Monsterhearts 2: True Beauty Giving Me Life 00:53:00 - Prepping for Gen Con 00:53:42 - Never Knows Best 00:55:36 - The Gauntlet Blog Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars with Josh Fox

Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars 00:00:43 - Overview 00:01:25 - Mechanics 00:16:30 - Setting 00:27:22 - Kickstarter 00:33:15 - Upcoming projects Giving Me Life 00:38:00 - New nephew 00:39:37 - El Ministerio del Tiempo Links Flotsam Kickstarter\_search&result=project&term=flotsam Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Hearts of Wulin, The Between

Game Roundup 00:00:22 - Hearts of Wulin 00:22:00 - The Between Looking Ahead to July 00:45:52 - The Spire 00:46:38 - Story Game Sunday Giving Me Life 00:48:43 - Charterstone 00:49:48 - Hollow Knight Links: Klong by Erich Schall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License. Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Sean Nittner

Lowell sits down with Sean Nittner from Big Bad Con and Evil Hat Productions. Big Bad Con 00:00:46 - Overview 00:05:03 - How the Con got started 00:09:00 - What makes Big Bad Con special? 00:18:30 - Kickstarter Sean’s Work in Tabletop Publishing 00:28:26 - Sean’s work at Evil Hat 00:35:45 - Advice for first-time game publishers 00:39:38 - Moving on to work with bigger publishers Giving Me Life 00:44:47 - Playtesting new games 00:47:10 - Indexes Links Big Bad Con...


Dead Friend, Pasión de las Pasiones, Midnight at the Oasis

May Game Roundup 00:01:33 - Changeling the Lost PbtA 00:15:21 - Dead Friend 00:30:18 - Pasión de las Pasiones 00:43:14 - Midnight at the Oasis Looking Ahead to June 00:56:28 - Night Witches 00:57:35 - Monster of the Week: Agents of Faust Giving Me Life 00:59:54 - Prepping for Origins 01:00:51 - The Toys That Made Us Links Summer Pride by Loyalty Freak Music is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License. Our website Our...


Middle Eastern Themes in Gaming, Tall Pines, Sea of Man

Lowell and Jason are joined by community member Tyler for the Gauntlet Hangouts Roundup for April 2018! Game Discussion 00:00:49 - Middle Eastern Themes 00:19:12 - Tall Pines 00:30:05 - Sea of Man Looking Ahead to May 00:42:26 - Threadbare 00:43:10 - Alas for the Awful Sea 00:44:38 - Spelljamming Troika! Giving Me Life 00:46:26 - Dusk City Outlaws 00:47:30 - The Terror and GLOW Season 2 00:49:09 - The Between development Links Our website Our...


GM Masterclass 03 - "Behind the Scenes"

Host question 00:00:53 - You have one hour to prep your session. What do you do? Listener questions 00:07:48 - How do you prep for a campaign when the group is inconsistent? 00:19:30 - How do you maintain hype between sessions? 00:24:25 - How do you get good critiques about your GMing? 00:34:25 - How do you get players to care about your NPCs? Giving Me Life 46:00 - A Very Fatal Murder 00:48:56 - Nailed it! Links Our website Our...


Open Table Play, Worlds of Adventure, Carcosa Hexcrawl

Game discussion 00:00:47 - Open Table Play 00:23:25 - Worlds of Adventure 00:41:13 - Carcosa hex crawl Looking ahead to April 00:52:20 - The Black Hack: Under the Hellbridge 00:53:00 - Space Wurm vs Moonicorn 00:53:30 - Lady Blackbird: Flight of the Owl Giving Me Life 00:54:28 - Twitter 00:55:27 - Unmasked 00:56:15 - The Gauntlet


GM Masterclass 02

Kate’s question 00:00:21 - What bad GM experience have you had recently and what did you learn from it? Listener questions 00:10:23 - How do you handle the one player who is clearly not having a good time? 00:19:20 - How do you integrate GM tips and techniques into your style? 00:29:00 - What do you do with the player who is focused on something inconsequential? 00:35:05 - How do we make character generation feel more like play? Giving Me Life 00:45:40 - Skin Wars 00:47:15 - The...


Hearts of Wulin, Lord Scurlock, Mercy Falls '83

Game Discussion 00:00:49 - Hearts of Wulin 00:15:45 - Lord Scurlock 00:28:30 - Mercy Falls ‘83 Looking Ahead to March 00:41:45 - Urban Shadows: The Forbidden Metropolis 00:42:35 - Monsterhearts 2: Mercy Falls 4 and Space Wurm v Moonicorn 00:43:45 - Into the Odd Giving Me Life 0046:23 - Monster Hunter World 00:47:55 - Civ 6 Rise and Fall 00:48:45 - The Bachelor Links Promo Music: Alternative Facts by David Hilowitz.


GM Masterclass 01

Kate and Jason answer questions from the community and discuss their favorite GM techniques. Kate’s question 00:01:04 - What is your biggest challenge as a GM right now? Community questions 00:07:55 - How do you use hard moves to be a fan of the characters? 00:14:28 - How do you handle self-care, pre-game jitters, and post-game letdown? 00:25:52 - How do you do short but effective prep? 00:34:44 - What do you do when a player’s core character concept doesn’t fit? Giving Me...


Neo Shinobi Vendetta, Mystery Academy, Crossroads Carnival

Game Discussion 00:54 - Neo Shinobi Vendetta 17:37 - Mystery Academy 32:00 - Crossroads Carnival Looking Ahead 44:40 - World of Shadows 46:00 - Fall of Magic 47>13 - Red Carnations on a Black Grave Giving Me Life 50:20 - Jianghu Hustle 51:10 - 2018 Ramen Experiment 52:07 - Switch indies Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG Promo music: Watching Other People's Holidays by Karstenholymoly (c)...


Graeme Barber from POCGamer

Lowell sits down with Graeme Barber from POCGamer to talk about representation in gaming and much more! 00:52 - Graeme’s start with D&D 03:45 - Chult and Tomb of Annihilation 14:50 - Other games 18:08 - Representation in games 22:49 - Tropes 28:13 - Genre favorites 33:48 - Virtual Fantasy Con (link) 36:00 - Military service and its influence on Graeme 39:19 - Who to follow online 40:26 - Diving Links POCGamer Our website Our...


Star Trek Adventures, Uncanny Echo, Hyper-Damage!: Dog Dudes of the Alamo

Jason and Lowell are joined by Fraser Simons for the first Gauntlet Hangouts roundup! Game Discussion Star Trek Adventures (01:16) Uncanny Echo (15:30) Hyper-Damage!: Dog Dudes of the Alamo (25:40) Looking Ahead World Wide Wrestling with Gerwyn Walters (41:18) Mutant Year: Zero with Lowell Francis (43:03) Swords Without Master: Echoes with Pat Perkins (44:07) Giving Me Life Reconnecting with family (47:03) Log Horizon (47:50) Design work (50:11) Links Our...


This Signal Kills Fascists

Lowell chats with game designer Chad Walker about his games Cryptomancer and SIGMATA. Timecodes Cryptomancer (01:24) SIGMATA: This Signal Kills Fascists (14:11) Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Gauntlet Hangouts 2017

Jason, Rich, Lowell and Michael are looking back at Gauntlet Hangouts 2017! Timecodes Overview of Gauntlet Hangouts (02:20) Looking back on GH 2017 (08:31) Highlights of GH 2017 (24:36) Looking forward to GH 2018 (43:31) Big picture stuff (54:40) Shout-outs (58:59) Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Episode 122 - The 'Hood, Blades in the Dark, Legacy of the Slayer

Games Round-Up The ‘Hood (02:16) Blades in the Dark (17:36) Legacy of the Slayer (33:40) Giving Me Life New IKEA (46:50) Diablo (50:36) NaNoWriMo (52:03) Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


Gauntlet Con 2017 - "Being a Great Player" Panel

For this special episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, we present the "Being a Great Player" panel from Gauntlet Con 2017! The moderator of the panel was Yoshi Creelman. The panelists were Sherri Stewart and Patrick Knowles.


Episode 121 - Gauntlet Con 2017

Rich, Kate, Rach, and Lowell reflect on Gauntlet Con 2017! Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG