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This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.

This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.
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This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. We cover the indie scene, story games, and the OSR.




Nahual, Lighthearted, Amber

Games Played 01:25 - Sherri's Games Played and spotlight - Nahual 13:51 - Sarah's Games Played and spotlight - Lighthearted 25:54 - Lowell's Games Played and spotlight - Amber Diceless Guest Segment 41:31 - Sarah talks about playing and running games set in historical periods Giving Me Life 48:50 - Sherri's getting life from Monster Hunter World's latest expansion 50:06 - the Amazon Prime Video series Unbound and it's animation is giving Sarah life 51:13- Lowell is digging the...


Hogwarts RPG, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, World Wide Wrestling

Games Played 01:33 - Rich's games played and Spotlight - Hogwarts RPG 14:38 - Luiz's games played and Spotlight - Thirsty Sword Lesbians 29:15 - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - WWW RPG and open table play with ongoing campaigns and narratives Guest Segment 40:46 - Luiz talkes about his game Melody of a Never-ending Summer Giving Me Life 53:53 - Luiz cried at a musical about Cazuza 54:53 - Rich is super into House and Powers of X 56:54- Lowell gives Monte Cook some...


Virtual Vendor, Kuro, The Ward, The Sprawl

Games Played 01:15 - Sherri's games played and Spotlight - Kuro 10:23 - Jim's games played and Spotlight - The Ward 28:1+ - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - The Sprawl Guest Segment 41:26 - Jim Crocker is the virtual vendor for Gauntlet Con 2019! Giving Me Life 48:09 - Sherri is into Twitter? 51:57 - The musical Six is giving Jim life 53:53- Lowell has special feelings for a certain motorcycle Jim Crocker's online webstore can be found here:


Band of Blades

0:24 Introductions 2:29 What's Band of Blades' Pitch 10:57 The Legion, Roles, and Playbooks 21:50 Band of Blades' Play Sequence 25:26 Campaign Themes 35:30 Designing Band of Blades as a Limited Campaign 43:50 Running Online Buy Band of Blades here:


Gauntlet Con, Tome of Mysteries, Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, Tides of Gold

Games Played 01:04 - Sherri's games played and Spotlight - Monster of the Week - Tome of Mysteries 13:58 - Richard Ruane's games played (a bunch!) and Spotlight - Dark Streets and Darker Secrets 27:52 - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - Tides of Gold Guest Segment 37:06 - Gauntlet Con 2019 is coming! Giving Me Life 46:27 - Sherri is into Haribo's Star Mix and connections with friends who "get you" 47:23 - Richard's so excited for Flame Con and When Brooklyn Was Queer 48:47 -...


Origins 2019, Hit the Streets, Project Lycra, Blazon

Games Played 00:34 - Rich's games played and Spotlight - Hit the Streets: Defend the Block 13:50 - Patrick's games played and Spotlight - Project Lycra 25:11 - Sherri's games played and Spotlight - Blazon Guest Segment 33:16 - Origins 2019 recap Giving Me Life 55:40 - Sherri is into Dragon Quest Builders 56:56 - Patrick lavishes praise on DIE (the comic and RPG) 1:00:00- Rich... likes riding a bus? Links Hit the Streets: Defend the Block's Kickstarter ends the morning of...


Playing Beyond the Literal, Pasión de las Pasiones, Comrades

Games Played 02:04 - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - Pasión de las Pasiones 14:49 - David's games played and Spotlight - Comrades Guest Segment 37:34 - David Morrison talks about Trophy and playing beyond the literal in RPGs Giving Me Life 52:37 - Lowell is into JRPG explainer videos on YouTube 53:53 - David is a superfan of the TV show Pose Links Our website Our Patreon Our forums Follow...


Open Table Play, Things from the Flood, Good Society, Neo Shinobi Vendetta

Games Played 01:31 - Sherri's games played and Spotlight - Things from the Flood 14:09 - Leandro's games played and Spotlight - Good Society 27:59 - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - Neo Shinobi Vendetta Guest Segment 38:40 - Leandro Pondoc talks about Gauntlet's Open Table play and the excitement of Shared Setting Creation Giving Me Life 48:13 - Sherri is into Fruits Basket 50:34 - Leandro is digging Legend of the Galactic Heroes 53:07 - Lowell is all about Take my...


Red Carnations on a Black Grave, Veil'd Fantasy, Alas for the Awful Sea: Kingsport, 9 Lessons for Trophy

Games Played 00:55 - Lowell's games played and Spotlight - Veil'd Fantasy 15:32 - Cat's games played and Spotlight - Alas for the Awful Sea: Kingsport 32:02 - Jason's games played and 9 Lessons from running 9 games of Trophy Guest Segment 49:21 - Cat Ramen talks about Red Carnations on a Black Grave, her game coming to Kickstarter SOON! Giving Me Life 1:04:48 - Lowell and Hearts of Wulin on Twitch 1:06:56 - Cat is excited about Hearts of Wulin and playing with Lucian! 1:08:17 -...


Quietus, Tales from the Loop, Murderous Ghosts, Urban Shadows

Game Discussion 00:45 - Sherri's games played and Game Spotlight - Tales from the Loop 14:19 - Oli's games played and Game Spotlight - Murderous Ghosts 29:49 - Lowell's games played and Game Spotlight - Urban Shadows + Dresden Files Guest Segment 41:12 - Quietus! Giving Me Life 59:15 - Sherri making her own FitD game 1:05:46 - Oli loves 2nd season of She-Ra 1:04:53 - Lowell is having fun with Twitter Links Our website Our...


Hearts of Wulin Special

Jason Cordova is joined by Agatha Cheng and Lowell Francis to discuss Hearts of Wulin, coming to Kickstarter May 14th! Time Codes 10:33 - Talking Mechanics 14:27 - Combat 22:04 - Elements and Playbook roles 40:49 - Kickstarter Details Links Hearts of Wulin


The Black Hack (2e), Rider's Last Rites, The King is Dead

Games Played 00:50 - Sherri's games played 01:29 - Sherri's Game Spotlight - The Black Hack 2nd edition 07:50 - Vee's games played 08:35 - Vee's Game Spotlight - Rider's Last Rites 21:19 - Hayley's games played 21:35 - Hayley's Game Spotlight - The King is Dead 31:29 - Lowell's games played 31:53 - Lowell's Game Spotlight - Masks as a quarterly game experience Guest Segment 40:28 - What The Storybrewers Are Brewing Up! Giving Me Life 51:25 - Sherri's foray into game...


Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (2e), World Wide Wrestling: The Road, Crossroads Carnival

Games Played 01:04 - Lowell's games played 01:33 - Lowell's Game Spotlight - Legacy - Life Among the Ruins, 2nd ed 17:19 - Tyler's games played 19:08 - Tyler's Game Spotlight - World Wide Wrestling RPG with The Road expansion 32:05 - Jason's games played 35:50 - Jason's Game Spotlight - Crossroads Carnival Guest Segment 47:21 - Gauntlet International! Giving Me Life 57:37 - Lowell and the Video Palace podcast 58:25 - Tyler and an Alexander Kent book series 59:50 - Jason and...


1%er Supers, Dream Askew, Cryptomancer

Guest: Bethany Harvey (@bethanyharvey on Twitter) Gauntlet Hangouts Roundup 00:00:58 - 1%er Supers 00:9:23 - Dream Askew 00:23:50 - Cryptomancer Guest segment 00:36:10 - Designing a Mystery for D&D 5E and Dungeon World Giving Me Life 00:44:03 - The comfort of Earl Grey tea 00:45:30 - The return of the sun 00:46:20 - Flavorful Origins (on Netflix) Links The Gauntlet Forums - Dream Askew -...


Forbidden Lands, Spire RPG, Trophy, HILT//BLADE

Gauntlet Hangouts Roundup 00:00:56 - Forbidden Lands 00:16:15 - Spire RPG 00:32:21 - Trophy Guest segment 00:45:30 - HILT//BLADE Giving Me Life 00:57:06 - Fancy coffee 00:58:48 - Klaus from Umbrella Academy 00:60:09 - The Between beta Links The Gauntlet Forums Forbidden Lands Spire RPG Trophy (Codex - Dark...


Storm Riders!, The Dark Between the Stars, Threadbare, The Veil: Inheritance

Gauntlet Hangouts Roundup 01:01:11 - Storm Riders! 00:11:42 - The Dark Between the Stars 00:28:45 - Threadbare Guest Segment 00:43:06 - The Veil: Inheritance Giving Me Life 01:00:00 - Dressing up game 01:02:00 - Roll tables for Hack the Planet 01:04:25 - Vera Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG


City of Mist, Girl Underground, Hot Guys Making Out: Sherlock, Trophy

Gauntlet Hangouts Roundup 00:01:30 - City of Mist 00:22:17 - Girl Underground 00:32:10 - Hot Guys Making Out: Sherlock Guest Segment 00:43:50 - Trophy and mining the fantasy genre for new ideas Giving Me Life 00:56:52 - Yakuza 00:59:20 - Cabins in the woods 00:60:40. - Mastering Twitter Links City of Mist Girl Underground Codex - Lies Promo music Happy...


Improv for Gamers with Karen Twelves

Improv for Gamers 00:00:21 - Background 00:05:00 - Improv 00:07:32 - Performative play and creativity 00:14:59 - When to use the book 00:17:57 - Some highlights Giving Me Life 00:31:35 - Smash Bros. Ultimate 00:32:35 - Gift giving traditions Improv for Gamers


Hearts of Wulin

Jason speaks with Lowell about his upcoming game, Hearts of Wulin Time Codes 00:02:14 - Overview 00:03:05 - Wuxia melodrama 00:05:11 - Emotions and Entanglements 00:11:25 - Chi 00:14:25 - Combat 00:19:38 - Playbooks 00:21:15 - Listener questions Links Our website Our Patreon Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG Promo music for January: Positive and Fun by Scott Holmes is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


Favorite Games of 2018

In our special year-end episode, members of The Gauntlet community share their Favorite Games of 2018. Congratulations to all the games that were selected: Cartel For the Queen Our Mundane Supernatural Life The King is Dead Ten Candles Hearts of Wulin Once Again, We Return Ascendancy Spindlewheel Trouble for Hire Stonetop Good Society Masks Cold Ruins of Lastlife Harn World Gardens of Ynn Troika Ultraviolet Grasslands The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power Legend...