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A couple of guys talking about Football!

A couple of guys talking about Football!
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A couple of guys talking about Football!








The FINAL GAMEDAY of the 18/19 Premier League season! Liverpool and Tottenham in the Champions League Final and Dan & Silas' Premier League team of the Season

On the final gameday of the 18/19 season. We see Man City win the league, with just a little bit of doubt when Glenn Murray scored first. Liverpool fans not too disheartened as they have the Champions League final to look forward to with Tottenham. Silas has a moan about Manchester United, Eden Hazard says farewell to Chelsea and the mandem share their Premier League teams of the season!


The penultimate day of the premier league season. Chelsea and Spurs for Champions League by default! Do all clubs need a director of football? The Bluebirds are going down, The Canaries and the Blades are coming up and more!

The two spaces for champions league football have been allocated to Spurs by default and Chelsea despite no one seeming to want it! Why is there such a disparity between Man City and Liverpool… and everyone else. Is there a need for a director of football at these clubs? Cardiff City is getting relegated and look like they will probably stay down, whereas, Norwich City and Sheffield United are getting promoted and look strong enough to stay for a few years. Who will be coming up with them?...


Who would you keep at Man U? De Gea Dog had it's Day? Cardiff's misfortune, Norwich and Sheffs fortune and an excited yet cynical Liverpool fan

As the end of the premier league season begins to come to an end, it is all but over for the teams fighting for the title and the teams fighting for Champions League spots. Dan and Silas, dissect what is going wrong for Manchester United? What players they would get rid of if they were a manager. What happened to the North London clubs this weekend... who wants to finish third and fourth? At the bottom of the team, Cardiff hasn't lacked fight but have definitely lacked luck. Coming up,...


The title race! Liverpool defeat Chelsea and Dan's excited! Spurs look like Moura of a team without Kane, Man United plucky in their win. Plus Champions League, who will come up and a Generic Quiz!

As the title race gets juicy and Red fan Dan gets excited. The mandem look at the weekend's action and weigh up the title race. They also look back and ahead to each leg of the Champions League quarter-final. Plus, who will be coming up from the Championship? Will Silas come back from 4-3 in this week's generic quiz?


Wolverhampton Wandering what happened as Watford win at Wembley in FA Cup Semi Final. Arsenal make turd of going third. Foolish Fulham go down with Huddersfield. Who’s the best player outside of the top 6 and who makes your ideal Premier League line up?

The boys are back this week to discuss the FA Cup Semi-Finals, the Premier League, a look ahead to the Champions League Quarter-Finals as well as discussing the top players outside of the Top 6 teams in the Premier League, their ideal Premier League 20 teams and racism in football! Also, the return of the quiz, this week, themed around former premier league teams and relegated teams!


It's a great time to support England! UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying and the Worlds best XI!

The mandem discuss England's qualifier against the Czech Republic and the young talent coming through as well as a roundup of some of the other qualifiers. Also, Dan and Silas lay out their best world XI!


Going Dutch! English teams dominating in Europe whilst Silas visits Amsterdam! Liverpool go back to the top in the Premier League, Upsets in the FA Cup and a Dutch themed QUIZ!

The mandem talk 4 Premier League clubs in the Quarter Final of the Champions League and 2 in the Europa League, the few games played in the Premier League and The FA Cup which now looks most likely to be Man City's for the taking! Silas didn't get to watch much football as he was in Amsterdam! So Dan fills us in on the analysis and the stats. Plus, Dan is 3-2 down in the quiz. Can he go full Instanbul in 2005 and bring it back to 3-3 in this weeks Dutch themed quiz?


Champions League triumph, Premier League trump. Man U and Spurs both win in the week and lose at the weekend as the race for the top 4 gets interesting! Silas cashes in on Sterling and we look ahead to the Champions League games in the coming week.

The mandem meet up in The Fishes again to talk the weekend and the midweek games including the Champions League triumphs and Premier League trumps of Manchester United and Tottenham. They also praise Raheem Sterling and his significance as Fantasy Football Team captain. Plus, a look ahead to the forthcoming Champions League games.


Silas goes to the North London Derby at Wembley! Southampton slip United come back to win 3-2, Dan is angry with Bournemouth's dismal effort against City! Look ahead to the Merseyside derby and a North London Derby Quiz!

Silas went to the North London Derby and was a Spurs fan for the day. He has an in-depth analysis to share with you. Plus, the mandem talk the rest of Saturday's premier league action and look ahead to Sunday's games including the Merseyside Derby. Will Dan continue his comeback as he is 3-1 down in the quiz! All that and more on the Generic Football Show


A crippled Man United bore draw with Liverpool, Spurs get burnt by a good old fashioned Burnley and Chelsea’s keeper, Kepa keeps on as Man City keep calm and carry home the cup! + European league football on British TV!

The mandem meet up in a Pub in Oxford to discuss the big game where Dan and Silas' teams face off at Old Trafford alongside all the rest of the weekend's premier league action. On a weekend where Manchester City could've won 2 titles, the mandem discuss the one they definitely did win and the controversy surrounding Chelsea's keeper Kepa refusing to be sent off. Also, with ITV4 obtaining the rights to show La Liga football, the mandem talk about the direction TV broadcasting of football...


MINISHOW: Man U knock Chelsea out of the FA Cup! Are you Sarri or not Sarri?

Short episode with reaction to last night's FA Cup 5th Round game which saw a repeat of last years final. Does Sarri deserve to keep his job?


Competibanter, European Nights and Choosing Nationality! + A nationality themed QUIZ!

A special edition of the Generic football show! Silas and Dan look back at the Champions League, Europa League and ahead of the FA Cup 5th round. Silas addresses his feeling towards Tottenham with 'Competibanter'! Plus the mandem discuss the 'nationality chrises' following Declan Rice choosing to play for England over Republic of Ireland. Also, can Dan redeem some pride in this weeks nationality themed quiz as he trails 3-0!


RED vs BLUE! In the blue corner, City score 6, Chelsea move out of the Top 4, Cardiff beat Southampton and move out of the bottom 4. In the red corner, Liverpool win 3-0 as do United who move into the top 4! Will Silas make it 3-0 in this weeks quiz?

This week the mandem discuss the top and the bottom of the table with City thumping Chelsea 6-0 in Chelsea's worst ever premier league defeat. Is it a two horse or 3 horse race? Should we be so quick to discount Spurs? Manchester United move back into the top 4 with Pogba and Martial maintaining good form and Solskjaer having the best ever start as a premier league manager. At the bottom of the table, it looks like Huddersfield and Fulham are down. But who will join them with Southampton...


Aguero stuns Arsenal’s hapless defence. Higuain, Chelsea’s strike force saviour, is Rashford world class? January Transfer window round-up and an extra special January Transfer QUIZ!

Dan and Silas discuss the weekends biggest games in the premier league as well as round up the January transfer window before Silas looks to make it 2 from 2 in the big QUIZ!


Manchester United destroy Arsenal, West Ham and Everton knocked out by lower tier opposition, what makes a player world class? and a FA Cup themed QUIZ!

It's the FA Cup 4th round weekend! Manchester United knock out rivals Arsenal in 3-1 bout out the Emirates. Man City resume normal business with a 5-0 thrashing over Burnley. Everton and West Ham are knocked out by lower-tier opposition and the steep downhill fall for Spurs continues. Dan and Silas also discuss what it means to be 'world class' and in part three Dan and Silas face off in the first FA Cup themed quiz!


Arsenal press Sarri into using a translator, Solskjær becomes the greatest manager in history of Premier League Football, Bielsa’s done nothing wrong, and Liverpool overcome their bogey team to remain top.

Silas and Dan discuss the Premier leagues weekend action and discuss the teams position at the middle part of the season. Plus talk of transfers, tactics and dirty tricks by Bielsa.