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Management, Marketing, Myths & Morons




The Golf Biz #22 - Special Guest Brice Butler, NFL Player, and Now Golf Influencer

Special guest Brice Butler, NFL player, and now golf influencer joins Joe, Mikey, and Drew on the Golf Biz. We get into the many fascinating interests Brice has conquered, from fashion shows to DJing at night and golfing on youtube. During covid Brice still had some uncertainty about his NFL career and found himself transitioning into his newfound love, golf. We dive deep, exchanging our point of view on inclusivity and diversity in the golf community, and building a culture that allows...


The Golf Biz #21 - The Golf World is Changing, But Will The Golf Business?

The Golf World is Changing, But Will The Golf Business? Let’s be real, the golf business has been slow to move, change or transition from its same old boring traditional management and marketing approaches. However, with the Pandemic and other variables, participation in golf has got a bump, but the million dollar question is whether it will be long term or short lived??? On this episode, Joe, Mikey and Drew discuss the keys to keeping the current momentum rolling through innovation,...


The Golf Biz #20: Here comes the BOOM! Capitalizing on the Influx of New Golfers, Young and Old Featuring Dan Schneider.

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Legendary AZ Jr Golf Supporter Dan Schneider to talk about the recent worldwide boom in golf! We talk shop about the increase in interest surrounding golf as a whole in the past year and a half from everybody young and old and how best to capitalize on this action. We know that in business this type of momentum doesn’t last forever, so it is imperative that the industry makes the right choices to acquire the new customers and adapt to keep them...


The Golf Biz #19 - Building a Successful Worldwide Brand in the Golf Industry

On this episode Joe, Mikey D and Drew talk with very successful and longtime golf and business executive Jeff Colton. Over a 23-year period Jeff rose from the Fitting Center to Senior Vice President of Global Brand for Callaway. We discuss various topics of golf club and ball design, manufacturing and marketing along with how to gain an edge in the very competitive golf club industry. You will find it fascinating to see how much science and data goes into gaining an edge when developing new...


The Golf Biz #18 - The New Generation of Golfers: The Centennial Perspective

Joining us today are three of our All-Star centennial team members from Dobson Ranch, who share their views on golf as an industry and a hobby. Sebastian, Jake, and Elle all followed different paths yet managed to end up in a similar position: thriving in a career that happens to be something they are passionate about in their free time. Listen along as they give a valuable peek through the lens of the future generation of golfers. Thank you for tuning in and we hope we make you smile!


The Golf Biz #17 - The Good, Bad & Ugly of Starting a New Management Deal at a New Property

This goes for any and every business, the majority of people do not like change!! So it’s safe to say that when we take over management or ownership of a course, there is The Good, The Bad & Ugly. On this episode, Mikey, Drew and I discuss best practices and mindset when we take over the management of a property. As we share our past experiences, there is humor, humility, and even a little bit of wisdom 😊. One of the biggest challenges when shifting the culture within a course, the...


The Golf Biz #16 - The Golf Biz meets Good Good

This week Mikey D, Drew, and Joe hang out with Garrett Clark, Micah Morris, and Matt Scharff; three of the five guys that make up the rapidly growing Youtube channel and clothing brand “Good Good”. Listen along, as they share the story of how they each found their way together, as well as where they see themselves in 5 years. Hear their thoughts on just how powerful “ignoring the noise” has been for them, and how a few seemingly small decisions paired with a clear mission to expand the game...


The Golf Biz #15 - The Power Of Paying On Performance

Let’s be real, the golf industry has always set a low standard when it came to paying their team and we feel strongly that this is a big mistake. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D & Drew and Jacquelyn “Stone Cold” Porman discuss The Power of Paying On Performance. Jacquelyn is the Lead Sales & Service Specialist at Dobson Ranch Golf Course and has done an amazing job growing the business and instilling a fun, friendly, and even competitive culture at the Ranch. You would hope that every golf...


The Golf Biz #14 - The Not So Silent Business Killer

On this episode Joe, Mikey D & Drew discuss with great experience and humor, the flaw of the Annual Membership and what to do if you want your course not just survive but thrive… First of all, we are not referring to a Private Club. The Not So Silent Business Killer, The Annual Membership is the failed business model that many public golf courses create and offer due to a lack of marketing expertise or trying to mimic the failing or barely solvent course down the street. The problem with...


The Golf Biz #13 - Paradigm Principle: Daily Operational Leadership is a must to maximize success...

One of the reasons that so many golf courses (and other businesses) never maximize their success, or even fail, is the lack of what we call Operational Leadership. On this episode, Joe, Mikey and Drew discuss Operational Leadership and why it is so important to have your property not just survive, but thrive. Operational Leadership is different than Management, and most operators don’t understand the difference. You manage budgets, schedules, inventory, systems, and processes, but who...


The Golf Biz #12 - More Than A Game, A Path To A World Of Opportunity…

This episode is much different than previous ones. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew along with special guests Janai Porman and Ryan Barmore share their stories on how their parents sacrifice and commitment led them to not only a career in golf but many amazing memories. Although all their stories and path to the golf business are a little different, they all share the loss and loving memory of a father or mother that led them to the game. This episode is a tribute to their parents...


The Golf Biz #11 - The Golf Business’s Most Boneheaded Buzz Words & Dumbest Policies.

On this episode Joe, Mike D. & Drew discuss the Golf Business’s most overused and misunderstood buzz words along with its dumbest policies. Full disclosure, we are guilty of using some buzz words to sound smarter. However, we feel that the golf business as a whole takes buzz words from other industries and preach the words/strategies but really have no idea on how to implement or even understand. Also, we go on a rant on how historical dumb policies in the golf business are going to hurt...


The Golf Biz #10 - The Power of Becoming an Operational Influencer…

First, the term Operational Influencer is a Paradigm “OG”. In this episode Joe, Mikey D and Drew discuss the difference between an Operational Influencer and a “Celebrity” Influencer Along with how an Operational Influencer can get your property the edge it needs to get customers' attention, make smiles, gain market share and crush your competition. Traditional golf course managers and marketers try to separate their course or experience by showcasing the signature hole or that their service...


The Golf Biz #9 - Golf Course Marketing: Dynamic or Dinosaur??

Let’s be real, the golf business has always been way behind when it comes to marketing, innovation, and creativity. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew along with special guest Josh Hill breakdown the good, the bad and the really ugly of golf course marketing. Josh Hill is currently VP of Brandlync, a very successful and innovative Ad Agency that has been a huge help to our company and properties. Earlier in his career, Josh was a marketing executive for Walters Golf for 15 years and will...


The Golf Biz #8 - Golf Now: To Use or Not To Use???

On this episode Joe, Mikey D & Drew will discuss the very controversial topic of whether golf course managers and operators should use Golf Now. The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of misconceptions about the Golf Now platform. We will discuss in detail the why and how we use the platform along with why we feel strongly that industry leaders and golf course managers that have small picture perspectives about Golf Now are having a negative impact on golf courses that subscribe to...


The Golf Biz #7 - The Difference Between A Professional Golfer and Golf Professional - Part 2

In Part One we interviewed aspiring PGA Tour Player Brendan Jelley. He shared his journey from winning a national championship at Oklahoma State to now trying to make the PGA Tour. On this episode we speak with Chris Kielp. Chris is the Head Golf Professional at Dobson Ranch Golf Course and part of the Paradigm family. Chris took an unconventional path in becoming a Golf Professional, he had a long and successful career in the business and accounting world. But his passion for the game...


The Golf Biz #6 - Managing, Motivating & Mentoring the Millennial Mindset

The Golf Business attracts a lot of team members that are Generation Y (Millennial) and if you are struggling to connect, or if you are looking for a unique perspective, this episode if for you. Joe, Mikey D & Drew will discuss the shift in thinking and what adjustments YOU need to make as a business leader to build a great team and flourish in these ever-changing times. Although there will be plenty of laughs and engaging dialogue, this will not be a clichéd hit peace against younger...


The Golf Biz #5 - How, When & Why To Buy A Golf Course?

On this episode Joe, Mikey D, Drew and Paradigm Co-Founder Mike Abee discuss the How, When & Why to buy a golf course. Mike Abee has been considered the golf industries due diligence expert and top golf course transactional consultant for decades and will share the various strategies and secrets on the best practices in purchasing a golf course. In addition to some intriguing and expert knowledge, there will be some great laughs as we share over 30 years of buying and selling golf courses...


The Golf Biz #4 - The Difference Between A Professional Golfer and Golf Professional.

Have you met someone who said they are a Professional Golfer, or was it a Golf Professional? Most people don’t realize there is a difference between the two, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. On this weeks episode Joe, Mikey D and Drew interview aspiring Professional Golfer Brendon Jelley and his fiancé Landon Garcia. Brendon, a junior, amateur and collegiate golf prodigy that was part of the 2018 National Champion Oklahoma State with teammates Matt Wolfe and Viktor Hovland...


The Golf Biz #3 - How to (Un)Successfully Work With Your Significant Other and Family…

Smashing success or complete disaster? Those are the most common outcomes when spouses, significant others and/or family work together. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew and some very special guests (our significant others) will share our story of starting, building and managing a Golf Management business for the past twenty years as a family. Enjoy the funny stories, emotional testimonials and mind-blowing insight on how and how not to work together when there are various layers of...