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Cricket is great if you're into things like wasted youth, failed relationships, sun damage and broken dreams.

Cricket is great if you're into things like wasted youth, failed relationships, sun damage and broken dreams.
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Cricket is great if you're into things like wasted youth, failed relationships, sun damage and broken dreams.




54. The Secret Knock, with Steve O'Keefe

The public square was baying for new selection blood, and we (sort of) received it. We talk wunderkinds, the ODIs, Maxwell and the BBL before chatting with Ben Horne, who actually knows what's going on. We then catch up with leading BBL wicket-taker Steve O'Keefe, who also has a vast array of property. The AskTGC questions are long but satisfying.


53. Into The Wilderness, with Mel McLaughlin and Moises Henriques

India claim history, Australia claim unwanted records. We gleefully wade into the ocean of takes on Australian cricket this week, before chatting with Mel McLaughlin who lifts the lid on Seven v Fox (note: they’re friends) and stokes Fleming and Hodge’s desired rivalry with us. We then catch up with Moises Henriques in a wide-ranging chat, taking in his unrivalled prodigal status, his national ambitions, and whether he remembers Dave playing against him, among other things. Your questions...


52. Moving The Deck Chairs On The Titanic, with Jim Maxwell

Once again, the sky is falling in on Australian cricket. But what does it all mean? Jim Maxwell is on the line to unfairly compare the worst Australian Test teams in his 300 Tests calling the game and Peter Lalor gives us his case for the increasingly bizarre selection policy currently happening.


51. Monday Circuit, with Matt Renshaw

The Curse of Faf's Towel is lifted as Australia square the ledger 1-1. We talk verbals and the Netflix generation, nod to Perth in all its alpha glory, catch up with Geoff Lemon and his new book Steve Smith's Men, and speak with 22 year old veteran Matt Renshaw, who talks us through his efforts to return to the national set-up, life under JL, and THAT innings for Toombul DCC. #AskTGC closes matters.


50. Double Up, with Will Somerville

It's great to talk about actual cricket. India knocked over Australia with clinical precision, we pay homage to their bowling quartet, we wonder whether Australia needs long-term investment or off-the-shelf products, we look at the WBBL with Brittany Carter, and catch up with NZ debutant, Asian series winning off spinner and evidently most lovely guy of all time, Will Somerville. AskTGC closes it out. As we hit our 50th show, big thanks to all those who've supported along the way....


49. Cop That, with Alyssa Healy and Gerard Whateley

After a lead-up as wild as Matt Renshaw's Toombul wagonwheel, Test Cricket is finally upon us. We talk selection intrigue, net session kit, Virat (of course), and the WBBL, before Gerard Whateley jumps on the line to debrief us on THAT missive from Pup. We're then joined by the world beating Alyssa Healy, who runs us through women's grade cricket tropes, carrying the weight of the nation, keeping, and being bumped by Dave's brother at school level. #AskTGC closes matters. Our live shows...


48. Huge If True, with Brad Hodge

The Aussie Women show the way, Kohli arrives with the blade, Why Marcus Harris will now be known as 'Boogie', Pakistan, and some huge TGC news round out the opening proceedings here. Richard Hinds then joins to coherently examine the commerce behind female and grassroots cricket, before Victoria's favourite son Brad Hodge does us the pleasure of explaining why Khawaja was probably right last week, and how good it is to wear a Rajasthan Royals helmet while playing for East Sandringham CC....


47. Playa, with Usman Khawaja

Australia's pre-series navel gazing is in full swing, and this time not even a Shield Shootout™ can sort the chaff from the chaff. To feel better, we caught up with Australia's new batting saviour, Usman Khawaja, and sought multiple undertakings that he'd make everything okay. Meanwhile, England are doing things Australia men can't do, and the women's team show us how it's done. AskTGC is the usual carnival of alpha's, beta's and short stories.


46. Head Honchos, with Kevin Roberts

It's a special, in-person interview with the newly minted CEO of Cricket Australia, and one not to miss. Yes, he really does have crystal blue eyes. But fear not, despite those baby blues, we asked some questions. Tune in for TGC x Kevin Roberts on grassroots, 'marching' blokes from the building, the culture review, views on Warner/Smith returning, and nightmares about being timed out. Before that, how bad we are at ODI cricket, and after that, #AskTGC.


45. Sixty-Odd, with Adam Gilchrist

Australian cricket has caved in, again. We talk Warner, culture, Peever, Taylor, and everything else, before Dan Brettig helps us wade through the vagaries of cricket administration. Of course, we only deal in Test Captains now, so we locked horns with the greatest keeper-batsman of all time, Adam Gilchrist. Nothing more needs to be said: it's a bona fide must listen. We take your questions to round things out. Our live shows are on sale now, too. Dates: Adelaide 6 December, Rhino...


44. Australian Test Captains, with Steve Waugh and Tim Paine

It was lively, it was special, and the audio worked. On this week's show, we spoke with the 40th and 46th Test Captains of Australia. Tim Paine joined first; we talked about culture, change, and Shaun Young sledging his frosted tips as a fourteen year-old. Steven Roger Waugh came next, and regaled us with stories about Bankstown Oval, Baggy Green mythology, and why Dave should consider buying a teddy bear. Tugger also spoke about The Captains Ride 2018, and how he's focusing on that, not...


43. Doctors Hate Him, with Jason Gillespie

Adam Collins - 22m:26s Jason 'Dizzy' Gillespie - 36m:47s #AskTGC - 1hr:56s


42. The Australian Way, with Ed Cowan and Gideon Haigh

Identity. Culture. The Australian Way. It’s all up for grabs this summer as we launch season three of the TGC cast in customary too-long and too-loose fashion. Tune in for Gideon’s shakedown of the true sandpaper cause, stay for Ed’s take on JL's new regime. Only AskTGC remains the same. There’s a new fake ad, and there's a new real home: The Diamantina Podcast Network. It's great to be on board. Special thanks to Toby Shain for the voiceovers, and Adrian Leung for the music. We also MC...


41. They Were Friends, with Trent Copeland

Our Southern Summer finale. We talk Clarke, Waugh, the culture review and being on Wikipedia. We ask the ABCs Paul Kennedy about his ‘Caught Out’ investigation before he asks us about being champed by umpires. Trent Copeland makes his long awaited bow, discussing nicking off Jayawardene and the 140s club. We close with AskTGC, where Dr Happy provides welcome clinical advice on, well, Dad.


40. The Beta Era, with Damien Fleming

Australia lost its Captain, Vice Captain and Coach this week. In doing so they ushered in a new Beta era that frankly frightens us all. We went another ninety minutes on this, and couldn’t have done it without Adam Collins in Jo’berg and of course Damien Fleming, who knows more about shaping deliveries than anyone else.


39. Alpha Meltdown, with Ellyse Perry

It’s big. 60 minutes of irresistible darkness punctuated by 30 minutes of light. Come for the cheating, stay for Ellyse Perry. Doyen Sports Writer Peter Lalor brings us comment from Cape Town before Australia's foremost cricketing role model and adult, Ellyse Perry, joins us from Mumbai to provide a ray of light. Finally, we welcome clinical psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, aka Dr Happy, for some overdue help with #AskTGC.


38. "But What's He Like As A Bloke?"

The South Africa-Australia Alpha Wars roll on as Smith feels contact and gets Rabada sent. Or does he? Yes. Meanwhile TGC calls for a crowd-sourced Wikipedia page, before Adam Collins brings actual insights and tells of actual guests on his own cast (it’s a good cast). We finish with the most expansive #AskTGC yet – pondering the important questions about rigs, Dads, alphadom and other new territory. It’s a show.


37. Going Tropicana, with Ed Cowan

Let’s be honest, this show’s about sledging. Along the way you’ll hear from Cricinfo’s Dan Brettig, Ed Cowan joins to take your questions, talk retirement, and reinforce his deep affection for George Bailey, and we finish with the most abstract AskTGC yet, where Higgos raises something called The Experience Machine, and the rest of us contemplate the impact of Brexit on rigs. Thanks as always to Adrian Leung for the intro tune and Toby Shain for the ads and voiceovers.


36. Alpha Wars, with Merv Hughes

We return for the clash of the Alpha nations to talk Qantas shares, post capitalism, Andrew Daddo, Ivan Milat, and Dele Alli. Adam Collins helpfully guides us through the cricket itself, and Merv delivers as Merv does. * Tea and No Sympathy will be out in the UK on June 7. ** We do events now too. For all your bespoke club cricket entertainment needs in Australia or the UK, talk to us. Big thanks to Toby Shain for music and Julia Dowe for graphics.


35. Season Finale (Part 2), with Mitch Marsh and George Bailey

Double the guests and double the hours of pure alpha to close out our second series. We split this one into two parts. First, we’re joined by freelancer extraordinaire Vithushan Ehantharajah, who explains why England are so good with the white ball and how to doctor a ball correctly. We also talk to Mitch Marsh, the cricketer everyone wants to be, who in-turn talks about the perfection of Marcus Stoinis. For Part Two, we finally get our man: George Bailey gives us half an hour of his best –...