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An in-depth look at Footy's greatest season: 1993. Presented by Adam Collins, Shannon Gill and Dan Brettig. Produced by Bad Producer Productions

An in-depth look at Footy's greatest season: 1993. Presented by Adam Collins, Shannon Gill and Dan Brettig. Produced by Bad Producer Productions
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An in-depth look at Footy's greatest season: 1993. Presented by Adam Collins, Shannon Gill and Dan Brettig. Produced by Bad Producer Productions






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Hands were shaken, deals signed, the press was called in. Footscray was no more. Or was it? While Melbourne went into shock Dennis Galimberti made the fateful phone call to a 31 year-old Peter Gordon. Gordon was a lifelong Footscray supporter who had been a recent annoyance to the club’s board with his agitation; his contention was that the club and the game itself belonged to the people and not the suits. Peter Gordon joins us on The Greatest Season That Was Presents – The Fitzroy...



The Greatest Season That Was presents...the Fitzroy Bulldogs. In 1989, Rod Austin had a unique position to witness the proposed merger between Fitzroy and Footscray. Austin served on Footscray's coaching staff and had the merger moved ahead, would have coached the combined side in 1990. The Greatest Season That Was is produced by Bad Producer Productions. Support the show.



Before Fitzroy’s 90s demise there was the 80s, when despite constant speculation on their survival the Lions defied the odds and prospered. Finals appearances in 1981, 1983, 1984 and 1986 was not the stuff of a club on death row – in a decade where just 3 clubs shared 9 of the 10 premierships they were as competitive as anyone else. But the financial issues were ever present, and at various times in the mid-80s it appeared that Fitzroy was on the verge of merging with any one of Melbourne,...



In 1989 the Footscray Football Club had the stench of death to it. After a promising mid-80s period, finances had dried up, and energy was sapped. On-field results followed. Debt mounted. The club was technically insolvent. The flashpoint came in 1988 amidst dwindling crowd and lack of government or council support its Western Oval home became a political split in the club. Without a viable home how would they survive? Things didn’t get better in 1989 and when the VFL did the hard sell on...



There’s a fuzzy feeling for footy fans the week after the Grand Final. The fever pitch that builds over the finals series, the climax of the day, the new heroes feted, the realisation that its 6 months before we’ll see a ball kicked in anger. It's like a hangover in the sun. But within 3 days the afterglow of the 1989 Grand Final was shattered when the story broke that Fitzroy and Footscray were to become the Fitzroy Bulldogs, seemingly overnight and without warning. The Greatest Season...


11: Australia - Damien Fleming

Australia’s World Cup record stands above all others. After 2019 they sit on 5 titles and justifiable claims to be the World Cup kings over its 44 year history, with India and the West Indies sitting far behind on two wins each. Implausible as it may now seem though, going into 1999 Australia were more seen as the World Cup chokers. After its outsider win in 1987 Australia had seemingly set the pace in ODI cricket leading into its hosting role in 1992, and had earned outright favouritism....


10: South Africa - Lance Klusener

South Africa announced its arrival back to world cricket at the 1992 World Cup and they were immediately a force. Whilst results in Test cricket were strong, it was one day cricket that had grown around the world in South Africa’s absence, and its seemed its players and fans wanted to make up for lost time- they took to the game with fervour. A heartbreaking loss in the 1992 semi-final was followed by another strong performance in the 1996 world Cup where they were unbeaten until a shock...


COMING SOON...Lance Klusener

South Africa's Lance Klusener dominated the 1999 Cricket World Cup. We'll share his story in the next episode of The Greatest Season That Was Presents...1999 The Cricket World Cup. Produced by Bad Producer Productions. Support the show.


9: India - Harsha Bhogle

Throughout the course of the 1990s, India’s standing in the global game experienced a revolution, turbocharged by a passion for one-day international cricket By the time the 1999 World Cup rolled around, expectations were lofty. Having fallen short when co-hosting the tournament in 1996, they came to England boasting healthy balance of experience and youth with Sachin Tendulkar well into his lengthy period at the very top of the game. They were right to believe that they had every chance...


8: New Zealand - Geoff Allott

There were more than a few breakout stories in 99, but few more fascinating than that of a left-arm pace bowling spearhead from New Zealand who used a three fingers "claw" grip on the white Dukes ball to swing it just the right amount and finish the tournament equal leading wicket taker with Shane Warne. His name was Geoff Allott, and his '99 World Cup was one of three major highlights in an otherwise brief international career. As a young cricketer who took up fast bowling relatively...


7: Zimbabwe - Andy Flower

By 1999 Zimbabwe had experienced some fleeting success at World Cups; upsetting Australia in 1983, and Eddo Brandes destroying England in 1992 being the standouts. The era that followed those landmark wins however, is a beacon for Zimbabwe cricket. Through the 90s they gained test status and steadily built a competitive side. Heath Streak, the Flower brothers and Alistair Campbell were just a few of the players who drive this generation of cricket. 1999 became Zimbabwe’s global coming out...


6: Inaugural CEO of the English & Wales Cricket Board - Tim Lamb

As a follow-up to our episode with Tournament Director Terry Blake, Adam Collins talks to Tim Lamb, the CEO of the English & Wales Cricket Board during the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Support the show.


5: Tournament Director - Terry Blake

After a trying decade for England cricket, their chance to host the 1999 World Cup was seen as a prized opportunity to revitalize the sport by capturing the public imagination when the carnival came to town. It was a mighty task. To do so, a lot needed to go right both on and off the field. Some did, some didn’t – not helped by England’s premature and controversial departure. But for all the mishaps that can be looked back on two decades later, such as a lacklustre opening ceremony or a...


4: Bangladesh - Aminul Islam

They were called the ‘minnows’ the non-Test playing nations that won their way through to the World Cup. Pre 1999 Sri Lanka, East Africa, Canada, Zimbabwe, Kenya, the Netherlands and the UAE had all played World Cups without Test status. In 1999 it was Kenya, Scotland and for the first time ever at a, World Cup Bangladesh. While cricket had been played in the region for nearly 200 years, its popularity in the former East Bengal was limited. The Partition of British India saw the region...


3: England - Alec Stewart

If the 1980s was English cricket’s decade of sex, drugs and rock and roll excess, the 1990s were its decidedly milder and meeker decade. An English team that for the most part had been losing, slipped further in the pecking order of world cricket as the sport appeared to slip down the list of priorities for a nation. Alec Stewart was the constant of this decade of English cricket. IN fact he was highest Test run-scorer in the World during the 1990s. He seemed to be the Mr Fix-it man for a...


2: Why 99?

The Greatest Season That Was Presents...99 The Cricket World Cup. Adam Collins, Dan Brettig and Shannon Gill are back with a new series that tells the story of the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Was it the greatest? Let us know what you think on Twitter. The Greatest Season That Was is produced by Bad Producer Productions. Support the show.


1: The Greatest Season That Was Presents...99 The Cricket World Cup

Was 1999 The Greatest Cricket World Cup there was? Perhaps. If not the greatest, what about the quirkiest? The most interesting? Over the next seven weeks, Adam Collins, Dan Brettig and Shannon Gill will share their reasons why the 1999 Cricket World Cup was home to some of the most memorable moments in the history of cricket, and therefore the greatest that was. Episode Two will explore the above questions. Episode Three will feature an in-depth and candid conversation with England's...


Episode 22 - The Greatest Cricket Podcast That Was...and still is.

Thanks for supporting The Greatest Season That Was: 93 We'll have an update on our next project soon. In the meantime, our very own Adam Collins, continues to chase summer and cricket in his podcast The Final Word. We want to support Adam and his co-host Geoff Lemon, so we're sharing this special episode recorded live at Fitzroy's Commercial Club Hotel on January 17, 2019. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks for listening to The Final Word and thanks for your support...


Episode 21 - The Greatest Songs from the Greatest Season That Was: 1993

The AFL season may be over, but there’s still a few little things to keep #Ninety3 alive. When we had our chat with Rohan Connolly about the top ten games of 1993, the conversation inevitably turned to music. Here’s a little bonus episode where we talk about the soundtrack to 1993, inspired by Rohan’s music podcast Ruck N’Roll. This episode features the following songs: Ace of Base - All That She Wants the Breeders - Cannonball Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop...


Episode 20 - Essendon: Victory for the Bombers

1993 for Essendon is a story of comebacks, debuts and tactics. Driving it all was the unique approach and attitude of AFL Legend, Kevin Sheedy. The Greatest Season That Was: 93 documents our contention that in 1993, footy was never better. Hosted by Adam Collins, Dan Brettig and Shannon Gill, this series is an in-depth exploration of one amazing season. The Greatest Season That Was: 93 is produced by Jay Mueller and edited by Thom Lion. Check out Bad Producer Productions for more...