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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at
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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at




The Grey NATO - Ep 66 - We're Back!

WE. ARE. BACK. Summer break is over and the The Grey NATO returns - with news! Moving forward, the show is now brought to you by HODINKEE. Running alongside the excellent HODINKEE Radio (new episodes every Monday), TGN will now post a new episode every other Thursday. No change to your feed and, aside from the occasional ad, no change to the format of the show. Given the extended break, Episode 66 is a catch up between James and Jason to see how they spent the last chunk of summer. Fast...


The Grey NATO - Ep 56 - Basel And Back Again

The one you’ve all been waiting for - The Baselworld 2018 Megasode! From Tudor and Rolex to Oris, Vortic, and more, the guys are chatting about everything they liked (and can remember) from the biggest show in the game. Recorded back home and with James battling some impressive jet lag, it's all watches. And some gear. And a quick Q&A. And some final notes. Just press play and thanks for listening, send your feedback and questions to Baltic


The Grey NATO - Ep 55 - New York & The Bremont Townhouse

Face to face in NYC for the Bremont Townhouse, Jason and James do a bit of kicking around the city before digging into the latest from Bremont. Touring Away luggage, the Hodinkee offices, and the wonderful Prince Street Pizza, the boys fuelled up for a packed schedule with Bremont at their incredible SoHo townhouse. Don’t quit after the break as the guys have a full set of Final Notes, including a pair of great new watch straps, winter climbing on K2, and Guy Martin’s Spitfire. Just press...


The Grey NATO - Ep 54 - New Watch Season

It’s March and that means new watch season is in full swing and we’ve got shiny new stuff from Garmin, Doxa, Bremont, and more. The guys catch up after some travel and share their thoughts on the new Breitling Navitimer 8 line after the recent launch event in NYC. Episode 54 is packed with a great looking new Hamilton hand winder, Quaid brings The Right Stuff, LEGO rockets, the "Watch and Listen" Podcast, Endurance, and a man at the end of the world. Just press play and thanks for listening!...


The Grey NATO - Ep 53 - A Tale Of Two Dive Watches

Surprise - we’re talking watches! After a quick look forward at upcoming trips and what it’s like to drive AMGs on a frozen lake, the guys dig into a handful of new watches. Jason has a bevy of budget chronographs, James finally got a Doxa, and they both share their thoughts on the new Farer Aqua Compressor and the MKII Paradive Gen 3. Stick around for Final Notes to go deeper on why complaining is useless, an incredible long read from David Grann, a shipwreck bounty that is too good to be...


The Grey NATO - Ep 52 - Watchmaker Q&A // Jason Gallop (Roldorf & Co)

Episode 52 is a special interview with Jason Gallop (@roldorf), a WOSTEP-trained watchmaker, diver, land rover enthusiast, and owner of Roldorf & Co in Vancouver, Canada. Jason shares his background in watch appreciation and watchmaking and then tackles a stack of your questions. Thanks to all who sent in questions! Just press play and thanks so much for listening! Roldorf & Co Jason’s Instagram Chat with Merlin of Nomos Watches...


The Grey NATO - Ep 51 - Live From Geneva It's SIHH

Jason is in a noisy apartment in Geneva, so it must be SIHH! In a sort of seen/unseen format, Jason and James break down some of their favs from SIHH, Jason with first-hand experience and James with all that the internet could offer to dull the pain of missing one of the big shows. From the Baumatic to the FiftySix, Geosphere, 38mm Luminors, and the stunning new Polaris line, SIHH had its share of strange, wonderful, and interesting. To wrap it up we have A Man and His Watch, Super Alpine,...


The Grey NATO - Ep 50 - Oak & Oscar & More

We made it to 50!!!! (thanks to all of you). Episode 50 kicks off the new year with a jam-packed episode where Jason and James get a chance to catch up after having not recorded for nearly a month, James' face to face chat with Chase Fancher of Oak & Oscar, and a full complement of Final Notes. Pour yourself an extra cup of coffee and dig in - just press play and thanks for listening! Girard Perregaux 1966 WW.TC MK II Paradive Pinion Atom...


The Grey NATO - Ep 49 - The Rocky Mountain Way

Recorded live and face-to-face during Oris’ 2018 preview, Jason and James are in the Rockies of Colorado for some skiing and a lot of watches. From the new Oris Clipperton LE to many watches we can’t yet talk about, Jason and James are frolicking in the thin air, making turns and chatting watches. After that we have incredible stereos from Burmester and Porsche, what it’s like to connect two cave systems by hand and a hands-on look at the cockpit of an SR-71. Just press play and thanks for...


The Grey NATO - Ep 48 - Collection Inspection Vol 5

Collection Inspection is back with Jason’s Doxa SUB200 T.Graph Searambler and James’ Silvana Skin Diver! It's a double vintage episode! Add to that the new Longines Avigation BigEye, “The Kraken” in Bonaire, a NATO giveaway from Kill Hubris and Crown & Buckle, and much more. Finally, we’ve got new camera bags, backpacks, awesome monthly newsletters, and Projekt Grenadier. Just press play and thanks for listening! Send your questions to Kill Hubris straps with Crown and...


The Grey NATO - Ep 47 - Random Holiday Gift Guide

Episode 47 is a download from Jason’s recent trip to Cabo Pulmo with Rolex and Sylvia Earle and James’ time behind the wheel of the new Aston Martin DB11 V8. Trips aside, James has been hands-on with new gear from Outlier and Nomos and Jason is taking the “Kraken” to Bonaire. For the main topic, the guys deliver a buying guide for random gifts this holiday season. Attempting to look past the usual gift options and TGN favs, Jason and James offer a list of interesting and oddball...


The Grey NATO - Ep 46 - Sartorial Adventures

In this episode, we started chatting about clothes and then entered some sort of a fugue state that encompassed much of an episode. From Patagonia, Gustin and Eddie Bauer to Uniqlo, Sitka, and a great many socks - we’ve got you covered. Literally. Jason and James also chat about new watches, smooth NATOs, Formula 1, the wreck of the Gunilda, and Vulfpeck’s “Hero Town”. Thanks for listening, just press play! Send your questions to . Jason in Cabo Plumo with Rolex...


The Grey NATO - Ep 45 - A New York State Of Mind

Episode 45! This week Jason is in New York and we’re playing catch up on a bunch of new happenings. Cars, watches, magazines, gear, we’ve got it all. James has been driving some very fast cars for and Jason has been driving something so slow just for himself! New watches abound with smaller Panerais, larger Rolex, old Speedys, and a GIANT Citizen. Just press play and thanks so much for listening! Send your questions to Oak and Oscar Watch Wallet...


The Grey NATO - Ep 44 - The English Tour

Episode 44 is a mixed episode featuring an interview with Giles and Nick English, the founders of Bremont watches. James caught up with the Bremont Brothers in Memphis for their English Tour - vintage cars, watches, parking lot repairs, we’ve got it all. To round it off, Jason and James chat about the tour and offer up a full fat serving of Final Notes. Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by Kill Hubris - a clothing and accessories brand created by a fellow watch geek and TGN...


The Grey NATO - Ep 43 - The Hermes Adventure

Episode 43 is a debrief on the last few trips of summer, including a deep dive on Jason’s recent trip to Sri Lanka and his dive on the HMS Hermes. From Monterey to Colombo we’re talking cars, planes, shipwrecks, dive watches and more. Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by Kill Hubris - a clothing and accessories brand created by a fellow watch geek and TGN fan. Check out and follow @killhubris on instagram. Thanks for listening, just press play! Muyshondt Flieger...


The Grey Nato - Ep 42 - Jason Lim of Halios Watches

With both James and Jason travelling over the past few weeks, Episode 42 is a special interview with Jason Lim of Halios Watches. James sat down with Jason at his Halios office in Vancouver and they chatted about creating a watch brand, design inspiration, Roy Scheider, the beauty of Seiko, and much much more. Just press play and thanks for listening. Any questions, please feel free to write: Halios Halios Seaforth Review


The Grey NATO - Ep 41 - Diving 101

Jason is in Sri Lanka, James is off to Pebble Beach, and Episode 41 is about many things, including how to get into diving, meeting Conrad Anker, new watches, and more. From pocket knives and wallet decisions, to new beginnings and the Rado Captain…Cook. Just press play, thanks for listening! Jason in Sri Lanka Hermes James’ review of the Halios Seaforth Omega X-33 Regatta Oris Chronoiris...


The Grey Nato - Ep 40 - TGN EDC

It’s Episode 40 and we’re talking EDC (or more accurately, our favorite daily stuff). Supporter bundles are sold out, we’ve got some new recording gear, James is has gone full titanium, and Jason is waist deep in your wallet recommendations (please, no more recommendations). Listen in for a new awesome giveaway, shark diving, SR-71 testing, and way more. Just press play, thanks for listening! Wintercheck Consoli Wallet via Andrea’s Gifs Seaforth diving!...


The Grey Nato - Ep 39 - Seaforth

We’ve waited and mentioned it many times before and now the Halios Seaforth is in the wild! Both Jason and James ordered their ideal version of this hot new diver and the guys break down all the details, #teampastel style. In addition to announcing the new TGN Supporter Bundles, Jason is looking for wallet recommendations and James is off to Pebble Beach (say hi if you’re gonna be there). For final notes, we’ve got lost space stations, a new ebook about watch photography, Netflix’s “Chasing...


The Grey Nato - Ep 38 - Does In-House Matter?

TGN Episode 38 is all about “In-House” movements - do they even matter? We dig into the various blends of in-house and kick off what may well be an ongoing conversation about the actual wrist value of a manufacture movement. We also announce the winner of the #Oris65TGN giveaway, chat about sailing in Bermuda, a couple of new watches from Halios and IWC, and offer up a solid trio for Final Notes. Just press play, thanks very much for listening and please send your feedback to...