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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at
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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at




The Grey NATO - Ep 66 - We're Back!

WE. ARE. BACK. Summer break is over and the The Grey NATO returns - with news! Moving forward, the show is now brought to you by HODINKEE. Running alongside the excellent HODINKEE Radio (new episodes every Monday), TGN will now post a new episode every other Thursday. No change to your feed and, aside from the occasional ad, no change to the format of the show. Given the extended break, Episode 66 is a catch up between James and Jason to see how they spent the last chunk of summer. Fast...


The Grey Nato - Question & Answer #1

Question and answer #1 - more to come! Send your questions to


The Grey Nato - EP 20 - "Seiko"

This week we decided to go deep on one of our favorite brands, Seiko! From our roots in watch collecting to recent finds and what we’d love to see in the future of this prolific brand. Have a great Seiko story, a fav model or a Seiko grail? Let us know at After Seiko, Jason and James talk about everything from cheap blankets to sport coats, tax forms and, what else is new, Porsches. Just press play, thanks so much for listening! Jason’s first Seiko 7002 Diver...


The Grey Nato - EP 19 - Watch Accessories

This week the guys are chatting about things we buy for our watches: straps, tools, and more. From NATOs to leather, rubber and bracelets, James and Jason offer their favs after many years of trial and error. After that we have a packed line up for new business and final notes, covering Jason’s Breitling Emergency to James’ new show bag, the new John McAfee documentary, Jason’s love of dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a new carabiner on Kickstarter and Chris Harris at the Goodwood Revival....


The Grey Nato - EP 18 - In Focus: Take Better Photos

This week the guys are talking photography: cameras, gear, techniques, tips, tricks and more. From watches, to cars, landscape and underwater, if you like to shoot, give it a listen. Jason is back from a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana and James just too delivery of a very travel-ready vintage Seiko. Finally, the guys have recommendations for excellent photo ebooks, a post about a unique Rolex for the Transglobe expedition, and one of Jason’s fav new blogs. All this and more, just...


The Grey Nato - EP 17 - On Paper/On Wrist: The Doxa 50th Sub 300

We have a new logo! Congrats to our selected designer Greg Behrens (@gregorybehrens) for his excellent design! This week we're reviewing a watch, sort of. In a new format we're calling On Paper/On Wrist, we're taking a look at the Doxa 50th Anniversary Sub 300, a watch Jason has dive with and James hasn't seen at all. We'll look at the Doxa from both the online perspective and the on wrist experience. Later we discuss James' recent blast though Bavaria with Porsche, Jason's connected dive...


TGN Chats - Merlin Schwertner (Nomos Watches) And Jason Gallop (Roldorf & Co)

Surprise! Another TGN Chats. This one features a quick chat with Merlin Schwertner, US VP of Nomos Watches, and Jason Gallop, a watch maker and the owner of Roldorf and Co in Vancouver, BC. Jason recently became the only Canadian authorized dealer for Nomos and we thought it’d be great to get these two guys chatting about Nomos, watches in Vancouver, and the realities of watch retail. Enjoy and please follow Nomos @nomos_glashuette and Roldorf @roldorf. Chat to you soon!


The Grey Nato - EP 16 - "Collection Inspection Volume 2"

Collection Inspection Volume 2! In this episode Jason and James chat about a couple great watches from their collections, the Bremont S2000 and the Halios Tropik. Later in the show, the guys chat about everything from rides in jet planes, to new vintage Doxas, old school dive watches, self help gurus, finding Great White sharks and your brain on marketing. Questions? - thanks for listening! Halios Tropik Halios Watches James's...


The Grey Nato - Ep 15 - "Peak Bag"

This week we're talking bags, bags and a few more bags. From camera bags to daypacks, giant backpacks and the perfect bag for Basel, James and Jason may have a problem. Also on the show: James' successful summiting of Mt. Baker, jet rides with Breitling, wreck diving, Cousteau and a history of atmospheric diving suits - try to keep up ;) Press play and please review on itunes if you're liking the show. Questions? Send us an email: Main Topic - Bags "Basel" bag Kata 465...


TGN Chats - Chase Fancher :: Oak & Oscar

Wait, what Tuesday is it? Just kidding, we’re trying something new. Introducing TGN Chats, a special surprise series for interviews and special guests. For our first chat, @jasonheaton sat down with Chase Fancher of @OakandOscar to chat about their new watch, the Sandford. From the struggles of starting your own watch brand to the pressure of following up the highly successful Burnham, this chat is a personal look at a small brand on the rise - if you’re subscribed to @thegreynato, it’s in...


The Grey Nato - EP 14 - "TGN Summit"

TGNSUMMIT! Jason came to Vancouver and we adventured! From great food to hiking in the north shore mountains and diving in the chilly waters of Howe Sound, we went fully Grey Nato on Vancouver and our main topic is a recap of the weekend. Watches, new hiking shoes, jelly fish and rubber natos, we’ve got it all covered. In Q&A we chat about GMT watches under $2500 and make a few recommendations for great watches to commemorate a graduation. As per usual, final notes is a mix of cars, daring...


The Grey Nato - Ep 13 - "Cars And Watches"

WATCHES AND CARS! This week Jason and James are chatting about automotive inspired watches, from the Speedmaster to the Daytona, Carrera, Monaco and so so many more. We also chat about traveling with watches and smaller sport watches in Q&A and follow it up with an adventurous, even murderous, Final Notes. Just click play. Full notes and links available at - thanks for listening! Omega Speedmaster in 1957 Rolex Daytona Heuer Carrera...


The Grey Nato - Episode 12 - "One Watch???"

Episode 12 is all about the “One Watch” question - listener Scott wrote in to ask if we could only have one watch, what would it be? We made this question our main topic for the show, so join us as we walk through our watch-picking process and answer this troublesome question. This week we also have a special interview as Jason sat down with Hamilton Powell, the man behind (@crownandcaliber) to chat about the vintage and pre-owned watch markets, the consignment game and...


The Grey Nato - Episode 11 - "What's Old Is New (again)"

It's episode 11 and Jason's chasing lizards in Florida while James is back from the canyons of LA. The main topic this week is the trend of "New Vintage" design in watches. Likely the biggest overall trend in watches these days, the guys get to the bottom of why we want new old watches. Keeping with the theme, Q&A covers diving with old watches and why Panerai watches aren't always considered divers. Listen to the end for a stacked edition of Final Notes and be sure to send your questions to...


The Grey Nato - Episode 10 - "Collection Inspection: Volume 1"

This week we’re starting a new series, the Collection Inspection, in which we each pick a watch from our personal collection and explain what it is and why we like it. James chose his Omega 2254 Seamaster and Jason his Rolex Submariner 14060M. In Q&A we’re talking dress watches and chatting about some of our favorite hikes, from BC to New Zealand, Alaska and the North East, the list is long so get out there. Finally, we’ve got some certified fresh final notes covering everything from Briggs...


The Grey Nato - Episode 09 - "Open Water Certifiable"

This week Jason and James are talking about scuba diving - how they got their start, gear recommendations and favorite dive sites. Next, the guys have another round of watch-packed Q&A and finally a full serving of final notes to keep you busy until the next episode. Have a question or a comment? Let us know at and thanks for listening! Padi Open Water Certification: Padi Rescue Diver: James’ Gear Zeagle Stiletto BCD:...


The Grey Nato - Episode 08 - "The Ones That Got Away"

This week the Jason and James are reminiscing about the ones that got away - that is, watches we've owned and later regretted selling. From Doxa to Tudor, Longines and Marathon, so many regrets. Jason is back from France with the sounds of vintage Ford race cars still ringing in his ears and James drops into a thin dive watch fugue state while trying to offer some answers in the latest round of Q&A. Finally, we’ve got a piping hot batch of final notes to see you through to the next episode....


The Grey Nato - Episode 07 - "Partners In Time"

Episode 07 is all about watch partnerships - from celebrities, to events, brands and charities, Jason and James are digging deep to try and understand what these partnerships mean the end buyer. To better understand the brand/charity relationship, James has an interview with the Australian Marine Conservation Society who recently refreshed their partnership with Oris and the Aquis Great Barrier Reef II. Later, Jason's enjoying life with a smarter-than-average Breitling and James breaks down...


The Grey Nato - Episode 06 - "Summer Mountain Time"

Jason and James break down their plans for the coming summer adventure season, talk ideal gear for a day in the mountains and do a little Q&A. Finally, don't miss the inaugural TGN interview with Giles English of Bremont Watches - recorded from the Bremont booth at Baselworld 2016. Show Notes: Mount Baker Expedition: Superior Hiking Trail: Rocky Mountain National Park: F-Stop Kenti: Nalgene Water Bottle: Jason’s...


The Grey Nato - Episode 05 - "The Baselworld Jet Lag Megasode"

We made it home from Basel and warmed up the microphones with an extra long timepiece-packed extravaganza. From Tudor, to Rolex, Sinn, Tag Heuer, Bulova, Omega, Bremont, Doxa and Oris - we’re breaking down the best stuff that we saw at the biggest watch show in the world. Powered by insomnia, coffee and pure enthusiasm, this is the Baselworld Jet Lag Megasode, follow the links below for more details and thanks so much for listening - @thegreynato. Tudor Black Bay Bronze:...