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Join your Ian and Ryan every week as they examine out relationship to the natural world, and build the skills for a self-reliant life.

Join your Ian and Ryan every week as they examine out relationship to the natural world, and build the skills for a self-reliant life.
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Join your Ian and Ryan every week as they examine out relationship to the natural world, and build the skills for a self-reliant life.






E37 - Goin' Commando with Ranger Chad

Ever wonder what a BLM Park Ranger does in their free time? Ranger Chad joins Ian as temporary co-host because Ryan is buried in finals week. Ranger Chad tells us the inside scoop on ranger-ing in the four-corners area, his favorite kinds of recreation, and the gear he uses. We discuss the dark history of the Anasazi people, and why they built cliff houses. Also, George HW Bush was a neo-con traitor to the U.S.--rest in hate!


E36 - Tents, Trailers, and Campers--Oh My!

Bro mans--dude bros, in the Hinterland we discuss versatility of shelter options. We explore tents, popup tents, trailers, campers and muchos moreos. We have a lot of fun with this topic. As per usual, expect random rabbit holes. In the news we talk about 90's liberals and contemplate what the heck happened from then until now. Gear review: Ian talks more nonsense about guns.


E35 - Killmmunity

In today's episode we discuss the need to build a community and why it is important. Furthermore, we ponder why many Americans are choosing to remain childless and semi rootless. In the news we discuss John Chau, an American backpacker who was shot and killed by arrows on a remote India island. Afterwards, Ryan gear reviews his binoculars.


E34 - Preparedness and the Blowup Dolls

Today is a wonderful day. Why? Because I said so, and because we're gonna talk about bugging out--inspired by the recent hell-like destruction of Paradise CA. This episode gets a wee bit funny-rowdy-silly. After we discuss the sweet axioms of bugging out, Ryan interviews a special guest, Foreman Randy. Hold on to your seats, cuz Randy sure tears it up. He's on a job site dispensing wicked information about modernity. Lastly, Ian gear reviews something. It's probably stupid. ENJOY!...


E33 - Big Trucks, Small Trucks

Hinterlanders! Sorry for the belated upload. It's Saturday night, and not morning. Oh no! Well, I was out in the Mojave Desert camping and shooting. Other than that, this episode is comparing and contrasting big trucks against small trucks. We have a lot of great side talks as always. Stay tuned my friends. Have a drink and pull up a chair. In the news Ian let's us know how shitty humans are--OR DOES HE?! It's time to Hinterland maggots!


E32 - Samhain

Today we dive into the past for inspiration regarding the changing of the seasons. Specifically summer's end--Samhain. Seasons are-a-changing! Samhain, pronounced sow-in is the Celtic tradition of acknowledging summer's ending and the changing of seasons. It was a time of ritualism and magic. Later, after Christian influence does it morph into what is known today as Halloween. After we discuss Samhain, we share some of our teenage degeneracy. In the news Ian unfolds his hot take on the Saudi...


E31 - The Eight Hinterules of Badassery

Greetings Hinterlanders, today we walk you through the eight hinterules of badassery. Pull up a seat and kick back next to the campfire as we dispense Gandalf-like pithy advice. Afterward Ryan interviews world famous survivalist Jack Coyote. Prepare thyself for some insanity, for that is all Jack knows. Lastly, Ian made a neat lil' folk ditty. Expect good things.


E30 - Solo Camping with the Devil

Right-o, welcome back Hinterlanders. Ever camp alone in the dark? I know, it's spooky and there are many a creature of the night shuffling about, but it is a worthwhile and self reflective experience that we wholeheartedly implore thee to partake in. After we discuss the philosophy and joy of solo camping we naturally turn to the New England demon haunted woods and explore the witch trails. In the news we cook up some juicy horse burgers and give Senator Feinstein the middle finger. Lastly,...


E29 - Scatter Plotting Libertarianism, Occultism, Music and Politics

A free-form and wild ride down libertarianism. We explore left leaning and right leaning libertarians, which leads us down a Wiki-hole to the dark under world of the occult! Not to fear, we juxtapose this against hiking and our deep and profound love of hipster culture (or not). Today we have Sir Morgan, a valiant intellectual to guide us on our way through the mire and miasma of the insanity of free-form chit-chatting. All and all a good episode with a lot of salient points. Sit back and...


E28 - Quaestio et Respondere

Welcome to the Hinterland. Today we discuss user questions and comments from overlanding, to booze to trolling. As always, we have a great time and make-a-da-laughs. Thanks for sending in questions, send more at The Lark in the Strand is the jig that Ryan played and lastly, he gear reviews the M-240 air compressor. Visit for show notes.


E27 - Brotherhood and Blood, Movies for Men

In the Hinterland we discuss our favorite movies that give the male brain tingles and why that is--there is a lot of ideas to unpack in this episode. The conversation as per usual, takes a lens to modernity and we examine modern masculinity and how movies can be a cathartic release for us. Furthermore, stay tuned for some more original metal from Ian. Thanks for visiting your pals Ian and Ryan in the Hinterland. For more info please visit


E26 - Civil War

Greetings Hinterlanders, today we have a special guest, Travis, a gun nut who lives in Seattle, WA, who adds to our discussion about the possibilities of civil war within the US and if we are already on a low scale tech civil war. There are many rabbit holes, shenanigans and fun facts within this episode. Enjoy. Visit for show notes and general information.


E25 - Motorcycling & Eine Menge Schund

Welcome to the Hinterland. Ian interviews Mark and Jim, a couple of cool amigos who recently got back from a motorcycle overland adventure--dumped bikes and muddy roads await. Afterwards, we talk about our own experiences with motorcycling. In the news we discuss an article about how much cashola Americans are spending per month on going out to eat. The conversation quickly turns into a discussion on materialism--eine menge schund! Lastly, Ian gear reviews a sweet nondescript and concealed...


E24 - Tales from the Cryptocurrency

Ever wonder about the technology behind bitcoin? Look no further--in today's episode we discuss what the blockchain is, as well as, bitcoin's ledger, decentralization, and the philosophy behind bitcoin. We also share some of our failed and future hopeful alt-coins. In the news we talk about how great burritos and tacos are, oh yeah, Mollie Tibbits died too. Ryan gear reviews his Casio G-Shock watch and we discuss how every man needs a good watch to unplug from the padmen world. Lastly, stay...


E23 - Backpacking

Greetings adventurers! Today we talk shop about backpacking gear. If you are curious about what it takes to get into backpacking, this is a good starter episode. If you are a seasoned backpacking veteran stay tuned because we discuss gear and the hyper consumerist buy, buy, buy of the outdoor market. In the news we unpack what vocal fry is and guess as to why it has become a popular vocal inflection. Lastly, a new song by Ian tagged onto the end, so stay tuned! Check out...


E22 - Backcountry Adventuring

In the Hinterland Studio we have a special guest, Chad, a backcountry ranger, who discusses what it takes for one to ramp up their adventuring to the next level! He covers some of his trips from packrafting escapades in Alaska to canyoneering delights in Arizona. In the news, Ian's beer sours as we have a good ol' chit-chat about the first male dancer in the NFL. Lastly, Chad gear reviews one of his most used items, the Jetboil Flash cooking system. Pull up a chair, sit next to the campfire...


E21 - Lessons from the Road

We talk about, you guessed it, lessons we learned from our last trip--covering topics such as checking bolts/screws, location devices, what to bring or leave behind etc. In the news we have a nice little rant about social media censorship, i.e., the conspiring to remove conservative opinion. Ian gear reviews his three-legged camp stool. Finally, stay tuned for a sweet Sea Shanty we created and recorded in the field!


E20 - Tall Tales and Desert Trails

A special Hinterland from two nuts in the field. Ian and Ryan update the listeners on their Nevada Trip while camped at 9,300 feet west of Ophir, NV! Their trip is described in full detail from finding ancient evidence of a miner's deviant lifestyle to gambling their life-savings away. Ratchet strap yourself to a chair because this episode is wild! Geo cache 1: 37.80328, -117.73524 Geo cache 2: 37.486063, -117.51829


E19 - Do You Even Lift Bro?

To lift or not to lift? We discuss the geometry of lifting and the necessary investment required to lift a rig. We weigh in on the pros and cons as well as our personal experience with rigging out on forest service roads. We cover the immigration of South African Boers to Russia in the news section. Lastly, Ryan gear reviews the Esee Junglas.


E18 - The Plight of the Navigator

On a scale from 1 to 10 how hot is Coco the Gorilla? Wait, wrong cast. This one is camping-libertarian-too much to drink-navigation-GPS-and so much more!