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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.

Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.
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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.






Ep.49 - The Free Agency Episode

HAPPY CANADA DAY, The guys get together to discuss big news in the NHL Free Agency period. John Tavares, Ilya Kovalchuk, Drew Doughty. Who’s getting better, who’s getting worse. Plus…. why was Gary Bettman inducted into the HOF while he’s still actively in the league?


Ep.46 - Who Wins the Stanley Cup??

The boys get together During memorial day weekend to talk about the Conference finals results and give their opinions on the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals, Who will win? Who will Lose? Will the Washington Capitals finally get it done? Or will the Vegas Golden Knights finish their first season ever with a cup. This and ed clears up the story of him meeting a girl at a bar.


Ep.45 - Is Vegas too Good to be True?

The guys get together to talk about The Vegas Golden Knights making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Is this a true Cinderella story or is the NHL behind something sinister to make sure this team won? The guys discuss this and what’s happening in the east conference finals and more!


Ep.44 - Our Conference Finals Picks

The Boys get together to celebrate the Pittburgh Penguins falling (because Mike’s not around to defend them) and discuss the teams that made the Conference finals and those that fell short. We update our pick challenge and make our picks for round 3. Don’t forget to subscribe to catch all future episodes of The Hockey Show Podcast


Ep.43 - The NHL is Rigged?!

Mike makes his case to prove the NHL is rigged. The guys talk Vegas Sanjose, Boston Tampa, Pittsburgh Washington, and Nashville Winnipeg. Was Tom Wilson’s hit clean? Did he deserve 3 games for it? And why isn’t Brad Marchand getting any sort of penalty for putting his tounge up Callahan’s nose? These topics and the typical drunken banter you’ve come to expect on this episode of the Hockey Show. Click here to enter to win a Hockey Wraparound Gift Card


Ep.42 - Our Second Round Picks and Predictions

Round 2 is here! We give our picks and predictions on all matchups including some house keeping as to who got the most correct picks in the first round. We lick the face of our competitors and cross check the heads of all who get near us as we party hard and probably get all of our picks wrong. Who do you think is advancing to the conference finals? Lets us know on our facebook or twitter! Enter to win a gift card for the Hockey Wraparound, no purchase nessisary Hockey Wraparound Gift...


Ep.41 - First Round Almost Wrapped Up

The Boys get together to discuss who’s already closed out their series and who’s got a few battles to get back in it, or close it out. Will Washington have a typical early exit? Is Nashville on their way back to the final? Vegas swept?! Sponsor: PromoCode HOCKEYSHOW


Ep.40 - First Round So Far

Join the guys as they discuss the start of the first round. Who’s meeting expectations, who’s failing. They discuss the Nazem Kadri and Drew Doughty hits and suspensions. Are the Caps doomed to fail in the first again? Will the Leafs put up a fight? Can Anahiem put a stop to the sharks dominance? Take a listen. 50 Green Biscuit Give away! Click Here to Enter we are giving away 50 green biscuits as a celebration for joining the WeLive.Hockey family. Sponsor: MyBookie.AG Use Promocode...


Ep.39 - Our First Round Playoff Picks

The Boy’s get together to make their first round NHL Stanley Cup playoff predictions. Do you agree with their picks do you think they are out of their mind. Let us know!


Ep.38 - We Quit Our Jobs to Become Emergency Backup Goalies

The Guys talk NHL topics. Playoff Matchups and the crazy story of Scott Foster who played 14 minutes of Shutout hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks. That plus all the typical nonsense you’ve come to expect. Make sure you subscribe before the playoffs start as we go into our weekly NHL Playoff format. Music: Assuming We Survive - Open Water


Ep.36 - NHL Trade Deadline, How’d Your Team Do?

Mike hops a flight to Nashville to track down Carrie Underwood, while the rest of the guys discuss the NHL trade deadline, the impact to your team. As well as the insanely successful season ticket drive put on by the Seattle NHL investment group. Music: Goodbye June - Daisy


Ep.35 - Would an NHL Team in Europe Work?

Get Caught up with the guys as they talk Olympics, The Seattle Bid, and what would the NHL in Europe look like? Sponsored by: HealthIQ


Ep.34 - Jagr, The Olympics, Marchand, and Rappers

This week We talk about Jagr getting cut, the Olympics starting later this week, and marchand’s suspension and reputation. The guys pre-game a bit harder than normal and things threaten to go off the rails. Sponsored by: Visit now to get your free quote!


Ep.33 - The Show Takes over Montreal

The boys spent the weekend in Montreal and turned on the studio the moment they got home. Hear us recap our weekend in the City of Saints. Sponsored by: Health IQ, to get your free insurance quote visit: Or use Promo Code “THS” when Music: Carissa Johnson - Delaria


Ep.32 - Should the NHL Change the Winter Classic?

Has the excitement of the Winter Classic worn off yet? Is the NHL ready to make changes to the event? The guys get together to discuss the winter classic, the IIHF World Junior Championship. Also What is your favorite NHL Expansion logo? Also a final update about our company trip to Montreal, if you are interested in lacing them up with the boys in the city of poutine you can e-mail us at Sponsor


5 Minute Major - Ep.18 What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

Go Check out the Video Version of this episode of 5 Minute Major:


5 Minute Major - Ep.17 What’s Wrong with the Edmonton Oilers?

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook or Youtube to view the video version of this episode


Ep.29 - The Sport all Hockey Fans Need to Watch

Happy Thanksgiving! Nick Recaps his trip to Chicago to see a Blackhawks game, The boy’s recap their Thanksgivings and we talk about a sport that you might not know about, that all hockey fans should check out called “Hurling”


Ep.28 - Who are the Top6 NHL Players of the 90’s?

Who are your Top6 NHL players from the 90’s. The guys get together to discuss the outcome of the most recent “Top6″ released from where you get to go vote on your Top6! Let us know on our social media pages who your Top6 are, and if you agree with ours. Special thanks to Sponsors: Seat Giant - www.Seatgiant.CA Music: Hockey Dad - Homely Feeling


So… You want to learn to play hockey, Eh?

The guys welcome a complete bender into the studio to talk about learning to play hockey as an adult. Ever tried yourself? Lace em up and join us. Sponsors: My Booki e get 50% of your first deposit matched! Use promo code “HOCKEYSHOW” Music Guest: Assuming we Survive - Open Waters