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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.

Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.
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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.






Ep.73 - Season 3 Finale

The boys give a final rundown of the season. Where does this post season rank in your top 10 playoff years for entertainment value? Sore losers in Boston, Sore winners in St. Louis or do people need thicker skin? Who parties harder, Ovie, or Brett Hull? These important questions and more as we celebrate the St. Louis Blues getting it done and finally bringing a cup home!


Ep.72 - Are missed called the same as "Cheating"?

Right before Game 6 started the Boys hit the studio to talk about the 3rd team on the ice, the reaction of players, fans, coaches. And what "Cheating" Exactly means. Does a missed call constitute cheating... or is everyone crying over what's always been part of the game? Grab a six pack and enjoy this podcast before game 7 in Boston on Wednesday


Ep.71 - The Stanley Cup Finals Preview!

This is it! It's Time! The match up we've all been waiting for, but no one expected! The St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins fight like it's 1970 for the Stanley Cup! Grab some BBQ and some Clam Chowder and listen to our hosts thoughts on the match up in an abbreviated Memorial Day Episode of the Hockey Show.


Ep.70 - Is the NHL Using Refs to Fix Games?

The guys hit the couch to discuss the Bruins sweep over Carolina, The Current state of the Stl.v San Jose series. and discuss not only the handpass incident from the Western Conference Finals, But all the unfortunate reffing situations in the 2019 playoffs. Which brings up Mike's theory.... is there a way the NHL could be influencing the outcome of Playoff series?


Ep.69 - The Conference Finals / EP 69 Celebration

The boys hit the couch to talk about the final match ups in each conference. Are the Bruins the obvious choice to win it all? Can the Sharks finally get it done? Who's be out performing expectations and who needs to take a seat. All that plus Ed tries to break his record of how drunk you can get during a show. Come and join us while we celebrate Episode 69!


Ep.68 - The Real Bunch of Jerks

The Boys fight for the title of.... a Bunch of Jerks. The Canes sweep their way into the East Finals. We preview the Conference finals, and what has been the better series to watch this round, The Bruins/Jackets or Sharks/Avs? That and all the usual nonsense. Come Party!


Ep.67 - Round 1 Recap / Round 2 Expectations

The boys get together to discuss what happened in the craziest round 1's we've ever seen. Upsets galore, Who now stands on top of the expectation list of the East and the West. The controversy surrounding the end of the Vegas Golden Knights and the San Jose Sharks game 7. What player's family was receiving death threats from the opposing fan base? These stores and we share our picks for round 2!


Ep.66 - The Tampa Bay Choke Job

The Tampa Bay Choke Job, USA V. Finland, Calgary fizzles, and Ed gets drunk. The boys get together to discuss this weeks games, where we are in first round, and we point fingers at who's responsible for the biggest upset in playoff series history. Music: Saint Small - Skate Sharpener



The Boys get together to discuss the first round so far. How many games will Kadri get? Does his agression help or hurt the Maple Leafs? What the hell is happening to the Tampa Bay Lightning? Will Winnipeg wake up or is this St. Louis's series to lose? These questions and many more!


Ep.64 - Our First Round Picks

PLAYOFF TIME IS HERE! The boys get together to make their first round picks. Leave your picks in the comment sections or tweet us directly @HockeyShowPod. See where we agree, and disagree. What did we get wrong, what do you agree with? let us know!


Ep.63 - The NHL Needs to Change Their Playoff Format

The guys get together to discuss current NHL news and happenings and get into a discussion about the Current and past versions of the NHL Playoff format. What's more successful? Division play? 1-8/2-7? was there anything historical that we can pull from that would be a better idea. Is the Conference final doomed to be a boring match up on both sides of the league? That and more!


Ep.62 - Did the Bruins Just Become Cup Favorites?

The Boston Bruins are Currently 15-0-4 in the last 19 games. Does this change anything about our Stanley Cup Pics? Can the Boston Bruins take down the Mighty Tampa Bay Lightning? Are they too hot too early, with about 14 more games left in the season? The Boys take to the couch to discuss the Boston Bruins, and if they've got a shot at the Stanley Cup this year, as well as the rest of the NHL Playoff picture starting to take shape.


Ep.61 - The Legend of Nikita Kucherov

The boy's get together during the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers NHL Stadium Series game to talk current trades, NHL news, thoughts on outdoor games and a Discussion about what it means to be the best player in history, Will Ovechkin even get close to Gretzky's goal record, and who's the next guy up behind him. Most will say McDavid, but there's potential that it's a certain guy in Tampa Bay who's showing he's got what it takes to produce big numbers.


Ep.60 - Can Women Play in the NHL?

The guys get together and discuss the attention the women got at the NHL All Star Game and the backlash of both positive and negative comments from experts and internet trolls alike, and end up disagreeing with the future of Womens' Hockey and sports in general.


Ep.59 - Why Peter Chiarelli Was Fired

Was Peter Chiarelli Doomed from the start or did he make his own bed? Was his success in Boston a symptom of the team he built? What's the biggest reason Chiarelli was fired in Edmonton? Does he deserve another GM job in the league? The boys get together during the all star break to discuss all things Chiarelli as well as all their normal hooligan antics.


Ep.58 - Why is a lockout likely in 2020

The gang gets together for the first of the year to talk all things recent hockey events. The Turmoil in Columbus, The World Juniors, William Nylander isn't producing after signing his new contract. Also... are we headed for another NHL lockout, and why? Is Escrow to blame?


Ep.57 - Benn and Seguin Trashed by Stars Front Office?

The boys are a bit tired after the wedding of our brother Ed. But we won't leave you hanging! This week we talk about the small controversy brewing in Dallas. Were the comments made by Jim Lites against his own players a motivation tactic, or was he just venting? We discuss Arizona moving to the Central division and what that could mean for the future of the franchise.


Ep.56 - The Hockey Show Gets Sued?

In response to the attention we received from not only the internet but the community surrounding the Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League in regards to the video we posted one player violently attacking another during a game, The guys get together to air out their feelings on the event, the actions of the public, and react to being threatened by Hockey Mom's to be sued and reported to state and federal authorities for sharing a news story. Have a listen, Get all the details and let us know...


Ep.55 - Nylander Signs and The Sens to Quebec?

The Boys react to Nylander's extention with the Maple Leafs, Also... Is Melnyk an Evil business man who will move the Ottawa Sens to Quebec?


Ep.54 - The Best and Worst of the NHL

The NHL is about at the Quarter mark for the season and the guys get together to talk about all things NHL through the first 20 games. Who is a dirtier player, Tom Wilson or Milan Lucic? Who's got the best Line in Hockey, The Colorado Avalanche, or the Boston Bruins? Who fires their head coach in order to pick up Joel Quenneville? Is Toronto ready to part ways with William Nylander? or Give him what he wants? Also, whats a bigger story... the Uber driver who released the video... or what...