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EP 11: John Gale

John Gale is the Conservation Director for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA). He’s also a fifth-generation Idahoan who grew up engaged in politics at a young age. Nowadays John is the man on Capitol Hill for BHA and he’s as immersed in public land policy as anyone in the conservation game. I caught up with John at BHA’s Rendezvous to drink some local beer and try to get the whole story on the present and future of the battle for public lands. We spoke about our public lands legacy,...


EP 10: Aron Snyder

Aron Snyder's official title is President/CEO at Kifaru international and Host of the Kifarucast podcast, but he's a whole lot more than that. He's handy with a trad bow, and spends up to 150 days a year on the mountain. He's been in the hunting podcast world for as long as just about anyone, and he's a wealth of knowledge because of it. Snyder also doesn't really care what most folks think. He's brutally honest in all the best ways. The result is a conversation with little held back...


EP 9: Jesse Griffiths

Chef Jesse Griffiths is a encyclopedia of wild game cookery. He's also a down-home Texan that does things his way and never apologizes. He's also an author, owner of Dai Due Supper Club and all-around educator of the art of butchering. All of that is precisely the reason I decided to sit down with Griffiths for episode No. 9. We talked about key concepts around sourcing food, appreciating the stories our food tells, wild pork, hunting to fill the freezer, tips on getting the most out of...


EP 8: Sam Soholt

Sam Soholt is a nomad. As long as I’ve known him he hasn’t had a fixed address—and that hasn’t been a problem. Sam lives a life most of us dream of while we’re sitting at our desk staring at an inbox full of emails. He lives on his terms, travelling the world and making a living doing what he loves: photographing and filming hunts. Nowadays when he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, Sam is at the wheel of a Blue Bird school bus. Why? He had the crazy idea to buy a used hunk of yellow...


EP 7: Charles Post

Charles Post might look like a walking contradiction. Dig a bit deeper and you'll find he's far from it. Born and raised in northern California, Charles earned a B.S. and M.S. in ecology from U.C. Berkeley, serves as a conservation advisor for Sitka and editor of Modern Huntsman. He's a Montana based filmmaker with a penchant for wildlife conservation stories that challenge the norms of perception. Whether it's Sky Migrations, a film Charles co-directed and is featured in, which shines a...


EP 6: Remi Warren

Remi Warren is a badass. I know that's a term thrown around fairly liberally nowadays, but in Remi's case it's more than accurate. He has weirdly pure instincts, a unique way of pursuing game that makes him as much of a professional as I've ever seen. It almost seems like he can make any shot, climb any mountain or take off by himself and come back with the biggest buck in the valley. Not to heap too much praise on him, but it's damn true. He's spent up to 300 days in the field in one...


EP 5: Shane Mahoney

Shane Mahoney is a conservationist to his core. He loves wildlife and has poured his entire life into their well being. Talk with him for a few minutes about hunting and you’ll hear it in his voice and know he means business. Over more than 30 years of experience working primarily as a scientist, wildlife manager, policy innovator and strategic adviser, Mahoney has gained a unique perspective on our world and the hunter’s place in it. I was joined by Mahoney on the phone for episode No....


EP 4: John Dudley

Here's John Dudley's resume: He has earned medals on multiple continents with 45 top 3 professional finishes in competition archery. He was APA Rookie of the Year, IBO National Champion (2X), NABH National Champion, European Grand Prix Gold medalist, World Field Championship Silver Medalist, US Open Silver and British National Indoor Champion. In summary, he's pretty good at shooting a bow. He's also a great guy. His family is one-of-a-kind (shout out to his wife Shazz, a true gem) and...


EP 3: Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is unique. He's the rare guy that you can have a beer with, laugh and quote Will Ferrell movies and in the next instance be exploring spiritual oneness via psychedelics. He also happens to be a hunter with a passion for the pursuit and a deep understanding of the natural world. I first met Marcus three years ago on a South Texas pig hunt. It was clear then, as it is now, that he possesses a clarity of thought that you just don't find in most folks. For him, this life is a...


EP 2: Ryan Callaghan

Ryan Callaghan is one of the good guys. There are a bunch of other things that can be said about First Lite’s Director of Conservation and Public Relations, hunting guide and frequent contributor to MeatEater. One of the more apt descriptions, though, is that Callaghan is real. The things he says and the things he does are one in the same. He backs up his passions with action. Callaghan is truly a conservationist because he gets involved. Whether it’s city council meetings, public land...


EP 1: Steven Rinella

On the first episode of The Hunting Collective, I’m joined by the great Steven Rinella. You probably already know him by now, whether it’s as an author, public speaker, host of MeatEater TV or the MeatEater podcast. No matter how you’ve discovered his work, there’s no doubt that you’ve benefitted from Rinella’s take on hunting. I first met Rinella in 2011 on the heels of the debut of his Travel Channel show The Wild Within. Back then, his name was fresh, and his approach to presenting...


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