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The Hunting Dog Podcast is a series of interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Expect minimal good information, lots of stories of past hunts and opinions that are not necessarily those of the management.

The Hunting Dog Podcast is a series of interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Expect minimal good information, lots of stories of past hunts and opinions that are not necessarily those of the management.


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The Hunting Dog Podcast is a series of interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Expect minimal good information, lots of stories of past hunts and opinions that are not necessarily those of the management.




Judging Dogs in North Dakota

We had a great weekend. Re-connecting with old friends and making new ones. Jeff Jalbert of Top Shelf Kennels in Horace ND, sits down with me and recaps our friendship and our passion for getting to evaluate bird dogs. It's the most fun you can have outside of hunting season


Wisconsin isn't just famous for cheese curds

Chris Dorsey is known around the world as a hunter, but his start and his heart is the uplands and the dogs he hunted with. Call Time, is the final book in a trilogy that highlights Chris's years filming wing-shooting for television. From every corner of the globe. We answer the question, "why does Wisconsin have the best taverns?" and how to pick a college based on good grouse hunting. "Call Time" could have been titled Last Call?? enjoy!


Danielle Prewett and her dogs

Danielle didn't stick to the script when it came to higher education. Her first passion was put on the back-burner when she started to process wild game and decide to harvest it as well. next thing you know she is is hitting the road with her dog to camp and hunt, solo! Yeah just a girl and her dog hunting birds and sleeping in the truck. It's no wonder why Meateater Inc. brought her on board.


#326 Memorial Day for Dogs

A trip down memory lane from a Memorial weekend in 2004 that will forever taste bitter-sweet. If you like comeback stories, then this episode is for you! If you don't like stories that make you cry... then don't listen to the last twenty minutes.


Training to the highest level NAVHDAs Invitational

Kyle Hough joins the podcast to walk through his journey from early handler to professional trainer. His credentials speak for themselves. His experience will help you with your journey from new puppy owner to possibly taking your dog to the most comprehensive dog test in North America.


Michigan Game Wardens

Were lucky here in Michigan to have officers Anna Cullen and Jackie Miskovich watch over Muskegon County wildlife. learn a little about what it takes to become a game warden and alot about what they do everyday.


Pheasants For U?

Once upon a time Michigan hunters took a million birds a year. Things change and those numbers are only statistics of the past. The Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative was established to bring hunters back to the fields. Following in the footsteps of 21 other states that give hunters the opportunity to recreate on state land, by releasing birds for us to work our dogs on and bring home a tasty meal that celebrates family traditions of the past, while building family traditions for the...


Hunting Together

Trent and Heather Hardy are a typical 30's something couple that share it all. From planning their next hunting trip, to planning for their next dog. The future of our sport will be stronger.


Michigan's DNR is 100 years old

Pete Kailing is one of the DNR biologist that keep the places we love, places we love! I've never had anyone on the podcast that opened my eyes as much as Pete did. One hundred years of watching over our lands and our wildlife. There will be places for my grandchildren and yours.


Califonia bird hunting and politics

Jim Matthews is a California hunter, who not only walks the walk, he writes about it too. Outdoor columnist and wildlife advocate. He currently produces "Western Birds"a subscription based tell-all on where and how to hunt in the west. And yes there are more people than birds in California but, there are a gazillion acres to make of for the over population of people. In the right years the desert can be the place to set your sights on.


Shooting Sportsman

The sub-title of my favorite magazine says it all. We get the background story on what it takes to keep wingshooters occupied all year long. The stories that hunters have been telling for hundreds of years, and some damn nice pictures as well.


Hit more birds / Break more clays

Dave Miller from CZUSA joins me from the road to talk missing and hitting. What we can to do to improve our percentage on the range and in the field. And a little info on Garmin's newest piece of magic. Garmin can always tell you where your dog is, now they can tell you why we miss targets made of clay or feathers.!!


Hunting in Germany

The North American model of conservation is a bragging point of hunters here in the States. Although, we could learn a little from our fellow hunters in Germany. When hunters step into the woods over there, the one rule that cant be overlooked is, you must have a trained dog to help recover a wounded animal. It doesnt matter if its a rabbit or a roe deer, woodcock or wild boar. You have to make every effort to recover that resource!! Thats conservation!


Ruffed Grouse Society State of the Union

Ben Jones returns to the show, giving us a look in the rear view mirror along with a brighter look out the windshield. 2020 was tough on conservation, but lessons learned and forward thinking help RGS to keep their eye on the prize. As we know HABITAT in the prize. With that as the focus, the iconic king of the woods will be eluding us for future generations.


The Ballad of Janis and Mingus

All kids want a dog, and just like that, Janis Putelis became a houndsmen. Well there's a bit more to the story. Janis and Mingus are in the process of becoming a team. Let's just say that the Meateater crew is going to the dogs!!


Blood tracking with Bird Dogs

Shannon Smith started her life with dogs many years ago. She's a women who found nothing could stop her. She also likes a challenge. Taking her hunting/trial champion Labrador into the Michigan woods, and learning what it would take to turn a great duck dog into a solid blood tracker, helping hundreds of deer hunters


Catching Poachers in Africa

Jay Crafter started with the British Army, his service didn't end in the Middle East. He took his trade and his love of dogs and turned the tide of poaching in Africa. His company is Invictus K9 helps the conservation efforts all across the continent of Africa.


Launching The Upland Institute ! Justin Mcgrail is in the kennel!

Justin McGrail stops by the kennel to do another Q&A episode. Then we let all the cats out of the bag with the announcement of our 15-month filming project. The Upland Institute is an online dog training school specializing in pointing dogs. The landing page is up for all interested folks to sign-up. Check out Upland


English Labs in America

John Johnston from Kinross Kennels join me to talk English Labs and Irish Setters. And a lot about training all dogs. This one is a keeper!


Hunting with a handicap

Chad Waligura didn't let a terrible accident stop him from doing what he loves. After becoming a quadriplegic 34 years ago, Chad never considered letting that stop his passion for the outdoors and his dogs. He runs Able Outdoors, helping others see that they can continue their passions!