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The Spotlight Series #53: Gregory Iron

This week I am joined by none other than the "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron. This is truly one of my favorite episode. The conversation was fluid from the beginning and Greg is one of the most well spoken, charismatic people I've had the pleasure of talking with. His story is inspiring. This is a must listen episode. Check it out!!!


The Spotlight Series #52: David Marquez

This week on the Spotlight Series I am joined by the David Marquez from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood! This episode is completely unique and like nothing I've put out so far. Dave has a different story and point of view on the landscape of pro wrestling. Must listen! Tons of behind the scenes stories!


The Spotlight Series #51: TJ Marconi

Fresh off the heels of Episode 50 we are back with that NY flavor like only The Spotlight Series can do! I'm joined by Mr. Good Times Only, The Blue Eyed Devil himself TJ Marconi! Loved having TJ on he was easy to talk to and the convo really flowed. We covered a lot of bases. If you haven't seen his work I suggest you do so. He one of the few legit BIG MEN on the indy scene. Deserves the spotlight. Must listen episode!


The Spotlight Series #50: Year 1 Anniversary!

FINALLY the extravaganza that is Episode 50 is here! The one year anniversary of The Spotlight Series and what better way to celebrate then with friends, family and past guests all calling in to ask questions & shoot the shit. This episode was a ridiculous amount of work but more than worth it. Check it out. A lot of fun call in guests. Maybe a surprise or two! Check it out!


The Spotlight Series #49: Zachary Wentz

We keep the mid west swing in full effect with one of the fastest rising stars in pro wresting and certainly Too Sick For This World...Zach Wentz!!! This was really a fun convo and I think it shows in the final product. Learned about what first sparked Zach's interest in pro wrestling and the steps he took to become the Sick Dude we all know now. Also please listen to the WHOLE EPISODE! Special announcement after the interview!!!


The Spotlight Series #47: Human Tornado

It's a bird, it's a plane...WAIT! It's Human Tornado!!! With PWG's Battle Of Los Angeles looming it was only right to have the 2 TIME PWG WORLD CHAMP on The Spotlight Series. We talk about a lot of different topics. His first encounter with pro wrestling, breaking into the business, the development of the Human Tornado character and much much more. We had a lot of fun and I think that shows. Listen, laugh and enjoy.


The Spotlight Series #46: Monsta Mack

NY vibes roll on this week! I'm joined by one half of Da Hit Squad & a true Tri-State Indy Wrestling icon Monsta Mack! Too much to cover but we touch on his first encounter with pro wrestling and how he got into the business. Must listen! So many stories. More to come! Part 2 coming in October.


The Spotlight Series #45: Matt Travis

This week we are LIVE from Queens NY! I am joined by one half of Murder By Kicks the one and only Matt Travis. We cover a lot of topics, no description can do this episode justice. Please listen and get your ass to House Of Glory's biggest show of the year Hi Intensity 6 on August 18th!!!


The Spotlight Series #44: Chris Dickinson

Joining me this week is one half of DOOM PATROL, Catch Point member, Team Pazuzu's own, the one & only "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson! We talk about everything here. Music, Wrestling, Video Games etc... Chris has been a favorite of mine for a long time and seeing him get the shine he deserves in Evolve right now is awesome. Please check this episode out because he makes a lot of solid points about the landscape of pro wrestling today. Enjoy!


The Spotlight Series #42: Giancarlo Dittamo

This week is the return of The Spotlight Series PEOPLE'S CHOICE!!! You guys voted and by an overwhelming landslide victory I present my first in person interview with the King Of Vignettes himself Giancarlo Dittamo! Two friends just shooting the shit. Enjoy.


The Spotlight Series #41: The Bad Boy Joey Janela

And Jersey's where he's from, with the soul of Mike Verdi in his lungs.


The Spotlight Series #38: JT Davidson

This week I am joined by "The Iron Manager" JT Davidson! To be completely truthful this might be one of my favorite episodes just based on how well the convo flowed. JT is truly a gifted performer & his grasp on Professional Wrestling is unique and profound. Must listen episode!


IGWC Spotlight Series: 36 JAKA

Joining me this week on The Spotlight Series is one half of the Evolve Tag Team Champions JAKA!!! I had a great time talking with one of my favorite wrestlers going today. Jaka is truly unique but has a strong grasp on what it takes to be successful in the world of professional wrestling. We cover more topics than I can remember but I do know there is solid insight amongst all the joking around. Honestly, this might be one of my favorite episodes I've ever recorded. Enjoy! YEEEOOWWWW!


IGWC Spotlight Series: 35 Speedball Mike Bailey

The people have spoken!!! This week's guest is a former CZW Best Of The Best WINNER. He is...Speedball Mike Bailey! I really enjoyed speaking with Mike and he truly is one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to in wrestling and in life. We talk about his first memories of Pro Wrestling, how Tae Kwon Doe helped shape his wrestling career and much much more. Must LISTEN!!!


IGWC Spotlight Series: 34 Jeff Cannonball

Back at it after a BIG episode but the hits keep coming...Joining me this week is the On Point Wrestling Survival Of The Sickest 2 Winner, Tournament Of Death 16 participant & Magician hater Jeff Cannonball. Jeff & I cover a lot of topics in the world of wrestling and other nonsense. This was really one of the most fun episodes I've recorded. Please check it out and go out of your way to watch CZW's Tournament Of Death 16!!!


IGWC Spotlight Series: 33 Lio Rush

This week on The Spotlight Series I am joined by none other then the CZW WORLD Champion Lio Rush!!! We covered a lot here, started with his first memories of Pro Wrestling transitioned to getting into the business and of course the current happenings in the life of Lio Rush. Please pardon the interruption... anything can happen on The $potlight $eries.


IGWC Spotlight Series: 32 Emil Jay

Back with another heater. Fresh off CZW Sacrifices I am joined but the voice of the Combat Zone, Mr Light Work Emil Jay! This episode is like nothing you've heard on the Spotlight Series. Me and Emil hit on a lot of wrestling but it's the unique and odd ball topics that truly make this conversation special. I really to urge you guys to follow Emil on twitter @TheEmilJay and to check out Dojo Wars on youtube. Thanks for listening.


IGWC Spotlight Series: 31 The Bulldozer Matt Tremont

Joining me this week on The Spotlight Series is Death Match Superstar Matt Tremont!!! I really enjoyed just shooting the shit will Matt. He is one of the most down to earth people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with...BUT he will still smash your head with light tubes with a smile on his face. No need to sell you, this is a MUST LISTEN episode.