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The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind.

The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind.
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The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind.




Infinite Inning 123 Between Hank Greenberg and God

Jesse Spector returns to talk manager firings, the proper way to build a lineup, and dissect Joe Maddon’s past and future, plus tales of ancient Cardinals grudges and a Detroit Tigers great sets his priorities. WARNING: Jesse’s dog Youppi arrives about 43 minutes into our discussion. However, Youppi does not swear, so it’s all good. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dizzy Dean Holds a Lead*Hank Greenberg Plays, Daniel Hudson Does Not, and It’s None of Your Damned Business*Jesse Spector: When Your Child...


Infinite Inning 122 Where Have You Gone [Player Name Here]?

Craig Goldstein reveals his plans for Baseball Prospectus, mourns King Felix and (preemptively) Clayton Kershaw, and wonders if there’s a wrong way to love your cat. Plus tales of George Steinbrenner and Hal Chase that should sound strangely familiar. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Roy Cohn Client*Hal Chase Asks for a Favor*Craig Goldstein: The Wrong Way to Love Your Cat*The Editor is Dead, Long Live the Editor*The BP Community*Fear of Solipsism*Where Have You Gone?*King Felix and Doc Gooden*Does...


Infinite Inning 121 It Is High, It Is Far, It Is Entropy

Emma Baccellieri (Baseball Prospectus, Deadspin, Sports Illustrated) asks what we’re talking about when we talk about baseball dying, plus Mr. Rivera goes to Washington and ruminations on the Felipe Valazquez case. TABLE OF CONTENTS A Senators Game in 1925/Mr. Rivera Goes to Washington*The Valazquez Case*Emma Baccellieri: “A Brief History of the Many Times Baseball Has Died”*Doomsaying Never Goes Out of Style*What We Mean When We Talk About Baseball Dying*It is High, It is Far, It is...


Infinite Inning 120: Requiem for a Keppinger

James Yasko (Astros County, Lima Time Time podcast) discusses the Astros’ potential postseason rotation, neck beards, and AP history. Plus Mark Davis compared to Edwin Diaz and Ty Cobb gets a rule changed by NOT hurting an umpire. TABLE OF CONTENTS Edwin Diaz, Mark Davis, and the Tyranny of Expectations*Ty Cobb Gets a Rule Changed*James Yasko: Neck Beards*An Unabashed Homer*Wade Miley is Tertiary*Carry On, Charlie Morton*Jeff Luhnow, the Killjoy who Brings Joy*Now Pitching, the...


Infinite Inning 119 Neat Things Within This Weird World

Yes, we went there: Craig Calcaterra joins Steve to discuss the commonalities between affirmative action and Hall of Fame debates, as well as explore the ongoing sense of dislocation provoked by a homer-happy season. Plus, Casey Stengel argues a call and Chuck Klein is star anonymous. WARNING: One excretory cussword late. If offended, write the management. TABLE OF CONTENTS Casey Argues a Call*Chuck Klein: Star Anonymous*Craig Calcaterra: Old Jock Strap in a Can and the Home Run...


Infinite Inning 118 Self-Harm Through Catching and Other Lowly Ferrets

Cliff Corcoran (The Athletic) asks whether Francisco Cervelli should still be allowed to catch, defends the 10th-best players in any team’s history, and questions Yankees starting pitching. Plus Joe DiMaggio has enough and players defends themselves against racial epithets. TABLE OF CONTENTS Joe DiMaggio Retires*Players in the Stands*Cliff Corcoran: The Man of 1,000 Teddy Bears*Francisco Cervelli’s Right to Self-Harm*Alex Jackson is Weird*A Paucity of Historic Pirates Catchers*The Top 10...


Infinite Inning 117 Baseball Is a Marker of Time

David Roth returns to discuss the Mets’ efforts to save their season, falling in love on a day of tragedy, and the proposed Saturday morning cartoon in which the current president saved the Yankees. WARNING: As is typical for a David Roth visit, there is somewhat more cussing than is typical for the show. Please caution all minors. TABLE OF CONTENTS Casey Stengel Escapes!*Sympathy for the Rajah*David Roth: Beards and Birthdays*Exploring “The Yiddish Curver” and other Baseball Card...


Infinite Inning 116 Sticking It Out Through the Challenges

Emily Waldon (The Athletic) discusses covering the Tigers’ farm system, the team’s short-term future, and the awkwardness of teenaged ballplayers. Plus tales of a missing Phillies outfielder and how the Tigers fell, 1950s style, and why it’s still relevant to us today. WARNING: A couple of cusswords, one from Casey Stengel, one from Leo Durocher. Blame them. TABLE OF CONTENTS One of the Missing*A Very Quick Casey Stengel Tale*Concepts of Racism Today and the Detroit Tigers Yesterday*Emily...


Infinite Inning 115: The One With Mariano Rivera Toyota

Jesse Spector talks trade deadline action, inaction, and consequences as well as details a deer encounter on the Taconic Parkway. Plus, tales of the murderous Danny Shay and Carl Mays’ downfall. WARNING: There are two cusswords in this one. Cover the dog’s ears lest he be corrupted. TABLE OF CONTENTS Danny Shay and Clarence Euell*New Patreon Benefit*Carl Mays Falls From Grace*Jesse Spector: Father of the Year Magazine Premium*Down on Charlie Hayes*“Can’t Play in New York”*The Astros Get...


Infinite Inning 114 No World Series, No Thanksgiving

Eric Stephen (SB Nation, True Blue LA) returns to discuss the Dodgers’ drive for their first World Series title since 1988. Plus, tales of a pitcher’s dangerous farewell and the famous Richie Ashburn foul ball story. TABLE OF CONTENTS Ed Morris’s Going Away Party*Foul Netting and Richie Ashburn*Eric Stephen: Weird Al Encounters*A Great Era in Dodgers History*The Most Valuable Dodger, 2013-2019*Dodgers Scrubs-to-Stars*The Transformation of Hyun-Jin Ryu*Ryumania?*The Failure to Honor...


Infinite Inning 113 The Prospect-Ranking Industrial Complex

Jeffrey Paternostro discusses Baseball Prospectus’s midseason top-50 prospects list and his long road to becoming a baseball writer, plus tales of Bill Dickey and Jim Palmer. TABLE OF CONTENTS Catcher Injures Runner*Lament for the Orioles*Jeff Paternostro: Driving in the Minors*Prospects and Park Effects*What Makes a Prospect Expert? (To the Brian Bannister Moment)*Faux Scouty Shorthand*Whose Prospect List is Best?*The Subjective Part (The Leody Taveras Problem)*The Big Misses (Einertson...


Infinite Inning 112 The Championship Huggers of '81

Jason Turbow (“The Baseball Codes” and “Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic”) discusses the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers as portrayed in his new book “They Bleed Blue.” Plus, forgotten All-Stars remembered and wild pitching appreciated. TABLE OF CONTENTS Everyone Has a Special Anniversary (Len Barker Makes the All-Star Team)*Dolly Gray Goes Wild*Jason Turbow: Why the 1981 Dodgers?*What the Dodgers Did Right, Not What the Yankees Did Wrong*The Longest-Running Infield*Steve Garvey Against Davey Lopes...


Infinite Inning 111: No Visible Bruises

Rachel Louise Snyder discusses No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us and how abusers (even athletes) don’t just “snap.” Plus thoughts on the passing of Tyler Skaggs. TABLE OF CONTENTS Tyler Skaggs*So Much More Than Marty Bergen*Rachel Louise Snyder: Curiosity*A Billion Women*Michelle and Rocky*Threats of Suicide*When Michelle Was Behind the Camera*It’s Not About Anger Management*Beware of Narcissists*Twenty Percent of the Housework*Impulse Love is a...


Infinite Inning 110 Make America Biscuits Again

Cliff Corcoran (The Athletic) talks CC Sabathia in history, Mets mad decision-making, and short benches. Plus, tales of Gorman Thomas being archaically pelted and pre-Machado suspensions. TABLE OF CONTENTS Gladiatorial Combat in Detroit*That Darn Calloway*The Infinite Punishments of Manny Machado*Cliff Corcoran: The Montgomery Biscuits baseball cap*Sabathia, Greinke, Kershaw, Verlander: Yesterday and Today*Dave Stieb and Other Devalued Aces*The Magic 235*Peak vs. Career: Dale Murphy vs....


Infinite Inning 109 Is Vlad Guerrero Jr a Cheese and Other Questions

Rachael McDaniel (FanGraphs, The Hardball Times) returns to discuss her new editorial mission and lays out a philosophy of baseball writing. Plus a tale of Billy Martin’s self-sabotage and Steve bids goodbye to a friend. TABLE OF CONTENTS Intentional Damage*A Personal Note of Mourning*Rachael McDaniel: Youthful Editor of The Hardball Times*Racist Knitters*Leaving Baseball Prospectus*What Is The Hardball Times?*“All They Really Want is What They Know”*Vladimir Guerrero Jr is like Cheddar...


Infinite Inning 108 Feels Like Fan Culture

David Roth (Deadspin) returns to discuss Mets failings, how Jorge Bell became George, and why teams feel the need to add “the one guy who can get the job done.” Plus an argument/tribute to David Ortiz and a pitcher unjustly fined and unjustly accused. WARNING: There are a few random cusswords in this episode. It’s a RothShow. TABLE OF CONTENTS A Paean to David Ortiz*Bill Voiselle’s Weight: It’s Not What You Say*David Roth: The Falls at Paterson*An Accidental Ad*The Americanization of...


Infinite Inning 107: Washed Clean By the MVP Machine

TABLE OF CONTENTS If John Wehner Had Broadcast in 1880*Mike Ivie’s Dilemma*Ben Lindbergh: Self-Machined Through Dedicated Practice*A Deeper Understanding of the Game*Can You See Spin Rate with the Naked Eye?*What is THE Essential New Baseball Technology?*Hitting Lags Behind*Paul Waner Dissents*Fly Balls vs. Line Drives*Choking Up*Francisco Lindor, Bill Buckner, and Productive Contact*When Trevor Bauer is Your Pioneer*Excluding the Underprivileged Through Baseball Through Technology*When Not...


The Infinite Inning 106: He Didn’t Fall Off a Horse

WARNING: Baseball’s magic word is said at about 3:30. Notify your congressman. TABLE OF CONTENTS “My Kingdom for Jones”*Requiem for Bugs*Jesse Spector: All the Times We Broke Bones Not Falling Off of Horses (Yoenis Cespedes)*The Mighty Vipers Song*Jacob de Grom Isn’t Real (“Who is Yoenis Cespedes?”)*So What if it WAS a Horse? *The Smell of Flushing Bay and Elizabeth, NJ*The Texas Rangers Are Rarely Good but are Often Interesting*Joey Gallo Appreciation Day*The Days of Wine and 40 Home Runs...


Inifinte Inning 105: This Idea of Protecting Women

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Weak Spot on the Ballclub*Ian Desmond and Other Tales of the Replacement Level*Diana Moskovitz: Caster Semenya: Struggling to Sum Up a Complex Matter*Testosterone and Michael Phelps’ Arms*Fear of Men (in Women’s Events)*“Penis Panic”*The Complexity of the Human Body*The East German Example*A Strange Apathy Towards Forced Medicating*“You Are Not a Woman”*Should There Be a Women’s Sports Category?*“Tradition!”*Covering Four Hurricanes in One Season*Goodbyes. THE...


Infinite Inning 104:Craig Calcaterra is Mexico-Bound

TABLE OF CONTENTS All-Stars in the Naked City*Chicago, 1886: Cap Anson and the Haymarket Eight*Craig Calcaterra: The Social Cubs*Famous For Nothing*“Move to Mexico”*Bat Flip and Unwritten Rules*Dated Ringtones*The Complacent Team of the Year Award (The Cleveland Indians)*Expansion and the Non-Shortage of Pitchers*Nick Markakis 3000, Jack Morris, Bert Blyleven*Hall of Fame Debates, Prospects, and the End of a Long-Running Series*Arguments Make Friends*Goodbyes. THE INFINITE INNING ARCHIVE:...