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Episode 116 The Review of LeBron, Inc. with Dr. Bradley J. Fest

Bradley J. Fest returns to the pod to review Brian Windhorst's LeBron, Inc: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Athlete.


Episode 115 The Russ Trade and Forecasting the Western Conference

The professors return to discuss the Russell Westbrook going to the Rockets and the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Then they attempt to predict how the Western Conference will look at season's end. PLUS: Just how good would that All-Kardashian team be?


Episode 114 The Sauna Session

With NBA Summer League underway, Peck eulogizes the last vestige of the Durant/Harden/Westbrook Thunder as Paul George forces a long awaited rebuild in Oklahoma City. Then, before melting in Sal's office, the profs break down what Kawhi and PG to the Clips means for the Western Conference, and who the favorite for next year should actually be. PLUS: Has Geb Peck seen Bash at the Beach '98?


Episode 113 The Disrespected Genius of the Knicks / #Slumber of Presti

The professors return to discuss the madness of free agency, and Sal tries to convince Geb that the Knicks are smarter than they're getting credit for. They also talk Celtics, Sixers, Lakers, and run through the overcrowded Western Conference and the teams making a push to be at the top of the heap.


Episode 112 The Free Agency Preview or Kevin Durant: The Most Hated Man in New York

With a turbulent free agency beginning in less than five days, the professors break down paths for all of the market's biggest names. The profs talk Kawhi, Durant, Kyrie, Kemba, KP, Butler, and the most underrated player of the 2019 free agent class. PLUS: Who did Don Nelson almost trade Patrick Ewing for in 1996?


Episode 111 NBA Draft Reactions

The NBA draft was last night and it turns out the Knicks didn't throw their pick in the East River. Along with talking RJ Barrett, the professors also discuss the Hawks-Pels trade, the Jazz adding Mike Conley, and the fate of the Houston Rockets. PLUS: Who do you think won the Dame-Bagley rap battle?


Episode 110 The Anthony Davis Trade

The Knicks keep taking Ls without playing any games. This time it's the Anthony Davis trade, and the professors return to break down what it means for the Lakers, Pelicans, the landscape of the league, and, of course, the New York Knicks


Episode 109 I Hurt Myself Today To See If I Still Feel

In an extremely somber episode of The Jabsteps, Peck and Pane tackle what may go down as a top three important game of the decade as former MVP Kevin Durant suffered an achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The profs discuss the game itself and the bewildering later game timeout from the Raps before pivoting to KD and the broader ramifications of the league. What does KD's injury mean for the Knicks, Warriors, AD, Kemba, and more? Plus: Who tore their achilles in the playoffs 20 years...


Episode 108 The Paul Pierce 2008 Toilet Fiasco

After a lopsided Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the profs debate whether Golden State/Toronto has the same amount of drama we've come to expect from the NBA in June. Peck and Pane talk about the Lowry shoving incident and react to the Kyrie-to-Brooklyn news and the even bigger WOJ bomb--Pablo Prigioni signing with the Timberwolves' coaching staff. PLUS: DID PAUL PIERCE CRAP HIS SHORTS IN THE '08 FINALS?


Episode 107 Are You a Top Ten Beer Shotgunner of All Time?

The professors are back to discuss Game 1 of the NBA Finals and what the Raptors win might mean for Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Peck and Pane also return to the continued Lakers saga to comment on the Baxter Holmes piece and ESPN's subsequent handling of the story. PLUS: Are you a top ten beer shotgunner of all time?


Episode 106 European Bodies

Ahead of a big Game 5 in Raps/Bucks, profs. Pane and Playoff G cover the fallout of the NBA Draft Lottery and argue about what New Orleans should do with Anthony Davis, if the Lakers should target CP3, if Memphis should move Conley now that Ja's in town, and if Magic Johnson actually goes to the movies on Sunday nights. More importantly, Sal defends Drizzy the 6 Gawd from COACH BUD. PLUS: Does Geoff have a European Body?


Episode 105 The NBA's Sixes and Sevens Weekend and an NBA Draft Lottery Preview

The Professors are back to discuss the wild weekend in the NBA, including what the Sixers should do moving forward, and swap their best outcomes/worst outcomes for the NBA Draft Lottery. PLUS: What NBA player would you like to see in an action movie?


Episode 104 The Sopranos NBA Player Comp Spectacular

In a very special episode of The Jabsteps, profs. Peck and Pane take a break from the NBA Playoffs to compare the legendary characters of THE SOPRANOS to current and former NBA stars. Who do the guys think is most like Tony, and who gets the punishment of being compared to Jackie Jr. or AJ Soprano? All this and more in this extremely Italian Jabsteps. PLUS: How did Dr. Playoff G celebrate Brock Lesnar's retirement from UFC?


Episode 103 Check Out the Big Brain on Brad and Other News from the Conference Semis

The professors return to discuss this weekend's action in the NBA Playoffs, including the Celtics and Raptors impressive starts and Game 1 of the Rockets-Warriors rematch.


Episode 102 Why Brooklyn Is Trash

With a fascinating first week of the playoffs underway, professors Peck and Pane return to back pedal their predictions and explain away the fact that with or without a healthy Playoff P, the Oklahoma City Thunder remain one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the National Basketball Association. The guys touch on all the series and highlight which teams have impressed them, which are disappointments, and why Kevin Durant will never go to the Knicks' little brother franchise, the Brooklyn...


Episode 101 The 2019 NBA Playoffs Preview Show

With the 2019 NBA Playoffs less than a day from tipping off, profs. Pane and Peck break down the matchups and make their picks for the entire bracket--and get an assist from none other than YOUR BOI JAROD TARVER. Do the guys think the bickering Warriors can win another chip before KD departs? Who's coming out of the East--the Bucks, the 6, or a dark horse? And just who has the best shot of making it out of the bottom half of the shockingly competitive Western bracket--Playoff G and Podunk...


Episode 100 The Hundredth Episode Spectacular

The professors made it to 100 episodes! After an exhausting trip together to AWP in Portland, Oregon, the professors return to reflect on the trip, the podcast, and the NBA in their unique and awkward fashion. PLUS: Special thanks to Bradley J. Fest and David James Keaton for their guest appearances.


Episode 099 Nick Collison Got His Jersey Retired

The professors are back to discuss the NCAA Tourney and all the draft implications for Sal's New York Knicks. They also deep dive the Nick Collison jersey retirement and the current Thunder woes.


Episode 098 LeBron's Gotta Get the Papers, Get the Papers

Class is in session, as Profs. Peck and Pane tackle the ongoing controversy surrounding the LA Lakers, LeBron, and head coach Luke Walton. Where does the blame fall for yet another lost season for the league's so-called signature franchise, and what's the path forward for LeBron and the front office? Later in the show, the guys ask who's the most legitimate threat to the Warriors, and what first round match-ups they most want to see. PLUS: What sneaker has Dr. Playoff G been ordering from...


Episode 097 The Trade Deadline Spectacular

After an incredible NBA trade deadline, Profs. Peck and Pane are here to cover all 21 of the moves following last week's incredible Kristaps deal. They deep dive the Tobias Harris deal, Marc Gasol's move to Toronto, what Washington needs to do over the next four years to recover from the Wall injury, and why Boston will regret not going all in this year. Later, they guess where Kyrie, AD, or Durant will sign and imagine a future where the Mecca is rocking once again. PLUS: Has Playoff G ever...