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Ep. 211: Manifest Destiny (Lakers Season Preview & Predictions - Conference Seeding, Team Awards, Player Stats etc.)

WAKE UP! It's NBA Opening Week! Meaningful games that count! We're here at last! Due to some scheduling conflicts, Tommy and Alan weren't able to record - so instead, I had one of my closest, longtime friends, Andy Chang, hop on last minute to talk about the upcoming season and what we anticipate. So join us for our annual NBA Season Preview and Predictions Show as we get into: - Signing a Waived Big Man? - Lonzo Ball's Return - Lakers' Record & Conference Seeding Predictions - Season...


Ep. 210: The King & B.I. (Preseason Trends, Rise of the Young Drip King, Kuzma's Role, the Unsteady Discourse on Born Ready, & More!)

Are we Drippin' Out the Lakers have a Legit Right-Hand Man to The King? Brandon Ingram, ladies and gentleman! Join us as we go over the Lakers' last week in Preseason Ball & tackle: - Brandon Ingram's Rise as The Young Drip King - Good & Bad Trends Offensively & Defensively - The Need For Another Traditional Big Man? - Kyle Kuzma's Current Role & Whether He's Been Placed In A Tough Spot To Succeed - Leveling-Out The Vocal Negative Discourse on Lance Stephenson - What The...


Ep. 209: Ain't Nothin' But A King (#LABron Era Begins, Lakers Preseason Game 1 Recap vs DEN)

Is this real life??? YES. The #LABron Lakeshow Era has officially begun! But with the glitter and gold also comes some realistic reminders that a new kingdom still needs building - building in the form of developing chemistry, solidifying lineups, and - most importantly -establishing defensive continuity. Join us as we recap Preseason Game 1 of LeBron James' Lakers vs the Denver Nuggets! And is, in fact, #LIT. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page -...


Ep. 208: Just Can't Wait To Be Kings (Lakers Media Day, Most Intriguing Storylines of the Season, Luke's Outlook, Rotational Mins, 1st Half Season Breakdown, & More!)

THE LAKERS SEASON HAS ARRIVED. The King has OFFICIALLY entered the Building! And off to the races, we go! Thrusters set to...full throttle. Lakers Media Day, Lakers Training camp - let's get #LIT. Join us as we cover: - Sights & Sounds of Lakers Media Day + Thoughts on LeBron James & Rajon Rondo) - Most Interesting Storylines of the Season - Is Luke Walton Ready for The Reign of LeBron? - Analyzing the Lakers' 1st Half of the Season - Rotational Minutes Breakdown & much...


Ep. 207: The Haves & Cav Nots - LeBron's Legacy & His Lakers Outlook Moving Forward (ft. Cavaliers Reporter Chris Fedor)

The season is ALMOST here. This is not a drill. The season is ALMOST here. Which means - LeBron James officially playing in a Purple & Gold jersey is ALMOST here! And what better way to cap off our Summer than by looping it all back around and bookending things right where everything began - with The King and the Summer of #LABron. Join us as we talk about: - (8:50): What Happens in the Worst Case Scenario if LeBron DOESN'T win a championship with the Lakers? - (23:26): Cavaliers Beat...


Ep. 206: Kuzin' at High Altitude (ft. Skills Trainer Cartiea French-Toney on "Summer School" w/ Kyle Kuzma)

Sophomore Slump, be damned - Kyle Kuzma has been putting in the WORK this Summer - in more ways than one! Join us as we talk to Cartiea French-Toney, Basketball Skills Trainer to Star High School Prospect Jaden McDaniels, about his time getting to see Kyle Kuzma work in his craft and give back to the next generation of Young Hoopers! Topics Covered: - Quick Lakers news run-through (Bynum, Lonzo's shot, LeBron 2k addict, etc.) - Is Kyle Kuzma the next Jordan Clarkson? How can he avoid the...


Ep. 205: The JaVale Over Our Eyes (Which Suicide Squad FA We're Most Excited About + McGee Deep Dive ft. Warriors World's Andy Liu)

The Season is almost here and we're closing out our Lakers' New Faces Summer Series IN STYLE with The Most Interesting Man In The World...Javale McGee, ladies and gentleman! Credentialed Warriors Writer & Light Years Podcast Host, Andy Liu, joins! Topics Covered + Rough Time Marks: - (8:18): Which Suicide Squad Member We've Had The Biggest Change of Heart On - (15:43): Thoughts On McGee's Role This Year - (22:26): Javale McGee Deep-Dive w/ Andy Liu - (47:54): Some Frivolous Crazy Rich...


Ep. 204: Not Your Average Moe (Moritz Wagner Profile pt. 2 ft. Pure Sweat Basketball Skills Coach Alex Bazzell)

**Special Guest Alert** From the Strength & Conditioning to the OnCourt Application of Offseason Prep work - Moritz Wagner's Basketball Skills Coach, Alex Bazzell of Pure Sweat Basketball, hops on to talk to us about Mo's journey to get to this point (Predraft Process of the Combine, Pro-Day, Team Workouts, Draft Day & More) and how Mo's prepping for a Year w/ The King! Time Marks: ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on...


Ep. 203: "Stretched" Four (Instant Reaction to Lakers Luol Deng Buy-Out Agreement!)

LUOL DENG HAS BEEN BOUGHT OUT. POUR ONE OUT FOR DENGSANITY. Instant Reactions and thoughts on potential moves moving forward! Please excuse the quality, as this was recorded remotely from our phones, using mere headphones. Enjoy! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to...


Ep. 202: Glow MO'tion For Me (Lakers Defensive Outlook, Focus On Moritz Wagner ft. Strength & Conditioning Coach Travelle Gaines)

Continuing our Summer Series focusing on all of the Lakers' newest faces - on this episode, Strength & Conditioning Guru Travelle Gaines of Athletic Gaines joins us to talk about his work with Moritz Wagner Join us as we dive into: - (4:19): The Underrated Potential of the Lakers' Defense This Year - (14:53): Impressions on Moritz Wagner as a whole & what role he may play this year - (27:49): Interview w/ Travelle Gaines and his work on Mo Wagner's body this offseason ... Please...


Ep. 201: 10% Sane, 11% Supa Cool Beas (ft. Jay of the New York Knicks Podcast on Michael Beasley + Lakers Schedule Thoughts & LeBron's Easiest MVP Chase Ever)

If you enjoy using the full 10% of your brain capacity, then maybe this isn't the episode for you. CUZ WE'RE GOING TO BE USING 11% OF OURS. Ladies and gents...The Supa Cool Beas Show. Jay from the New York Knicks Podcast hops on to talk to us about Michael Beasley's last year w/ the Knicks as we also get into: - Initial Lakers Schedule Thoughts - The Media's Laughably Low Expectations & Why This WIll Be LeBron's Easiest MVP Chase Ever - A Serious Deep Dive Into the Legit Smartness of...


Ep. 200: Now You Svi Me (ft. Former Kansas Jayhawk Center, Landen Lucas, on his time playing w/ Svi Mykhailiuk)

**Special Guest Alert** If you're a Lakers fan and a Kansas Jayhawk fan - there's no better podcast episode for you! Former Kansas Jayhawk Center and fan favorite hops on to talk about Japan, Lakers fandom, and Svi Mykhailiuk! Join us as Landen shares about his own unique and fascinating basketball journey thus far and helps us dissect the game and life of...the one, the only, the unspellable - Svi Mykhailiuk, and what it was like playing with The Best Shooter In The World! Consider...


Ep. 199: Savant Guard - The Rajon Rondo Story (ft. Pelicans Beat Writer Oleh Kosel + The DMC x Randle x Rondo Triangle)

Our Summer Series on the Lakers newest signings continues! On this episode, we get a better idea of what exactly the Lakers signed up for this season by taking on Rajon Rondo. Editor in Chief of the SB Nation's Pelicans blog "The Bird Writes" and Pelicans Beat Writer, Oleh Kosel, joins us to unpack the unique career of Rajon Rondo and helps us chip away at any prevailing misconceptions of his game and personality. By the end of this episode, there's a good chance the once greatly hated,...


Ep. 198: Witness the LITness - Bookending LAL's Offseason (ft. @LakerFilmRoom - Beasley, Kawhi, Lebron-Laker Narratives, Salty Cavs Fans, & More!)

The roster is set. Lebron James is in Purple & Gold. And the Lakers are Back In Beas...ness. What better way to celebrate and bookend a historic Offseason for the Lakers than by forming Lakers Podcast Voltron with @LakerFilmRoom, Pete Zayas?! Join us in all the fun of taking one final look at the Lakers Offseason and Roster as we cover: - The Michael Beasley Signing + His Fit On This Crowded Roster - Thoughts on Kawhi Going to Toronto & Our Confidence Level Nabbing Him Next Year - What...


Ep. 197: The Born (Ready) Ultimatum (Discussing The Mercurial Enigma that is Lance Stephenson w/ Locked On Pacers' Tony East)

Summer doldrums be gone - we're Lancing with the Wolves and still Born-Ready to give you some relevant, fun Lakers content! Join us as we chat with Locked On Pacers & 8pts, 9 Secs writer, Tony Easy, to talk about ALL things Lance Stephenson - who he is as a basketball player, a quirky personality, a fan favorite, and most importantly - who he is as a teammate and locker room guy. Actual Interview starts at around the 20:00 minute mark. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page -...


Ep. 196: A Season Fit For a King (Lakers Summer League Recap, Josh Hart MVP, Svi-sanity + Lebron James' Most Unique Season Yet)

No Summer League Championship? No problem! Somehow, the Lakers actually have "a shot" at the REAL one in the next 4 yrs...BECAUSE THEY GOT LEBRON JAMESSSS! Join us as we recap the Lakers' Summer League run and gush over Josh Hart, Svi Mykhailiuk, LeBron James' leadership, and why this season's Lakers may be the most intriguing roster the Franchise (and Lebron James) has EVER had! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on...


Ep. 195: Crust The Process (Media Misconceptions on LeBron, the Roster, Young Core + The Lakers' Final FA Moves + NBA Summer League Impressions)

The King is officially a Laker. And he comes bearing...PIZZA. And hopefully many future Championships and a lasting legacy too! As the next era of Lakers Exceptionalism is upon us, join us as we dig into: - The LeBron James "Underdog" Narrative & Why This Season Is So Much More Intriguing w/o Superstar B - Why the Young Core Has Gotten Dismissed In The Roster's Ability to Compete & Contend - What the Front Office Should Do With Their Final Signing(s) - Our Impressions of the Summer...


Ep. 194: The Unusual Suspects (Randle Out, Rondo In, as the Lakers - King James Version -Take Form)

Wait, are Mitch & Jim back as GMs?? Is Byron Scott still coaching the Lakers?? Rondo, Stephenson, McGee?? Join us as we try and make sense of all the Lakers' most recent Free Agent Signings and give our updated thoughts on how we've homer-rationalized everything!! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the...



The King is here. The next chapter in Lakers Legacy has begun. You already know...It's #LIT. Our raw instant reactions to the Lakers' biggest signing since Shaq! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Radio Network on iTunes or check out the...


The LLP Ep. 192: King's Landing (Final 2018 NBA Free Agency Eve Primer + What Lebron to the Lakers means for the franchise, Kobe stans, haters, the rest of the NBA)

It's time. You already know what it is. The King finds away. Time to strap on and get lit. Lakers 2018 NBA Free Agency is here. Plan Cap Space America is in full effect. Lezgetit. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Radio Network on...