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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.


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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.




Weddings, Major Announcements, and Farewells (For Now!) | The Lefkoe Show

Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is back from his wedding and honeymoon (and recent Emmy win!) to discuss the future with producer Ingber (@davidingber1). While we whole-heartedly believe the show will be back at some point, please stay tuned for Lefkoe's announcement about the future of this podcast. We love making this show, and putting our heart and soul into making it a truly unique sports and entertainment podcast, because we know that you, the 33%, deserves the very best. We hope that you'll be...


LeSean McCoy on Mahomes and Brady's Greatness, All-Time Pitt Team, Mentoring Young Players, and More | The Lefkoe Show

Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is joined by 2x Super Bowl champion LeSean McCoy (@cutondime25), who talks about just the incredible run he's been on, joining two consecutive teams as the cagey veteran to produce on the field and mentor his younger teammates, and then riding a hot QB all the way to back-to-back Lombardi trophies! He talks about his journey through the NFL, how his role and career have changed in recent years, and why the Bucs and Chiefs are a cut above the rest of the league right...


Matt Judon on Joining the Patriots, Getting Revenge on Teams Who Doubt Him, and More! | The Lefkoe Show

Fresh off his newly-signed $56 million contract with the New England Patriots, all-world pass rush Matt Judon (@man_dammn) chats with Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) about how he's spent this highly irregular offseason, what it's like to go against teams that said they would draft you only to renege, and what went into his decision to join Bill Belichick's suddenly free agent-happy squad up in Massachusetts. An absolute pro on the field and a delight to chat with on Zoom: hope you enjoy this chat as...


Saints Rookie Payton Turner on Draft Night Insanity And His Big Plans In The NFL | The Lefkoe Show

Whether you're a Saints fan or not, you're going to be a fan of this young gentleman by the end of this episode. Payton Turner (@pt_turner98) chats with Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) about everything from his rather unique Draft Night experience to wanting to sack his now divisional rival Tom Brady to the heartwarming, awesome thing he did with his NFL signing bonus. Plus, stick around for the end when he speaks directly from the heart and tells Saints fans exactly what kind of player they can expect...


Fantasy Footballers On Potential Rookie Studs, Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors, and More! | The Lefkoe Show

As we reach the end of May, we know what you're thinking, 33%: I need my offseason fix of fantasy football info! And there's no one Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) would rather talk to in that arena than the hilarious trio collectively known as The Fantasy Footballers (@theFFBallers). You surely know them by now, but if you don't, please give them a follow on social today: @andyholloway @FFhitman @jasonffl They break down the Draft and some of the key offseason acquisitions through the only lens they...


Howard Beck on NBA Season Look Back: Trivia Show! | The Lefkoe Show

Sports Illustrated's newest superstar NBA writer Howard Beck (@howardbeck) rejoins his old Bleacher Report pal Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) for discussion of every truly insane thing that made the 2020-21 NBA season so special and unique. From injuries to COVID protocols to one team playing its home games in a completely different country than it's accustomed to, and so much more, including the absolute rarity of one player who didn't even make the All-Star Game being a shoe-in for All-NBA. Plus,...


JuJu Smith-Schuster on Free Agency, Steelers Fans, and More, Plus Former Fighter Pilot Glenn Gonzales on Jet It | The Lefkoe Show

33%, nowhere else in the podcasting world will you get two back-to-back interviews more different than these two, but we found both to be equally illuminating and fascinating! First, we've got young wide receiver stud JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, talking about everything from Charmin toilet paper to why he took (significantly) less money to return to the Steelers after a divisional rival offered him quite the hefty sum. And then, we've got former college basketball...


Lefkoe on Rodgers Saga, NBA MVP Race, Giants-Eagles Rivalry Madness, and More! | The Lefkoe Show

Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is joined for the first time in a while by Producer Ingber (@davidingber1) to discuss the half-dozen topics from the sports world and beyond they’ve just been dying to hash out. They hit everything from Elon Musk’s SNL appearance to Aaron Rodgers’ insane Draft Week leaks to ... wedding planning? Just a classic old school, no-guest episode of the Lefkoe Show for you, 33%! See for privacy information.


Ravens' Marlon Humphrey on Wrestling Alligators and Lamar Jackson the Ankle-Breaker | The Lefkoe Show

One of the up-and-coming defensive stars in the NFL, Marlon Humphrey (@marlon_humphrey) of the Baltimore Ravens joins the Lefkoe Show for the first time. This man is 24 years old, already a two-time All-Pro, and has played in a defensive backfield with the likes of Eric Weddle, Earl Thomas, and Marcus Peters, and he shares what he's learned from each of those legends. Plus, his stories about Lamar Jackson absolutely destroying dudes in the open field during practice and literally wrestling...


Zach and Mac: Who Won The Draft? NFL Draft Recap with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

With one of the 2021 sports calendar's most hotly anticipated weekends now in the books, Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is joined once again by B/R draft analyst Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) to recap everything that happened over those three exhilarating (and at times exhausting) days. The Jets and 49ers both made some incredible picks, while others made some real head scratchers, and the jury may still be out. But it was a legendary weekend filled with drama and intrigue, so let's take a moment to...


2021 First Round NFL Mock Draft with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

With the NFL Draft now just hours away, we thought we'd share with you this 2021 edition of everyone's favorite game: Mock Draft. Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) gives Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) the smartest picks that he likes for each team in the first round, from 1 to 32. There are a few surprises in there, a few drop-offs from consensus projections, and some very spicy, high-upside risky picks toward the end of the round. Whether the picks are right or wrnog, be sure to have your voice heard...


Chris Simms On Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, and the NFL Draft | The Lefkoe Show

Chris Simms (@csimmsQB) is known for two things: being the former co-host of this very podcast with Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) and having the spiciest QB prospect Draft takes. Oh, and he was an NFL quarterback, but let's focus on those first two things for now! Simms unabashedly has Zach Wilson as a better prospect than Trevor Lawrence, and what led to Mac Jones' meteoric rise up everyone's mock draft over the last few months. So many scenarios to discuss, from what the 49ers will do at #3 to what...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 7! Immediate Impact Prospects, with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

The 7th and final episode of the Draft Crash Course, as Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) and Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) prepare themselves for the epic three-day Draft adventure coming up in just a week! In this installment, we're talking about some rookies that could come into the league right now and start helping their team to wins. No redshirting for this crew. And if you've been listening, then you already know that Lefkoe and Connor will be joined in the booth by the legendary Aqib Talib...


Alex Smith Retires, And NFL Draft Prep Chat with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

If you've been listening to this podcast for the last month or so, you know that Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) and B/R's own NFL Draft analyst Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) have been doing the Draft Crash Course every Thursday, live in the Bleacher Report app. But we wanted to give them a chance to just chat about every draft-related topic outside of the structure of their weekly show! You'll hear some prospect talk and hardcore Draft prep, of course, but the highlight is all the stuff around the...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 6! Sleepers, with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

You know the drill by now, 33%ers. A new episode of the Draft Crash Course is recorded live every Thursday at 1pm on YouTube and in the B/R App, followed by a podcast version of the broadcast here in the Lefkoe Show feed every Friday leading up to the NFL Draft! Once again, Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is joined by our good friend Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) to go through the Day 2 and Day 3 prospects that just might surprise some people during the Draft and beyond. Plus, we can't get through an...


Chris Vernon (The Ringer) on NBA Title Favorites, The Buyout Market, and Grit and Grind Basketball | The Lefkoe Show

Hey 33%ers, we know you're gonna love this guy: Chris Vernon (@chrisvernonshow), co-host of The Mismatch for The Ringer, talks about everything from his start in Memphis radio to his frustration with the NBA buyout market to his interesting theory on Ben Simmons' recent struggles. It's NFL offseason, and the NBA playoffs are just around the corner, so it's time to stock up on your hoops knowledge. But if you're missing the football chats, just remember we are back at the end of this week...


Eli Manning Joins The Pod! Plus Draft Crash Course, Ep. 5: Most Debated Prospects | The Lefkoe Show

We are mere weeks away from the NFL Draft, and your man Lefkoe is once again in the saddle with not one, but two absolute draft wizards to soak up every morsel of information you could possibly need. B/R's own Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) and PFF's Mike Renner (PFF_Mike) go through some of the most hotly debated prospects in 2021, from top quarterbacks to edge rusher who didn't record a single sack this year. Oh and yes, you did read the title correctly: Eli Freakin' Manning joins the...


StockX Founder Josh Luber on Cards and Entrepreneurship and Lil Rel on Just About Everything | The Lefkoe Show

What an episode we have in store for you, 33%. Anyone who listens to the Lefkoe Show knows that the NFL offseason is when we like to have thoughtful conversations with smart, talented, interesting, unique people with an interest in sports. Today, we've got entrepreneur Josh Luber, who describes the legendary rise of StockX, essentially the stock market platform for sneakerheads. Plus, we've got the absolutely hilarious Lil Rel Howery, known for "Get Out," "Uncle Drew," and more, most...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 4! Workout Warriors, with Connor Rogers and Mike Tannenbaum | The Lefkoe Show

We are back with another edition of the NFL Draft Crash Course, as Lefkoe and Connor Rogers are joined by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum to discuss the greatest workout warriors of the 2021 draft class. From an edge rusher who basically beat every wide receiver in the three-cone drill to a quarterback that just might become the sneaky-athletic choice for a team that broke out a vault's worth of picks to trade up. So much great info for your draftniks, including some spicy...


Massive NBA and NFL Trades, Plus Legendary Agent Leigh Steinberg On Repping Mahomes and Tua, and How The NFL Has Changed Over The Decades | The Lefkoe Show

Leigh Steinberg has repped everyone, from Troy Aikman to Howie Long to Patrick Mahomes. For Pete's sake, they modeled the character of Jerry Maguire after his career! This man knows the ins and outs of the sports business better than almost anyone on Earth, he can provide a fascinating historical perspective to some of the seismic shifts in the way the game has changed over the years, and he graciously opens up about his own personal successes and tribulations along the way. Plus, Lefkoe and...