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The Luckbox Podcast is an esports podcast focusing on Dota 2 and CSGO, brought to you by Luckbox - esports betting done right. Regular hosts are Sujoy Roy and Paul Chaloner, AKA Redeye

The Luckbox Podcast is an esports podcast focusing on Dota 2 and CSGO, brought to you by Luckbox - esports betting done right. Regular hosts are Sujoy Roy and Paul Chaloner, AKA Redeye
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The Luckbox Podcast is an esports podcast focusing on Dota 2 and CSGO, brought to you by Luckbox - esports betting done right. Regular hosts are Sujoy Roy and Paul Chaloner, AKA Redeye






The British TI - ESL One Birmingham | The Luckbox Podcast

In this preview for ESL One Birmingham, Redeye dubs it "The British TI" because of the incredible line-up of teams that will be attending. Also discussed is the incredible atmosphere created by fans in Birmingham and how being out each evening of the event is an adventure in itself.


DreamHack Does Dallas | The Week In CSGO

The latest episode of The Week In CSGO is all about Dallas, as Liquid, ENCE, FaZe and many more gear up for DreamHack Masters from the Lone Star State. With no Astralis in town, will anyone be able to challenge the NA giants, or are Liquid going to sweep all before them again, and take back-to-back titles after IEM Sydney?


Out With The Old, In With The Neo | The Week In CSGO

Join Tim Masters and Dr Waldo for more CSGO chat in the week we’re on about Blast Pro Madrid, how EZ it really was for ENCE and whether reports of Astralis’ death have been greatly exaggerated. Oh, and FaZe signed an up-and-comer by the name of Neo…


Blast Pro Madrid | The Luckbox Podcast

Ahead of Blast Pro Series Madrid, CSGO fans are sharing #BlastOff as anger grows about the latest team missing a 'tier one' event to attend a Blast weekend. Tim Masters looks at the culprits in this case, and ask if it's really fair to blame Blast when teams other than Astralis prioritise the RFRSH series. Find Blast Pro Madrid schedules, streams and betting odds at Luckbox:


Have Team Liquid turned a corner? | The Week In CSGO

IEM Sydney is the topic of discussion this week, as we wonder if Team Liquid have turned a corner with their epic victory over Fnatic at ESL's flagship show Down Under, plus more C9 moves for Waldo to despair of.


MDL Disneyland Paris Major Preview | The Luckbox Podcast

With the Dota Pro Circuit heading to Paris this month, Sujoy and Redeye kick off this podcast with a discussion on what it means for a major esports event to be hosted at Disneyland


IEM Sydney 2019 - Redeye talking talent and teams | The Luckbox Podcast

As the CSGO world heads to Australia for IEM Sydney 2019, join Redeye and Sujoy as we discuss the IEM Sydney event looking at one of the most competitive CSGO tournaments of the year so far. Redeye is a big fan of ESL's decision to use plenty of Australian talent in the broadcast team and the absence of Astralis is another big talking point - is the tournament benefitting from the Danes' absence?


IEM Sydney 2019 | The Week In CSGO

IEM Sydney 2019 is under way and Astralis' absence means it's an event that's harder to predict than usual. Tim Masters and Dr Waldo get stuck into the action Down Under.


Ninjas in Paris | Dota PIT Minor Final | NIP Qualify for MDL Disneyland Paris Major over EHOME

Join us for a recap of the Dota PIT Minor grand final of Ninjas in Pyjamas vs EHOME with the winner guaranteed a spot in the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. Sujoy briefly discusses how each team got to the final, each having a few bumps on the way. There are some highlights and game analysis and the final verdict on how PPD’s team has done so far.


Astralis Getting An Easy Ride? | The Week In CSGO

Tim Masters and Dr Waldo discuss the CSGO calendar, plans for Blast Pro Series and whether Astralis are being given an easy ride


ESL One Mumbai | The Stage Is Set

The ESL One Mumbai bracket is taking shape and Sujoy recaps the group stages and initial play-off games to get you up to speed on all the Dota 2 action. The recap includes extended highlights of the dramatic Natus Vincere vs Keen Gaming match, which went to a nail-biting third game


Astralis showing the first signs of weakness | The Week in CSGO

This week we get into Blast Pro Miami, FaZe's comeback and the first signs of weakness we've seen from Astralis in some time.


ESL One Mumbai 2019 Excitement | The Luckbox Podcast | Episode 23

ESL One Mumbai 2019 excitement with Redeye and Sujoy Roy. Before flying out to India for the Dota 2 event, host Redeye joined Sujoy to chat about the first large-scale international esports tournament in the country. Redeye is hoping to find some great places to eat, while Sujoy promises ESL One Mumbai will have a party atmosphere. Oh, and there'll be some top-quality Dota 2, of course.


OpenAI Five vs OG Dota 2 Showmatch | Sujoy's plea to humanity

This weekend, the OpenAI Five Dota 2 team is back to demonstrate its superiority in the ultimate battle of man vs machine. Defending humanity's reputation are the reigning World Champions, Team OG. Watch Sujoy's plea to support OG in these changing times, because the heart of esports is in the incredibly human skills it takes to be a truly great team. Watch OpenAI Five's Dota 2 team take on OG live at 6.30pm BST / 7.30pm CEST on Saturday, April 13:...


Blast Pro Series Miami and StarSeries Season 7 | The Week In CSGO

Tim Masters and Dr Waldo enjoy a chin-wag about StarSeries in China and then blow off some steam about Blast Pro Series Miami, which they would really like to see turn into a 'real' CSGO event


Discord Q&A with CPO Boris Mihov on Building Luckbox

As esports betting odds are added to the Luckbox website, Chief Product Officer Boris Mihov and Sujoy Roy take questions from the community about the project


StarSeries & i-League Season 7 Finals Preview | The Luckbox Podcast | Episode 22

As we approach the business end of StarSeries & i-League Season 7 in Shanghai, Sujoy and Redeye discuss the shock eliminations of MIBR and FaZe and the state of CSGO in China


StarSeries & i-League Season 7 - the story so far | The Week in CSGO

As StarSeries & i-League Season 7 enters the play-off stage, Tim Masters andn Dr Waldo discuss the continued resurgence of Renegades, FaZe's failures and MIBR's misfortune.


MDL Disneyland Paris | OG Dota 2 - back in a Major way

Sujoy breaks down OG’s recent performance at the closed qualifiers for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major for Dota 2, where they played Team Secret, Team Liquid, Alliance and The Final Tribe. With the return of Ana to the TI8 championship roster, we had high hopes for OG through the rest of the 2019 DPC season. But how would they perform and would there be any bad blood between Ana and the rest of the team. Would he be rusty and unable to play Tier 1 Dota after a 4 month break from the scene? We...


StarSeries & i-League Season 7 and Blast Pro Series | The Week In CSGO

In the latest episode of our CSGO podcast, Tim Masters and Waldo reflect on Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo and look ahead to StarSeries & i-League Season 7 in Shanghai, plus chat about Astralis, Team EnVy, roster moves and plenty more