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Matt and Musz are about three things and three things only; sports, craft beers, and having a good time!

Matt and Musz are about three things and three things only; sports, craft beers, and having a good time!
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Matt and Musz are about three things and three things only; sports, craft beers, and having a good time!




#26: Monks Blush Too

The arctic blast has hit Michigan hard! The NFL has a controversial, yet exciting weekend of Conference Championships, raspberries are wonderful and so are cheeses, do you have a favorite cheese; we break down our favorites, and the bird is out of the box, we finally watched Bird Box and give you our thoughts.


#25: A Kick, Hop, and a Slam

From NFL playoffs and the Dead Wings morning routines and Double IPA’s this episode is as sticky as honey.


#24: Downtown Bourbon Brown

We’re back! New Year, better Matt & Musz! We introduce our featured guest, talk lopsided scoring, breakdown our favorite pizzas, update you on Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA, Sandman, blimp, and dive into a changing table controversy.


#23: Liberated Brothers and Sisters

It’s Christmas time!!! We talk all about the biggest holiday of the year, break down how old we feel, talk about Musz’s family growing, and we wish everyone a very safe and very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years!


#22: To Age or Not To Age

Christmas season is in high gear, the College Football Playoffs are set, CMU has a new football coach, the Lions give us another lackluster performance, and we rank our favorite salad dressings that aren’t barrel aged!


#21: No Distressed Women Here

Thanksgiving came and went along with the Lions Playoff hopes for yet another year! From fights in the NFL and record breaking performances, to white stuff falling from the sky and single women, this episode has more excitement than a 9 million dollar match!


#20: St. Nick can Wait

Happy Episode 20! Today we learn what drives Matt and Musz nuts, but we try not to be too loud or too quiet for Matt’s sake, we revisit a story we talked about in episode 4, we discuss the unique trail one Heisman trophy is making, Matt and Musz both rant about the Lions, and we discuss a major beer merger in the Great Beer State!


#19: We Like Dry Ciders not Dry Beards

Double Miner makes his triumphant return to the Matt & Musz airwaves! In this episode we discuss time changes, fall clean up, how stout season is upon us, after the first College Football Playoff poll many teams made their case, while others fell out of consideration, we discuss a flying booger, and how there is only one dry beard that we like


#18: Not all Warriors Wear Capes

We start off by congratulating the 2014 Detroit Tigers on their 2018 World Series victory! The stars aligned and pig flew this weekend as Matt had a successful golf outing, while the trade deadline looms in the NFL players are on the move to new teams, while others try and skip out on bar tabs, we discuss paying student athletes, and of course recap this past weekend in football!


OVERTIME #4: Matt joins Musz getting Drunk with Perrin Reps

Matt makes his first appearance on OVERTIME with our favorite Perrin Rep, Jake Stradling! This one is a doozy, we have no words, listen at your own risk.


#17: Push, Hop, and a Drink

Jake Stradling joins us as we embark on adventure unlike any other! We track how much the Raiders are paying Gruden to tear apart their team throughout the episode, Matt and Musz reminisce on their time together at Zoo Boo, we touch on the future of soccer and lacrosse, how Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers still have the hots for eachother, Musz's love for Antonio Brown, basketball season tipping off, the Lions looked really good on Sunday, oh yeah, Jake and Matt argue over MSU and Michigan...


#16: Attacked by Taz

We start off with the most indepth and accurate NBA season preview! The MLB Postseason is in full swing and keeping Matt up late. Eight top 25 teams lost this past weekend, that isn't nearly as bad as the start to the Red Wings season. As Michigan invades East Lansing, we give you our predictions, we discuss our love hate relationship with a great American city, Musz has a man crush on Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden is failing as a head coach, and soon we wont be able to watch sports on cable TV!...


#15: Thirteen Hours in Sixty Minutes

Squeezing in thirteen hours in sixty minutes isn’t easy, but we do it! We introduce our very own hockey correspondant Double Miner! From McGregor, to OBJ and Harvest Ales to Belgian Dark Ales, we cover so much we could stop Pat Mahomes!


#14: Oak Can Be Any Color

Oak can be any color, and anything can happen on a lazy Sunday! We talk Cy Young nominies, NHL season preview, Oktoberfest, Ryder Cup, and recap the best weekend in football so far this season!


#13: While Away the Opossum will Play

Unlucky number 13? Good thing we're not suspicous or anything, our 13th episode starts with story time with Matt, Musz wraps up golf league while the real golfers hash out the Fedex Cup, we discuss the Tigers, the new Space Jam movie, large contracts in the NBA, and opossum's invading MLB stadiums!


#12: Barrels, Beer, Coffee, and Sports!

Two games in and we think the Lions season is just about over. That only means it's time to get excited for the Red Wings and some NHL action! We discuss the latest happenings with the Red Wings, the drama in the Steel City, how NFL games are just confusing us more each week, and drink a Barrel Aged Mocha Stout!


#11: Beer is 95% Water

We are on the mend from the First Annual Matt & Musz Golf Tournament, and Matt is still hurting! The Fedex Cup is coming to it's exciting final tournament and is missing one of their biggest stars. Aaron Rodgers is one baaaaad maan, and after his week one performance, we ask the question; is he underpaid? We talk overtime rules, Eminem's new album, college football, and so much more. We hydrate with only water during this episode!


#10: Fresh Takes and Fresh Haze

We are now weekly and have too much to talk about, we run through some of the notable sports stories of the last two weeks; let you know how our fantasy football drafts went, talk Fedex Cup rule changes, football players getting paid, while others don't show up to practice. We get some new Fresh Haze liquid from Deschutes and review your favorite beers! This show is a doozy!


#9: Who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy?

More football!!! Our NFL Preview Show starts with the Tigers, the Little League World Series, and the rule changes in NCAA Basketball. We touch on the dirt bag from Columbus, as well as Tiger's Caddy paying off a heckling fan. Our NFL Predicitons come with a special announcement just for our loyal fans! We hoist beers as we discuss who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy when it's all said and done.


OVERTIME #3: Adam is Still Drunk with Perrin Reps

Lady's and gentlemen, our favorite Perrin Rep is back! That's right, Jake and all his bearded glory make their way back to the Matt & Musz Show!