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You've heard him on KSR, but now you can hear Matt Jones like never before with extended one-on-one interviews with guests from in and outside the sports world.

You've heard him on KSR, but now you can hear Matt Jones like never before with extended one-on-one interviews with guests from in and outside the sports world.
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You've heard him on KSR, but now you can hear Matt Jones like never before with extended one-on-one interviews with guests from in and outside the sports world.




Matt Jones’ Podcast Ep. 67: Bahamas Edition

Surprise! Another episode of the Matt Jones Podcast is here! This time, Matt and Drew break down Kentucky's upcoming trip to the Bahamas, the roster, and fun stories from their last trip to Atlantis in 2014. Here's a breakdown of everything discussed: 3:30 - Bahamas overview -Why the Bahamas trip is so crucial for this team’s development (looking back to what 2014 trip did for them) -Stories from the last Bahamas trip: What sights do they expect to see on and off the court -Describing the...


The Matt Jones Podcast E66: Derby Week with Tony Vanetti and Ed DeRosa

The Matt Jones Podcast's No. 1 guest returns just in time for the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby. Tony Vanetti touches on a variety of topics with Matt Jones before Twin Spires handicapper Ed DeRosa gives some tips to help you win some money at Churchill Downs this weekend. Highlights: -- The best moments from the roast of Matt Jones. -- Vanetti's vindication. -- How sports are like the state of Florida. -- Tony asks the question everyone is asking: Will Matt run against Mitch...


The Matt Jones Podcast E65: Rex Chapman

After an extended hiatus, Matt Jones has picked back up the podcast microphone. The 65th edition of The Matt Jones Podcast is an extended conversation with former Kentucky Wildcat and current UK Sports Network broadcaster, Rex Chapman. They touch on a variety of topics, like... -- Is Rex worried that UK has developed a culture of failure if you stay in school? -- Why Rex believes Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is the most NBA-ready Wildcat. -- Will P.J. and Wenyen stay in the NBA Draft? -- Rex had...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E64 with Dr. Ricky Jones

The Matt Jones Podcast makes its triumphant return with Dr. Ricky Jones. The outspoken UofL professor provides a unique perspective on the tumult surrounding the university and its athletic department. Highlights: -- "It is no longer an academic institution," Jones said. -- The crazy story of how Vince Tyra became UofL's acting AD. -- What's wrong with the backwards system we call "higher education." -- Ricky's real problem with athlete protests. -- Why Ricky supports Calipari. You can...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E63 with Marcus Spears & Ryan Lemond

The Matt Jones Podcast makes its triumphant return by previewing the 2017 college football season with ESPN's Marcus Spears. Following the football talk, Ryan Lemond and Matt peel back the curtain to give you an intimate look behind the scenes of KSR. Highlights include: -- Why Mark Stoops was "did as good a job of coaching a football team as anybody in the country last year." -- Spears' stance on Greg McElroy's Matt Elam comments. -- When Matt might potentially run for political office and...


The Matt Jones Podcast E62: Stories from Behind the Scenes with Ryan and Drew

The Matt Jones Podcast returns with Ryan Lemond and Drew Franklin to share some KSR stories from behind the scenes, including the much anticipated Bahamas story. There's not just one, but two tales from Atlantis and... -- Alex Legion, Billy Gillispie and how his wild last day at UK could've happened much sooner. -- John Calipari's first decision at UK might've been his most important. -- How Tim Couch prepared his team in the locker room before the Outback Bowl. -- Another reason why MKG is...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E61 Bomani Jones

ESPN's Bomani Jones took some time out of his busy schedule to join the Matt Jones Podcast. The two discussed his television show Highly Questionable, a variety of topics in the sports world and more, including... -- Why Tubby Smith is appreciated more now than when he was at UK. -- Bobby Petrino is a "sociopath." -- Does Bomani believe Pitino knew? -- Small Town U.S.A. -- How Bomani deals with Clay Travis' P.C. Police. You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E60 Doug Gottlieb

Doug Gottlieb returns to The Matt Jones Podcast to take an extensive look into the 2016-17 college basketball season. Matt and Doug discuss this year's Kentucky team, who will contend for the National Championship and... -- What's wrong with Duke? -- The team Kentucky doesn't want to play (again). -- Why you don't need to have a rim protector to win a National Title. -- How the SEC got so bad and the teams that can help the the conference become relevant on the national stage once again. --...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E59 The Return of the Podcast with Tony Vanetti

After a brief hiatus, Matt returns with the podcast's favorite guest, Tony Vanetti. They discuss the three biggest things that happened since Episode 58 -- the football season, the UK/UofL basketball game and the election -- but that's not all... -- What happened when Matt started the TV show. -- Why Tony thinks WakeyLeaks was stupid. -- Matt invites himself to a Vanetti family dinner. -- How Cal outclassed Pitino after the game. -- Tony "lassos" Matt in while breaking down the UK/UofL...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E58 Jeff Piecoro and Jonathan Martin

In this episode Matt explores the problems plaguing the Kentucky football team with color analyst Jeff Piecoro. Less than eight weeks from the election, Jonathan Martin of The New York Times provides an updated from the divisive campaign trail. Highlights: -- Will the Reds be any good in the foreseeable future? -- How the late first half TD vs. Southern Miss changed the season. -- Can Trump beat Hillary? You can have every podcast delivered straight to your phone by searching for “The Matt...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E57 Marcus Spears & Vanetti

The SEC Network's Marcus Spears the podcast to discuss a tough first week of college football for the SEC Network. Tony Vanetti dishes on football and more of the typical shenanigans you usually hear from the two. Highlights: -- Can Mark Stoops coach? -- Do UofL fans feel bad for UK fans? -- An update on the craziness in the UofL administration. -- How Kentucky could stop the run. -- Spears' controversial statement about Les Miles. You can have every podcast delivered straight to your phone...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E56 Hillbilly Elegy with J.D. Vance

Matt is joined by Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance to discuss Vance's observations of Appalachia. A Middletown, Oh. native, Vance's time in Eastern Kentucky primarily occurred during summers with his grandparents in Breathitt County. After serving as a Marine and attending Yale Law School, hear his sociological analysis in this discussion with Matt, that includes: -- The hardest part for Vance when he went to Yale. -- The similarities and differences in their upbringings. -- How...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E55 Ian Eagle

Matt is joined by talented broadcaster Ian Eagle to talk about his career that extends into college basketball, boxing, tennis, golf and the NFL. Eagle shares stories from throughout his extensive career and much more, including: -- Eagle's unique relationship with Calipari while calling the Nets' play-by-play. -- How Tony Robbins was involved when Calipari was fired by the Nets. -- What it's like when you're dad is a stand-up comedian. -- The strangest events Eagle has ever covered. You can...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E54 Previewing the 2016 Football Season

Freddie, Jared and Nick of the KSR Football Podcast join Matt to prepare the BBN for the 2016 football season. The crew goes through every position to help you understand what Mark Stoops has to work with entering his fourth season. A few of the topics they cover: -- How Eddie Gran and Lamar Thomas will make a difference. -- A position-by-position analysis of the roster. -- Jared's offseason negativity. -- The defense's most important player. -- The most important games on the schedule. You...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E53 Brittany Wagner of “Last Chance U” & Mark Ennis

Today's episode is all about "Last Chance U," the Netflix documentary that follows the football program of East Mississippi Community College. The star of the show, academic advisor Brittany Wagner, joins Matt to discuss her life at the Junior College. After speaking with Wagner, Matt gets perspective from another viewer, Mark Ennis. Highlights: -- Life behind the scenes, away from the camera crew. -- The time Wagner spent with UK players before they came to Lexington. -- Ennis discusses how...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E52 Tony Vanetti & Dan Wolken

After traveling all around the country, The Matt Jones Podcast returns with everyone's favorite guest, Tony Vanetti. Capturing the Olympic spirit, USA Today's Dan Wolken calls in from Rio to provide an Olympic update. A few highlights: -- Tony has officially become an old man. -- Will Tony miss Matt when he moves to Lexington? -- How one covers the Olympics on a day-to-day basis. -- Does Dan feel any danger in Rio? -- Can the USA Basketball team lose? You can have every podcast delivered...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E51 Ramel Bradley & SEC Media Days with Freddie & Nick

A fan favorite from the early days of KSR, former UK point guard Ramel "Smooth" Bradley joins The Matt Jones Podcast to discuss his time at Kentucky and what he has going on now. Freddie Maggard and Nick Roush join the podcast to talk football after spending four days in Hoover for SEC Media Days. Some of what you'll hear: -- How Smooth thinks The Bluegrass Boys will fare in The Basketball Tournament. -- A surprise appearance from Joe Crawford. -- Is Mark Stoops worried about Drew Barker? --...


The Matt Jones Podcast E50: SEC Integration with Nate Northington & Wilbur Hackett

The Golden Anniversary of the podcast celebrates one of Kentucky football's greatest accomplishments. Two of the four Kentucky Wildcats that helped integrate the SEC, Nate Worthington and Wilbur Hackett, join the podcast to discuss their journey. Before they're immortalized with statues in front of Commonwealth Stadium, hear their story. Highlights: -- How the Governor convinced Northington to come to Kentucky. -- Were there African-American UK fans in Louisville in the 60s? -- How...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E49 Ryen Russillo & Vanetti

Tony Vanetti hasn't been back on the program since Matt went on vacation, and today he returns with a bang ahead of the podcast's 50th birthday. They discuss all of the news stories from the last month before ESPN's Ryen Russell joins the program. Highlights include: -- Hear both sides of the infamous story about Matt's ESPN suit. -- Matt doles outs some Peach Jam advice for yours truly. -- How Russillo got the part at ESPN and how he transitioned after SVP's departure. -- What it's like to...


The Matt Jones Podcast: E48 Michael Waltrip & Alex Kennedy

It's a high-powered podcast, bringing Kentucky native and NASCAR legend, Michael Waltrip, onto the program. Before that interview, Matt discusses the insanity surrounding NBA Agency with Alex Kennedy of Just a few highlights: -- What KD's move means for the rest of the NBA. -- Waltrip's 2012 National Championship experience, with a little trash talking to Clint Bowyer. -- Waltrip discusses how he got into NASCAR and previews the race at Kentucky Speedway. You can have...