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Episode #206: "You Just Described the Plot of Castaway."

Jon Filet and Flava Dave reconvene after a prolonged sabbatical to conclude the end of an era for the podcast. The two relay some important housekeeping information and changes regarding the future of the show. After that, the boys talk in broad strokes about the Pacers, including SI's great feature on Victor Oladipo, take some questions from the Twitter verse and accidentally reveal the deeper meaning behind "Castaway." Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to...


Episode #205: #Pettylymics

Jon Filet and Flave Dave are here to preview the most anticipated game of Indiana's season, the return of Paul George to Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The guys wrestle their heads against their hearts and discuss why Oklahoma City is still a formidable match up for the Pacers. They also break down OKC's toilet-bowl offense, Billy Donovan's bad hair and the potential for Lance Stephenson shenanigans (CODE ORANGE!). Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the...


Episode #204: Back On Our Bullshit

Jon Filet and Flava Dave are back on their bullshit after a brief hiatus to find the Pacers becoming the most surprising team in the NBA. The guys discuss Victor Oladipo's emergence as a late-game stud and ponder the ramifications of any ensuing regression. Also, they think long term about team's core and give justified praise to Nate McMillan for a job well done thus far. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show in Stitcher. Click here to...


Episode #203: Who We Thought They Were

Jon Filet and Flava Dave think the Pacers are who we thought they were -- an average offensive team that can't overcome its many defensive woes. The guys ponder Victor Oladipo's regression and revisit a long-standing question regarding Myles Turner's long term role. Also, the Rockets are really good, Thad really wasn't good, and Flave Dave hopes Dan Burke doesn't listen to The Eagles. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show in Stitcher. Click...


Episode# 202: Operation Regression to the Mean

Jon Filet and Flava Dave are back after a brief hiatus to catch up on a backsliding Pacers team. Victor Oladipo has stopped being aggressive, Myles Turner has been enigmatic, the defense remains troublesome, and the guys have both lost their early season #Saboners. They break down losses to New Orleans and Detroit, ponder the sustainability of Tuner-#Saboner lineups and look ahead to games against Chicago and Houston. Also, Jon tries some more rap snacks and Flava Dave invites himself to a...


Locker Room Q&A with Victor Oladipo and Thaddeus Young

This is raw audio from the Pacers locker room following their 101-83 victory over the Sacramento Kings. Victor Oladipo discusses the team's strong defensive outing and the team's early-season cohesion while Thad talks about his comfort level with his new teammates and what it's like guarding versatile power forwards. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show in Stitcher. Click here to subscribe to the show in Google Play. Click here for the RSS...


Episode #201: Ya Know What Jon, You're Right

Jon Filet and Flava Dave are back to admit that they were wrong about almost everything concerning the Pacers. They recap the team's impressive win against San Antonio -- including Oladipo's big shot and Sabonis' perfect evening. They also discuss the bench's bad night and explain why Big Al rightly deserves court time over Ike Anigbogu. Also, what did Oladipo really say after his game-winner, what are the Kings doing, what's wrong with the Cavs' defense and what is Flava Dave doing for...


Episode #200: The Miller Time Podcast 200th Episode Extravaganza (with Whitney Medworth)

Jon Filet and Flava Dave celebrate the 200th episode of the podcast in (what else?) spectacular fashion. Speaking of spectacular, how about that Pacers offense. The guys discuss the team's big-night against the Timberwolves and talk about the let-down loss against Oklahoma City. Also, Victor Oladipo is good. Bojan isn't as good. Nate McMillan wakes up, and SB Nation's Whitney Medworth joins the show to discuss Paul George's comments and the role of social media in NBA coverage. Click here...


Episode #199: Iniana

Jon and Flave Dave know there's no 'D' in Iniana Pacers, but they do their best to break down back-to-back games in which the Blue and Gold struggled to get stops. They lament the absence of Myles Turner, gives props to TJ Leaf's strong game and continue to hate Evan Turner. Also, Victor Oladipo remains aggressive, dark colored jerseys are still confusing, and the boys talk about some dude named Paul George. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show...


Episode #198: PACErs (with Gregg Doyel)

Jon Filet and Flava Dave catch their breath after the Pacers' fast-break win over the Brooklyn Nets. Before inviting Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel onto the show, they discuss the method to the madness of their historic pace and give a tip of the hat to Opening Night Myles Turner, Oladipo's aggressiveness, Hoodie Lance, and Sabonis' strong play off the bench. Also, they ponder the fit of Cory Joseph and the sustainability of Indiana's quickness. Also, the boys poor one out for Jeremy Lin...


Episode #197: Free Flow

Jon Filet and Flava Dave end the preseason with a free-flowing conversation about the Pacers. Topics include Reggie Miller's comments regarding loyalty in the NBA, the future contract of Glenn Robinson III, the team's new theater lighting and more. Also, Dave gives another gift, and Jon explains why he isn't having children. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show in Stitcher. Click here to subscribe to the show in Google Play. Click here for...


Episode #196: Pacers Reborn (with Mark Monteith)

Jon Filet and Flava Dave recap the Pacers' victory over the Bucks -- the team's most consequential preseason game in years. They breakdown Indiana's new-look offense, Myles Turner's production and chemistry with Victor Oladipo, Lance Stephenson's perpetual readiness. Then the boys bring on reporter Mark Monteith to discuss his new book, Reborn: The Pacers and the Return of Pro Basketball to Indianapolis.Mark drops knowledge about the inception of the team and details his journey...


Episode #195: Pacers Season Preview

Jon Filet and Flava Dave round into preseason form to preview the Pacers' 2017-2018 season. Hope is in short supply, but intrigue and fascination abounds. How good will Myles Turner really be, what kind of player is Victor Oladipo, will Thad Young be traded, does Al Jefferson do yoga, will we see more Good Lance than Bad Lance? Also, the guys discuss the roles of Glenn Robinson III, Domantas Sabonis, guess how many times Nate McMillan will say, "Solid," and give some updates regarding some...


Episode #194: Rob Mahoney (Sports Illustrated) Top 100 NBA Players of 2018

Every year, Sports Illustrated publishes their list of the Top 100 NBA Players. Every year, people complain about it - and we were two of those people. Rob Mahoney of SI caught wind of our complaints (specifically RE: Myles Turner) and volunteered to join us to explain his rationale. Poor guy. We discuss Turner's ranking, why being able to trust a veteran night after night is so valuable, screen assists, Oladipo & Sabonis, and exactly how much DeMar DeRozan hates his guts. Learn more about...


Episode #193: Q&A with C.J. Miles

Jon Filet and Flava Dave invite former Indiana Pacers guard C.J. Miles on to the show to discuss his three-year stint with the Blue and Gold. Topics include his new duties with the Toronto Raptors, his thoughts on Indy's lackluster chemistry, and the league's stance on high school eligibility. C.J. also discusses his relationship with Myles Turner, the realness of Larry Bird and what he'll miss most about his time in the Circle City. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click...


Episode #192: You’ve Been Thunder-Sucked (Feat. Jonathan Bender)

Jon Filet and Flava Dave begin the post-Paul George era by breaking down the Pacers' trade for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Did Indiana make a good trade or were they victims of a bad situation? Was Kevin Pritchard ever going to trade George to a contender, or was he simply being petty? What do Oladipo and Sabonis bring to the team, and where does this leave Lance Stephenson, Glenn Robinson III and Thad Young? Also, former Pacer Jonathan Bender stops by the show to discuss his...


Episode #191: He Gone

Jon Filet and Flava Dave are here to walk you through the big news regarding the Indiana Pacers -- Monta Ellis' weed problem. But the majority of the show is spent discussing Paul George's message to the team: I'm Leaving. The guys break down possible trade scenarios (the Cavs are a real option) and reveal why the Lakers have less leverage than you might think. The boys also ponder the direction and look of the Pacers rebuild. Two things are certain -- the tank-mobile is back and Lance...


Episode #190: The PG Situation

Jon Filet and Flava Dave return for their first podcast of the offseason. They give their respective takes on the Kevin Pritchard's promotion to team president and ponder several options regarding the Paul George situation. Do the Lakers have the necessary goods for a proper Pacers rebuild, or do the Boston Celtics? One thing is clear, PG ain't going to be around much longer. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click here to subscribe to the show in Stitcher.Click here to...


Episode #189: Bird’s the Word

Jon Filet and Flava Dave conclude a turbulent season by contemplating the future, specifically team president Larry Bird. They discuss the pros and cons of Bird's tenure with the team, and detail how the Pacers got to this precarious moment. They also ponder possible moves Indiana could make to appease Paul George -- and whether or not they're feasible. All that plus a cap breakdown for the summer, and predictions regarding PG's future. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click...


Episode #188: Switches Get Stitches

Jon Filetand Flava Dave breakdown Game 1 of the Pacers' first round series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, including C.J. Miles' last-second shot, the phony controversy surrounding Paul George's confidence and the team's addiction to switching on pick and rolls. Also, Monta's not good enough, Glenn Robinson III returns and the guys make predictions for Games 2 and 3. Plus, dad bods, and why TV news sports reporters are terrible people. Click here to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Click...