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Drunk Era Curtis hosts The Minifan Show, a super fan round table of the week's event's in the world of personality Kirk Minihane.

Drunk Era Curtis hosts The Minifan Show, a super fan round table of the week's event's in the world of personality Kirk Minihane.
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Drunk Era Curtis hosts The Minifan Show, a super fan round table of the week's event's in the world of personality Kirk Minihane.






Ep 16 - Luke O'Neil Recap, Rich Keefe Fallout, Listener Voicemails, & the Finale of 'Keep it Classy With Steve'

In this episode of the Minifan show, MHB recaps his wild week taking down Luke O'Neil and how he finally got a shout-out from Mut. The guys also give their opinion on the debut of Rich Keefe on the morning show, rate listener voicemails, and bring back everyone's favorite segment "Keep it Classy with Steve" (@FromProvidence). Bonus Show: MHB and DEC take on the #DorkPodcast with their own special rendition. Remember to leave a 5 star rating, leave a review, and subscribe.


Ep 15 - Mark Moroso: Kirk Minihane's Interim Producer

In this episode of the Minifan Show, DEC and MHB interview Mark Moroso (@MarkMorosoJR) about his role as the interim producer for Kirk Minihane and Enough about Me. The guys grill Mark (A.K.A. Pork Chop) on why he would be the best choice as Kirk's new producer, his experiences behind the scenes working with Minihane, what he does in his free time, and why you can find shirtless videos of him online. Also, DEC embarrasses MHB with his ability to hit the post, and the guys recap everything...


Ep 14 - Dave Brown

In this episode of the Minifan Show, MBH and DEC speak with New England Patriots beat reporter Dave Brown (@ThatDaveBrown) about his views on sports media, the issue of race in Boston, his run-ins with Bill Belichick, and the online group out-scooping Chad Finn, BJBSJ. Remember to leave a 5 star rating, review and subscribe.


Ep 13 - Blind Mike and the Minifans

In this debut podcast smash-up spectacular, Trash Talk and the Minifan Show combine forces to to discuss the recent spiked Kirk Minihane podcast, the news regarding Jussie Smollett's dropped charges, the investigation into Marty Walsh, and Mikey Adams podcast ripping Mut and Minihane. Remember to leave a 5 start rating, review, and subscribe to the Minifan Show and Trash Talk.


Ep 12 - Dave Cullinane: Kirk Minihane's New Producer

In this episode of the Minifan Show, MHB and DEC introduce the audience to Dave Cullinane (@davecullinane), the new producer for Kirk Minihane. The guys ask Dave about what the listeners can expect from him as a producer, talk about his experience in radio, and look ahead to what comes next for the Kirk Minihane Show. The guys also quiz Dave on some classic Kirk trivia and test his knowledge of movies in the segment "How Stupid is Dave Cullinane?" Remember to leave a 5 star rating and review...


Ep 11 - John Ziegler

In this episode of the Minifan Show, the guys interview and debate John Ziegler (@Zigmanfreud) about his recent podcast with Kirk Minihane, his views on the HBO Michael Jackson documentary, and the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky and sexual abuse.


Ep 10 - Paul Chartier

In this episode of the Minifan Show, the guys interview Paul Chartier (@PaulWEEI), former producer of Dennis & Callahan, Kirk & Callahan, and Ordway, Merloni & Fauria. Paul shares some wild Dino stories, talks about his time as a producer at WEEI, and speculates about Kirk's new show - including what it would take to make him come back to radio.


Ep 9 - BlindSide Pods: Blind Mike vs Steve From Providence

In this episode of the Minifan Show, Steve from Providence (@FromProvidence) and Blind Mike (@BlindMike_) rejoin Drunk Era Curtis and MHB to settle their beef over the show joining the Blind Side Pods Network. The guys also discuss another prominent podcast on the network, talk about Marc James attacking MHB, and DEC unveils his brand new soundboard.


Ep 8 - Scot Neri

In this episode of the Minifan Show, MHB and Drunk Era Curtis interview Scot Neri (@ScooterNeri), Regional Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings, long time sponsor of Kirk and Callahan, and fan of Kirk Minihane. Scot talks about his experience behind the scenes as a station sponsor during some trying times at WEEI and the Minihane hiatus. He also gives some insight going forward for what to expect in Kirk's new show as well as sharing some great stories.


Ep 7 - Mike Zaun and Bill Buchanan

Drunk Era Curtis and MHB interview the king of NY sports radio, Mike Zaun, on a wide variety of topics including: Kirk Minihane's hiatus and his intervention behind the scenes, the current state of WEEI radio, Mike's Sports Radio Mount Rushmore, whether a monkey would make a good radio host, as well as taking your calls. The guys also talk with Bill Buchanan (BigActionBill) about his opinions on sports radio, his interest in movie monsters, and how he created one of the best parodies on the...


Ep 6 - Jon Fetherston

In this week's episode of the Minifan Show, we interview Jon Fetherston of All Politics is Local and deep dive into his scrubbed interview with Kirk Minihane, his experience behind the scenes while serving in the town of Ashland, and how his radio show was ultimately taken off the air.


Ep 5 - Reactions from Radio Row

Drunk Era Curtis @prayforcurtis and Mark Hannon's Balls @markhannonballs host. We went through Kirk's periscope videos and his appearances with Barstool Radio. We reacted to Blind Mike's @blindmike_ "rally" for Kirk at Moving Day at Fenway. Steve from Providence @fromprovidence provided his latest installment of Stay Classy. We talked Jim Gray's dueling appearances and finished with the John Dennis Memorial Voicemail.


Ep 4 - My Apologize: Wack-A-Troll With Brian Riccio

My apologize, Minifans. Treat yourself to this bonus episode of the Minifan show. We grill Brian Riccio about his accusations of sexism and racism regarding Kirk's confrontation with Charlotte Wilder at radio row, recap Kirk's big first day back on the air, and speculate about future Minifan Show guests.


Ep 3 - Super Bowl Week (FIXED!!)

My apologize! Here is the fixed audio. Thank you for your patience and supporting the Minifan Show. Kevin from Bristol, Steve from Providence, Mark Hannon's Balls and Drunk Era Curtis. Kirk gives the show a shout out. John Dennis...won't be joining us. Neither will Albert from Rhode Island and we'd like you to invite him. Steve gives his first "Stay Classy" strip club review. What's up with Bradford and Ken? What to expect this week with Kirk at Radio Row and Gam Gam makes a cameo.


Ep 2 - Drunk Curtis and MHB

Kirk might be headed to radio row. How you can audition for the Minifan Show. In the latest Enough About Me, Kirk discusses a location for the studio and it's intimated it might be Howie Carr's site. Kirk blocked M&C to cleanse himself. Blobe (@blobespot) found some creepy old videos on YouTube of a Boston media member. If this was Minihane saying the things on this tape, the media would crush him. But others get a pass.


Ep 1 - Drunk Curtis, MHB, Blind Mike and Steve

Drunk Curtis hosts guests Mark Hannon's Balls (@markhannonballs), Blind Mike (@blindmike_) and Steve from Providence (@fromprovidence) for the first Superfan Round Table. Be sure to listen to Trash Talk with Blind Mike on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Topics include, are you still listening to Mut and Callahan? Did Steve from Providence get banned from the show? What happened with Steve's Minihane protest? What do you think of Chris and Ken staying with the show? Plus voice mails...


Minifan Show Preview Update

Drunk Era Curtis @prayforcurtis talks about why The Minifan Show has been created and an announcement on whose on going to be part of the first show.