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A British-based podcast discussing all things related to the Wizkids Games Dice Masters, brought to you by the BritRollerSix blog. Plenty of news, debate, and irreverent British humour from hosts Chris & Andy as they ramble their way through. Published every two weeks.

A British-based podcast discussing all things related to the Wizkids Games Dice Masters, brought to you by the BritRollerSix blog. Plenty of news, debate, and irreverent British humour from hosts Chris & Andy as they ramble their way through. Published every two weeks.
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A British-based podcast discussing all things related to the Wizkids Games Dice Masters, brought to you by the BritRollerSix blog. Plenty of news, debate, and irreverent British humour from hosts Chris & Andy as they ramble their way through. Published every two weeks.






BR6 Ep 46 Italian Sparkling Wine & Limoncello

The boys from the Ministry of Dice are back and so it's time to fill your ear holes with the the warm handsome tones of these extraordinary British Dice rollers. It was the "One Big Weekend Online" event recently and we get a few reflections from Chris as a participant in the event, including an update for those concerned about his condition the following day. Then onto some Chatter about preparing for the (presently elusive) UK Nats. We're rooting around in Modern Constructed and starting...


BR6 Ep 45 PXG Porn

We're back and raring to go with yet another outstanding episode of awesomeness. It's another belter too. After a bit of tangent-y board-game chat the lads get stuck in to some talk about the spoiler-tastic weekend we had over Easter. Then it's a bit of discussion around the UK Nats drama before being joined by our next competitor on the Ministry of Dice's The Bar, who gets Andy all horny over a PXG driven turn three kill. It's... gross, really, gross. (Both the team and Andy's...


BR6 Ep 44 Guest Starring June Brown

Two weeks have passed already and the boys have been relentlessly working away in BritRollerSix Towers to put together yet another podcast bundle of joy to fill your skulls with British Dice Masters chat. Andy's a bit croaky this ep but s'all good as he troopers on through a quick Community Focus (Including the announcement of our next MoDPDM - details HERE), a reflective review of our time spent with the MoD Modern, and a classic MoD "Pick of the Week" looking at a standout card each from...


BR6 Ep 43 Thirty Euphemisms

Welcome to the latest episode of the Ministry of Dice! It's a goddamn belter this week too. We open up with a "Community Segment" that not only includes a run down of all the latest Dice Masters news but also includes details of an MoD EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at a brand new Organised Play kit for Warhammer 40K! Scroll down for more on that juicy nugget... We then propose some community action to "share the wealth" and get the harder to find sets in the rotation into the hands of newer players....


BR 6 Ep 42 The One & Only Billy Shears

The long wait is over folks - 2 weeks have finally passed and it's time for the Ministry of Dice to aurally pleasure you once again. All your UK based chat needs are catered for in this episode. Love spoiler chat? Let's have a natter about the new release news then. Need a team brewing around an obscure card? The MoD are here to randomly name other cards and hope they combo. Been waiting for the conclusion of the Global Reverscalation Challenge? Then your wait is over. All this and possibly...


Br 6 Ep 41 The Nash Bridges Legacy

The wait is over - two weeks have passed and the MoD are back to fill your day with some Dice Masters joy. Or is it joy? Chris seems particularly grumpy this episode - having patented True Mister Six rants all over the place about cards, formats and much, much more. It's all very entertaining though, even if he is being totally disagreeable and cantankerous. Salty boy. There is some light though - Andy's been tinkering in his Q Branch once again developing yet another random game for us all...


BR 6 Ep 40 El Segundo Al Ultimo Lugar

It's been 2 weeks already and that means it's time for the MoD to fill your world with all the pleasures of British Dice Masters chat. Once again it's a jam packed episode; first, we've recently held a "Ministry of Dice Presents Dice Masters" event on these shores and we've got the live coverage from the day and some look back commentary to share on how the day went. Then it's onto our next competitor on the infamous Ministry of Dice's "The Bar". Listen as this week's guest chats with Chris...


BR6 Ep 39 Ercassam Yad Gniddew

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BR 6 Ep 38 Second Place Twice In A Row

Two weeks have passed and the MoD are back to fill an hour of your lives with some best-of-British Dice Masters chat. This is one super special episode. It marks the return of the Ministry of Dice's "The Bar" contest for 2019, and has not one, but two competitors putting themselves through the gauntlet. We also announce the winner of Episode 36's "MoDCraft" challenge - comparing the eBay results of two extraordinary feats of glue-work - who is the better craftmans of the MoD? And finally; we...


BR6 Ep 37 White Lightning & Recording In The Park

Happy New Year folks! After a festive break the MoD are back to kick off 2019 with all cheeky British bants, innuendo and Dice Masters chat you've come to expect from the dream team of Chris & Andy. Lots of treats for you good listeners in this episode. Want to hear some chat about the new 40K Campaign Box announcement? Listen no further. Want to hear the details of the latest "Ministry of Dice Presents..." event? We got you. Been eagerly anticipating the next phase of MoDCraft challenge?...


The 2018 Christmas Special

Yes - you read the title right - we've interrupted our regular scheduled programming to bring all our treasured listeners a fine festive gift from the MoD. And, being the Christmas Special, we've not just trotted out any old regular episode of the Ministry of Dice. Oh no. This episode is a treat of epic proportions - we've even got jingle bells in it. We enjoyed recording this one immensely, it really is something special. We have to warn you - it's NSFW - as the Christmas Special we've...


BR 6 Ep 36 Shamalamalamalan

The Number One Dice Masters (and sometimes movie review) podcast returns to delight your lovely ear-holes with the joyous sounds of Chris & Andy. This is the last formal episode of 2018, and so we must finish the year with a bang, and what bigger bang can you get than coverage of the 2018 World Championship. You'll hear from our roving reporters as they speak to the players and we get not one, but two exclusive interviews with the new World Champion. Want more? Then how about a little...


BR 6 Ep 35 Yippee Ki - Yah Kimosabe

The Ministry of Dice returns - the premium, No 1 Dice Masters podcast in the world! This week's episode is full of yet more Brit-rolling goodness from the dream team that is Chris & Andy. We've got an update on the latest "The Ministry of Dice Presents Dice Masters" event, which recently took place at the Gaming Vs Cancer fundraiser, where we share an overview of the day and announce the winner of the event ("Gaming Vs Cancer Champion 2018" sounds waaaaaaay more prestigious than "UK National...


BR 6 Ep 34 Craig David’s Dentist

That's right folks - we're back! After the highs of Wizkid's own J Dizzle making an appearance we answer the question on everyone's lips; "How can they follow that?", by bimbling and rambling our way through a completely un-eventful episode. With Worlds just around the corner, taking place at several Convention centres apparently, we have a little natter about the recent 40K delay news and share some of our key predictions about the upcoming meta and what Andy may be facing when he heads out...


BR 6 Ep 33 Rick Moranis & Legendary Flowing Locks

The Ministry of Dice are back with yet more Dice Masters podcast gold from the United Kingdom. Of particular note is our latest guest on the 'Ministry of Dice's The Bar' - who is truly the legend of legends in Dice Masters and give some super-tasty morsels of info in the pre-quiz natter. It's simple one not to be missed. Plus - for our UK players - we provide details of the upcoming 'Ministry of Dice Presents...' Dice Masters event at Gaming Vs Cancer, and we reveal some of the outstanding...


BR 6 Ep 32 Sweaty Table In Leicester

The UK's premiere Dice Masters podcast returns with its latest episode of awesomeness! In this week's episode we begin by continuing our chat about our Global Escalation teams. Andy can't seem to get it right as the gap in his win/loss ratio widens further. It's OK - Andy's used to being a loser. We're then blessed to have our next guest competitor to The Bar. The guest and Chris had met before in a previous gaming life, at least, that's what one of them believes. Not only that: but Chris &...


BR6 Ep 31 Nightwing Is Clearly Best

The MoD is back once again (like the renegade master) to bring their super-intellectual, British accented take on the world of Dice Masters. Have you been wondering how the lads have been getting on with their Global Escalation teams from our last episode? Have you often wondered why "Nightwing - Protector of Bludhaven" is possibly the best card in the game? Do you want to hear from our guest contributor's at the Central European Nationals? Then look no further, we've got the podcast episode...


BR6 Ep 30 Speedos And Leather Waistcoats

It's Monday, so you know what that means; it's the return of The Ministry of Dice podcast! The fortnighly event that gives Andy England's life any meaning since he became a "former" National Champion is back to fill your skulls with British Dice Masters chat par excellence. In this week's episode; we discuss the news of the WWE partnership deal with Wizkids, continue to debate the 'Global Escalation' format and chase the rainbow of an outsider win con, and Chris shares his recent experience...


BR 6 Ep 29 Put The Lime In The Coconut

The boys at the Ministry of Dice return to fill your world with all the British Dice Masters joy your life deserves. It's been two weeks and we know there's been questions burning away in your mind keeping you awake at night that we're here to finally answer: "what does Chris think of Global Escalation?", "Has Andy seen the Space Wolves 40K spoilers?", "When will they get around to having another guest on 'The Bar' for a coveted leader-board position?" All these questions get answered, and...


BR6 Ep 28 Want Me to Sign that Mat for you?

The Ministry of Dice return once again to keep you up to date on all things Dice Masters in the United Kingdom. Chris sounds a little tired and Andy sips Dragon Fruit & Papaya Cider on the eve of his annual leave from work - creating a universe bending set of circumstances whereby Andy aka "the straight man" gives us a number of random tangents and Chris keeps things on track. We've got it all this week too: the return of fan favourite segment "Pick of the Week", a new segment called...