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The NFL Films Podcast: Draft Season Preview

Keith and Paul are joined by Greg Cosell to dissect the upcoming NFL Combine and Draft. The guys examine the scouting process and discuss the philosophical questions teams need to answer during the offseason (6:07). Greg shares his take on the drafts top 5 quarterback prospects, including Lamar Jackson’s fit in the league (41:50) and why Josh Rosen is the most polished QB in the draft (46:07). The guys also discuss the Brown’s cache of draft capital (16:01) and breakdown some of the lesser...


The NFL Films Podcast: Eddie George

Eddie George joins the show (19:12) to discuss his episode of A Football Life with Keith, Paul and the film’s director, Erik Powers. Eddie shares some thoughts on the running back position in the game today (32:43), his love of Shark Week (29:40) and the challenge of being both a subject and actor in his own film (22:12). Erik then dives deep into the creative process and shares the story of Eddie’s lone acting appearance alongside Steven Seagal (51:40). Finally, Greg Cosell joins the...


The NFL Films Podcast: Wes Welker

Keith and Paul talk with the directors of Wes Welker: A Football Life, Nick Mascolo and Chip Swain. Topics include the inception of the film (7:46), Tom Brady as the target of one of Welker’s best pranks (22:58), and Peyton Manning and Brady’s insights on Wes as a player and teammate (37:25). The guru, Greg Cosell, joins the show to talk all things Wes Welker and dive deep on the evolution of the slot receiver (42:55). Finally, we share a classic byte from the vault: Steve Sabol...


The NFL Films Podcast: Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald joins the show to discuss his episode of A Football Life with Keith and the film’s directors: Chris Barlow and Steve Trout (4:01). Larry opens up about his reluctance to participate in self-promotion (5:32), his post-retirement golfing plans (9:41) and his role as a mentor on the Cardinals (13:14). Then, Chris and Steve give a behind the scenes look at the making of the film (18:47), including the story of how Larry soaked Steve on a Jet Ski (44:50) and Greg Cosell joins...


The Helmet Catch and The Two Bills

On today’s jumbo episode of the NFL Films Podcast, Keith and Paul dive deep on both The Timeline: The Helmet Catch and 30 for 30: The Two Bills. David Tyree joins the show (10:02) to talk about the seminal moment of his career and shares his thoughts on the game today (18:20). Producers Ryan Kelly and Steve Lucatuorto give a behind the scenes look at the making of The Helmet Catch, and a debate breaks out over who would win a Royal Rumble fought among the toughest players in NFL history...


Super Bowl Preview with Greg Cosell

It's Super Bowl week! Greg Cosell and the guys go all in on the big game, including the Patriots ability to exploit the Eagles defense (15:10), how Jim Schwartz will pressure Tom Brady (19:50), and New England’s chances of containing Philly’s run-pass option (33:10). Finally, they argue Danny Amendola’s merits as one of the most clutch receivers in postseason history (21:30) and share stories about Doug Pederson’s time as a backup quarterback in Philadelphia (47:59).


Championship Sunday Preview with Greg Cosell

The Guru once again joins the show to recap an absolutely thrilling weekend of playoff football and spin ahead to Championship Sunday. The guys dive deep on ‘The Minneapolis Miracle’ (:48), discuss Pittsburgh’s porous defense (12:07) and praise Philadelphia’s dominant defensive line (8:43). Greg then shares his thoughts on the conference championship games, including how the Patriots will attack Jacksonville’s defense (24:18) and the Quarterback matchup between Case Keenum and Nick Foles...


Divisional Round Preview with Greg Cosell

On today’s episode, the guys are fired up to get answers about this week’s Divisional Round from the guru himself, Greg Cosell. Greg shares his thoughts on Case Keenum’s year as a starting quarterback (49:36), Pittsburgh’s plan of attack against the vaunted Jacksonville defense (13:33), Brady’s less than stellar finish to the season (26:57) and Atlanta’s stagnant offense (55:18). Finally, the guys welcome John Gruden back into the league with an exclusive clip from the vault and a few...


The NFL Films Podcast: Wild Card Preview with Greg Cosell

Welcome to the NFL’s best season, the postseason! The guys dive deep on each of the weekend’s Wild Card games with the guru himself (12:50). Greg shares his thoughts on which Wild Card Weekend game intrigues him most (14:11), the Jaguars’ impressive defense (21:51) and which team playing on Wild Card Weekend is most likely to make a run at the Super Bowl (47:41). Also joining the party: Emmy-winning NFL Films Producer Paul Monusky, showrunner of Wild Card Championship Chase, airing this...


The NFL Films Podcast: The Ice Bowl

Michael Meredith, son of 'Dandy' Don Meredith, joins the show to dive deep on The Timeline: The Ice Bowl, a film he appeared in, in addition to co-producing and directing it with NFL Films' own David Plaut and Julia Harmon. Michael talks about the journey he undertook while developing the film (31:53), his relationship with his father (39:38) and what it was like tackling a documentary versus a scripted movie (36:20). David and Julia give a behind-the-scenes look at how the film came...


The NFL Films Podcast: John Randle

Paul and Keith talk with Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman John Randle about his life and career. Topics include Randle's intense on field demeanor (24:04), his upbringing in Texas (27:35) and his unusual favorite snack (29:48). Producers Bob Angelo and Neil Zender join the show (02:05) to give a behind the scenes look at the making of John Randle: A Football Life. Finally, the guys talk with Bob about his illustrious 43-season career as a multi-faceted producer/camera operator as he finishes...


The NFL Films Podcast: '91 Falcons

Coach Jerry Glanville joins the show (41:50) to dive deep on one of the most fun teams in NFL history, his 1991 Atlanta Falcons. He shares stories about James Brown attending a Falcons practice (55:17) as well as discusses Brett Favre’s time in Atlanta (49:13) and much, much more. The guys talk about the making of The Timeline: ‘91 Falcons with the show’s producers: Greg Bocchetti and Anthony Smith. Finally, director Rob Gehring jumps on for a bit of film geekery about how he achieved the...


The NFL Films Podcast with Emmitt Smith

NFL Films Producers Keith Cossrow and Paul Camarata dive deep into the making of Emmitt Smith: A Football Life with the rushing king himself, a conversation about his life-long habit of writing down goals (16:35), his thoughts on the game today (19:10) and his immense gratitude for the teammates he played with (20:28). Paul Monusky and Chris Weaver - the producers of Emmitt Smith: A Football Life – join the show to give a behind the scenes look of the film-making process (25:24). Finally,...



Emmy Award-winning NFL Films producers Keith Cossrow and Paul Camarata explain what the podcast listeners can expect to hear from the NFL Films Podcast going forward. Various NFL Films producers will provide the audience with behind-the-scenes access to and commentary on major productions such as NFL Network's "A Football Life," HBO's "Hard Knocks" and Amazon's "All or Nothing" series.