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The Off The Glass Podcast is a basketball podcast that discusses the NBA, College, and High School Basketball. So check back weekly for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and download thanks!

The Off The Glass Podcast is a basketball podcast that discusses the NBA, College, and High School Basketball. So check back weekly for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and download thanks!
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The Off The Glass Podcast is a basketball podcast that discusses the NBA, College, and High School Basketball. So check back weekly for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and download thanks!




Kawhi Sends the 76ers home! CJ Leads The Trailblazers to the Conference Finals!

In episode 61 “Z” recaps the great game 7 action on Sunday. He previews the conference finals and in his latest edition of “Speak On It” he talks about the value and disvalue of analytics.


Warriors End the Rockets, Steph Shows Harden He's On Another Level!

In Episode 60 "Z" offers his thoughts on the Warriors Big Series Clinching Win over the Rockets. He talks Team basketball vs Iso basketball. And he explains the different levels of greatness that exist in the NBA.


Dame Dollar Makes It Look Easy, Bucks vs Celtics, Raptors vs 76ers Preview

In Episode 59 "Z" breaks down the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter between the Thunder and the Trailblazers. What lead up to Dame hitting the game winning 37ft 3 pointer. He also previews the exciting second round match-ups between the Bucks and Celtics, and the Raptors and 76ers.


The Playoffs Are Here!

In episode 58 "Z" gives his playoff preview as the playoffs are set to start this weekend.


Magic Johnson Quits on the Lakers!

In his latest episode "Z" covers the strange unexpected quitting by Magic Johnson on the Lakers. Offers his thoughts on what does this mean for the future of the franchise and LeBron James going forward. He also talks about the NCAA championship game between Virginia and Texas Tech and how Virginia was able to win their first national championship in school history.


NBA Regular Season Storylines Final Four Preview

In the latest episode of The Off The Glass Podcast with the regular season all most over and the playoffs around the corner "Z" takes a look at some of the biggest storylines from this NBA season. He also previews the Final Four and gives you his pick to cut down nets.


All-NBA Teams

In Episode 55 "Z" picks his All-NBA team and you will be surprised who's not on it. In "speak on it" He talks March Madness and shares his Final Four picks.


Trae Young Is For Real LeBron Passes MJ and Kyrie Struggles

In episode 54 "Z" discusses LeBron James passing Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. He breaks down Trae Young's incredible play, and they overall strength of this rookie class. He also talks whether Paul George's defensive play should be factored into his MVP case? He addresses the Lakers saga and the struggles of the Celtics, and offers a clear perspective on Kyrie Irving. In this week's segment of "speak on it" talks about social media and how it is affecting our mental health.


Rashad Phillips College Basketball/NBA Prospect Guru

In Episode 53 "Z" is joined by College Basketball/NBA prospect Guru Rashad Phillips. He is Detroit Mercy all time leading scorer. The voice of Sports Talk 2319, PG All American and Naismith Award Winner. They discussed Trae Young and how Rashad felt Trae Young was the number one pick in last years draft. They talk the importance of developing a culture lead by player development to develop young players. Rashad offer some thoughts on D'Angelo Russell's great play and development, and they...


The Sham of The NCAA

In Episode 52 "Z" discusses the Sham NCAA and offers some thought on whether athletes should be paid or not. Zion Williamson blew out his shoe and almost suffered a career ending injury. Z gives a suggestion on what Zion and other future African-American players should do. Can OKC beat the Warriors and will the Lakers make the playoffs? Stay tune for Z's thoughts. The Off The Glass Podcast is next!


The Trade Deadline Recap

In Episode 51 "Z" offers his thoughts on the trade deadline. Did he like the moves that the Sixers, Raptors, and Bucks made? Did the moves make these teams strong enough to beat the Warriors? Should have the Pelicans taken the deal from the Lakers? Did the Knicks make the right move trading Kristaps Porzingis? In the latest edition of "Speak On It" he talks about player empowerment.


NBA Champion Shawn "Matrix" Marion

In Episode 50 "Z" is joined by NBA Champion 4x time All-Star, All-NBA performer Shawn "Matrix" Marion. Z asked him how he felt about being the first small ball 4 and how his versatility made him successful. He weighs in on the G.O.A.T. debate is LeBron better than Jordan? He offers some advice for how opposing teams should guard James Harden. Finally he takes the listeners behind the scenes of their championship run.


Z &MJ Talk James Harden

In episode 49 "Z"'s long time friend, teammate, roommate, from college Marcus Jackson drops by the show to talk James Harden. They address the recent comments that CP3 made about James Harden being the greatest scorer of all-time. The discuss some of the all-time scoring greats and name who makes their all-time scoring list. In the latest edition of "Speak On It" they talk about respect and how to teach young players to be respectful.


Thibodeau Gets Fired! MVP Canidates and Who Is The GOAT?

In episode 48 "Z" discusses Tom Thibodeau getting fired. He also give some thoughts on the MVP candidates this season. In the new installment of "Speak On It" he offers a different perspective to the GOAT discussion.


Christmas Day ReCap and LeBron Gets Hurt!

In episode 47 "Z" stops by to discuss the Christmas Day games. He talks Hardens incredible play, He discuss why the 76ers are a level below the Celtics and the Raptors. He offers a conversational take on Ben Simmons. He discusses why we shouldn't panic with the Warriors. He weighs in on how LeBron's injury will effect the Lakers long term. And of course the latest edition of "Speak On It".


Western Conference Pile Up! MVP Kawhi or Giannis?

In episode 46 "Z" takes you through the tight Western Conference and weighs in on who's for real and who won't make this years playoffs. He also talks about the Eastern Conference, where you have four teams who have a legitimate chance to make the finals. He talks MVP, and finally another addition of "Speak On It!"He speaks on the disaster of a franchise The Chicago Bulls.


Celtics & Warriors Struggling

In episode 45 "Z" discusses the early season struggles of the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. He also talks about Kemba Walkers impressive start to the season, and debuts his new segment "Speak On It".


Markelle Fultz and the 76ers

In episode 43 "Z" Dives into the Markelle Fultz's jump-shot saga. He offers a medical explanation and give his own experience with a shoulder injury involving his shooting shoulder. He talks about Jimmy Butler joining the 76ers and whether or not this makes them a legit championship contender. Lastly he weighs in an offers some perspective from a players point of view on the Draymond KD confrontation.


The Bucks are For Real!

In episode 43 "Z" gets in to the numbers and looks at some of the early leaders in the eastern and western conferences. He uses the numbers to look at the teams strength of schedule and their offensive and defensive ratings. He also takes a look at some of the lineups what has been successful what lineups have not. Hope you enjoy this episode as "Z" nerds out a little bit.


Dysfuncational Friday.

In episode 42 "Z" discusses the early season struggles of the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards. He also talked about the rookies and D Rose 50 point game.