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The Optional Skate EP 68: Bruins Place In Boston Sports

The 2018 Boston Sports survey that is conducted by Channel Media and Market Research had its results revealed this week. The Bruins rank fourth among the five major sports teams in Boston (Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Revolution). Today Greg talks about why that shouldn't be a surprise to Bruins fans and should speak about the Celtics than the Bruins themselves. He also touches on his Jake DeBrusk thoughts from his "Spiciest Bruins Take" tweet to Colin Beswick.


TOS EP 29: NHL Network's Lists Are Bad

The NHL Network put out their Top 10 goalie list and it is really, really bad. We debate where Tuukka Rask stands on this list because it's the summer and NO ONE CAAAAAAAAAAAARES!


The Trash Cast EP 23: Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon 2 has been released on the Nintendo Switch and it is finally being reviewed on the Trash Cast. What does Pez think about this cute and unique third person shooter? Is he both a kid now and a squid now or a kid now and a squid later? How is Salmon Run; Splatoon's answer to horde mode? All of these questions and more will be answered in Pez's review of Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch!


TOS EP 28: Ryan Spooner's Contract

Today's episode is focused on the Bruins' newest signing: Ryan Spooner. We've hit the dog days of Summer which means our podcasts will be a little shorter. We talk about our thoughts on the contract and where he fits on this team while guys like Anders Bjork, Forsbaka-Karlsson and Debrusk are signing entry level deals. We also talk about DP (David Pastrnak, not double penetration).


The Trash Cast EP 22 - Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself?

What do snakes, bugs, death and the dark have in common? What about dogs, open spaces and flying? If you guessed that they're all fears, you're totally correct and in this episode of the Trash Cast we're talking about all of the things that scare us. From creepy crawlies to what lurks in the backs of department stores, come listen as Greg and Bree get personal, unpack some baggage and share what scares them the most.


The Optional Skate EP 27: Merry Free Agency To All!

In the latest episode of The Optional Skate we sit down to briefly discuss NHL free agency, what the Bruins have done so far and what outstanding things they still need to deal with before the summer is over. Also, a discussion on Edmonton's deals and contracts for some unknown reason (Okay, fine. It's Chiarelli. Chiarelli is the reason for the discussion.)


TOS EP 26: Vegas Golden Knights w/ Ken Boehlke (

This episode is dedicated solely to the NHL's newest franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights. Since we're not very knowledgeable on the group that Las Vegas put together, we're joined by SinBin.Vegas' very own Ken Boehlke. We're talking Colin Miller, their "Playoffs in 3, Cup in 6" mantra, the new Adidas uniforms and white gloves. If you wanted to know everything about the Golden Knights and how this has impacted the residents of Las Vegas, this podcast is for you. Also, stay for a Pez rant on...


The Trash Cast EP 20: Super Hero Movies Are Garbage

It's finally time to talk about the over-saturation of superhero movies. In the newest episode of The Trash Cast, Greg and Bree sit down to chat about the overwhelming amount of superhero movies in our world. What movies did we like and what did we hate? How many superhero movies do we really need? Have we both just had enough of them? What's with the sad state of DC live action movies? Exactly how good are the DC animated movies anyway? Also included: Limp Bizkit, Korn, wrestling...


TOS EP 25: 2017 NHL Draft Primer w/ Kirk Luedeke

We are joined b y Kirk Luedeke from Red Line Report, The Scouting Post and New England Hockey Journal to talk about all things Boston Bruins related in this upcoming draft. Right off the bat, we have a sourced rumor for you guys that talks about who the Bruins are potentially looking at moving the #18 pick for. One of the names definitely caught us off guard. If Boston keeps the pick, Kirk breaks down some guys that would fit the Bruins' mold. We also talk a lot about potential goalie...


The Trash Cast EP 19: Friday The 13th Game Review

MAJOR TRASH CAST ANNOUNCEMENT! We have some major news regarding the future of the Trash Cast that you won't want to miss. We're also discussing one of our most enjoyed games from 2017 with Robb from DOY! Released on May 26th, Friday the 13th has been an incredibly fun game that has been marred by bugs and, more importantly, connection issues. However, Bree, Robb and Greg sit down to talk about the game , its flaws, its accomplishments and if they're having fun playing it.


The Optional Skate EP 24: Game 7 and the Stanley Cup Final

This week's episode is all about the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs! We discuss the Senators/Penguins Game 7 matchup and who we believe is going to represent the East against the Nashville Predators. We also touch on why we want Nashville to win the Stanley Cup over either Pittsburgh or Ottawa. Finally, we're talking about the bullshit notion of "hockey markets" and why Southern cities can be considered good hockey markets. - Support us on Patreon to get EVERY Days of Y'Orr podcast early! -


Trash Cast EP 18: VR Porn

We're talking about virtual reality, but in all honesty it just becomes talk about VR porn. Are there any other type of applications for virtual reality? Probably. We do touch on some other subjects including utilizing VR in sports and gaming.


The Trash Cast EP 17: Legend of Zelda + Nintendo Switch Review

It's finally here! The long awaited Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review for the Nintendo Switch is finally here! After some mishaps with the first recording of this episode, it allowed Greg to put in more than 75 hours into Breath of the Wild and finish the game. We're also going over Greg's thoughts of the Nintendo Switch and how it holds up to his expectations as a premium handheld.


The Trash Cast EP 16: Bat Nipples and Ice Puns

With the end of the NHL playoffs, Greg and Bree are back to talk about everything pop culture and today we're focusing on movie remakes/reboots. What did you think of the 'IT' trailer? Did you love it? Hate it? We talk about our love for the original and the book and how this new movie could stack up. We also talk about our favorite movie remakes and how they pair up against the original. Also: ICE PUNS!!


The Optional Skate EP 23: Season's End

The Boston Bruins' season has come to an end and we're here to talk about the playoff series with Ottawa. Are you disappointed the Bruins lost the series? What are the biggest takeaways from the playoff series with Ottawa? Who were the biggest disappointments? We discuss all of these are more!


The Optional Skate EP 22: I Hate You, Dion Phaneuf

What's this? A weekly 'The Optional Skate' podcast?! The Bruins are facing off against the Senators in the playoffs and everything's far from coming up roses. In this episode Greg, Jon, Pizz and Bree get together to glorify the beauty that is Charlie McAvoy, bitch about the referees, provide analysis on what's going on with Grandpa Chara, contemplate whether or not Gary Bettman actually likes himself, and provide in-depth analysis on the state of Dion Phaneuf.


The Optional Skate EP 21: Vanilla Brad Taps

We're here to talk about Brad Marchand smacking guys in the balls and then bipping him in the face with his hockey stick. We are also taking an absolute hot dump all over the awful Tuukka Rask takes that have plagued the Internet and remind you why the greatest sportswriter who ever lived probably doesn't exist. Pizz ranks his favorite Spidermans, tells you everything he hates but still hates less than Brad Marchand and Bree admits to being an Anton Khudobin mark.


The Optional Skate EP 20: Focused Thrusts Into The Playoffs

For the first time ever, the entire DOY team is here for your hockey podcasting pleasure. Pizz, Marshall, Bree, Jon and Pez are all here and we're talking about the Bruins chances making the playoffs. With a handful of games left, how does the crew think things will shake out. Will Boston make the playoffs and what where will they be positioned. Also, what is sex with Steve Yzerman like? How did Brick get his nickname? We will talk about all this and more in what is probably the most...


The Optional Skate EP 19: Switching It Up A Bit

The Bruins are surging under Interm Head Coach Bruce Cassidy. If the playoffs started today, the Bruins would be in the big dance for the first time in two years! We also talk about the Drew Stafford signing and our expectations from the ex-Bruins killer. Also, the Nintendo Switch was released on Friday and both Pizz and Greg have one so of course, there's a little 'Breath of the Wild' talk. (No spoilers, promise).


The Trash Cast EP 15: Which Gaming Console Is Supreme?

With the Nintendo Switch out, it's time to debate which console is the best home gaming console of all tiiiiiiiime! Before we can do that - it's time for us to run down our favorite consoles.