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Magnum, Thomas and Carson give you a unique perspective of the "other" football from Las Vegas with humor and insight.

Magnum, Thomas and Carson give you a unique perspective of the "other" football from Las Vegas with humor and insight.
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Magnum, Thomas and Carson give you a unique perspective of the "other" football from Las Vegas with humor and insight.




TOF May 23 "Too Rich to Help Move"

With Thomas away on vacation Carson and Magnum are joined for an hour by WBC Welterweight Champ Showtime Shawn Porter, the guys touch on the Women's World Cup Ticket fiasco, would Shawn just collect a paycheck and play golf instead of work like a Real Madrid star has threatened and lots of talk about Shawn…


TOF May 15 "Gonzalo Higuain is Raffi..... Raffi is Higuain"

On this week's episode the guys talk about Liverpool not winning the league , what nonsense did Chapman watch on Saturday, how many children's books can be dropped in a 30 second period and oh did we mention.... Liverpool didn't win the league.


The Other Football May 9 "Hammarby is a Decepticon"

Magnum relishes in Liverpool's victories over Barcelona and Newcastle, Carson is forced to eat a pickle and Thomas has a few more weeks to root against Liverpool. They discuss FC Cincinnati firing their coach after only 11 matches, and is Bob Marley overrated?


TOF May 2 "Hippos Are Not Your Friends"

A wild week in the Champions League gives Thomas and Carson a chance to pile on Chapman as Liverpool gets blasted by Barca, they discuss the Lincoln City Imps logo yet again , is Messi the Goat and much much more


TOF April 24 “Red Vines Get a Red Card”

In this week's episode Thomas and Carson remind Magnum that Liverpool is running out of time for City to drop points following City winning against both Spurs and United. The best convenience store in the country gets a mention, they're also joined by Drew Fellios the voice of the Tampa Bay Rowdies and ESPN announce…


TOF April 15 "The Other Seagull Podcast"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson discuss a traumatic experience for Magnum as Thomas gloats about Everton winning the U23 Premier League, the guys debate whether a strong domestic league is important for a strong national team. What did a Red Bulls player do that will probably earn him a suspension and LV Lights FC hand out…


TOF April 9 "Magnum's Favorite Premier League Player is the Parrot From Aladdin"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson give props to the UNLV Women's team who beat Argentina in a friendly over the weekend, the Lights get screwed by a bad call, Liverpool keeps winning to Thomas's dismay and does Richarlison want to play in the same city but different stadium?


TOF April 3 "Sardinia is a Bad Pizza Topping"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson talk about Tottenham finally opening their new stadium, 2 teams have already been relegated from the Premier League, the guys are working on a scarf for Magnum, they're joined by UNLV Women's soccer coach Chris Shaw as his team prepares for a friendly with Women's World Cup Participant Argentina and they…


TOF March 28 "Name Drop Bingo"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson welcome back the Premier League after an international break, they discuss some injuries to the US men's national team, Magnum gives a history lesson on Montserrat, are joined by Thomas Olsen a goalie with the LV Lights FC of the USL and they debate which seasonal candy is the best.


TOF March 20"Swansea is the Fruit Brute of English Soccer"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson have gotten the band back together and they'll discuss the Champions League Draw, should Chapman get ESPN+ , which Grammy winning musician retweeted them, which cereals are the best, who is the Detroit of England, do the 3 of them actually agree on something and if Jeff Fisher managed a Premier…


TOF March 13 "Hiring Mourinho is Like Stealing a Package Only to Find Out There's Poop Inside"

With TV out on assignment the inmates run the asylum and they discuss if Carson had as much joy in Newcastle's victory over Everton in Thomas did in Everton's draw with Liverpool, they also talk Champions League and are joined by WBC Welterweight Champ Showtime Shawn Porter.


TOF March 7 "Liverpool are the Dallas Cowboys of the Premier League"

Thomas has a good go at Magnum as his Everton can now raise a banner for the night they drew Liverpool, Magnum has no choice but to take the beating since his club didn't play well enough to win. Carson and Thomas then gang up on Magnum about the Man U PK to advance in…


TOF Feb 27 Alexis Sanchez Fell Off Like No Limit Records

Magnum, Carson and Thomas celebrate all 3 of their teams winning and getting shutouts which is a rarity, Thomas finally lets listeners know why his nickname is Bert and Ernie, the guys make a wager on the Liverpool/Everton game and why is there so much movement among managers in the game, plus Sergio Ramos is…


TOF Feb 21 Magnum's Saltiness Could Melt the Vegas Ice

Magnum , Thomas and Carson discuss the 2nd week of Champion's League knockout stage action, the guys are joined by women's soccer expert Jen Cooper of The Mixxed Zone, what promotion will LV Lights FC be bringing back to 2019, who has the best attendance in the Premier League and what bold prediction does Magnum…


TOF Feb 13 The New White Hart is the Xanadu of England

Magnum Thomas and Carson discuss the 1st stage of the Champions League KO Stages, who has the best fries for a fast food restaurant, how did Everton's plan to sit their stars against City work out for them against Watford and a very cool promotion by the LV Lights FC


TOF Feb 6 Shout Out To Boban , Villain in John Wick 3

Chris, Thomas and Carson are back with another unique look at the world of soccer, they are joined by the head coach and technical director of LV LIghts FC and former US National Team player Eric Wynalda, they discuss why Everton has a small club mentality and which player could play a villain in John…


TOF Jan 31 RIP Rufio....... wait Rufio died?

With Chris back from Sweden the guys talk about his trip, Thomas presents why a salary cap should be something in soccer, an interesting tweet by Eric Wynalda as well. Carson, Thomas and Magnum debate on which Disney soundtrack is the best.


TOF Jan 22 "Hold My Ber ...... Halter "

With Magnum heading out of town the guys do a special Tuesday edition of The Other Football, They discuss a few matches in the FA Cup, they joke about the end of Tottenham's run for a Premier League title and how tone deaf is Ronaldo?


TOF Jan 17 "Sauron would kill everyone on Game of Thrones"

Magnum, Thomas and Carson talk about Newcastle winning a match, the Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds controversy, and are joined by Poppy Miller who handles play by play duties for Charleston Battery of the USL. They'll also discuss Seth McFarland and just how old is Magnum?


TOF 0109 Your Official Home for Coupe De France Coverage

The guys talk FA Cup, they laugh at Liverpool... again well not Magnum, they discuss if Magnum should join a coed league to meet women and Thomas brings up the greatest soccer tournament known to man.