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The New York Giants broadcasting crew of Bob Papa and former NFL legend Carl Banks join forces to bring you in-depth NFL coverage.


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The New York Giants broadcasting crew of Bob Papa and former NFL legend Carl Banks join forces to bring you in-depth NFL coverage.




Episode 8 - Former NFL GM Scott Pioli

Former Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli joins Carl Banks and Bob Papa on today's show. They discuss Carl and Scott's time working together for multiple teams under Bill Belichick, what it takes to build a roster, and the changing view on analytics in the NFL


Episode 7 - NFL Legend Phil Simms

Papa & Banks are back and joined by Carl's teammate, long-time friend, and SB MVP Phil Simms. Phil adds knowledgeable QB insight on today's stars, breaks down his favorite teams to watch, discusses how the modern game is vastly different than his playing days on the Giants, and tells an emotional story about Coach Parcells. #TellAFriendToTellAFriend


Episode 6 - NBC Sports' Peter King

Papa Banks welcome on NBC's Peter King to talk about the NFLPA, the rise of injuries in the NFL, Urban Meyer's standing after his weekend trip to Columbus, and coaching analytics. Also, Carl's a new grandfather! Tell a friend to Tell a friend!


Episode 5 - Coach Charlie Weis

Papa & Banks are back with a very special guest, all-time coaching legend Charlie Weis. Carl and Charlie break down what they're seeing from coordinators and coaches all across the NFL and how things have changed with schemes and play-calling. The show also includes a fun conversation about this upcoming weekend's matchup for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers coming "home" to Foxborough take on the Patriots. Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend!


Episode 4 - NFL Week 3...Let's Hope for Less Penalties

Week 3 is here. And so are Papa & Banks. Fresh off the press and Carl's got some things he's got to get off his chest. What's up with all the flags? Why are people so down on Thursday Night Football? And a big time upset prediction on Monday Night. That and more on Papa Banks, presented by DraftKings.


Episode 3 - DMC!!

Papa & Banks welcome Carl's long-time friend and renowned musician, Darryl McDaniels aka DMC. Carl and DMC reminisce on New York in the 80s and 90s and then DMC discusses the Steelers, comics, and what it means to be "Old School".


Episode 2 - NFL Week 1 is Here!

Papa & Banks are back and Carl's got some stuff to get off his chest. A brief TNF recap and paying homage to Tom Brady, MLB umpiring and why the human element helps the game, and much much more. Presented By Draftkings


Episode 1 - Fake Outrage

American Sportcaster Bob Papa and NFL 1980's all-decade linebacker Carl Banks join forces once again for the inaugural episode of one of the best damn podcasts out there. This time, the dynamic duo discuss rookie QBs, the NFLPA, and Ernie Els' chance at being a professional boxer. The Papa Banks Show, presented by Draft Kings.


Introducing Papa and Banks with Bob Papa and Carl Banks

Giants play-by-play announcer Bob Papa and legendary Giants linebacker Carl Banks bring you entertaining insight on the NFL and more! Presented by Draft Kings