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Protecting your brand and assets THE RIGHT WAY with Dayna Thomas Esq

Dayna Thomas Esq. Instagram Twitter Website Key points from the show Pre-planning is more important than the actual launch What does it really mean to be a B-O-S-S? Online branding BEFORE you start “doing your thing” How will people know that you aren’t brand new? Dayna’s blog about entertainment law You have to PROTECT your craft as much as you create it Understand the basics of the business you are in Dayna’s opinion on Legal Zoom for starting your business...


Connection with people, being genuine, and playing to your strengths. Convo with Ike Igbinosun of Pro Limit Athletes

Ike Igbinosun Instagram Website Key points from the show Ike’s definition of purpose Looked into a couple things before forming Pro Limit Athletes The most important question he asked himself before he started his company Your connection with people is key when it comes to business Check up on people If someone believes you are genuine they will connect with you Trying not to stress about the outcome so much and just putting in the work Football is different from life in some...


How do I set myself apart from my competition?

There is a lot of language that I don't understand. I like to consider myself a fairly smart woman, but some things are just dumb complicated for no reason. I've learned that sometimes that's by design. I call these "gatekeepers". These are people or entities that use complex jargon (see what I did there lol) or a lot of pages so that you either won't read it or won't understand it. I'm going to break down what a Unique Selling Proposition is because let me tell you... if you don't really...


What it's like being a "product" and remembering your faith as a competitor. Convo with Nicole Capurso

Nicole Capurso Instagram Twitter Website Key Ideas Flexible Dieting Leaving faith out Honor your nutrition Balancing competition and everything else As an athlete you’re the product, so things fall by the wayside. Putting energy into other things might not make you a better athlete, but it’s important for the rest of your life. Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section belowEmail me a question at Exathlete22@gmail.comShare this show...


What if I'm not good at anything else?

It's not uncommon to not know what else you're good at besides sports. You've been playing it your whole life. So, I was watching Last Chance U on Netflix and many of the guys said that if they didn't go pro, hell, D1 they didn't know what they were gonna do. That's not a hopeful place to be in. With that mindset you are bound to make stupid mistakes, not because you're a bad person, but you don't have hope for the future or your present. Sometimes we aren't giving ourselves enough credit...


What if I haven't done anything yet?

*Full transparency* This is one of the toughest areas for me. It is for a lot of people actually. Let me give you some context. I never went pro. I played D1 ball, but I have no name recognition outside of the Howard University sphere of influence. That is also 98% of amateur athletes. So when you are trying to build your personal brand it's tempting to try and fake it til you make it. That actually used to be what the old head told you. This isn't to be confused with a phrase like "dress...


The AC ratio



NO new friends



Choosing your platform



Should teams be responsible for players after they finish?

There are many things that athletic organizations are responsible for and should do for their athletes, making sure their lives are good after they retire or finish isn't one of them. I may be in the minority on this, but it's your responsibility to make sure you are living a life you are thrilled to live. I heard something interesting the other day that went like this "Life is either an adventure you get to go on or a trial you have to endure." The end of sport is sometimes...


It's YOUR job to let people know who you are. Convo with Nigel Byam of Learn from a Pro LLC

Nigel Byam Instagram Twitter Website Key points from the show Education was Nigel’s focus prior to playing basketball You have a lot of life to live after you go pro You either learn from something or you succeed It’s not our coaches job to get you a scholarship There is a level for you You have to self promote just as much as you train It’s your job to let people know who you are You’re in control of more than you know Success Build Generations- Nigels Nonprofit Thanks for...


Networking is dead

It seems like there is some badge of honor that you get if you declare yourself "self-made". If you read any autobiography or talk to someone that has been even moderately successful, you will find that it took strategic relationships to accomplish it. That isn't to take anything away from their hard work, but they had someone in their corner. In this episode you will learn: No matter what you call it, the key is to get to know people in a way that leave a nice memory for them. When they...


How did going 0-9 in his last football season change his entire outlook. Convo with Byron Stewart aka. Mr. Purpose

Byron Stewart Instagram Website Key points from the show You can be fulfilling your purpose working at McDonalds People can still see God’s face wherever you are if you allow it How going 0-9 in his last football season changed his outlook Being 28 with a degree and not knowing what to do with it The fear of putting yourself out there can be a killer Trying to perfect before you produce The thing that people are surprised about with Byron Being true to yourself. Should I be faith...


Getting Results (Strategy Session)

Athletes and people that work with them always say that they don't have time to think about anything else. I get it, you're busy, but it's totally doable. If people are getting PhD's and actively playing, it's not time that's the issue. It's how you're using it.


Even if you make it to the big show, what's next? Convo with Derrick Furlow Jr.

Derrick Furlow Jr. Instagram Twitter Website Key points from the show Living life and doing a job, but still feeling empty NFL= Not For Long Practice was basically life prep If you don’t take anything away from the game, you’re wasting your time What’s Next the book Even if you do make it then what What is identity jail You set your bond Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section belowEmail me a question at Exathlete22@gmail.comShare...


Getting Results Behind the Jersey (BTJ)

The person behind the jersey is just as important as your other persona. In fact, it's all you've got. In this episode of Getting Results, learn how to take what's in your head and make a visual picture of who you are. Listen for details.