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No one covers the Tennessee Titans like Paul Kuharsky. Now, you can get his unique perspective in a handy, to-go format!


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No one covers the Tennessee Titans like Paul Kuharsky. Now, you can get his unique perspective in a handy, to-go format!






Pick a side on David Long

Do you want the Titans to address the injury issues or not? Paul looks at how David Long fits into that question. Plus thoughts on all five players the Titans have agreed to terms with and how restricted free agency was a thing for Tennessee for the first time in a long time. Also, Nick Westbrook-Ikhines weird choice to test the market.


Fearing Change

Contemplating the potential for a Derrick Henry trade. Plus, lessons from Mike Heimerdinger, throwback jerseys, and sleepy fans and players with social media.


Trade Up?

Four of the last 15 trades up for a quarterback have yielded franchise guys. Eleven have resulted in continued searches. Paul examines that, Tim Kellys comments on last years offensive predictability, coaches skipping the combine, a quiet promotion and what happened when he reread his favorite book.


Pain-Free Titans' Cuts

The cuts the Titans made to get under the cap didn't hurt much. And history tells us the odds of one of the released players having much success from here are low. Plus free-agent edge rushers, a review of Tulsa and a tribute to Taylor Lewan.


Malik Willis fresh start

With a new coordinator and quarterback coach/passing game coordinator, Malik Willis isnt heading toward being the Titans' starter in 2023 but he should get a clean slate. Plus Paul looks at Mike Vrabels staff growth heading into his sixth year, wonders why players dont work to outperform opponents with precise footing when they play on bad fields and talks through the big impact of a minor adjustment.


The Cleveland Model?

Ran Carthons front office structure looks like it will be follow the Browns method, which hasnt exactly worked for them. Paul also discussed Mike Vrabels reshaped coaching staff, the search for explosive plays, the importance of spring, a key slip of the tongue by the Titans head coach, NFL officiating and the one thing he cant be critical of.


Mike Vrabel's Hiring Process

Paul Kuharsky talks through Mike Vrabel's hiring process, what Ran Carthon wants as the Titans General Manger and what one more play could mean for the franchise.


What People Do

We watch players and can see and rewind their successes and failures. But with front offices people, and some coaches, even their titles dont clue us in as to what their jobs are and we have no clue about what successes and failures theyve had a hand in.


New Blood

Paul reviews Mike Vrabels firings before making the case for outsiders as replacements on the coaching staff, and for the open GM position, where Jon Robinsons right hand man, Ryan Cowden, remains a candidate.


Who Do You Trust?

It's simple: if the Titans win on Saturday against the Jaguars, they win the South and are in the playoffs. If they loose, they end the season on a 7-game losing streak. So, is there anyone on the roster you trust to take this team to the postseason? PK says it's a tall order.


At Least They're Uniquely Losing

The Titans' losing streak hits five games, but as PK points out, they aren't making the same mistakes again and again. Each loss is its own issue. At least that's... something. Does it give you any confidence heading into the last two games of the season? Yeah, us either.


Low Energy

A four-game losing streak... mounting injuries... this team needs a spark, and PK goes around the locker room looking for it... looking for anything that can show him this team is ready to turn things around and head into the playoffs with some confidence.


Would You Like Him When He's Angry?

The Titans are in the middle of a three-game skid with the LA Chargers on the horizon. So just how angry has Head Coach Mike Vrabel been through this? PK talks to some of the players of the coach's mood. Plus, what to do about the team's stumbling out of the gates to start the second half.


Not Ready For Prime Time

The Titans challenging stretch of the schedule continues with a huge game against the League's best: Philadelphia Eagles. Mobile QBs have been a challenge for the Titans as of late, but PK has an offensive stat in here that just might surprise you, and give you hope.


Offensive Scheming

The Titans offense isn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard. Are they, dare we say, predictable? PK has the stats that show, yeah, pretty much. At least the Broncos come to town this week. That should help turn things around, right?


Word Of The Day

The Titans are on a winning streak, but they are on the road to Kansas City for a prime time game against the Chiefs. Can their streak continue? PK doesn't think it can especially if the backup QB figures heavily into the game plan.


An Opponent Fit For A King

The Titans take on the Houston Texans this weekend, and if recent history is any indication, King Henry should feast on the Texans' defense. Plus, just how good have the Titans been on 3rd down? PK has the impressive numbers.


Where Are The Home Runs?

The Titans are coming off their Bye week still in first place in their division, but their style of play doesn't look like it can hold up against the Big Boys of the AFC. PK breaks down where the team is now and some surprising stats especially in the Red Zone.


Lemonade Out of Lemons

It's a minor miracle the Titans have been as competitive as they have been the past few seasons considering how disastrous their recent drafts and free agent acquisitions have been. PK goes through the brutal reality. Plus, he discusses one of the more underrated aspects of Ryan Tannehill's game.


Stay On Message

The lack of second-half scoring is definitely a cause for concern, but you wouldn't know it if you listened to the players and coaches postgame comments. PK has an explanation. Plus, Titans' ratings are down in Nashville. How? PK explains that, too.