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Sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski and The Good Place's Michael Schur.

Sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski and The Good Place's Michael Schur.


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Sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski and The Good Place's Michael Schur.




Life in Quarantine with Brandon McCarthy & Ellen Adair

Host Joe Posnanski brings back favorite guest hosts Brandon McCarthy and Ellen Adair to chat about how they're surviving the sports-less quarantine right now in America. They discuss whether re-watching old games is satisfying the sports void and Brandon plays teacher as he talks about what pitchers can do to make hitters' lives a nightmare. The crew answers mailbag questions before Joe welcomes in Eric Nusbaum to talk about his book Stealing Home about how Dodger Stadium came to pass in Los...


PosCast Draft: Annoying Sports Things That We Now Miss

Host Joe Posnanski welcomes back in co-host Michael Schur and recurring super-guest Nick Offerman for what would have been the 2020 MLB Preview show but given the current situation in America and the lack of actual baseball, they turn to discussing nonsense instead. Mike breaks down how a selfless charitable donation could become a months-long ordeal in which he has to do some of his least favorite things. Fans of The Office will enjoy as Mike recounts some of his inside baseball stories of...


PosCast Draft: Baseball Movie Characters

Baseball season may be on hold, but the PosCast rolls on for a third consecutive week! Former MLB Pitcher Brandon McCarthy and Rolling Stone's Chief TV Critic Alan Sepinwall join host Joe Posnanski for a trio of entertainment to help you get through your COVID-19 quarantine. This three-headed monster talks about how the coronavirus outbreak will impact players during the delay of Opening Day, give their picks of shows you should watch while you're locked down at home. For the draft, they...


PosCast Draft: Joys of Attending A Ballgame

Joe Posnanski welcomes on guest host Ellen Adair as they get you ready for everything baseball as Opening Day approaches (5:29)! Ellen shares her feelings on the baseball offseason and expresses some excitement about her 2020 Phillies despite the team's addition of former Yankees Didi Gregorius and Joe Girardi (25:43) The pair then drafts their favorite things about attending a baseball game -- the perfect way to get baseball fans going leading up to the season's first pitch (1:03:42)! The...


The PosCast Joins The Athletic!

Hosts Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur reunite for their first PosCast episode as part of The Athletic podcast family. The pair recap the last couple of months in the baseball world, talking about the impact of the Astros scandal and the Red Sox decision to deal Mookie Betts. We pick our least favorite things about the month of March and give some meaningless takes on a cutting-edge apple and a tried-and-true, American study material. The PosCast with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur regularly...


MLB Hall of Fame and Football's Worst Rules

Hosts Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur return to congratulate Derek Jeter and Larry Walker's election into the 2020 class of the National Baseball Hall of Fame! Michael pretends like Jeter isn't a Hall of Famer for a moment, raising eyebrows across the Twitterverse that he might have been the one that didn't vote for Jeter (it wasn't really him!) The pair peeks ahead to future candidacies of other potential future nominees -- including defensive wizard Omar Vizquel and the dominant, yet...


PosCast Draft: 3rd Annual Holiday Blowout

It's the annual PosCast Holiday Blowout Show, featuring everyone's favorite guests of the PosCast! Hosts Joe Posnanski & Michael Schur are joined by Nick Offerman, Brandon McCarthy, Alan Sepinwall, Mike Dicenzo, Linda Holmes and Michael even serves as a proxy for Megan Amram! Tune in as this holiday-themed food draft spirals off into a deep dive about the merits of a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Duck a l'Orange, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches and cold water all jockey for position as...


PosCast Draft: Things We're Thankful For in 2019

The PosCast is back with another episode -- and we're talking about everybody's favorite autumnal debate...warm fruit vs cold fruit. Yes, it's back! So are the shirts! So go to to buy the type of fruit you prefer, it's for a good cause! Joe & Mike join forces to talk about how great Lamar Jackson has looked during his MVP-caliber sophomore season. The duo wonders how much more fun ti would be if he were on a team that weren't the Ravens. How...


PosCast Draft: 2019 World Series Games

Hosts Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur return to recap the first World Series in Washington Nationals history. The pair drafts their favorite games from the 2019 World Series! The draft is followed by a long-overdue Cleveland Browns Check In! Unfortunately, despite great expectations for 2019, they're still really bad. Get the input of a lifelong (Joe) and a passive (Mike) Browns fan as they address why the AFC just hasn't been that much fun since the rise of the Patriots. One Last...


Houdini Puns with TV Writer Megan Amram

Hosts Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur welcome in Megan Amram (acclaimed writer of "The Good Place" on NBC) for a PosCast full of Houdini puns and baseball predictions. The group chats about how the Yankees can and will miraculously crawl out of the steep ALCS deficit they face against the Houston Astros and give their prediction for who will go on to win the 2019 World Series. Megan does her best to come up with off-the-cuff Houdini puns in a pseudo-draft in which she is responsible for...


Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh

Host Joe Posnanski is joined by legendary comedian Gary Gulman as he prepares for the debut of his live HBO Special "The Great Depresh" on October 5. Gary talks about the trials and tribulations that a young comedian faces while trying to get their break and dives into the mental health issues that he has overcome along the way. Be sure to tune in to the HBO Special on Saturday, October 5 at 10 PM ET! The PosCast with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur regularly posts new episodes of...


The Good Place Is Back & Checking In On The PosCast Players

The PosCast is back for another episode! Hosts Joe Posnanski & Michael Schur talk about the Season 4 Premiere of "The Good Place" which airs September 26 on NBC at 8:30 PM! The duo looks back on their time at Wrigley Field -- and the ensuing freefall by the Chicago Cubs that's occurred since their departure. Then, we take a look at how our favorite PosCast players, such as Khris Davis, Tim Anderson and Franmil Reyes are faring. Baseball's longball epidemic hasn't shown any signs of...


Nick Offerman & Ryan Dempster From Wrigley Field!

Wrigley Field Weekend continues as the PosCast welcomes both Nick Offerman and Ryan Dempster to the WGN Booth in the Windy City! This rare, segment-free version of the PosCast spends a strange amount of time talking about Dempster's hitting stats (although he was a pitcher.) The group also makes its cases for why Ryan should be a MLB Hall of Famer and is treated to the story of why Ryan hit Alex Rodriguez during his first post-suspension at-bat at Fenway Park. Nick performs yet another...


The "Live" PosCast With Nick Offerman At Wrigley Field

PosCast hosts Michael Schur & Joe Posnanski are joined by friend of the show, Nick Offerman for a "live" PosCast episode from Chicago's Wrigley Field! Nick serves as a special musical guest as he sings all of The PosCast's glorious segment jingles, talks about his beloved Cubs and their playoff prospects and helps nickname a new PosCast player. In the draft, the gang picks their favorite teams that just plain suck. Who makes the list? Stick around for One Last Meaningless Thing, in which...


PosCast Draft: Childhood Gadgets and an Important Announcement!

Important Announcement! The PosCast will be joined by Nick Offerman for live PosCast episodes the weekend of September 13-15 at Chicago's Wrigley Field! Follow Joe & Mike on Twitter for more information about this special, live event. The Yankees continue to roll while the Red Sox season appears it will conclude without any postseason games. Michael chimes in on the departure of Dave Dombrowski while Joe shares his thoughts about the new-look Browns' latest shellacking in Week 1. Then,...


Michael is Back! Time to Draft

Michael Schur is back again to start another exciting season of the PosCast! He and Joe look into the juiced baseball phenomenon of 2019 and the bevy of 20+ HR players that it's led to. What can be done? What will be done? We give the expert takes. Because a PosCast Player of 2019 was never selected, we bring you updates across the board for what will become known as the PosCast Player Jubilee! Will Khris Davis hit .247 again? How many homers will the Orioles give up? Then it's time for...


Drafting Baseball Stats with Ellen Adair

Actress & Baseball Fanatic Ellen Adair re-joins The PosCast for a strictly baseball episode with host Joe Posnanski! Ellen dips into her Phillies fandom to give her take on year one of being a Bryce Harper fan and talks about how baffling his power drought has been in 2019 given how everyone else is hitting dingers this season. The pair give their ideas on how to tweak MLB in order to make the game better and cut down on home runs. The duo then takes on a baseball stats draft -- wOBA, WRC+...


The Return! Picking the 2019 PosCast Player

The PosCast makes its triumphant return as regular hosts Joe Posnanski & Michael Schur reunite after a short break. All of your favorite segments are back, including a heartfelt "Yankee Minute" where the crew talks about bona fide MLB stars, Gio Urshela, Luke Voit and Domingo German and their roles on the first-place Yankees. A new segment called "Ask Mike" makes its debut! Just like the name suggests, Joe fires off questions for Mike to answer. We make our nominations for the 2019 PosCast...


PosCast Draft: Shakespeare Lines with Ellen Adair

Ellen Adair (of hit TV shows Homeland, Billions & The Sinner) is the latest guest to grace The PosCast! Ellen joins Joe as the tandem holds court on an awesome draft where they pick their favorite Shakespeare lines of all time. Ellen also details her intense Phillies fandom while also admitting she likes to admire greatness around the league. Hear why Ellen's family brought her up to hate the Yankees in "Yankee Minute" and find out which under-the-radar baseball player was her first...


PosCast Draft: Great Olympic Moments with Mechelle Voepel

Acclaimed ESPN & ESPNW sports writer Mechelle Voepel joins the show this week as part of the "Cavalcade of Guests" tour during Michael's absence. The duo talks about the NCAA Women's Final Four before working into Mechelle's new-found love as Cardinals fan during the Paul Goldschmidt era. This episode's draft focuses on the greatest Olympic moments in history as recalled by Joe and Mechelle. Remember the greatness of Olympians like Mike Eruzione, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles! The...