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All the latest news, views, gossip and laughs from Jack, Buzby and the team from Potters Resorts, the UK's Only All Inclusive Resorts.


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All the latest news, views, gossip and laughs from Jack, Buzby and the team from Potters Resorts, the UK's Only All Inclusive Resorts.




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The Pottcast - Episode 8

Step into the world of Jack Jenkins and Henry Patterson, your unconventional and quirky hosts of "The Pottcast" for a one-month-only special 📆. As the dynamic duo behind Hopton On Sea's second most popular podcast, "The All Exclusive Podcast", they're no strangers to the airwaves 📻. Jack, a steadfast character with a penchant for keeping his coat on 🧥 regardless of the weather or indoor heating, brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the mic 🎤. His secret? He's never revealed what's under the coat, adding an air of mystery that keeps listeners coming back for more 🕵️‍♂️. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Henry, who devotes much of his income and time to smelling good and looking great 🌹💇‍♂️. Known for his expensive cologne and regular high-end haircuts, he provides a stark contrast to his co-host. Henry's obsession with aesthetics adds a delightful layer of vanity and humour to the show, often spurring lively debates between the two. The Pottcast for this month is not your typical podcast 📼. Jack and Henry discuss a range of topics, from the ever-evolving world of solar panels ☀️ to the nostalgic joy of milkshakes 🥤, along with a myriad of other topics. Their delightful banter and unique perspectives ensure an engaging, entertaining listening experience that lasts nearly an hour ⏰. Join Jack and Henry as they temporarily take over the Pottcast and bring their signature charm and wit to Hopton On Sea's number one podcast 🎉. Expect laughs 😂, enlightening discussions 🧠, and perhaps the answer to the age-old question: what on earth is Jack hiding under that coat? 🧥🔍 Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 7 - Potters Resorts Five Lakes Anniversary Special

Join us for a special anniversary episode as we celebrate one incredible year since the launch of Potters Resorts Five Lakes! In this extended roundtable discussion, host Nigel Pattle is joined by John and Celia Potter, and Mike Scott as they discuss the journey so far. Together, they delve into how they acquired Five Lakes and the whirlwind of challenges and excitement that led up to its grand opening on May 2nd, 2022. As they reminisce on the past year, John, Celia and Mike reveal the obstacles they faced and the funniest and proudest moments that have shaped the journey. Tune in to this captivating conversation as we commemorate a year of Five Lakes and look forward to even more magic in the coming years! Don't miss this opportunity to go behind the scenes part of the team who made it all happen. Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 6

Join Nigel as we talk to the team about April Fool's jokes and Easter eggs. 50 minutes of relaxing fun with the lovely team in Hopton On Sea x Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 5

Join Nigel this month as he interviews the wonderful Rachel Baade, the lovely Josie & Dan from Five Lakes and the ridiculously nice Shane Balls. Enjoy x Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 4

Join the team for 44 minutes and 40 seconds of news, views and gossip from Potters Resorts. Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 3

Join Jack and Nigel on Resort as we catch up with the team in Hopton On Sea. From all of us at Potters Resorts we wish you a Happy New Year and here is to a bright 2023 x Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 2

Join Jack in the studio and Nigel on Resort as we talk Christmas Dinner, Mince Pies, Yorkshire Puddings and the worst Christmas presents the team have ever received. From all of us at Potters Resorts we hope all of you have a very special Festive Season x Support the show


The Pottcast - Episode 1

Join us for Episode 1 of the new Potters Pottcast. All the latest news, views, gossip and laughs from Jack, Buzby and the team from Potters Resorts, the UK's Only All Inclusive Resorts. If you have any questions or comments then get in touch at Support the show


The Pottcast is coming November 1st 2022

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