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One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!

One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!
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One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!




The PrivateEyeball Show #30 - Derek Phones It In

In a short episode, I talk about six 5*Star Grand Prix matches and also Stardom World's weird week.


The PrivateEyeball Show #29 - 5*Star Grand Prix Nights 1 and (Most of) 2

On today's episode, all I talk about is the Stardom 5*Star Grand Prix. Most of the first two nights, except a couple matches that haven't made their way onto Stardom World yet. Other than that, I talk about the matches coming up this weekend. Yeah, we're getting a lot of Stardom for the foreseeable future. Follow me on Twitter (@PrivateEyeball ( ) for show updates (and other things) and email me questions and such to derek(at)privateeyeball(dot)com.


The PrivateEyeball Show #28 - The Stardom 5-Star Grand Preview

This week, I touch briefly on a couple matches from the recenter Stardom Korakuen show, but it's really all about the 5-Star Grand Prix. It starts this weekend (so I hope you're listening to this before Saturday) and I break down... Who each wrestler is Their 2019 Stardom record Their 2019 Stardom singles match record Their 5-Star GP history And some other fun facts Then, I go through each show during the tournament and list off the tournament matches, along with each one I'm most excited...


The PrivateEyeball Show #27 - Surf's Up, Asshat!

This week, I go over the Catch The WAVE final, with one match in particular being REEEEEEALLY good. I also do a bit of a preview for a Stardom show that may have aired by the time you listen to this. Follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter for show updates (and other goodies), slap a five-star review on Apple if you like the show, and send me any questions or comments to derek(at)privateeyeball(dot)com


The PrivateEyeball Show #26 - Hopes, Dreams, Hyperbole

It's a new beginning of The PrivateEyeball Show! On this episode, I talk about three matches from the July 24 Stardom Korakuen: Bea Priestley vs. Momo Watanabe, Arisa Hoshiki vs. Hazuki, and Kyona/Konami vs. Kagetsu/Miyagi. Also, I'll talk about Riho, The 5 Star GP blocks, and a few weird dreams I had recently. For show updates (and other fun stuff) follow me on Twitter @PrivateEyeball ( . And for any inquiries, hit up my email: derek (at) privateeyeball...


The PrivateEyeball Show #25 - State of the Podcast

Bit of a different thing this week. OOPS I DIDN'T WATCH ANY PRO WRESTLING!!! So instead, I get a bit personal. I talk about what's been up with me. Why I haven't watched any wrestling. And blabber something about reinvention and where I would like to see this show go in the future. My blog: The thing I wrote that later got me thinking hard about this episode: My Twitter: @PrivateEyeball...


#24 - Ice Ice Baby

A slightly shorter show this week, but in that time, I chat about: The PrivateEyeball mid-year joshi awards The Goddesses of Stardom title match from Nagoya, July 15 Not one, not seven, but THREE Ice Ribbon shows And some housekeeping notes I'm consolidating my social media, so if you want to keep an eye on new episodes, follow me on Twitter @PrivateEyeball. If you need to reach out, hit me up with a DM or email me or something.


#23 - d

In this episode, Eyeball talks about... Green smoothies SEAdLINNNG Stardom Tokyo Joshi Pro Sendai Girls Movie Anyhoo, you know what to do: Follow me on Twitter ( , follow the show on Twitter ( , sub to the podcast, leave a review, share it online, and make a green beverage ( .


#22 - Giant Inflatable Baby Man Gets Derek Preemptively Banned From England

On this episode, I talk about: EVE's Wrestle Queendom II And the other two shows from the weekend Marvelous, June 23 That's it! All of it. I don't watch much British wrestling so I went into EVE half-blind, in a sense. I was also too lazy to get the Marvelous show on the bonus feed, so it's here. Anyhoo, follow me on Twitter ( . Follow the show ( . Leave a review. And keep an eye on my blog (


#21 - Cookin' With Gatoh Move

It was Aja Kong & Shoko Nakajima vs. Hikari Noa & Mika Iwata. I got all caught up struggling to remember a match that didn't matter. Ignore that part. I don't deserve to edit it out. Anyhoo, this show was supposed to have Marvelous talk, but instead we talk about: Tokyo Joshi Pro Ice Ribbon Stardom Marvelous (kind of) Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Revolution Also: Follow me on Twitter ( Follow the show on Twitter ( Listen to Pure...


#20 - Ramble On

Oops, I rambled a lot in this episode again. Also, I swore a lot. Whoops. Anyways, I don't talk much in this episode. I mostly talk about a certain match from the recent Stardom Korakuen. I try to verbalize why I feel weird about heavily praising Stardom (I'm a writer, not a speaker). I touch on the 5 Star GP announcements. I also talk about the Ice Ribbon show where Maya Yukihi took on Giulia. Finally, I plugged other podcasts. (I wasn't particularly thrilled with my performance in this...


#19 - Gettin' d

In this week's episode, I break down the Princess Cup (round 2, part 1) and the TJPW tag title match. I also give some thoughts on Viceland's Stardom doc. And talk a second about Alberto Del Rio's new lucha promotion. Also, Sebastian (@twf87) ( joins me to talk about SEAdLINNNG's May 29 show, which is just wonderful, beginning to end. Watch it. Watch it all. Please. Also, check out his joshi puro translation blog: here ( ....


#18 - I still don't know how to close a show

This week, I ramble a bit off topic about things, I also discuss: Tokyo Joshi Pro (a tag title match!) Stardom (a tag title match!) Sendai Girls (a tag title match!) OZ Academy (a tag title match!) POLICE Anyhoo, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@PrivateEyeball ( ) and follow the show (@EyeballPodcast ( ). Check out the Match of the Day podcast ( during the month of June. Share this podcast,...


#17 - Extreme Potpourri

On this episode of the podcast, I try something different again: EXTREME POTPOURRI. Because this show is about challenging myself and trying new things. Also, pro wrestling. This week, I discuss: TJPW Princess Cup, 1st Round AAA's recent show A SEAdLINNNG preview EXTREME POTPOURRI 10 matches from 7 shows Other notes: Follow me on Twitter ( Follow the show on Twitter ( Check out my daily podcast for June 2019...


#16: The Itchy and Scratchy Throat

On today's episode, I review: Most of the Stardom Korakuen Ice Ribbon's "P's Party" show from Yokohama Marvelous's May 20 show Also, I contemplate how I feel about Stardom posting spoilers on their English Twitter feed (SPOILERS: I'm conflicted). And I start to preview the TJPW Princess Cup before an itchy throat murders me. And be sure to leave a whopping 5-star review on iTunes, share the podcast on social media (like Twitter and Reddit), follow me on Twitter...


#15 - Movie Night

On this special episode, Derek talks about: Stardom's May Korakuen Hall show A recent Actwres Girl'Z show that made tape somewhere other than DVD Double or Nothing's new women's joshi match Chigusa Nagayo's big'ol Joshi Festival plans? Movies. A lot of movies. If you like this, be sure to sub to the show and leave an iTunes review. Also follow the show on Twitter ( and follow Derek on Twitter ( .


#14: All aboard the Beawagon!

NOTE: I mentioned a match at Stardom's May Korakuen that's not happening. Thanks, Stardom's website. On this week's episode I talk about: The Stardom Cinderella Tournament Kagetsu vs. Bea Priestley Tokyo Joshi Pro's Korakuen show OZ Academy And a couple other TJPW matches And as usual, be sure to sub to the show, leave a review, share the show, follow me on Twitter ( , and follow the show on Twitter ( .


#13 - Death of Comedy

I forgot what I said I was going to get the thumbnail for this week, so have a Thing. Anyhoo, this week's show includes: Sendai Girls 4.16 review Why does Chihiro Hashimoto not appeal to me more? Tokyo Joshi Pro 5.03 preview WAVE 4.14 review Stardom Golden Week mini-preview A few other notes. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter ( and follow the show on Twitter ( . We're both things that exist. Click here to join the May...


#12 - A Farewell To Butts

(Yes, it's in England) This week, Eyeball previews (and gives his picks on) the Stardom Cinderella tournament. You can also follow Derek on Twitter @PrivateEyeball and let him know if you want into the Stardom Cinderella Pick'em Challenge (there would be a link but Audioboom is being weird). Also, Derek digs into Marvelous's recent show and rambles about MLW just to waste some time. Thanks for everything, Kris!!


#11 - Korean BBQ

This week, I talk for a while about the Stardom Draft. Jungle Kyona has lost her faction, and a select group of people are back on the "she should go elsewhere" thing. She's fine where she is, trust me. Also, who won the draft? I announce the big winner, because why not? I also touch on the recent Tokyo Joshi Pro show where we have a new challenger for Miyu Yamashita's title. Finally, I was joined by @PuroPodcast ( 's George, who talked my ear off about...