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One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!

One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!
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One fella's thoughts about pro wrestling--especially (but not only) joshi puroresu. Hop on for opinions, reviews, previews, and maybe even news and interviews once in a while. And be sure to give a follow @PrivateEyeball on Twitter!




#16: The Itchy and Scratchy Throat

On today's episode, I review: Most of the Stardom Korakuen Ice Ribbon's "P's Party" show from Yokohama Marvelous's May 20 show Also, I contemplate how I feel about Stardom posting spoilers on their English Twitter feed (SPOILERS: I'm conflicted). And I start to preview the TJPW Princess Cup before an itchy throat murders me. And be sure to leave a whopping 5-star review on iTunes, share the podcast on social media (like Twitter and Reddit), follow me on Twitter...


#15 - Movie Night

On this special episode, Derek talks about: Stardom's May Korakuen Hall show A recent Actwres Girl'Z show that made tape somewhere other than DVD Double or Nothing's new women's joshi match Chigusa Nagayo's big'ol Joshi Festival plans? Movies. A lot of movies. If you like this, be sure to sub to the show and leave an iTunes review. Also follow the show on Twitter ( and follow Derek on Twitter ( .


#14: All aboard the Beawagon!

NOTE: I mentioned a match at Stardom's May Korakuen that's not happening. Thanks, Stardom's website. On this week's episode I talk about: The Stardom Cinderella Tournament Kagetsu vs. Bea Priestley Tokyo Joshi Pro's Korakuen show OZ Academy And a couple other TJPW matches And as usual, be sure to sub to the show, leave a review, share the show, follow me on Twitter ( , and follow the show on Twitter ( .


#13 - Death of Comedy

I forgot what I said I was going to get the thumbnail for this week, so have a Thing. Anyhoo, this week's show includes: Sendai Girls 4.16 review Why does Chihiro Hashimoto not appeal to me more? Tokyo Joshi Pro 5.03 preview WAVE 4.14 review Stardom Golden Week mini-preview A few other notes. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter ( and follow the show on Twitter ( . We're both things that exist. Click here to join the May...


#12 - A Farewell To Butts

(Yes, it's in England) This week, Eyeball previews (and gives his picks on) the Stardom Cinderella tournament. You can also follow Derek on Twitter @PrivateEyeball and let him know if you want into the Stardom Cinderella Pick'em Challenge (there would be a link but Audioboom is being weird). Also, Derek digs into Marvelous's recent show and rambles about MLW just to waste some time. Thanks for everything, Kris!!


#11 - Korean BBQ

This week, I talk for a while about the Stardom Draft. Jungle Kyona has lost her faction, and a select group of people are back on the "she should go elsewhere" thing. She's fine where she is, trust me. Also, who won the draft? I announce the big winner, because why not? I also touch on the recent Tokyo Joshi Pro show where we have a new challenger for Miyu Yamashita's title. Finally, I was joined by @PuroPodcast ( 's George, who talked my ear off about...


#10 - A Controversial Episode

WARNING: This episode is very controversial! Hot off the heels of a big weekend in pro wrestling, I sit in a hot, hot room and discuss three of the shows that aired this weekend: Stardom, from New York City Marvelous, March 30 Marvelous, April 8 And then, 'ol controversial Derek is joined by Dylan Fox ( , from the Eastern Lariat podcast, to talk about the recent Ice Ribbon Korakuen show, featuring a bizarrely well-built match between a Japanese woman and a...


#9 - Nagisa Nozaki

(The episode title only makes sense if you listen this week) Anyhoo, this week I go over a lot of things: A review of Stardom's Korakuen show A preview(?) of Stardom's New York show A review of SEAdLINNNG's March Korakuen Some quick hits (including Pinano Pipipipi's retirement and Hikaru Shida's next OZ Academy challenger) A review of Tokyo Joshi Pro's Hakata Starlanes show And maybe some other ranting. Anyhoo, be sure to sub to the show. If you like what you hear, leave a review. Share it...


#8 - Everything Eyeball (w/ Aaron Bentley)

Because the show is a learning process (and because I didn't want to talk about a bunch of things I didn't want to watch), this week takes a different approach. I am joined by Aaron Bentley, one of the hosts of Everything Elite, an AEW-focused podcast. But we don't talk much about AEW (except for a half-assed fake AEW invasion in Stardom which 100% doesn't exist). Instead, we preview Stardom's March Korakuen show, touch on some thoughts/predictions for the Stardom New York show, talk about...


#7 - Cough and Stutter

On this week's episode, we'll get some d (SEAdLINNNG, that is), talk about the Mio Momono produce show from Marvelous, look at Rey de Reyes, and hit up some quick news and notes, including WAVE's return! You also have to put up with me coughing and talking about coughing, and not prepping part of my notes correctly. Whoops. That's why it's all a learning process. Anyhoo, if you dig the show be sure to sub and leave a review. Follow the show on Twitter ( for...


#6 - A Week of Things That Happened

Lots of stuff on the show this week: Review of the rest of the Stardom Nagoya show The 3-way High Speed title match from the March 9 Stardom show Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein -- THE REMATCH!!! Marvelous, February 13 review A rant about Sendai Girls A review of MLW Fusion #48 Derek's adventure at the recent Pro Wrestling Revolution show--the United States debut of Jun Akiyama! If you dig it, be sure to sub to the show and leave a review wherever you can. Follow the podcast on Twitter...


#5 - Kyona the Goto

There wasn't much big stuff in joshi this week! So this show is about half joshi and half men's wrestling (ewwww!!). It was a strange type of show, but I had a fun time recording it and I hope you find some level of fun out of listening to it. Topics include: Momo Watanabe vs. Jungle Kyona from the recent Stardom Nagoya show (everyone is praising it...except for one podcast host) Mayu Iwatani vs. Konami (with Todd Sinclair as the official ROH referee!!) Stardom news and notes AAA's March 3...


#4 - Looking Back On The Future, The Future, The Future

Only three topics of discussion for this week's episode: *A detailed breakdown of last weekend's big Tokyo Joshi Pro show. *A less-detailed breakdown of Stardom's February Korakuen Hall show *A preview of this weekend's Stardom show from Nagoya (main-evented by Momo Watanabe vs. Jungle Kyona) There's also a plug for a much-talked-about Lucha match, Cavernario vs. Titán. For your convenience, check out the match here, starting at the 1:04:55 mark ( . And be...


#3 - You May Only Rage In February

In this episode, Derek (@PrivateEyeball ( ) has for you... *A Tokyo Joshi Pro preview *An OZ Academy review *An Ice Ribbon review *Match thoughts from Stardom and DDT *Some talk about a Fuka Matsuri show As always, feel free to follow @EyeballPodcast ( for show updates and @PrivateEyeball ( to follow Derek and leave feedback. (BONUS: There's at least one factual error my TJPW preview. I'm...


#2 - X Marks The Spot

In this episode, Derek talks about joshi puroresu. No, really. Specifically, there's a preview for the upcoming Stardom Korakuen Hall show. A review for a Sendai Girls show from...November? A debriefing on AEW and Women of Honor stuff (SPOILERS: Nyla Rose to AEW is great!!!!). A recap of a great Wonder of Stardom title match. And there is a bit of light lucha talk, too. (Sadly, because it wasn't online yet, there was no SEAdLINNNG review, as I hoped. Be sure to follow me on Twitter...


#1 - Teen Girl Squad

On this episode--the real first episode--our hero: bids an early farewell to Kris Wolf, talks about the recent Marvelous show, says stuff about Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein, previews an OZ Academy show*, and speculates about possible All Elite Wrestling stuff. *Also, I was so thrown off by Sakura Hirota in a match with three killers that I think I forgot to mention that Hiroyo Matsumoto has an OZ Academy tag title (w/ Yoneyama).** **I love Beast Friend. Best stable in joshi.


#0 - A Rocky Start

On this not-quite-first episode of the show (there's not even a theme yet!!), Derek (the host) introduces himself, fights to overcome his nerves, and has a planned rant but decides to lead off the show (while nervous). There's also a preview of a SEAdLINNNG show that'll be airing soon. Derek also breaks down his top 5 pro wrestling matches of January (so far), and talks about more joshi puroresu. It's a rocky start, but this narrator (spoilers: it's also Derek) likes to think it ended...