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Show #342 - Eli Tomac, Travis Preston, Jeff Stanton, Jess Pettis, Alex Ray and Ryan Gauld In-Studio

Tomac took the win at High Point with an incredible win in the second moto, he talks about his series thus far. Jeff Stanton talks about his R2R fund raiser bike ride he's putting together with all past MXdN competitors invited. Travis Preston comes on to talk about the new Yamaha models and make jokes. Jess Pettis comes on to talk about his campaign in the Canadian series thus far.


Show #341 - Ken Roczen, Broc Tickle, Enzo Lopes, Jake Nicholls with Tony Berluti In-Studio

Ken Roczen comes on to talk about his return to racing and some really promising results the last two rounds. Broc Tickle joins the show to talk about his suspension and what he has heard regarding timeframe or what he can do next. Enzo Lopes has been having himself a pretty good 250 MX series and he comes on to talk about it. Jake Nicholls comes on to talk about his race last weekend in the Canadian MX series. Berluti is in studio, Yayyyyyyy!


Show #340 - Jeremy Martin, Justin Cooper, Stank Dog, Troy Adamitis, Alex Ray with Daniel Blair In-Studio

J Mart comes on to confront Daniel for gettin him int trouble during Supercross and to talk about his MX series through 2 rounds. Justin Cooper comes on to introduce himself to Pulp Nation. Stank Dog comes on to talk about dat braaaaaaaap life in the Nationals. Troy Adamitis comes on to talk about the newest installment of The Great Outdoors because the franchise is back and the World is a better place for it. Alex Ray is on (again) and Daniel Blair is in studio because he just can't stay...


Show #339 - Justin Barcia, Alex Martin, Tony Alessi, Alex Ray, Brad Taft with Seth Rarick In-Studio

Justin Barcia had a respectable Hangtown and joins us to talk about the changes he can make heading into Glen Helen to have a better shot at winning a moto. Alex Martin is back on track and he comes on to talk about Steve's Troll Train concept that has JT flustered. Tony Alessi had himself a great Supercross season managing the MCR team and he comes on to talk growth and plans for the future. Brad Taft calls in to talk Hangtown while Seth Rarick is in studio as Steve's wingman.


Show #338 - Zach Osborne, Cole Seely, Nick Wey with Adam Cianciarulo, Eric Peronnard and Randy Richardson In-Studio

How does Adam Cianciarulo celebrate his Vegas win? By coming in studio of course. Randy Richardson is in as well and that's rad. We call Nick Wey, Cole Seely and Zach Osborne (for show #338!) to talk SX and then Eric Peronnard comes in, share some laughs and learn a few things. It's awesome!


Show #337 - Chad Reed, Blake Baggett, Aaron Plessinger with Josh Woods and Charles Castloo In-Studio

Chad Reed joins us to talk about his move to the Factory Edition Husky 450 and give his thoughts on the Marv/Eli move as well as thoughts on the WADA situation in our sport. Blake Baggett comes on to talk about his contract extension with the RM ATV/MC KTM Team and looking toward the MX series. Aaron Plessinger lets us in on his focus leading into the most important weekend of his life and we have Josh Woods and Charles Castloo in Studio!


Show #336 - Zach Osborne, Weston Peick, Kyle Peters, Danny Massie with Kris Keefer and Adam Enticknap In-Studio

Zach Osborne had a dreamy day in Foxborough and joins us to talk winning, leading the points in the 250 East and give his thoughts on the block pass heard round the World. Weston Peick comes on to talk about his year, the block pass everyone is talking about and gives Matthes a hard time. Kyle Peters showed up and turned in a podium ride when it was doubtful he could even race! Danny Massie of Maxima Oils is also on the air talking LUBE and wouldn't ya know it, that's just fine with Keefer...


Show #335 - Christian Craig, Davey Coombs, Alex Ray, Cade Clason with Michael Lindsey In-Studio

Christian Craig comes on to talk about his move to the 450 experience on the Factory Honda this Supercross series as well as talking about looking ahead to his 450 MX campaign. DC talks Alta life, Alex Ray came up Just Short this weekend at Xanto Arena in Minnesota but he's a Friend of the Show who always SENDS and answers the phone. Cade Clason talks about racing in Canada and being banned. We like that. Michael Lindsey of VitalMX is in Studio for the chatty stuff!


Show #334 - Adam Cianciarulo, Cedric Soubeyras, Phil Nicoletti, Dustin Pipes, Lars Lindstrom with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Adam Cianciarulo comes on to talk about a ridiculous Seattle Soupeycross. Cedric Soubeyras was nearly left rideless in Seattle but the H.E.P Suzuki team came through and got him some wheels for the insane slopfest and Lars Lindstrom comes on to talk all about helping Christian Craig keep a motorcycle going in the mud and other Seattle events. Kris Keefer is in Studio peeps!!


Show #333 - Dean Wilson, Luke Renzland, Blake Wharton, Skip Norfolk with Paul Perebijnos and Charles Castloo In-Studio

Dean Wilson got himself a 2nd place in Indianapolis and we have him on to talk all about the great feeling that was. Luke Renzland pretty much got himself a 2nd place in Indy following J-marts penalty (sort of) and he's on to talk about that. Blake Wharton surprised many people with his return to racing and Skip Norfolk stops in along with Paul P and Charles Castloo on this glorious Monday Night.


Show #332 - Malcolm Stewart, Tyler Bowers, Ryan Villopoto, Wil Hahn, Newf with Jake Weimer In-Studio

Malcolm Stewart joins us to talk about his series so far and how his partnership with has been working out. Tyler Bowers was lightning fast on the weekend in St.Louis and he joins us to talk a little of that and a little of parenthood. RV is on the line and Jumpin Jake Weimer is in studio with his family for lots of laughs and well, more parenting. It's the ParentingMX show folks.


Show #331 - Justin Brayton, Jordon Smith, Jim Holley, Denny Stephenson, Tony Berluti with Daniel Blair In-Studio

Brayton is back after another race win but this time it's a REAL WIN! Woo hoo for JB10. Jordon Smith secured the 250 class win at Daytona and he joins us to talk about that. Jim Hollywood Holley comes on to talk working with Daniel Blair on Raceday Live. Daniel Blair is actually in the Lion's Den and Denny Stephenson calls in to debate Tomac with Steve.


Show #330 - Justin Brayton, Zach Osborne, Carlen Gardner, Kris Keefer with Adam Enticknap In-Studio

Justin Brayton got himself a main event win at the second Triple Crown in Atlanta and we have him on to talk about his amazing win in front of a ton of his friends and family. Zach Osborne was part of the hottest topic coming out of Atlanta and we have him on as a friend of the show and to talk a little about the altercation between he and Austin Forkner. 722 chose Carlen Gardner to be his surprise guest to talk about his privateer story of 250 West and 450 East this year. Enticknap in...


Show #329 - Chad Reed, Blake Baggett, Nick Wey, Alex Ray with David Vuillemin In-Studio

Chad Reed broke the Premier class main event start record in Tampa this weekend so we brought him on to talk about the highlight of his 2018 season so far. Blake Baggett's life was saved by one of the Steve Matthes Memorial Nets in Tampa and the industry nearly melted down Steve's phone in one fell swoop. Blake tells the harrowing story from his perspective as a survivor. Nick Wey joins us for good times while the injured Alex Ray calls in and DV is finally back in studio!


Show #328 - Jimmy Decotis, Benny Bloss, Chris Wheeler with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Jimmy Decotis looked pretty incredible on his JGR Suzuki and nailed his first podium ever at a crazy Dallas opener for the 250 east. He talks about his progress and how he survived. Benny Bloss has bee very solid in his return from injury and he joins us to talk about his 450 campaign through 7 rounds. Chris Wheeler comes on to talk about how happy Suzuki is to have Steve in the RMARMY! Keefer is here to make us all listen, laugh and learn


Show #327 - Davi Millsaps, Kyle Chisholm, Jeremy Albrecht with The Newf and Alex Ray In-Studio

This season has been nuts and we've got a bunch of insiders on tonight to talk about it from their perspective. Davi Millsaps just announced his retirement from the sport he has known his whole life and he joins us to talk about that gut-wrenching decision. Kyle Chisholm has been having a really good year, even getting good starts finally and he's on to talk about that. J Bone is on to talk Hill, Malcolm and Bogle's nasty crash. Alex Ray brought his nasty leg in to hang and chat with Newf...


Show #326 - Weston Peick, Christian Craig, Tyler Bowers, Mike Ojdea, Roger Larsen with Tony Berluti In-Studio

Weston Peick has been really pushing himself to run up front through the first 5 rounds and he comes on to talk about his progress and thoughts on the series. Christian Craig nearly had one this weekend in Oakland but a cross-rut ended that pretty spectacularly. Tyler Bowers had himself an incredibly scary crash on the last lap of the 450 main and surprisingly was in good spirits during his post race interview and we talk to him about it. Mikey Ojeda is here to talk about the new deal they...


Show 325- Justin Barcia, Andrew Short, Colton Aeck, Colin Morrison with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Justin Barcia is back on the show and he's back on the track like he hasn't been in quite a few years. Andrew Short just finished the Dakar Rally and he joins us to talk about the major changes in his program. Colton Aeck comes on to talk about testing the Steve Matthes Memorial Net this weekend in Glendale and becoming part of SX history! Colin "Scummy" Morrison joins us to discuss his brand SKVI who aims to help privateers. Keefer is in studio bros!


Show #324-Ken Roczen, Justin Brayton, Chase Sexton and Jason Weigandt In-Studio

Ken Roczen joins us to discuss not only his return to Anaheim 2 where he ended his 2017 disastrously but to talk about the experience of the debut of the Triple Crown format. Justin Brayton comes on to discuss his 2018 so far and Weege's mildly awkward affection toward him. Chase Sexton has been getting better every week and he joins us to talk about that progress and what his goals are moving forward. Weege is in studio and Filthy mixed in there too!!


PulpMX Show Live from BTO Sports

We setup shop in the BTO showroom with cohost Kris Keefer to discuss the series so far, BTO Sports' Mikey Ojeda joins us as well!