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Show #366 - Blake Baggett, Adam Cianciarulo, Jessy Nelson with Lewis Phillips and Randy Richardson In-Studio

Blake Baggett had everybody talking in Glendale with his pass and distancing of current 450 champion, Jason Anderson. He's on to talk about the win. Adam Cianciarulo kept his wits about him in Glendale and rode to a convincing win, the likable giant is on to talk about his win and goals for the year. Jessy Nelson has a documentary coming out and we catch up with him on his life since racing, his thoughts on the action and sport in general, Perebijnos fills us in on the SX Futures, Jimmy...


Show #365 - Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson, Jacob Hayes with Daniel Blair In-Studio

A1 has dropped and Barcia has ended his slump of the non-win streak in a big way. It's a great story and he's on to talk about it. Dean Wilson nearly had this win in the bag but the track got sloppy and he couldn't reel it in. He talks about his great night. Jacob Hayes is on to discuss his big stage debut and we have Daniel Blair on to talk about his increased role in the TV package for 2019.


Show #364 - Pulpmx/Racer X LIVE Podcast Show from Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa with Kris Keefer, Weege, JT, Davey Coombs and Ryan Villopoto

We did it again, the second ever Live Pulpmx/Racer X podcast show from Segerstrom Center for the Arts in the OC. We talk Anaheim 1 press conference, the sport in general, DC and RV entertain and you get to ask questions even.


Show #363 - Chad Reed, Justin Bogle, Adam Enticknap with Derek Brooks, Mike Ulrich and Tony Berluti In-Studio

Chad Reed finally has his 2019 plans figured out and he joins us to talk about the many moves he has made prior to A1 to assure 2019 is not another 2018. Justin Bogle has recently found himself in the fortunate position to put his best foot forward on a great team and bike with the RM/ATV/MC crew. Adam Enticknap is back with his infectious optimism and high level of stoke! Berluti is in the co-hosts chair as well as a visit from Derek and Mike from Yamaha.


Show #362 - Jeremy Martin, Nick Wey, Adam Stern with Kris Keefer and Paul Perebijnos In-Studio

J Mart comes on to discuss the unfortunate news that he must spend the 2019 race year on the sidelines due to his injury not healing as anticipated. Nick Wey hasn't been on in far too long so he returns as a kind of early Christmas present for us. Sports Business Journal’s Motorsport reporter Adam Stern comes on the show to talk about the new SX NBC deal, the switch from Fox/FS1, his thoughts on the sport and more. Keefer and Perebijnos in-studio means lots of laughs and good times....


Show #361 - Hunter Lawrence, Marshall Weltin, Alex Ray, Chris Wheeler with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Hunter Lawrence is coming in hot with the GEICO Honda team for 2019 and he comes on to introduce himself properly. Marshall Weltin is coming home for 2019 and he fills us in on what living in Europe was like as well as his goals in the US for 2019. Chris Wheeler joins us to talk Suzuki SuzOOOki and we have Kris Keefer in studio keeping things regulated!


Show #360 - Andrew Short, Tyler Bowers, Ricky Brabec, Adam Enticknap with Tony Berluti In-Studio

Andrew Short, yes ANDREW SHORT is BACK and he is in studio PEOPLE!!! He hanging with us and talking about his off-road career and how life has changed since "retiring". Tyler Bowers is on to talk privateer life and 2019 plans. Ricky Brabec comes on to talk about Andrew, his rally career and Baja life in general. Tony Berluti is in studio solid as ever!!


Show #359 - Zach Osborne, Cameron McAdoo, Mike Ulrich, Eric Peronnard, Anton with Michael Lindsay In-Studio

Zach Osborne is finally back on the bike and has a few gate drops under his belt. He joins us to talk about the mostly good with only a modicum of bummer after his weekend in Paris. Cameron McAdoo also got a shot in Paris and had himself a pretty interesting weekend. He's also on to talk about the event. Mike Ulrich from Yamaha is on to talk about that gig, how it is to deal with RV and we also have Michael Lindsay in studio.


Show #358 - Cooper Webb, Dean Wilson with Dustin Pipes, Mike Genova, Tony Alessi and Tony Berluti In-Studio

Cooper Webb has a few weeks on that new orange bike and he comes on to discuss that major transition in his life. Dean Wilson has had a real roller coaster few weeks but that didn't stop him from winning the internet last week when he dropped the "Grandpa Earl" video that has him winning over more fans than ever. We have Mike Alessi and Mike Genova of the SmartTop Bullfrog Spa's team as well as BERLOOOTI in studio!


Show #357 - Cameron McAdoo, Donnie Emler Jr, Travis Pastrana, John Anderson with Randy Richardson In-Studio

Cameron McAdoo stepped up big time for Team PulpMX at Red Bull Straight Rhythm and he comes on to talk about the experience. Lil D joins us to discuss another cool new marketing deal the guys at FMF are embarking on. John Anderson from Dubya comes on to talk World Vets and Randy Richardson is in studio working on his next set at Yuk Yuk's. Pastrana answers the cold call!


Show #356 - Kailub Russell, Jeremy Malot, Jesse Hebert with Daniel Blair, Eric Peronnard and Tony Blazier In-Studio

We have 6-Time on tonight! That's the 6-time of GNCC, Kailub Russell. Jeremy Malot is on to talk all about the 2-stroke exclusive Red Bull Straight Rhythm. The guy who Eli Tomac won a cool-million is on and we have Daniel Blair, Tony Blazier and Eric Peronnard in the new Lion's Den!


Show #355 - Pulpmx Show LIVE from The Space, Las Vegas with Damon Bradshaw and Ryan Villopoto

Here's the archive from the live show we did from The Space in Vegas with JT, Weege, Keefer, Matthes and two very special guests. If you came out, thank you and enjoy!


Show #354 - Ryan Sipes, Ryan Gauld, David Vuillemin with Kris Keefer and Tony Berluti In-Studio

The indomitable Red Bud Motocross des Nations was anything but what we anticipated. We have Ryan Sipes from the Puerto Rico effort which was honestly the most inspiring story for a US effort from the event. We also have Captain Canada, Ryan Gauld on to discuss Team Canada's podium (in the PBdN). Keefer is in studio with Berloot (later on) and JT is on the horn!


Show #353 - Dean Wilson, Alex Martin, Phil Nicoletti, Rob Buydos, Ryan Gauld with Kris Keefer and Michael Lindsay In-Studio

Dean Wilson was thought to be good to go, coming back with the Rockstar Husky team but suddenly word came out that he was not returning with the team unfortunately. Dean comes on to let us know what went sideways and how he feels jockeying for a ride this late in the game. PHILLIP and Alex are paired up tonight and come on in tandem which is always an A+ in the comedy department. Kris Keefer and Michael Lindsay are in studio again and that is always a good thing!


Show #352 - Eli Tomac, Justin Brayton, Wil Hahn with Kris Keefer and Travis Preston In-Studio

Eli Tomac has a had a while to let that 2nd consecutive MX title sink in. We talk to him about that, the 2019 KX450 testing and looking toward the MXdN and Monster Cup. Justin Brayton talks about defending his Australian SX title as well as his deal for the 2019 season. We have the always stellar Kris Keefer in studio as well as the reliably laugh-a-minute Travis Preston.


Show #351 - Kevin Windham, Tyler Bowers, Rob Buydos, Alex Ray with Tony Berluti In-Studio

This is not a drill, we have THE Kevin Windham on the line to talk all about facial hair, Motocross Des Nations and country livin! Tyler Bowers is on to talk about his plans for 2019 and maybe some surprises during this off season. Rob Buydos is on with good stories as always and the unrivaled Tony Berluti is in studio!! Jeff Stanton and Alex Ray also make an appearance!


Show #350 - Chad Reed, Colt Nichols, Dan Betley, Adam Cianciarulo with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Chad Reed was a late addition to the final round of the Nationals and in typical Reed fashion, he shocked the naysayers with an impressive ride in the mud. He comes on to talk about the one-race stint with JGR and to talk 2019 prospects. Colt Nichols had his best finish of the series and joins us to talk about what he has planned in the off season. Dan Betley is on to talk GEICO bike development and the surging RJ Hampshire. Heck even AC92 makes an appearance to talk about the Finding Stew...


Show #349 - RJ Hampshire, Colton Facciotti, Alex Ray, Jeff Ward with The Newf and Ryan Gauld In-Studio

The Canadians are invading! It's a laugh a minute when Gauldy and Newf are involved... Newf will probably be shirtless too but at least we have Budds Creek 250 class winner RJ Hampshire to bring some validity to show number 349 as well as 5-time Canadian champion Colton Facciotti and MX legend Jeff Ward on. Oh and Alex Ray shows up also


Show #348 - Phil Nicoletti, Stank Dog, Tyler Keefe with Kenneth Watson In-Studio

Phil Nicoletti dominated Unadilla from early on in both moto's, it was a muddy clinic en route to his 3rd OA at his home track. Stankdog is coming on to... well, put some STANK on it in the fashion only Stankdog can. Tyler Keefe joins us to talk TLD KTM future plans and the prodigal son has returned, Kenneth PQ Watson is back in the saddle everyone!!


Show #347 - Weston Peick, Ryan Villopoto, Alex Ray, Kris Keefer with JT and Max Steffens In-Studio

Weston Peick comes on to play a little jab jab with Steve, Alex Ray comes on to show Steve how much he appreciates the PulpMX sponsorship for the Washougal round of the MX series. RV comes on to talk all about his latest win and return to his winning ways. Max and JT are in studio to give you any deets you need on the new Fly gear and talk racing as well.